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Apocalypse Cockroach
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Apocalypse Cockroach

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Doom Cockroach, 末日蟑螂
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2011 Native Language: Chinese Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Apocalypse Cockroach

Zhang Xiao Qiang is a nobody in this apocalyptic world with danger lurking everywhere, he is forced to wander around and learn the rules and principles to survive. Over the course of time, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s character and laziness slowly wore away from the experiences he faces. Zhang Xiao Qiang becomes more resilient, of course also gaining power whilst watching the lunatics of the apocalypse trampling on everything they could trample on. Zhang Xiao Qiang always maintained a bit of conscience in him. He never had the thoughts of being a hero, yet he doesn’t mind sharing bread from his plate. Zhang Xiao Qiang will continue to live in the cracks of the apocalyptic world until the crack can no longer hold him.

Zhang Xiao Qiang motto is: “Don’t talk to me about human rights, Don’t talk to me about the laws, Don’t talk to me about favors!”

Note: ‘Xiao Qiang’ is slang for ‘cockroach’ but is also the name of the main character.

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