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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 226

It took a lot of hard work to clear up the misunderstanding.

He barely led René, whose face was blushing, to another place, endlessly making ugly excuses, and even asking for forgiveness.

“It is true. The only person who has my heart before, now, and in the future will be St. Plus, it’s already gone. I swear, flesh and body… !”

Vera didn’t know why he was making this excuse himself.

There is, however, a close speculation that this may be the case, Vera was kneeling on the floor for the first time in his life.

This was different from kneeling for oaths or rituals.

At least at that time, considering the formality, I kept my posture, but I didn’t crouch.

“If you are not sure, even if I make an oath… !”

“That’s Okay.”

Vera’s head flashed.

Renee still sighed with a red face and continued speaking.

“It’s okay because I know what you mean. And it’s my fault for being angry for nothing.”

Renee’s hand, which was holding it, twitched.

It is because Renee himself thought that it was right that he learned Vera anew with what he already knew.

I was embarrassed, but in hindsight, it was unavoidable.

Who in the world can love the past of the one he loves?

How could they pass the moment when their love whispered love to another person?

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Of course, there will be people who can bury it inside.

However, in the end, it was a response that came from experience, and René was only a clumsy beginner when it comes to love.

“… Come on, shall we reconcile?”

Renee spread her arms.

Vera finally let go of the hour and hugged Renee slowly.

“thank you… .”

It was a moment to thank René, thank the gods, and thank the whole world.

After a moment that was more delicate than any battle, Renee laughed as Vera spoke in an uncomfortably relaxed voice.

“Did you get stabbed like that?”

“No… .”

“Okay, I was just joking around.”

It’s the worst joke in the world.

Vera’s smile widened as Vera shivered at the thought.

‘… cute.’

It was because Vera, who had always been hardened, felt so cute that he became so soft.

There were also emotions that came to mind.

Vera’s shallow sense of superiority that he is the only one who can see this.

It was to dispel all of Renee’s anger.

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Others judged Vera’s appearance, and looked at him with greedy eyes.

After all, Vera was his own, so the winner was already set in his mind.

“Now I can’t even come close to Serene.”

What followed were words uttered while reflecting on what had happened in the previous square.

A ‘bow’ came out of Vera’s mouth.

This is because, as Renee said, his face was sold as much as he could sell to Serene.

It’s also a negative ‘a rogue who had an affair over a pretty lover’.

The words he had heard before he left were running through Vera’s mind.

-Oh my God, he must be a pervert among perverts who wanders around town and picks up only virgins and makes fun of them!

I don’t know how the word came to be, but anyway, it was a moment when Vera realized the fear of rumors once again.

“… It looks like you did a great job wearing plain clothes.”

“Yeah, Elia’s status would have fallen to the ground if she wore a priest’s uniform or sacristy.”

Fear flashed across Renee’s face.

“The next successful candidate is a flirt, and just thinking about it is gossip.”

“Please stop… .”

The corners of Vera’s eyebrows rose.

After all, Renee’s fault for being very angry there must have been the reason.

Renee, who was already well aware of it, said, turning her head in vain that she was going to try something else.

“Ummm, well, shall we go now?”

It was obvious he was turning, but Vera didn’t want to question him.

“Yes, we are going back to Elia soon. If you go now, you will arrive in the evening.”

“yes? Not Elia.”

Vera’s head was raised.

There were doubts on the exposed face.

Renee said to Vera like that, with a face that didn’t matter.

“Are you staying out today?”

The expression on Vera’s face disappeared.


-Did you tell me in advance? We’re on vacation here for three days. In the meantime, the Holy Father decided to take care of it, and Marie-sama even got a room in the best inn in Serene?

What kind of duke was coming and going behind the scenes?

It was an idea that Vera had in mind the moment he heard it, a thought he had not yet left.

An upscale tavern in Serene.

At the corner window seat, Vera sips his drink with confusion.

His gaze was on Renee on the other side.

“Since when… .”

“Since we said we’re going on a date.”

Renee chuckled.

It was the thought that things seemed to have worked out as planned.

This is Vera, who has never been able to spare time after starting Bargo’s agency.

It was something I planned to spend all day with Vera like that, and it was something I planned to make him completely my own.

It was safe to say that Renee had brought out his own trump card.

Moreover, it was safe to say that it was a timid revenge for Vera, who still treated him like a child.

Renee stuttered, grabbed the glass, took it, drank it, and said.


It sounds like you have a problem.

Vera opened his mouth, not knowing what to say, then bowed his head.

was an outsider.

It’s too late to go back now.

In order to return to Elia as it is, I had no choice but to carry Renee and run, and there was nothing urgent enough to choose such a method now.

In addition, it is not one thing to go back to Elia without considering such things.


The fact that he ran away because he was afraid to spend the night with Renee would only be reflected in that way.

It was absolutely unacceptable for Vera.

Although it was not revealed well because he was by Renee’s side, he was not left behind anywhere with his pride.

Nothing more about masculinity.

If it wasn’t for Vera, he would have given the same answer to any man in the world who had been sitting here.

