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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 223

Naturally, the ship that had been pierced by Gorghan in the conscious world had become clear.

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Other than that, there were no other injuries, and his condition was worse than ever.

Vera lifted his head and looked at Gorghan.

A pure white arm that stretched out from the spine of the beast looking down at him.

It said while stroking the beast’s head.

[…] thank you.]

It was a front and back thank you, but Vera knew.

That it was a thank you for breaking the chains of Alaysia.

In the brief silence that emerged, Vera replied with a smile.

“It’s fortunate.”

I don’t know what the mind was.

However, I did it because I thought it was unfortunate that the emotions that flowed in me, and the result was so positive, I just thought that in the end it would all work out.

“How are you?”

[It’s so good, I don’t know how long it’s been to have such a clear mind.]

Behind the words with a deep smile, Gorghan called for Friede.


Friede’s head was raised.

He had a hazy, sad expression on his face.

“… Yes.”

[I won’t hold you accountable. However, that does not mean forgiveness.]

Friede’s fists were clenched.

And there was a pathetic smile on his face.

“Even if you don’t… .”

[Because it’s not your business.]

Gorghan faced such Friede right away and added more words.

[It’s me and Adrin. Before that, it was Alaysia’s job. I’m not that sensible.]

The next words paused for a moment.

Gorghan was reminiscing about the upheaval he had made before.

[…] If only I was sane.]

Karel whimpered at the embarrassed expression he had remembered.

He clasped his head in his limp white arms.

It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t feel a sense of difference because of her gentle appearance that made me wonder if it was the beast that was rioting.

Vera couldn’t find anything to say and burst out laughing, then asked Gorghan.

“What are you going to do now?”

[I’m going back west. Until the day Alaysia appears.]


[I will find out without having to search for it.]

Gorghan’s hand gently scratched Karel’s chin.

Then Karel narrowed her one eye and let out a loud roar.

What follows is one word.

It was the words that hardened Vera and Renee’s faces.

[The tenth.]


It must have been seen in hallucinations.

A fetus with ten horns and seven faces, covered in crimson blood.

At what was said Vera asked, swallowing dry.

“… What is it?”

[Unclean idol. A symbol that should not exist.]

In the engraved answer, Vera felt a choking disgust.

[Alaysia’s purpose is to create the tenth god.]

Gorgan’s arm wrapped around Karel’s neck.

[You want to break the current order and open a new world. What we need for that is Ardain’s soul.]

“If you are a soul… .”

[Yes, it is torn. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. If your soul spreads over the entire continent, you can chew on it and swallow it. Then all souls will gather in that belly.]

A story that doesn’t make sense.

It would have been correct to say so, but Vera dared not deny it.

Wasn’t the world before the return actually like that?

A world halved by the Demon King.

Renee, who ultimately failed despite the resistance of the heroes.

And himself who became a dead man in that time period.

Given that as the reason for all of that, a pretty plausible causation is created.

[It’s a tenacious year. It’s been a rough year. As much as that, you’ll know right away when that bitch starts moving in earnest, so what you need to do right now is to wait and recover.]

At Gorgan’s words, the atmosphere subsided.

To be precise, it was correct to say that I was stunned by the story on such a large scale.

In the atmosphere of all seriousness, Gorghan smiled a little and turned Karel’s body.

[Don’t worry too much. We’re not going to be left alone.]

It wasn’t something Gorgan said to reassure him.

Indeed, it was because of the conviction that Alaysia would fail to achieve its purpose.

Gorghan borrowed Karel’s eyes and looked at Vera.

A man with dark hair and gray eyes.

And I feel a sense of déjà vu from him.

‘It’s strange, they don’t look alike at all.’

I don’t know why, but seeing him reminded me of Ardain.

He was a friend, brother, and father who made me feel like I could do anything, who had nothing to fear just being together.

Gorgan continued to think, then brushed it off and said.

[…] I’ll go now.]

Carel led.

The place he headed was west from where he came from.

‘… We’ll find out when the time comes.’

Is this a simple misunderstanding, or is it another arrangement of Ardain?


[Yeah, it won’t be that long.]

It won’t take long to confirm.

[Because that bitch is impatient.]

Alaysia was a person who did not know how to endure, and Ardein was the one who knew such Alaysia best.

Sooner or later, he would be able to face the truth.


After Gorgan left, the situation was chaotic.

It was because of the new information he left behind, the ‘tenth’.

It is not a simple war, but the existence of the continent at stake.

In other words, other countries need to change their defensive posture and start preparing in earnest.

Somewhere in the market must be just like this.

Wizards communicating with their home country shout whale whales.

Soldiers sweat to prepare for their return.

Vera, who had already made preparations there, was saying goodbye to the party to return to the Holy Land.

Albrecht said.

“Next time… .”

Words that cannot be immediately followed.

His expression had an unusually wrinkled look.

The reason was that he had resentment towards himself who had only wielded a sword and had fallen.

Albrecht has a strong attachment to the body itself.

To that extent, the disappointment that comes to mind when one’s own expectations are not met was also greater than that of others.

