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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 219

[Please, please protect my family.]

The hallucination ended with Ardein’s voice.

When Vera saw the end of the hallucinations, he immediately left the room.

It was going to where Friede was.

– You must not go any further.

I remembered the words Friede had uttered when he stopped Gorghan.

– Please stop being angry. My mother told me that the time was not yet.

-… if you want to go

– We have no choice but to take a hard line.

I remembered Friede, who was attacking Gorghan with the ring she had shown me at the meeting.

-what… !

– You can feel bad about it. No, I will not blame you even if you resent it forever.

A ring that hangs on the tip of a pure white finger.

An army of beasts that fell one by one.

Gorgan’s scream at the end.

Vera went out with it all in his mind.


The door opened harshly.

At the end of Vera’s gaze was Friede, a nymph with a neutral beauty, looking at him with wide-open eyes.

“What are you doing at this late hour?”



Vera hit the floor and said, standing in front of Friede.

“Was it you?”

“What are you saying… .”

“The thing that made Karel extinct. I’m asking if it was yours.”

Black beast Karel.

Gorgan’s children.

It was obviously Friede and Adrin who made them extinct in the sights he had seen.

When he confirmed that, Friede’s expression hardened.

Vera wrinkled his brow.

“… You got it right.”

I could understand now.

Why is Gorghan aiming for Aedrin?

How did Friede know so well about Gorgan?

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Other than that, the reason why Ardein had to die and what Alaysia’s purpose was.

There was a lot to think about, but something important was right there, so Vera looked at Friede.

The two eyes crossed.

Among them, Friede looked at Vera with deep, deep eyes, and then dropped his gaze.

“… Come to think of it, Orgus-sama said he was watching you.”

words of acknowledgment.

The laughter that burst out with him was in a form that had no power.

Vera asked Friede, clenching his fists until the tendons on the back of his hand bulged.

“why… .”

“That’s why I had no choice but to do that.”

Friede’s head was raised again.

Vera felt remorse in Friede’s face.

“I had to stop Gorgan. If Gorghan had visited Alaysia on the spot, everything would have gone awry.”

“… Please explain properly.”


Vera’s pupils dilated greatly.


“Ardain, there was a message from his mother.”

Friede stood up.

I walked slowly and arrived in front of Vera.

“… He said something too early. It’s not the parents’ first children that will stop Alaysia. They can’t solve anything between themselves.”

His firm expression and firm tone of voice held unwavering conviction.

“That’s what I had to do. Mother knew all too well that he would not stop, so Ardain’s plans should not be ruined by us.”

Vera wrinkled his expression.

“What the hell is his plan… .”

“You know?”


Vera’s movement stopped.

Friede smiled sadly and said to such Vera.

“You know best, don’t you? Who is his plan for?”

Vera did not answer.

– Please, please protect my family.

It was possible to find out who Ardein’s plan was for with a single word.

rising stillness.

Inside, Friede took out the ring and said:

“Sorry for hiding it. Yes, Gorgan’s Wrath is right. There is one thing I have to protect. Moreover, it is not wrong to say that the next destination for Gorgan, who destroyed the great forest, is the continent. He will never stop until he finds Alaysia.”

The long explanation, pounding in the ear, did not make Vera understand.

“There is no other way than to seal him up again. He can’t move until he’s finished Alaysia. Of course, when it’s all over, we’ll be happy to pay for it.”

Vera stared blankly at the ring.

A ring made from Adrin’s first branch.

Sealing Orb for Gorganman.

“… The reason Gorgan is raging is probably because Alaysia, who woke him up, has disappeared.”

“Yes. Gorghan must have sensed her energy, so her next target will be her.”

“The reason I’m stopped in front of this fortress is… .”

“I know I’m here, so I guess I’ll just wait.”

Friede laughed bitterly.

Vera let out a long breath.

Indeed, their work was a tragedy, as Ardain had come to say.

It was just a tragedy that originated from someone’s greed and could not be stopped.

Vera could only now understand.

The war between the ancient servants that ended the new era was only a conflict between those who wanted to keep the wills of their loved ones and those who could not overcome their sorrow in the end.

There was really only one thing to look at in the first place.

Woo woo-.

The dagger pulsated.

Vera clenched his dagger, staring dimly at the ring in front of him.

In hindsight, there was nothing wrong with Friede’s words.

In order to protect the continent, Gorgan was right to be sealed.

In a difficult situation with only Alaysia, he had no means to stop Gorgan.

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“… That’s not even a funny excuse.”

Vera could not admit that.

Vera’s hand reached out.

He grabbed the ring that Friede was holding.


The ring was crushed.

Friede’s breath stopped.

Vera looked straight at Friede and said.

“… You haven’t changed a bit.”


Vera stretched out his hand and a piece of the ring fell to the floor.

“It is already too early in the Great Forest. We do not believe in any cause that comes from the sacrifice of the unwanted.”

Sealing Gorgan was easy.

