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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 222

immersed in the world of consciousness.

Vera swallowed dry saliva and faced the boy.

There were things that I could understand without thinking deeply.

That the boy is Gorgan.

The feminine arm that stood out all the time was that boy’s arm.

‘There is no reason.’

It was not known whether it was the effect of the ring, or whether it was a characteristic of this world of consciousness.

There was a bitter hatred that was felt just by being there, Vera knew it.

In the tense atmosphere, Gorgan got up.

“fairy… .”

The muffled words were a form of adding certainty to Vera’s conjecture.

‘… Are you looking at me as Friede?’

eyes narrowed

According to the hallucinations he had seen, it was very clear who the object of the hatred was.

What should I do?

How to restore Gorgan’s sanity?

While worries were coming to mind, Gorghan’s Shinyoung suddenly became blurred.

A sight as if the mist was scattering.

The moment Vera stops breathing and raises the tension in his body.


Vera swung the holy sword behind his back at the sudden presence, and the attack that came out was blocked by it.


It was the sound of the blade and hand collide, but the sound was sharp nonetheless.

Vera grated his teeth, adding strength to his entire body.

‘Once suppressed… !’

Vera, who thought that calming Gorghan was the priority, raised the divine.

‘Coming out.’

It was a world of consciousness, but the laws were the same as the outside.

Chae Aeeng-!

Vera, who pushed Gorgan, swung his sword again.

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Of course, the attack didn’t work right away.

No matter how conscious it was, no matter how irrational the opponent was, it was still an ancient species.

It means that he is an opponent who can overwhelm himself with his innate reaction speed and accumulated strength.

There were moments when I couldn’t let go of the tension even for a moment.

In an instant, dozens or hundreds of workshops come and go.

Threatening attacks that will return fatally wounded if the tension is relaxed even for a moment are directed at each other.

The sound of a sharp impact and a shock that resonates throughout the body.

It was soon after that the change took place in Vera, who wielded a sword in a form that was sure to be on the defensive by anyone looking at it.


Vera’s sword changed shape with a sharp sound.

Gorghan’s cheeks were lightly slit.

adaptation was over.

A skill that was possible because it was Vera, who showed a talent that even the right person would recognize when it came to wielding a sword.

The speed that can’t be chased is by intuition.

The lack of power is skill.

Vera began to dig through the openings one by one as he grasped and channeled the attack.


cut off his wrist

And then again, the thighs, the lower back as it flows down the flying fists over the shoulders, and the middle of the abdomen with the left arm in the mouth that opens to bite the neck.

Vera constantly linked the three movements of cutting, stabbing, and blocking.

three turned over

Vera’s sword grew stronger, and embarrassment appeared on Gorgan’s face.

Then the gap was revealed.

Vera’s eyes lit up and he fired his sword at his bare lower body.


-… Carel.

At the sound of a voice ringing in his head, Vera’s sword stopped.

There was no counterattack.

Because Gorghan heard the same voice.

The voice sounded clearer.

– You guys are Karel. Yep, that’s how I set it up.

It was a familiar voice.

There was nothing far to go.

The voice of this very boy who is now attacking him was like this.

-nice to meet you… .

A voice with a faint smile.

Vera felt his heart pound.

Gorgan, too, trembled at the memory that suddenly came to mind while he was exchanging a workshop with Vera.

Gorghan, who had completely stopped attacking, moved away from Vera.

Quickly, I grinded my teeth.

“Fairy, are you practicing magic?”

Tears of blood flowed from her eyes, which were so red that they couldn’t get any more red.

“… 그년 자식새끼답네.”

Shinyoung dimmed and became clear in front of Vera’s nose.

Arms stretch out like a beam of light.

Vera raised the knife at an angle and let it flow.


– I’ll teach you one by one. Well… you, i wish you You are the leader in the future.

The hallucinations become more and more distinct.

A scene comes to mind with it.

vast plateau.

Young animals with black fur.

And one hand that came out of the rock.

Vera could see.

This is the memory of the moment when Gorghan first built Karel, and the scenery revealed by the bond of the ring.

Chae Aeeng-!

-… Boss, will you give me your body? This body is too inorganic to stay awake for long.

Among the young beasts in my memory, a particularly large child stepped forward.

And licked Gorgan’s arm.

-Thank you, I’ll give you your name in return.

Gorgan’s hand brushed the beast’s head.

– Hyria… .

And it disappeared into the body of the beast as if it had permeated it.

– Hiria, my first child.

Chae Aeeng-!

So, one memory came to an end.


While the workshop continued, the two exchanged invisible things in addition to attacks aimed at each other’s hearts.

Each other’s memories and emotions flowed back and forth through the medium of the ring.

Vera remembered those thoughts as the thoughts flooded his mind.

The ring truly has the power to fit the word ‘bonding’.

It makes the nonsense of ‘understanding of others’ possible.

-… You can’t eat this yet. Ardain did that. It is said that insects need to exist without these flowers.

Memories of his happiest moments of the days crushed at the bottom of hatred were etched into Vera’s mind one by one.

– Let’s go to the west end. Because the things Ardain made are so fragile that they can’t grow when you’re close.

Moments that were just filled with warmth and fullness are heartbreaking.