Because he was like that, I had a promise to remember.

“… Next time, I’ll never see something funny like this.”

A golden eye that shines with determination.

At that Vera laughed.

It’s because I thought it was a much more manly look than the unlucky face I used to make every time.

“I look forward to it.”

Needless to say, René was surprised by the words he added to his kindness.

‘Vera… Aren’t you swearing at the 2nd Prince?’

Every time I see Albrecht, I can’t stand the feeling of unbearable disparity that comes to mind when he talks warmly for some reason.


In the meantime, after the words of Hegryon handed over, Friede and Miller continued to greet each other.

Friede didn’t add any lengthy words, just looked at Vera and Renee.

Miller scratched the back of the head and smiled.

As much as he has been traveling with Vera for the longest time, so emotional.

Now that the long journey has come to an end, the true end is approaching.

But, too shy to show it off, Miller just smiled and said goodbye.

“See you later. Oh, please tell Jenny that she should also study magic.”

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Once the exchange of greetings is all over.

So Vera, Renee, and Lohan returned to their homes.


A few days later, the flower garden of the Great Hall of Fame.

Upon returning, Vera was facing Bargo, who was in the midst of taking care of the flowers.

“How was it?”

The ‘what’ question was missing, but Vera answered it right away.

“It looks a lot better than before.”

“Isn’t it just your thoughts?”

“Even if I opened my mind, I did not fall under the burden. We were able to see what we really needed to see.”

The pride that floats on Vera’s face as he recounts his status.

Now that he doesn’t show his immature appearance like before, he was very satisfied with his expression.

Bargo smirked at that expression.

“You’ve grown up a bit, knowing how to swallow the words that you’re not good enough for the topic.”

“Is it worthy to be compared to the Holy Spirit?”

“I became a father.”

The red divinity that had wrapped around the flower faded.

Immediately after, Bargo got up and turned his head straight to Vera.

“It was definitely the tenth.”

“Yes, it was confirmed through the Vision of Orgus, so we need to investigate.”

“So, are you going to open the library?”


A treasure trove of history that collects all the records of Elia from generation to generation, located in the basement of the Great Hall of Fame.

It was the reason Vera was now facing Bargo, and it was also the reason Vera was nervous.

If it was there, there would be information about the first Elia.

In other words, there must be some information and words that Ardein left while building this Elia.

“… Would you please allow it?”

“Are you aware that what you are doing is against the law?”

“Nevertheless, I just know it’s something I have to do.”

“It sets a bad precedent.”

“If even that precedent is not left behind for posterity, what good is it?”

A workshop where there is no retreat.

Bargo laughed.

“Stupid bastard.”

I don’t know exactly what happened when I met Gorgan.

There is a feeling of that moment that cannot be felt just by hearing the story.

However, even then, he could tell.

That Vera has grown even further, that he has achieved yet another rise to the inner state, not by force.

“Do you even need my permission? Now you are my agent.”

“Are you talking about retirement already?”

“I did as much as I could. I’m tired of using my hair now.”

A shrill laugh escaped Vera’s mouth.

“I still have a hat.”

He replied with a smile as well.

“Goyan. What country’s law says it’s not enough?”

I thought or thought that it was difficult to look at the snoring and trembling, and waved my hands after applying it.

“Go and tell Trevo. Find something.”

“If I do it myself… .”

“If you are hanging there, who is in charge of Elijah?”

Vera’s body froze.

Eyes narrowed narrowly.

“Is that a problem?”

“Are there any other problems then?”

Vera sighed at Vargo’s mischievous laugh.

“… As soon as I know that.”

Is it not that you are enjoying the rest you get at the end of the day too hard?

A thought suddenly popped into Vera’s head.


Alaysia had completely disappeared.

Gorghan used to say, ‘You’ll find out when the time comes.’

Countries on the continent, which had previously only looked at each other, began joint training by crossing borders in earnest, and changes occurred accordingly.

It was the rumors that spread all over the continent and other groups on the continent also came out.

The merchants robbed the safe and wanted the explorer.

It is only natural that all the explorers on the continent started to turn their lights on and run towards the bounty that could not be used for the rest of their lives.

Scholars stopped all their research and began to cling to the records of the new era, and the information organizations in the dark began to voluntarily dig up information and unravel it in the sun by mobilizing all their capabilities.

The sight of all intelligences united for one purpose.

Someone said that.

Perhaps this moment may be the first and last time without war in the history of the continent.

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Of course, Vera was a joke to hear.

For a period without war, all of this was a preliminary process for a war.

“It was very noisy outside.”

“Um, Vera must be busy too.”

A terrace in Daeshinjeon.

Renee pondered as if she was sorry for Vera, who was talking about the trend outside.

‘Is there anything I can do for you… .’

It’s Vera, who hasn’t been able to get a single inch of leeway lately.

How pitiful Vera, who only abuses himself, even though it will not be resolved by just pushing him.

Concerns about it for a while.

At the end, Renee said.



“Shall we go on a date after a long time?”

Vera’s head tilted.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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