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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 221

“Awkward… !”

Blood gushed out of Vera’s mouth.

It was because the moment he swung his sword towards the exposed chain, his stomach was shaken by the waves that Gorghan had spread.


Renee hit the floor with a stick.

A wave of white spread out wrapped around Vera’s body.

A healing technique woven with the highest divinity began to restore Vera.

During the process, others drew their weapons.

Friede wrapped the wind around her body.

Hegrion placed an auror over his sword.

Rohan unleashed his powers, and then Miller cast his spell.

All at once, the offensive is pouring towards Gorgan.

Flesh woven by the wind aims at the neck.

A white-blue auror shoots from Gorgan’s ankle.

An indigo divinity enveloped Vera and Albrecht, while black arms that rose from the floor grabbed Gorghan.

And they all fell apart.

[Don’t bother.]

As soon as the white Gorgan’s arm was swung once, all of his abilities were extinguished.

Vera clicked his tongue.


Gorgan’s unique power.

The ability to return all abilities to their natural state.

It wasn’t just that.

From the moment I came near here, there was something that constantly bothered me.


That body that Gorgan has parasitized.

The curse that came from Karel’s hair was interfering with his movements.

Clearly, these abilities were quite demanding, but they were not without defense against them.

Before I came here, there was definitely a strategy I had in mind just in case.

Vera took a deep breath with the holy sword on the floor.

and declared

“I declare.”

A gray divinity covered the space.

“From now on, crawling on all fours in this space is prohibited. As a result, all who leap on two legs will be freed from the curse that entrenched themselves, and will gain a sense of agility.”

The golden rule comes to mind.

It made a more comfortable face for the companions.

“However, if you do not follow this rule, your muscles will be torn and you will not be able to recover the damage caused by this ability.”


Carel cried.

What is resonating together is a terrifying plosive sound of ‘duddudukduk’.

“All these rules are enforced in the name of Lushan.”


A sanctuary that is being completed with a roar.

Vera recited the last word.

“As a creature that lives on this earth, you ought to praise it and follow it.”


Shortly after the sanctuary was completed, Vera frowned and raised his holy sword.

‘… The effect is insignificant.’

He tried to make a breakthrough by limiting the structure of Karel’s body, but the results were not as expected.

The reason was obvious.

‘… Is this because the subject is an ancient species?’

That arm that stretched out from the spine.

It must be because Gorgan’s power also resides in Karel.

Karel’s body crumbles.

And it recovers faster than that.

Vera opened the world of conscience once again, avoiding the front paws that were shot at him.

Woo woo-.

He stared at the black chain that revealed his shape according to the wave of the dagger.

‘The chain, that must be broken.’

Gorgan’s condition was immediately apparent.

If you think about it a little, you can see the cause as well.

‘Alaysia… !’

It was Alaysia who woke up Gorghan under the circumstances.

According to such an accident, the current state of Gorgan must have been caused by Alaysia.

It was possible to explain the situation if it was the very ability that had previously deceived Hodric in Cradle of the Dead, which obscured cognition and thought.

[plaguy… !]

Gorgan’s hand stretched out.

A mouth that was formed by a tear in the middle of the palm.

It started to cast spells.


incomprehensible language.

However, it was possible to easily grasp the extent of the effect.

“It’s a curse!”

Vera exclaimed.

Although it was under the protection of the Sanctuary, it was impossible to guarantee whether this would even prevent the curse of the Ancient Species.

Renee responded.


The pure white divinity intertwined and took the shape of an electric current.

When René stretched out her index finger, a white electric current was condensed there.

There was no need for a grand aiming process.

The opponent is a beast comparable in size to a fortress.

As a rule of thumb, it would have been possible to hit anywhere on the body even if it was shot.



Miller untied a necklace made of woven bird skulls.

He chanted it while holding it in his hand.

The ultramarine energy that flowed from the necklace was engulfed in the lightning that Renee had created.

A countermeasure prepared from the moment Gorghan was told that he was pouring a curse.

It was Miller’s own technique, [Curse Hunter].

“Get out of the way!”

At Renee’s shout, the path between Gorgan and Renee was cleared, and then lightning bolted out.

Advanced annihilation technique [Thunder Saturation].


A technique that was much more robust than the one used in Cradle of the Dead hit Gorgan’s wrist.

Gorghan groaned at it.

It also raised doubts.



The reason why he couldn’t feel it in the manner of a human was because he had attacked his body now.

It was a case that Gorgan could not imagine.

Not that Miller would use the curse that hunts curses, nor would Renee undermine his absoluteness with the powers bestowed upon me.

And, Vera’s use of the legacy too.

Vera gripped the dagger in reverse.

The wave from there resounded more clearly.

It’s like dealing with power.

Vera’s concentration was added to the fact that just holding it had its purpose engraved in his mind.


This was snow.

It was a medium that opened up the world of providence, which was different from the world of conscious mind, which showed the world that could not be seen.

The chains began to stand out clearly.

A form that wrapped around Karel’s neck and chest, stretched it upwards, and wrapped Gorgan’s arm.

You just need to touch it.

If so, you could pierce this dagger and break that one.

However, that was the problem.

‘The way to reach… !’

Even while Gorgan was still, Karel’s struggles were getting stronger.