-I’m waiting there… . Until the day the children of Ardein are all grown up, the fairies of Aedrin, the dragons of Lokrion, and the blood of Nertania are all grown up.

It became Vera’s.

– When that day comes, let’s leave together… . Let’s go round this finished land. And let’s make a lot of friends.

Chae Aeeng-!

Because they were so precious, there were things that became bitter despair the moment they lost them.

It began to cause visible changes.

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Offensive is fading

Accidents are scattered

blurred vision.

Vera felt the heat running down his cheeks.

I felt my heart get cold.

It was the hatred that became completely mine that made it happen.

The sword attack could not continue.

Because the sadness that I couldn’t turn away from was so painful.


Vera just won that hatred.

Vera’s gaze fell.

The one that fills the field of vision is the white arm that has pierced its own inner vertebrae.

There was a boy who shed tears of blood when he looked up again.

He opened his mouth to convey the message, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Because blood was gushing out of his mouth.

“Awkward… !”

The body, exhausted from strength, leaned down.


His body leaned and pressed against Gorgan.

In the blurred vision Vera could see.

Something transparent was flowing through Gorgan’s tears of blood.

What should be called sorrow is flowing down.

The accident did not last long.

Vera looked so pitiful that he trembled and raised his hand.

He placed his arm on Gorgan’s shoulder.

And patted on the back.

It was just a pitiful act, and the emotions conveyed were so pathetic.

Gorgan’s body trembled at that.

Slowly, the arm that had been attached to Vera’s stomach was pulled out.

Vera struggled to open his mouth.

“Okay… okay… .”

I shouldn’t have collapsed, but the feeling of losing strength in my body continued to rise.

I tried to hold on to it somehow, but even that was not enough.

No, there’s more work to be done that comes to mind more clearly than those things, so Vera taps Gorgan on the back again.

“Okay… .”

Vera was the one who knew the consequences of actions driven by negative emotions.

He was just a person who knew the consequences of his actions, driven by his emotions.

So Vera wanted to stop him.

His hatred was justified, but it would surely destroy him.

Because it will be another burden for those who find it difficult to grieve.

It didn’t matter to Vera that this boy now is a transcendent from the creation of the world.

Hatred and anger were not feelings that came more lightly just because they had lived longer years.

Gorgan’s eyes turned to Vera.

His ears focused on the voice he heard.

“Okay… .”

In an instant, a voice from the distant past flashed in Gorghan’s mind.

– It’s fine.

It was the voice of someone who was truly free and great, whom he loved.

– You can do it too. Aren’t we all the first? As a parent, not being immature is not an easy task, and everyone learns from mistakes one by one.

There were tears flowing down both eyes transparently, washing them together.

At the end of his gaze, his hair resembling green was dyed black.

The pale skin turned pale.

The jaw line darkened, and the gray-white discolored pupils faced him with a blur.

“Okay… .”

The voice gradually grew thicker.

Woo woo-.

An unknown echo shook Gorgan.

It was then that Gorgan realized.

The person I was dealing with wasn’t a fairy.

that there is something else in his hatred.


“beautiful… .”

… No, it wasn’t.

The Ardein he knew was a man who had dark hair, did not wield swords well, and did not act desperately.

He was the one who always stood still.

There was no way he was Ardain, but there was a sense of dread for some reason.


With a very nostalgic sound, Gorghan was able to break free from his long-standing delusion.


A warm light descending.

At it Vera slowly opened his eyes.

“It happened!”

familiar voice.

Vera’s gaze turned to the source at the irritable cry for some reason despite her beautiful voice.

There was a man with gorgeous blonde hair, golden eyes, a bright smile and striking white teeth.

It was Albrecht.

Vera’s eyes twitched.

I don’t know what’s going on right now.

Vera’s dazed thought for a moment, while a white hand caressed Vera’s cheek.

“Vera, are you okay?”

The voice that pierces his ears is that of someone familiar to Vera more than anything else.

Vera’s head was raised.

A white wave appeared in his vision.

“… Lady?”


Renee’s hand gripped Vera’s cheek.

“I woke up.”

Renee’s lips trembled.

The unfocused eyes were slightly watery, making Vera’s heart uncomfortable.

It was then that I realized something.

What he is cutting now is Renee’s knee.

It is said that this light that embraces the body warmly is Renee’s divinity.

Vera’s hand lifted slowly.

I wiped away the tears that seemed to flow at any moment.

Then, Miller said.

“it’s over.”

It was said with a bright face.

“We won. Gorgan has come to his senses.”

“… Yes?”

“After Sir Vera was in Gorgan’s hands. Gorgan suddenly stopped moving. After that, isn’t it so embarrassing? So I looked at it still, and after a while, Gorgan was shaking. And let Sir Vera down here… .”

Miller chuckled.

Vera’s gaze turned in that direction.


Immediately Vera’s body trembled.

That’s right, because the scene at the end of the gaze was so strange.

A beast the size of a fortress was squatting.

The one eye on the forehead was looking straight at him.

And he was panting with his tongue sticking out.

Miller’s explanation was added.

“I have been doing that ever since. What did you do?”

Vera could not answer.

Vera, blankly staring at Gorghan for a long time, his reaction followed.

[I woke up… ?]

The white hands waved from side to side.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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