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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 220

After a long time, Vera fell into a deep sleep.

A deep sleep that made me forget the fact that there was Gorgan outside the castle, that I learned the truth of the Goddess, and that many other things that tormented me.

It ended late in the morning when the sun tickled her cheeks.

Vera slowly lifted his eyelids.

For a moment, Jam Ki-Woon closes his eyes with a wet face and yawns.

“ah… .”

Vera could recall what had happened last night in the white wave that filled his vision.

After wrestling with Renee, who was playfully kissing, he lay down on the bed.

We held hands and talked non-trivially.

Closing his eyes, concentrating only on the senses of his hands and his voice, he talked for a long time before falling asleep at some point.

A shrill laugh escaped Vera’s mouth.

It was because he had approached me quite a bit, lying in the same bed with the opposite s*x and nothing happened.

In the midst of that, his eyes looked at Renee.

White hair running down her cheeks.

Neatly stretched eyelashes.

A small nose and red, soft lips.

That was not the end.

The shoulders that moved slightly as they breathed, the slender hands clasping their fingers, and every other minor movement were clearly engraved in Vera’s mind.

In retrospect, it was.

It was the first time for Vera to see René sleeping, so this series of movements was approaching as an unfamiliar stimulus.

Vera, who had been staring at it for a long time, feeling as if he was still in a dream, suddenly stretched out his hand.

Rene’s cheeks reached the place of the carefully stretched out hand.

It was the place where the new hair had flowed out of the lips.

Pull out your hair gently as if stroking it.

Slowly turn it back to reveal your face.

The gentle brow frowned at the movement.

“Uh… .”

Shoulders gently shrug

lips curl up

Shortly thereafter, Renee procrastinated and plunged into Vera’s arms.

It seemed like he was getting cold.

It is a time of slow transition from autumn to winter.

In addition, it is located north of Elia.

It’s not unusual for Renee to feel the cold.

Vera smiled as Renee dug into his arms and pulled up the blanket that fell to his waist.

Then he wrapped his arms around Renee’s body, where he had nowhere to go, and closed his eyes again.

‘little bit more… .’

It would be okay if I fell asleep a little longer.

Even if you think yourself, you’ve been working really hard so far, and it’s also so drowsy and cozy.

I think it would be okay to be late in the morning like this.

Vera thought so and fell asleep.


The fort’s restaurant.

Renee took the bread and ate it with a blushing smile on her face.

Naturally, it was a reaction that I did while thinking about what happened in the morning.

Vera’s body temperature, which he felt from the moment he opened his eyes, or the hand that brushed his hair.

And a good night greeting.

Isn’t it a perfect morning?

Also, isn’t it the morning you’ve only dreamed of?

Vera said while his heart was already shivering violently with a sense of satisfaction that shook his whole heart.

“Lady, have some more.”

These are the words to say while putting warm bread soaked in soup to Renee’s lips.

“yes… .”

Renee smiled shyly, opened her mouth slightly, then took it and ate it.

Then he chewed on the buns and passed them over.

In a moment, Vera reached out.

“You put it on your lips.”


The feeling of the cloth touching the corners of your lips.

And the feeling that it scans something continues, and then it goes away.

Renee bowed her head, dyeing her face bright red.

“thanks… .”

“It’s my job.”

Vera also smiled.

The reason was that my lover, who had a colorful look, showed a different look today.

“After dinner, there will be a strategy meeting. This time, the saint must also participate.”

“yes… .”

“You will probably be in the back camp like Sir Miller.”

“That’s right, it’s absurd for a caster to go to the front.”


A story that goes on and on.

And a meal that only the two of you could eat.

Renee savored the moment, feeling like a firecracker exploding in her head, then said.

“Oh, are you going to the meeting right away?”

“It’s not like that. I have about two or three hours of free time… Why?”

“Let’s just go for a walk when we have free time.”

Words spoken with a smirk.

Vera held his breath involuntarily.

Then he blushed and nodded.

“… Yes.”

Did someone put some magic on him while they were together all night?

Renee’s whispers, which only seem so sweet today, were tickling Vera’s stomach.

“Then we should finish eating first.”

Vera tore the bread out once more.

Renee opened her mouth and took it.

a little far away.

Rohan, who found it by chance today, closed his eyes tightly.

‘why… !’

Why do I always have to see this kind of sight?

Why do they sit and stare at me wherever I go?

Rohan was sure.

This is someone’s joke.

It’s a wicked trick to hurt himself.

There was only one culprit identified in the subsequent accident.

What can I say, the wicked Indian god who gave this stigma upon himself.

He was the only culprit.

If he hadn’t been fooling around to turn his steps in this direction, it would be incomprehensible.

Rohan put his hands together and prayed.

‘Let’s do it in moderation! A little! please!’

Whether his prayers would have reached heaven was unknown to Rohan.


The revision of the strategy that had been established was completed quickly.

The reason is that no one in the seat was opposed to the new plan.

How can it be taken for granted.

It is a battle with an ancient species.

Even if it was a rear support mission, it was a situation that could not be without danger, and it was rather strange that the command to stand by for the fortress was not welcome.

“Then let’s make that decision, and we’ll set out tomorrow at noon.”

The meeting was completely finished with Vera’s words.

All that was left were Vera, Renee and Lohan, and those called the heroes of their past lives.

Albrecht said with a smile.

“It happened after all! If it is the hero’s job to lead the turbulent times, I should do my best… .”

“It wouldn’t be exciting.”

Albrecht stiffened at Hegreon’s low murmur.

As for Hagrion, Albrecht, who was as slender as a girl, was displeased.

Vera sighed as Miller was feeling a bit embarrassed by that, continued.

