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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 218

It was a flow that caused dizziness.

Time accelerating, space moving, and elongated vision.

Even as he stumbled upon it, Vera’s thinking was not free from what had just happened.

‘just now… .’

Ardein’s eyes met.

It wasn’t just that.

He spoke to himself with clear intentions.

If it’s obviously a hallucination, if it’s just spying on the past that has already been confirmed, how is that possible?

As the thoughts continued, the world once again found its original speed.


“Yes… . it’s okay.”

Renee’s hand gripped Vera’s collar.

“what? What happened?”

“I’m fine too… .”

Vera’s expression crumpled.

“… One thing is for sure. It is said that Ardein’s intention was in Orgus’s actions.”

There’s one more.

“… Ardain has something he wants to achieve through us.”

At Renee’s words, Vera recites the scene in front of him with an affirmative meaning.

“room… . Room. It’s like a room made by placing partitions under a large tent. And in the middle… .”

Shortly thereafter, Vera’s body shook slightly.

An unbelievable sight came into my sight.

Renee tilted his head at Vera’s quivering movement.


“… There is Alaysia.”

Alaysia was there.

Sitting in a chair and smiling.

Vera narrowed his brow and looked to where her gaze was headed, her bulging belly.

“Pregnant… ?”


“I am hungry. It’s big enough that anyone can see that it’s carrying a child.”

It was strange.

Even Vera, who had little knowledge of the ancient species, knew something.

Ancient species are those in which conception is impossible.

It was already a perfect being, so it was a species that could not spread its offspring on its own.

It was also the reason why the dragons of Lokrion, the followers of Nertania, the dead of Maleus and the fairies of Aedrin were born with the characteristics of natural objects or other creatures.

In other words, the sight you see now is an unbelievable sight.

Vera’s expression grew serious.

“how… .”

In a confused moment, the tent was lifted and Ardein appeared.



Alaysia got up from her seat.

Immediately after, he approached Ardain and hugged him.

“The child kicked.”


“I can feel it beating, it must be a healthy child.”


“Who would you like to be? Looks like Ar… .”


Alaysia’s voice stopped.

His gaze turned to Ardein.

Immediately after, Alaysia’s eyes folded in the shape of a crescent moon.


Ardein’s expression was not good.

An expression that seemed to be depressed, and at the same time, saddened.

“… A child who will never be born Don’t you know?”

Renee’s breath stopped.

In the meantime, Ardein’s words continued.

“We are the representatives of our parents. You must not give this power to someone else hastily. No, this is… .”


The expression on Alaysia’s face disappeared.

“I don’t know what Ar is talking about.”

Ardein’s forehead narrowed.

“That child should not be born.”

“A healthy child will be born.”

“We are one complete being. You’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing now.”

“My parents told me to love you. If you love, you have to protect it, right?”

“It is not love.”

Ardain grabbed Alaysia’s wrist tightly.

“You are being greedy. This is not something we are allowed to do.”

“Is love greed?”


Ardein, who only spoke softly, for the first time uttered a shrill voice.

“Do your duty!”

“I am doing everything. I love you with all my might.”

“It is not yourself that you should love!”

“I love Ar, not me. And this child is Ar’s child.”

“The kid who stole mine.”

Ardein’s back was bent.

Ardein, who turned his head to Alaysia as far as the tip of his nose could reach, said.

“Do I have to speak with my mouth? Wasn’t the reason you gave birth to that child was because you coveted the power that had been bestowed on me! Wasn’t it to covet my existence that was passed on to that child?”


“… Alaysia. What you are going to do is make the ‘tenth’. Do you know anything?”

“Yeah, one more family.”


Ardain’s teeth were broken.

“Don’t let me down.”

“Are you hate me?”

“If you didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have allowed your existence.”

It was a finely wrinkled face.

Ardein took a long breath and then added a word.

“I know. How far will your flight and greed go? Even at the end of it, what kind of ending you will face.”

“Yeah, I know everything about Ar. Because it is the child that a parent loves the most.”

“Okay, so stop now. huh? It’s in your stomach right now… .”

“So you know Ar.”


There was an ominous sound.

“Sigh… !”

There was a resounding groan and a groan that seemed to be about to pass.

Vera made a dazed look at the sight in front of him.

“I know this too.”

A smile appeared on Alaysia’s lips.

Ardein stared at Alaysia with a miserable expression, with her white arms stuck to her chest and blood dripping from her mouth constantly.

“yet… late… .”



Alaysia’s other hand clenched Ardain’s neck.

“This is Ar’s fault. This child is Ar’s child, but he did not love him.”

A terrible greed came to mind.

A never-ending obsession with looking at only one goal was engraved in his eyes.

“Isn’t it because we’re great? Can’t it be the only one?”

Slowly, Ardain’s body collapsed.

Alaysia took it and laid it on the ground.

“… then there is If you are no longer great or unique, will you allow me?”

Greed opened his mouth long.

The corners of his mouth were torn all the way to his ears, and then his tongue protruded out.

“Then Ar will become my own Ar forever, right?”

head goes down

The long, protruding tongue wraps around the pure white.

Vera frowned, but carved the whole process into his retina.

A scene that was physically incomprehensible followed.