There will be sacrifices, but if he sealed him nonetheless, his future work would have been much easier.

However, Vera could not.

But I couldn’t turn away from someone who was in sorrow.

For the sake of efficiency, I couldn’t turn away from someone’s screams.

Vera was no longer capable of such a thing.

“There is no seal.”


“I was persuaded with words, beaten to the point where I couldn’t move. I will face him properly.”

Again the dagger cried.

Friede’s face was filled with only a blank expression.

In the room, a man and a fairy looked at each other for a long time as if trying to understand each other’s intentions, and at the end, Friede let out a smirk.

“… Well, you don’t even know if you know.”

It was such a laugh, as if it was somehow remorseful.


“Did the story go well?”

Renee’s question.

Vera replied with his head bowed.

“Yes, we ended the story with no seals.”

A hesitation came to mind from Vera.

It was a hesitancy that came to mind because he knew that this choice was his own greed.

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Of course, Renee could feel it too.


“… Yes.”

“Will you come closer?”

Vera raised his head.

What is reflected in his vision is Renee with his arms outstretched towards him.

Vera let out a brief hesitation at the sight, and then approached her.

Renee’s arm was bent.

Locked Vera in his arms.

Renee said, resting her cheek against Vera’s head and stroking the back of his head.

“Are you sorry?”

“… It’s not like that.”

“Then are you not sure?”

“Neither is it.”

“But what’s the matter?”

Renee laughed.

It was because Vera’s hair was getting longer at the tip of his hand.

Recently, to be precise, from the moment he took over Bargo’s job, he had little personal time, so it was natural, but Renee thought that this was the cause of his anxiety.

He couldn’t even afford to take care of himself, so he must have started worrying too much.

“Vera is such a problem.”

“… What do you mean?”

“You are trying to be perfect. Even if people around me give me advice like that, it doesn’t change at all.”

Vera’s mouth shut.

It was because the feeling of embarrassment came to mind at the gentle hand that caressed him.

“Did I?”

“Yeah, everyone can help, but Vera just thinks it’s his job.”

Renee’s hand, which had been stroking Vera’s hair, slowly shifted and touched Vera’s cheek.

“My skin has become rough.”

“Is that so.”

“My lips are also dry.”

“… You should drink a lot of water.”

“It’s dry under the eyes, but are you sleeping well these days?”

Is it teased that much?

Had he been pushing himself to the point where even with such a body he could be seen?

While Vera was thinking about it, Renee removed Vera’s head.

“It will be fine.”

Renee felt a resentment towards her blinded eyes.

At a moment like this, it would be the best way to reassure each other by making eye contact.

“Everyone is together. And I am.”

All I could do was comfort him.

“I have to change my plans. Leave the army to guard the citadel, and I’ll stick with Vera.”

“one… .”

“It’s persuasive. Don’t you need me for that?”

“… It will be difficult to avoid combat. Gorghan is now full of anger.”

“It’s good that you memorize the defensive tactics. If you use everything you know, you will survive a few attacks.”

“Lady… .”

Renee laughed.

“Yes, as Vera said, I am a saint. So you can’t hide behind it.”

A white halo appeared in Renee’s hand.

It gently stroked Vera’s cheek and began to energize him.

“Orgus-sama showed me. I couldn’t see it with my own eyes, but I remembered something while listening to it.”

The conversation continued in a muffled tone.

“The reason why this land needs the power to manipulate fate… I wondered if this was the reason why Ardein spread that power on humans.”

“… .”

“Isn’t it because I needed this strength when a disaster that I couldn’t resist is coming? Perhaps it is this power that he left behind to protect us. I think so.”

Vera looked at Renee with his mouth shut.

“So, now is the moment I need it.”

René, who spoke of his own responsibilities, had a dazzling image like that day.

The light that I wanted to pursue the whole time, and now I wanted to walk side by side, was in front of my eyes.



“Because I am with you, Vera can do anything.”

What follows after those words is a joking joke.

“Ah, except for the king of the gutter. That’s too embarrassing, isn’t it?”

Vera let out a smirk.

“… How long do you plan on using it?”

“Until Vera becomes a grandfather.”

“You are so mean.”

“So you don’t like it?”

Vera’s lips twitched.

Then he paused for a moment, then gently drew an arc, followed by an answer.

“… There’s no way you wouldn’t like it.”

Renee giggled in response to Vera’s words.

“Okay then.”

Renee tilted her head forward.

It was fortunate that I was able to determine the position of the face by hand.

lips overlapped.

each other’s breaths intertwined.

You’ll get used to it now, but the contact that still made me ache inside continued.

After some time had passed, Renee opened her mouth and spoke.

“My lips are too dry.”

Then he stuck out his tongue and tapped Vera’s lips.

raised the corners of his lips.

“I need some water.”

She said that her cheeks, which have started to add redness, are really lovely.

Vera thought so, and this time turned his head to Renee first.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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