“… May I start the story?”

“Oh, yes.”

Vera looked around the rest of the meeting room.

Renee smiles softly.

Next to him, Rohan with a wrinkled face, and Friede looking at him with a determined face.

For some reason, the image of Hagrion, who was bulging his muscles, and Albrecht, who was stiffened next to him, were engraved on his retina, and even Miller, who glanced at Albrecht, finally caught his eye.

I had a feeling of wanting to see you again.

‘… Bring these.’

I had to face Gorgan.

These are the heroes who will stop the ancient species.

Cold sweat runs down my back.

The backbone began to pull sharply.



As if not to forget himself, the Holy Sword cried.



sharp cry.

The beast raised its head with him.

The black hair fluttered in the wind, and the golden eyes on the forehead gleamed violently.

A white hand stroked the beast’s neck.

[…] Still, wait a little longer.]

Gorghan exhorted his child as if he was about to run away.

However, that didn’t mean his composure.

[He won’t run away. Because I am here.]

I am sure that the fairy will surely find herself.

I’m sure he’ll come to stop me before he reaches my mother.

That was the reason for this action.

There was a hatred that had burned to the point where it could not be burned any more and had now turned to ashes.

It was a hatred that constantly looked only in one direction, reconciled with an endless cold.

[I wonder how Aedrin will react if she holds the fairy’s head?]

What kind of face will the heinous recording ever greet itself?

How is she going to express the pain of losing a child?

[I will return it the same way.]

Gorgan stroked Karel’s neck.

[Let’s go with only the neck, you can eat the body. It would be fine if you chew it and grind it into a powder.]

I remember the hatred forged in the cold sea.

[Let’s stick that neck in that bitch’s root.]

The screams of the children still heard add chill to the hatred.

[Then let’s burn the forest, rip all her other children apart. If there is only one left, let’s uproot it and take it to the deep sea. As much as we had a hard time, we only torment her that much.]


[Yeah, Alaysia is next. That year later… .]

The pure white hand stops moving.

[…] Later, think later.]

The voice became dull.

[First, I have to take revenge on that bitch. That doesn’t matter.]

A dreamy haze began to ooze out of his voice.

Even so, it didn’t say comfort, that’s one reason.

Because the dream that caught him was a terrible nightmare.

[So let’s wait for the fairy.]

The parents of the beasts that have existed since the creation of the world were possessed by such a nightmare and forged a bitter hatred.


Seven came out.

The three apostles and four warriors left the citadel and went to the plains, and then to the battlefield.

Finally, he faced the beast that raised his body and shouted.


Vera met his one golden eye right away.

But there was a beast that had lost its direction to anger.

“I want to talk to you!”

Woo woo-.

The dagger cried.

It had been pulsating constantly since arriving at this fortress, and now it began to spit out a loud echo that could not grow any longer.

Vera shouted again, holding the holy sword in his right hand and the dagger in his left.

“Answer me! At the time we… !”


Before he could finish speaking, his outstretched paw brushed against Vera’s nose.


A sharp voice pierced my mind.

Geum-an turned to Friede.

Vera took a gasp.

The elaborate movements that he couldn’t believe he had done with such a large body, and the state of Gorghan, which was somewhat bizarre.

‘… It wasn’t like that.’

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Obviously, the Gorgan I saw in my hallucinations wasn’t like that.

Until that moment when he finally faced Aidrin, although he had vomited out his anger in a low-pitched voice, he didn’t vomit so blindly.

To see it as simple anger, it is a vague expression of emotion, and for some reason it is a vague expression of emotion.

Vera’s bewildered moment, Gorghan disappeared.


Albrecht came out.

The pure blood of the Empire was drawn out.

The path suggested by the sword that rules all the flow of space.

At that, Albrecht’s gaze turned in one direction.


The one at the end of a single dark red stream is Friede’s heart.

If you leave it that way, Friede will be defeated.

The action was quick.

A world of conscience has opened up.

The world he had created with complete confidence in himself added his will to the tip of his sword.

With the certainty that any huge flow can be stopped.

Albrecht swung his sword with it.


The dark red flow hit the waist.

Twisted the direction the end was facing.

From https://noblemtl.com

One, it was not enough.

The demigod that has existed since the creation of the world was not soft enough to stop at this level, so Albrecht’s teeth were sharply ripped.

flow back in an instant.

The giant reappeared.

In the midst of overheating, Albrecht’s accident could not withstand the enormous amount of information.


A pure white sword blocked the claws.

A golden stream was scattered.

Vera was blocking Friede’s front.

Woo woo-.

Vera looked at Gorghan in a world of open will, spilling out a rush of information.

In doing so, he engraved on his body a single wave, the sound of the dagger that had been radiating from the moment he faced Gorghan.

causality did not know

Just because the dagger was reacting to Gorghan, and the miscarriage trying to raise itself, Vera surrendered to the vibration.

Woo woo-.

For a moment, Vera could see.

And I could understand.

The meaning of the words given to me by the giant dragon I met at the edge of the ice wall.

-Bracelet is a curtain. The dagger is life, the dagger is the eye.

Woo woo-.

Gorghan’s shape shook with the wave.

There was something slowly emerging with him.

With the pulse of the dagger, Vera was given ‘eyes’ to see new things.

Woo woo-.

‘Black Chain.’

It was tightening Gorgan.

Vera inflated the muscles of his entire body.

He raised his divinity and will to the maximum.

And he kicked the foot that was holding him down.

It continued to move without going through an accident.

I just felt it instinctively.

I swung my sword with the thought that I had to break that chain that was exposed with the wave.

Immediately after, the space was dyed pure white.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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