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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 224

Early moning.

Returning to the hut after training, Vera looked at the casual clothes hanging on the wall.

The all-black suit is a form that anyone would say is far from the uniform he usually wears.

It was a dress I had taken out for a date beforehand.

In response to Renee’s request for a date, he had prepared his own.

Vera remembered what had happened two days ago with a deep smile on his lips.

– A date. It’s been a while since we’ve been alone and getting some air. Eat delicious food and bask in the sun to your heart’s content.

-Days… .

– Did you even die if you didn’t do it for a day? it’s okay. are you okay.

It could have been a silly thing to say, but Vera didn’t care.

Indeed, it is because Renee’s words were not wrong.

Elia was not in a place where the system was so unorganized that she collapsed just because she was absent for a day.

In addition, Alaysia, the only problem at the moment, is also suffering from promiscuity, so it is not something that can be found.

‘… A day or so.’

As Renee once said to herself, it’s not bad to take a break.

Shaking his thoughts, Vera went to the front of the garment.

And started wearing it.

Still, pale skin and such a black suit could have given him a gloomy impression, but Vera’s physique made up for it.

The strong muscles in the whole body make use of the lines of the clothes.

His height, well above the average of the continent, makes the sense of intimidation stronger than the gloom.

Vera, fully clothed, went to the mirror hanging on the wall to check his appearance.

‘This is enough… .’

Isn’t it worth looking at?

I was thinking about that for a while.

– My hair is very long.

Renee’s words flashed through Vera’s mind.

“Hmm… .”

Vera’s fingertips lightly gripped his bangs.

When I pulled it out, I could see that her hair was long enough to reach the tip of her nose.

Vera was troubled.

Even if it goes like this, Renee won’t be too concerned about it, but still, there’s something called the surrounding eyes, isn’t it?

Vera didn’t want to look shabby walking with Renee.

Renee, who is dazzlingly beautiful, has her own stubbornness that the person who walks next to her must also be a person no less than her.


Vera swept all her bangs back and stirred it up a bit to create a natural part.

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Only then did he smile happily.

‘This is enough.’

The thought that he would not be able to make such a sound today, even though he had been arrogant, who had usually referred to himself as a ‘dark bastard’, suddenly crossed Vera’s mind.


“… who are you?”

Rohan’s words as he headed for the restaurant.

Vera narrowed his brow at it.

“Are you even presbyopia?”

“hemp cloth… la?”

“Then will I be twins?”

Rohan vomited his flagship.

‘What is this… ?’

what’s the situation

What the hell is Vera doing in front of him?

A neatly dressed suit with a large physique, the freshness of the forehead and the raised nose that came with it, and his pure white skin.

There was a big difference from the image of Vera that Rohan knew.

“Where are you going?”

A word of respect that comes out of nowhere.

Vera answered, ‘Why is this man here again?’

“I have an outing with the saint.”

“ah… .”

Rohan understood.

However, that didn’t offset the awkwardness.

Suddenly, Rohan was faced with a painful memory that flashed through his mind.

It was a memory of a not-so-distant day.

Just a few weeks ago, when I was looking for a pub in a nearby city.

– Girls? Do you have any companions… .

-there is.

-Ah, maybe your companions… .

– You don’t like it.

-yes? didn’t you even see me?

– I just don’t like it. I don’t like it anyway.

A woman who hit her with an iron wall, and a man with a gloomy impression approached her.

– Maybe there… .

– Lots of time.

And they left together.

“Ugh… !”

Rohan grabbed his head.

It is because Vera’s appearance now reminded him of the swallow.

Trusting only one face… .

… No, it’s because a handsome man who wants to think like that came to mind.

The memories of the painful moment pierce Rohan’s heart.

My teeth are sharply grinding in the filling cylinder.

Vera made a cold expression.

This is because he judged that the sudden grab on his head was caused by a ‘hangover’ as always.

“Did you go out drinking again? Do it in moderation. What kind of country is it?”

It would be strange if Lohan didn’t pay tribute to Vera’s tongue-tapping behavior.


Are you going on a date in a situation like this?

Are you the one who goes out with a lot of decorations like that?

There was blood in Rohan’s eyes.

My hands trembled at the boiling resentment.

However, Rohan couldn’t vomit it out.

Because there was a painful moment that came to mind just by facing Vera.

Slowing down, Rohan took a step back.

Then wake up! and ran away.

Alone in the hallway, Vera looked behind him for a moment, then shook his head.

‘When do you think you will grow old… .’

I felt like my stomach was clogged up.

Vera did not know.

The worries he is dealing with now are the worries that Bargo always had while looking at Rohan.

Now that he is starting to resemble Bargo.

Vera was not yet adept at self-objectification enough to realize it for himself.


Renee’s dormitory was noisy.

There was no other reason.

It was Vera’s fault, who came out suddenly today.

As it is a small accommodation, there are many users.

In addition, all of its users are apprentice priests of Renée’s age.

What would be the most interesting story for girls in their prime who are stuck in a temple and pray only?

Isn’t it just love and men?

In the midst of all the commotion, Renee’s expression was pouty.

“Lady! very awesome! Really good! It’s not really a joke!!!”

Annie trembled and tapped Renee on the shoulder.

Renee swayed along with the movement and showed an uncomfortable feeling, but no one cared enough for Renee to feel it right away.