Alaysia swallowed the Ardain, which was bigger than her own body, like a snake swallowing its prey.

And licked the blood that spilled on the floor and drank.

It was a ghastly sight.

Vera, who is looking at it, and René, who only hears the sound, is a creepy sight that will make him feel weak.


“uh… ?”

Alaysia’s body swelled greatly.

Alaysia crouched down.

In the meantime, the back and waist were constantly boiling, and the stomach was greatly inflated.

The body, which was beating so loudly that I thought it was going to explode like this, immediately shattered in all directions with a bloody sound.


Blood, flesh, and organs swept the tent.

They fell to the floor with a clatter.

A scene in which the hairs of the whole body stand upright.

Immediately after, Alaysia’s head, which had fallen late, rolled over and headed toward the pool of blood.

“Wow… .”

exclaimed in admiration.

Where Alaysia’s eyes turned.

There was something strewn over the pool of blood.

It was a fetus in a bizarre and ominous shape.

It was in an unfinished form as the eye holes had just begun to form, but there were some distinctive features in it.

Ten horns sprouting right above the head.

And six heads sprouting all over the body.

The fetus is wriggling.

He groans and turns his body.

Immediately after, it began to melt with a rustling sound.


something that happened unconsciously.

Alaysia giggled at the bizarre sight of a human-like being turned into blood and disappearing.

“… Ar really knows everything.”

A body grew from Alaysia’s neck with a pounding sound.

After the neck and collarbones, then the chest, shoulders, and belly, the arms, pelvis, and legs finally sprouted.

“It was prepared before you came to me.”

The body was restored as if something had happened, but the ship was no longer called.

Alaysia got up from her seat.

He walked out of the puddle of blood, and his foot stomped on Ardain’s head, which was rolling on the floor undigested.

“Hey. What else have you prepared?”

I pressed hard, but there was no response.

Despite the name of the ancient species, Ardein was in the form of a complete corpse.

“Ummm… .”


As Alaysia rolled her feet, Ardein’s white hair was dyed red.

“Obviously, Ar must have prepared a lot, right? Let’s see… Do you want to tell the other kids in advance? Either that or he secretly changed his dagger. Ah, maybe he stole the power he received from his parents. Is not it? Even so, I can’t feel anything for Arhan right now.”

Alaysia knelt down.

Sitting down on the pool of blood, she quickly lifted Ardain’s head and hugged him.

“Is my child so scared? Ar is a coward.”

The words that continued as if singing with a smile were telling Vera and Renee the truth that had been hidden for so long.

“You idiot. No matter how much Arga tears his soul and runs away, I can find Ar.”

Above the red puddle of blood.

Alaysia’s hair began to turn red with blood.

“Because I love Ar so much. I will keep waiting and waiting again. So we will meet again.”

Alaysia’s eyes folded in the shape of a crescent moon.

The lips were long torn.

“So… .”

Ardain’s head lifted.

Alaysia straightened it up and kissed her gaping lips and said.

“… Forever, Ar is a sacrifice for me.”

At the end of the whisper, time accelerated once again.


[I had to run away.]

In the accelerating time, a voice echoed in my head.


It was his voice.

Vera turned his gaze to find him somehow in the bewildering landscape, but finding him was far away.

[I had to stop Alaysia. I had to hide myself so that the greed that made her could not achieve its purpose.]

Black and white lines covered the entire field of vision.

Countless voices were cluttering my ears in a form close to tinnitus.

[That was the only way for me. Even though I knew the consequences would be tragic, I couldn’t think of another number.]


The accelerating world stopped.

Shortly thereafter, it began to flow at a speed that was very familiar to Vera.

In front of you is a huge fortress.

and the throne.


There was Alaysia sitting there with her legs crossed and whispering.

There were countless human beings kneeling in front of her.

There was a fear in their eyes.


the ground is ringing

The walls are collapsing and there is a roar.

And, over the fallen wall, the giant got up.


Terdan spit out his anger.

He clenched his fists and shot at Alaysia.


And once again the world turned upside down.


pure white snow.

Lokrion and Nertania faced each other.

[Are you trying to stop me?]

[Because the God-King didn’t plan you.]

Lokrion’s scales stood up.

He opened his mouth wide, which he couldn’t even see.

[Queen waits for the time.]

Nertania spread out all six pairs of arms.

[Anyway, that’s why you’re the problem. You always block my way by saying nonsensical things.]

The snow is vibrating

The fallen snow is retrograde to the sky, and two unfathomable auras begin to move.

Immediately after, the scenery was turned upside down again with the light bursting so thick that it hurts the eye.


Vera’s breath pounded heavily at the succession of sights.

‘what… .’

Confusion arises at the information that is smashed into the brain.

Before I could even organize what I saw, other scenes followed, so my headache went beyond the limit.

“Vera! it’s okay?!”

Renee’s urgent voice.

The moment Vera was about to answer it.

[…] Move.]

A voice echoed in the newly emerging landscape.

Vera lifted his head, and soon recognized the identity of the voice.

A black beast comparable in size to a fortress, and a pure white arm extending from its spine.

And the giant tree in front of it.

“… Friede?”

A fairy with an empty face.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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