Albrecht shook the flow, and Hagrion was distracting his gaze, but it was barely there.

The beast was not big enough to fall from a small scratch from a human sword, and the longer the battle, the more tired it was on their side.

While he was thinking about the method, Rohan exclaimed.

“Hey Vera! good!”

Rohan shot the magic that he had woven for a long time into the sky.

What the indigo deity, which exploded in the air, created the scaffolding that floated in the air and circumnavigated the Gorgan.

Vera shot out.

For a moment, Vera felt the wind brushing his back.

It was obvious who did it.


He must have added a mystery to himself.

The moment Vera climbed onto one of the scaffoldings that circled Gorghan, Gorghan’s hair shot at him in the form of a wedge.

This time, Albrecht stepped forward in the movement that seemed to pierce Vera.


Gorghan’s hair curled in a strange direction with a shuffling sound all over his body, avoiding Vera.


Albrecht gasped.

It was Albrecht who had not yet reached his will.

With one move just before, his mental power was already pushed to the limit.

There was a front paw that was aimed at him, and it was Hagrion who blocked it.


Claymore, lying on his head, blocked his front paws.

Hagrion’s feet dug into the floor.

It was to prevent the lack of state by replacing it with the purity of the body and Aurors.


There was a feeling of pressure that was suffocating.

However, Hagrion swelled his muscles while holding on with his bloodshot eyes.

‘barely… !’

I can’t even lift that much weight to see my grandfather.

With that thought in mind, Hagrion raised the Auror to the limit.


Karel’s front feet twitched again.

The sanctuary laid down by Vera and the absoluteness of Gorgan destroyed by Rene.

And the powers of Hegryon merged into one, and for the first time during the battle, Gorgan was wounded that could not keep up with the speed of recovery.


Hegrion raised his sword upwards.

A white-blue auror began to tear Karel’s feet apart.

Lifting weights was familiar to him, so Hegrion finally managed to lift Karel’s feet and disperse the center of gravity.

The body staggers and there is an earthquake.

Vera, who was looking for a break, watched the sequence of events, and as soon as Karel stumbled, he jumped up and headed for the Black Chain.

In an instant, it increases indefinitely.

As the distance drew closer, his white arms trembled.

It goes straight to Vera.


Vera didn’t block his outstretched arms.

black chain.

It was obviously in the form of a hand wrapped around it.

The dagger held in reverse is extended forward.

Arms with black chains touch in front of them.

Shortly thereafter, a terrifying scream rang through Vera’s head.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


the world has gone dark

What I can feel is the coldness and the uncanny coldness.

And it was an ominous ability that put pressure on the whole body.

“Awkward… !”

Vera bit his teeth and swallowed the blood that was about to burst.

And so, the divinity was wrapped around the body.

This ability was an effort to block the chain that had begun to wrap around him.

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One, it was disappointing.

This was a force unlike any Vera had ever experienced.

No, it was only now that I began to understand the power.

‘It’s a legacy… !’

This is the power of heritage.

This chain is the result of inheritance.

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One truth has been revealed.

What has been questionable so far.

The mystery of ‘how Alaysia was able to interfere with the minds of others’ had been unraveled.

‘The legacy that Alaysia has. It must be that.’

It must have shaken the enemies he had ever met, Hodric and the demigod in front of him.


Vera’s eyes widened.

The gray eyes began to harbor a jealousy that did not suit the gloomy look.

‘If it’s a legacy… !’

I have this one too.

Much more than over there.

‘Bracelet is a curtain.’

Vera shed divinity on the bracelet.

Just as it should be, as if convinced of its intended use.

Woo woo-.

The bracelet cried.

For the first time, a miscarriage that had never responded before responded to Vera’s will.

Waves over the golden divinity.

As the waves and chains came into contact with each other, the curve of the ears deepened.

However, it did not harm Vera any more.

For the newly opened veil wrapped around Vera like a cradle.

“Huh… .”

More comfortable inside.

Vera cleared the breath he had been holding on to, glaring at the chains that were clearly visible in the dark.

‘The dagger is life.’

After drawing the holy sword, he held the dagger with empty hands.

narrowed the curtain

I hope that chain will bind you again.

Fortunately, the decision of a thought of no intellect was directed directly to Vera, who pierced the dagger through the cracks in the chain.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

It is torn in the shape of a sharp line with no more ear bendability.

It is like the scream of someone who is about to die.

Vera drained it and focused on the last miscarriage that had not yet been used.


The ring obtained from Terdan resonated with the three Legacies operating.

It was a ring that had never been explained otherwise.

However, Vera could tell.

Just like the day you first gained power, and just like the moment you started another legacy.

It was because the usage of the ring was engraved in his mind.

Woo woo-.

The ring cried.

‘The ring… .’

The chain trembled.

Toward the chain, Vera reached out.

‘… solidarity.’

grabbed the chain.


Vera’s consciousness clouded.

No, it would have been more accurate to say that I was sucked into a chain.

The resentment and hatred that gripped Gorgan the whole time.

They offended Vera’s whole body.

Vera protected himself within it and plunged into the world of consciousness.

Waiting for Vera in that barely reached image.

“… Gorgan.”

He was a small, unsightly boy who was squatting.

He was staring at Vera with red, bloodshot eyes.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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