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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 225

Elia is a city-state with one nature as a manor, but that does not mean that there is nothing around.

The continent is wide and there are many people.

Among them, there were those who wanted to live in the arms of God regardless of the presence or absence of divinity, and there were villages where such people gathered around Elia.

is that the only

Where there are people, there is money.

Where there is money, there are merchants.

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Of course, where such human resources are concentrated, cities are bound to be built.

Today Vera and Renee are heading to one such city.

Serene is a small town with a population of about two thousand that operates in the form of a free city, which is rare on the continent.

In the carriage on the way to Serne in an hour.

Vera looked into Renee’s complexion.

‘Are you still pouting?’

She turned her head and saw Renee dyeing her ears.

When I pulled my body forward a little, I could see a bold face.

The anger caused by the fuss before departure had not yet been resolved.


I called, but there was no answer.

It was a difficult situation to say the least, but Vera didn’t think of any worries.

It was because of Renee’s behavior, which moved her hips little by little in the direction she was in.

It was worth knowing.

They must be protesting to release their anger right away.

As much as Renee, who has a strong sense of pride, he would not have liked to talk first after losing the fight.

After all, it wasn’t his fault, Vera willingly accepted Renee’s grumbling.

Two people sitting side by side in a carriage.

Vera reached out and wrapped his arms around Renee’s waist.

Then Renee’s body trembled, and Vera said it with a smirk.

“Looks like I was playing too much.”

At the words I said while pulling Renee in the right direction, Renee was dragged so easily that I wondered if I could come over so easily.

Then he rested his head on Vera’s chest.

He tries to make an angry expression, but the corners of his mouth are already twitching.

Vera let out a small laugh and hugged Renee like that.

“Can you forgive me?”

“… Only this time.”

Renee turned and slowly buried his head in Vera’s arms.

“And Vera is not handsome.”

Words that sound like pressure again and again.

Vera gladly agreed.

“Yeah, I guess I was mistaken.”


A smile grew on Renee’s lips.

“Vera is an ugly man, so no woman will like me but me. So always thank me and do well.”

Both of them were familiar with Vera’s past, but what does that matter?

Affectionate quarrels were like seasonings that should not be lost between lovers, and it was right to view even this moment’s quarrel as a preparatory stage for what would follow.

Renee lifted her head.

And I put my mouth on Vera’s lips.

There was a brief ‘side’, and Vera’s eyes widened slightly.

The sight of Renee putting her lips on me with her eyes closed fills her vision.

Every time this happened, Vera felt something.

It’s all about her looks.

Isn’t that right?

If you look closely at an ordinary person, you can easily see blemishes and ugliness, but René doesn’t have any of that.

A moment passed when he realized how beautiful she was, and the corners of Vera’s lips rose.

‘In addition.’

It was because Renee was also giving her lips a lot of strength.

It was a cute habit.

Usually, kissing is an act of gently pressing each other’s lips without force on the lips, but Renee, who was not familiar with this kind of action, still did not know it, so whenever he kissed, he was giving his lips a lot of strength.

Vera thought for a moment, and then made a decision.

Vera opened his mouth slightly.

Then, he bit Renee’s lower lip, which had a lot of energy.


“Ugh… !”

Renee jumped.

A look of surprise appeared on his face.

The face gradually turns red.

Vera watched it with joy and spoke softly.

“Someone in the world gives strength to their lips when they kiss.”

“Wow, what… !”

Embarrassed, Renee let out a silly laugh, but no words came out.

This is because Renero had no reason to refute Vera’s words, not only because of the overwhelming difference in his dating experience, but also for his physical talent.

Vera’s smile grew stronger.

After the start of the day, there was only a smile on Vera’s face, to the point that it really felt like a clown was creeping in.

“I have to teach you.”

Vera leaned forward and placed his lips on Renee’s.

Then, he slowly opened Renee’s lips, and sticking out his tongue.

Renee stiffened like a wooden doll.

The reason why I understood the identity of the warm and squishy thing that dug into my mouth.

I thought I would faint at any moment, but if I did, I would be taken to Elia right away.

Renee straightened her back and grabbed Vera’s collar, making her own counterattack.


With a cute cheer, I licked the tip of Vera’s tongue, which had dug into my mouth.


The faces of the two people who entered Serene were full of shy smiles.

It was because I was embarrassed to come out of the wagon doing such a thing.

“Sah, there are a lot of people.”

Vera replied to Renée’s head bowed.

“Yeah, it must be a chaotic time, so people who want to pray to God have gathered.”

It wasn’t that rare.

An irresistible disaster. For example, when wars, droughts, floods, etc. struck, the neighboring cities of Elia were always crushed.

“You will need a place to lean on.”

Humans are so weak.

No matter how strong a person is, he cannot be proud of himself at every moment, so there are bound to be moments when he leans on something invisible.

God was one of the most universal objects that humans seek at such a moment.

Renee grinned at Vera’s immersion in serious talk again.

“Did you think about donating now?”

“… how.”