Renee’s wand bluntly hit the floor.

He was filled with dissatisfaction with Vera.

‘Why did you come in needlessly decorating? .’

That was the reason.

It’s a face that you can’t see anyway.

A face that catches other women’s attention or catches the eye.

Vera’s visual advantage meant René the same as ‘Vera that only I could enjoy’, so Renee was extremely dissatisfied with it.

Renee thought it would be better if Vera was so ugly that he didn’t even want to look at him.

The attention of other women came to mind that it would be good if someone died and could not receive it even after waking up.

Then only you can love Vera.

“come! come!”

Annie trembled again.

Renee sat rudely in the chair and raised her head.

“Lady, good morning.”

To Vera’s words, he responded equally bluntly.


“… Yes?”

“Are you okay?”

Renee’s eyebrows rose.

Vera tilted his head in bewilderment.

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Of course, because Vera couldn’t figure out why Renee was so upset.

It was then that Annie realized that something was wrong.

In a cold sweat, he stepped backwards and left the room.

Finally, there is only the two of us left.

Renee reached out.


“… face?”


Vera looked at Renee’s complexion again.

A narrowed brow, raised eyebrows, and protruding lips.

I don’t know what the problem is, but he doesn’t seem to be feeling well, so Vera rests his cheek against Renee’s hand, thinking that it would be best for him to fit in for now.

Then Renee pressed Vera’s cheek.


With the horse, Renee traced Vera’s face.

Vera felt the touch and opened his mouth.

“… Today I wore a black suit. As the saint said, today, I am going out as a lover, not a priest, but a saint.”

When he suddenly stopped talking, feeling unfamiliar with the word lover, Renee trembled and blushed.

In the meantime, his hands were moving diligently.

“… In addition?”

“As the saint said, my hair is quite long. I only realized it this morning, so I couldn’t cut it apart and put my hair back.”

Renee’s hand reached Vera’s forehead.

I rubbed my forehead with my palm, then tapped it with my thumb from the forehead to the tip of my nose.

“… However, looking at the reactions around me, I sometimes feel that something is wrong. I thought we were a good fit, but everyone I met today turned their heads away from me.”

Strength entered Renee’s hand.

Because you already know the reasons for their actions.

However, Renee never meant to say, ‘It’s because Vera is so handsome.’

The first reason was that I didn’t want to see the arrogant Vera, and the second was that I didn’t want Vera to know he was handsome forever.

“I think Vera is an ugly man. What.”

“… .”

Vera felt his heart sting.

I know that Renee, who is upset about something, is saying this as a way to show off his anger, but it’s because there was a wound that came from the words themselves.

Renee also felt Vera’s sign and trembled.

lips curl up

I feel like I’m being ripped off by my self-esteem.

For a moment, Renee, who didn’t want to say sorry, offered a slightly different apology.


Renee straightened her head.

“I’m here, so kiss me.”

It was the words he gave while his cheeks were dyed red.

Vera blinked his eyes at it, thinking that Renee might have been relieved, and he put out his head with a bright smile.


Their lips met briefly, then fell apart again.

Renee licked his lips with his tongue for no reason, then hugged Vera and slapped my cheek against Vera’s.

“… I like Vera to be ugly.”

Vera’s cheeks were cold, probably because of the fresh air coming in.

Renee felt the need to warm these cheeks quickly, and spoke again.

“So, don’t worry about other people’s reactions.”

Those were the words of the person who cared the most.

Renee has a strong desire for monopoly.

So, when it comes to Vera, Renee is infinitely petty.

It was Renee like that, so he was reacting like this.

Renee rubbed his face against Vera’s cheek for a while, then pulled out his head when he realized that Vera’s cheek was warmed by his own warmth.

“And today is a date, so Vera only cares about me.”

The spoken words to declare are somehow similar to coercion.

A smirk escaped Vera’s mouth.

It’s because he now realizes why Renee was so upset.


The moment I realized it, there was a playful sense of humor.

Vera reached out and wrapped his arms around Renee’s waist, and said those words with a laugh in front of Renee’s nose.

“Of course.”


“One, there is one thing wrong with the saint.”

Renee’s head tilted.

Vera, holding back the laughter that was about to burst, said to Renee.

“I am handsome.”


Renee’s body shook.

Immediately afterward, a cheerful expression appeared on Renee’s face.

Vera added again.

“In the last episode and this episode, I was always a handsome man that made me look back.”

It was something that could be said to be overconfidence, but in truth, it was not wrong.

Vera was a man who had been courted a lot with this face all his life.

Besides, he was a person who made countless profits by using that courtship.


Renee grabbed Vera’s cheek.

“… It’s not! You look so ugly!”

“You are misunderstood.”

“It’s real! If you touch it, you will know everything!”

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One word that showed his will to never admit it could not break Vera.

“Are you sure?”

Words that sound like a joke.

Renee’s shoulders trembled at that.

The sound of rough breathing began to fill the room.

Vera felt pleasant.

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One day, it was because I remembered what happened at the end of the last episode.

– I was a beautiful woman who would shed exclamations from anyone looking at it.

Words that confidently spoke to me.

Thinking about it, Vera thought.

‘Now you’re taking revenge.’

Indeed, over a long period of time, I thought I had realized revenge for the words that had turned my mind upside down.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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