Vera took a long, deep breath, then ‘tucked’ his glass down and lifted his head.

He looked at Renee and said.

“… You must know what this action means.”

Strength entered Renee’s hand.

A bright red color appeared on his face.

I’ve been drinking so much… Even that thought of a reaction that felt like an excuse.



My heart started beating.

Dry saliva was dripping down the back of his neck.

Slowly, his head shook up and down.

It was a positive answer.

A strange atmosphere came to mind.

The conversation between the two of them disappeared, and as a result, things like the rattling of alcohol and the rustling of glasses began to come to mind more clearly.


In the end, all they did was drink alcohol without saying a word until the party was over.

However, ironically, it was making the distance between the two of them closer.

What is conveyed without words.

What is said not to be an action.

Those things dominated the space and connected the two.

No, it was an understatement to say that it was.

The atmosphere only stimulated the imaginations of the two of them.

Imagine what will happen next.

The anticipation, anxiety, and fear that come with it.

Crossing the front line was a job that stirred up so many emotions, so their thoughts were eroded by it.

That’s how I came to think only of myself and the other person.

The two of them had a lucky coincidence.

The first was that the place where the atmosphere was swept was a pub, and the second was that there was no one here to scold the two of them even if they didn’t erase their drunkenness.

Whispers of a long night.

It was the name of the inn the two of them went to.

As Renee had mentioned earlier, the room prepared by Marie was on the top floor there, and the two entered with clumsy steps.

As soon as the door to the room was closed, the noise of the city that had been heard before had subsided.

A completely separate space just for the two of us came to mind.

The room is dark.

Therefore, there were small sounds that became clearer, and there is no need to talk about the sharpness when the source of the sound is close.


beating sound.

And the rustling sound of the island of clothes.

Vera led Renee.

The previously described sounds followed raucously.

There was a phenomenon that made us realize that sound has different physical powers.

The transmitted wave hits the skin.

It penetrates inside and swims all over the body.

The wave that reached the back explodes as it is, turning it into goosebumps that make you stand on your back.


There was the sound of Renee swallowing saliva.

Suddenly, the two of them sat on the bed, and Renee’s body, recognizing it, reacted.


As those thoughts ran through Renee’s head, Vera hesitated.

There was no other reason.

Will the ‘how to share the love you know’ that I once explained hurt her?

That’s because he was worried.

It was Vera who had always tried to show an upright appearance in front of Renee.

Therefore, it was natural to have hesitation in showing the hidden sincerity.

To put it a little more simply and bluntly, that was the end of it.

I want to show only my cool side, but I’m afraid that I’m not going to look bad when I am obsessed with carnal lust.

I’m afraid it might look ugly to gasp for s*x.

Now Vera had a scene in his mind.

It was one of the things he did to satisfy their desires when he coaxed the nobles for a long time in his last life.

A gigantic spear built in the basement of a gutter.

And the ugly sight I saw there.

Vera’s hesitation grew more and more intense, because the appearance of these men stained with greed was so ugly that he no longer wanted to be like them.

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Of course, Renee could have guessed such Vera’s thinking.

Because we have already shared this story before.

Renee’s hand went over the back of Vera’s.

“… it’s okay.”

He grabbed it and put it on his cheek.

“Vera won’t be bad at all. It won’t be ugly.”

“west… .”

“It’s not just a desire.”

The breaths of each other drew closer, and the voices drifted through the space with the humidity characteristic of a human being.

“We express it because we like each other. So it will be different.”

Renee enjoyed the warmth of his hand on my cheek.

My head was a little dizzy from drunkenness, and my heart was pounding.

For some reason, even in the midst of being unconscious, my stomach was being pressed down, and the warmth of this hand was engraved more clearly than usual.

Renee’s body leaned against Vera.

No, it seemed more accurate to say he fell on Vera’s body rather than hit him.

Renee said as he hugged Vera, who felt more evident in that condition.

“There is.”

“Yes… .”

“Does Vera love me?”

“… of course.”

“Then you won’t hurt me.”

breath blows

There was a strong smell of alcohol in his hot breath.

It was a little squishy and bland.

Vera felt his stomach churn for nothing, and wrapped his arms around Renee’s waist.

And slowly turned around.

In an instant, the situation changed, and now Renee was laid under Vera.

“I… .”

Vera thought.

He took off his own feelings, pretending to be grandiose, and looked inside.

I pulled out what I really wanted to do with Renee and looked at it.

I just wanted to hug her tightly, I wanted to share my body temperature, and I wanted to sleep with Renee in my arms.

The moment he faced it, Renee broke Vera’s hesitation.

Renee’s hand caressed Vera’s cheek.

said with a red face.

“I… You’ve been waiting a long time now.”

Vera’s voice faded.

A short, heavy breath dissipated.

Soon, their heads got closer to each other.

The first thing they felt was the sweet smell of alcohol.

As in any history, there was a quiet room.

There was a night, there was a man and a woman, and there was a smell of alcohol between them.

It was just that.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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