“The idea of Vera is obvious. Because it is a time like this, the nobles will also come to donate. Then you will be able to afford it financially. Ah, this month, even if Rohan-sama or Trevo-sama had an accident, I think we’ll be able to get through it safely.”

The words that continued like a song penetrated Vera’s heart.

Truly amazing.

However, for Renero, it was natural.

“I know it when I talk to Sungha. Occasionally, Vera will tell you what else is bothering him.”

It was mostly giggling and giggling, but Renee didn’t even say that.

It was the best choice.

Vera was impressed that Bargo had taken such care of him.

“… I have to buy you a present.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Oh, before that, would you like to go eat first?”


Renee clings to Vera’s arm.

His head rested lightly on his shoulder.

It was a really uncomfortable position to walk, but it wasn’t important to the two of them.

Whatever it was, it was important to them that they could feel each other closer.


There was a vitality that usually comes to mind in any city crowded with people.

Merchants shouting loudly.

Tourists walking between them.

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Other than that, city dwellers who spend their daily routines, and even children running around somewhere.

A time when we need God’s arms.

Cerne, a small town near Elia, was enjoying an unprecedented boom, adding to its vibrancy, and Vera and Renee were enjoying the atmosphere after dinner.

The performance started in the middle of the square.

The two of them sat in the empty seat that just happened and spent time quietly listening to it.

There were many other things to see, but it was a semi-compulsory choice because they were not suitable for enjoying with Renee who can’t see his eyes.

Renee felt apologetic for nothing, so he told Vera.

“I’m sorry. Vera must have a lot to see.”

Visual limitations were not only for living, but also for causing numerous inconveniences.

So was one of the most blessed traits of man, the enjoyment of play.

Now, Serene is lined with all kinds of paintings and performances.

There must be plenty of things that can be enjoyed between lovers, but Renero feels regretful because it seems that all of them have been in vain due to his own limitations.

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Of course, it was something Vera would never agree to.

“I am okay.”

“still… .”

“Truly yes. In the first place, if it’s a rare spectacle, you’ve enjoyed it enough in your past life, and aside from that, isn’t it really important who you’re with? I would not have come to this place if it hadn’t been with Saint Mary in the first place.”

Rene’s face was dyed with emotion as he continued to speak with a soft voice.

“… You are very kind today.”

“The saint told me to do it.”

“If you hadn’t said that, would you have been tickling?”

“Are you going to leave it like that?”

“Absolutely not.”

A giggle of laughter escaped Renee’s mouth.

The arms that he had been wearing the whole time had added strength.

The beating of the heart becomes clearer than the sound of the playing.

The warmth radiating from the deep inside warms the body.

That’s why he said he loved Vera.

Renee thought of such a thought blankly, and then added such a question to the playfulness that came to mind.

“By the way.”

“Say it.”

“Who have you seen like this in your last life?”

A question I asked just because I wanted to embarrass myself.

Vera rattled at it.

The pupils began to tremble terribly.

Countless names started running through my mind.

Eli, Hannah, Kiriel, Genia, Windy, Fornes, Daisy, and Bella.

Sometimes as needed, other times as a moment’s entertainment.

From the garbage in the gutter to the young girls of high-ranking nobles, all the women they had spent time with stopped moving as they passed through their heads, and Renee’s expression clouded at that.

“… why? There are so many, is it hard to remember them all?”

It was correct.

Vera answered, hiding his trembling, reminding him that a woman’s senses are incomprehensible.

“I don’t know what you mean… .”

“Are you upset?”

A cold sweat ran down Vera’s back.

A very eerie smile appeared on Renee’s lips.

“I think we should go into more detail about this.”

It must have been Vera’s misunderstanding that the tendon appeared to have bulged over the back of Renee’s hand.

Vera lifted up his disappointment and blew a cold sweat for a long time, then gave up an absurdly vain excuse.

“Right now, it’s just St. you don’t know… .”

“Now is?”


For a moment, Vera thought.

Renee’s grip is unusual.

The head turned with a bang and headed straight for Vera.

At this moment Vera remembered for the first time the fear of her empty pupils.

In the meantime, Renee’s anger did not stop.


Rene’s naturally raised voice began to attract attention.

As the performance was in full swing, the whispers of the surroundings pierced Vera’s ears.

– Oh, what’s going on?

– It looks like that guy is a playboy?

– Oh my god, did you get caught with your legs crossed?

-It’s nice to have two legs, but just looking at it, it’s not a face that’s been wearing one or two.

– Leaving a beautiful wife like that? That’s why men… .

– That’s it! It’s just that those things are saying things like, ‘Women and money are the best!’ behind the scenes!

A series of words that generally sell themselves.

Vera looked like he was going crazy.

If I had to make an excuse, the seat wasn’t very good.

There was something that came to mind of people driven into extreme situations.

Escape from the current situation.

However, Vera, who could not run away alone with Chamar Renee, closed his eyes tightly without even being able to do it.

‘… rot.’

Vera thought.

Now is the time for a second regression.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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