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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 213

Those were the days that went by without hesitation.

The feeling of work increasing day by day.

Apostles who do not have an accident-free day.

And even the chaotic external situation.

For about a month, Vera felt like he was back in the gutter with the rush of work.

It was the feeling of being buried in work and not knowing what you were living for.

Same today.

The work I’ve been working on since this morning doesn’t seem to be over yet, and in the meantime, even the things I’ve been most concerned about lately aren’t working out, so I’m feeling down to the bottom.

“You mean nothing was found?”

“Yes, from the west to which Alaysia was headed, to the provinces above and below it, to the Central Islands and to the north, but they say they haven’t found any traces of it.”

“Our side… .”

“Neither is it.”

in the middle of the office.

Vera was impressed by Norn’s report.

“It’s been a tedious year to the end.”

It was an insult to Alaysia, who was not even here, but Norn could understand Vera’s reaction.

It’s been a month

Not only Seongguk, but troops from all over the continent moved and started investigating Alaysia’s whereabouts.

It would be strange if this situation in which she could not be found, and the situation in which there was no trace of Gorghan awakened by her, was not frustrating.

“You will find it.”

In the end, what Norn can do is comfort like that.

Vera sighed deeply and nodded.

“Yeah, let’s move on to that… .”

Vera’s hand was already unfolding the next chapter of the report, as he had so many backlogs that he couldn’t devote much time to one task.

The report went over with a ‘charak’ sound.

Shortly thereafter, Vera’s movements ceased.

“… My budget has gone down a lot in front of the saint.”

Norn was startled.

The reason why Renee is scratching the budget is because he already heard from Hela.

Norn felt a stream of cold sweat and answered as calmly as possible.

“I heard that you have something to prepare these days. For self-development purposes… .”

self developement.

Her relationship with Vera is also for Renee herself after all, so it wouldn’t be too wrong.

When Norn, who had already rationalized, said so, Vera, who turned his attention to the report, replied with a faint smile.

“okay. I didn’t know because I haven’t been paying much attention these days.”

The appearance of erasing all the signs of annoyance from before.

I was satisfied with the thought that self-development is a truly healthy purpose.

It’s not, it’s not entertainment, it’s not a bizarre experiment.

That doesn’t mean that money goes into a vicious hobby.

The purpose of cultivating herself, who is none other than the face of Elia.

Vera laughed as he remembered the thought that no one else could ever be more virtuous, the pod of his vision obscured.

Norn nodded.

Elia is the best in my eyes.

Knowing well how to protect himself from the reign of that rising tyrant, he simply answered yes.

“It really is. You have a lot to imitate.”

The paladin who was aiming for retirement did not know how to deny the words of his superiors.


A few days later, back to the office.

Vera pondered as he tapped the table with his index finger.

There was no other reason.

He had been rejected by Renee the day before.

That was what was disturbing Vera here.

Could it be that I haven’t been able to visit often because I’ve been so busy lately?

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Or did he unwittingly upset her during the last meeting?

I stayed up all night thinking that something was wrong, but there was no way I could come up with an answer.

It was natural.

As Vera’s birthday was just a day away, Renee was busy with preparations and that’s why he didn’t really care about Vera.

After all, is the saying that if you love you look alike is the same as the truth?

It happened one day because Renee copied Vera’s mistake at Erne.

tock. tock. tock. tock.

The index finger, which was gradually getting a faster beat, was also loaded with divine spirits, digging into the table.

A popping sound, then a popping sound again.

The moment just before another piece of furniture is destroyed by the wrath of a loved one.

It was the Norn that saved the poor table.

-Sir Vera! The saint is looking for you!

sound from outside the door.

At that Vera jumped up.


The chair fell backwards and broke his leg.

… The table was sacrificed instead of the chair.

“I’ll go right away!”

However, this time too, Vera, who didn’t even care about such a thing, shouted out loudly, and the Norn outside the door tilted his head at Vera’s appearance.

“Yes… You can come slowly… .”

Whatever had happened between them, Norn waited for Vera to leave the office, hoping that this would end peacefully.


“Are you ready?”

Renee’s words were very tense.

All the apostles in the flower garden and Vera’s acquaintances who were staying in Elia nodded their heads.

In the midst of various reactions on the face of celebrating Vera’s birthday.

Among them, Bargo had the most unusual reaction.

Bargo said with a dissatisfied expression of dissatisfaction with the fact that the party was in a flower garden.

“It’s just one word to say congratulations.”

If the flowers that have been carefully cultivated in the past are not for Vera, they were uttered out of dissatisfaction with the fact that today’s flower garden is all decorated as if it were a space for Vera.

The decorations are gold and white.

The road to the garden is a long red carpet.

And on the central terrace of the flower garden, there is a cake of incredible size.

As if for some reason his efforts had been made for Vera, he felt goosebumps all over his body.

“You get more than you deserve for his subject.”

Renee responded with a sly smile to Bargo’s words.

“Well, it’s only one day a year… Last time, I took it outside again, so can’t this be the only time?”

Vargo’s beard trembled.

Bargo, who was infinitely weak to René, could not even complain about the words he had said to him, so he finally spit out the words of permission.

“… There is nothing that can’t be done.”

Renee’s face brightened.


“What, something to be thankful for. Didn’t the saint do all the preparations?”

Bargo thought.

‘It’s a waste for him just thinking about cancer.’

It is true that he is the most reliable among the apostles.

It is true that the ability is also outstanding.

If you look at it, he’s a guy who lacks nothing, but for some reason, it makes me think that Renee is a waste of money to weave with Renee.

It will be like the heart of a father who has a daughter.

A sigh escaped from Bargo’s mouth at the thought that came to mind.

“ah! It’s coming!”

Trevo, in the form of a child, ran around and waved.

The eyes of those who were seated in it turned to the entrance of the flower garden.

What is at the end of the line of sight.

[Your face looks so sick.]

As Annielis said, it was Vera, who had a stiff expression on her face like an asshole.


The end of the long red carpet.

Vera stared blankly at those in the distance.

A face everyone is familiar with.

Those who had been in a relationship with each other were greeted with a smile on their faces.

At that, Vera felt a strange feeling suddenly arise within him.

“Vera! Come quickly!”

Renee beckons.

Her gaze was also directed in a direction slightly deflected from where she was, but she still had the illusion that she was looking at her.

Perhaps it is because she knows that her heart is already directed toward her.

footsteps move

Slowly move forward at the voice calling you.

The closer you get, the more noisy the voices become.

“Hey, he looks like that.”

“Vera, you look very hard.”

“right. soul is out In this case, I had to hit it with my fist… .”

“Yeah, you bastard.”

It was clearly his love for him to be with people who, as usual, do the frivolous jokes.

Why are these wolves gathered here?

A question arose a little, and it was resolved immediately.

“Happy Birthday.”

The words Renee spit out as his white face turned red.

Then the voices of others followed.

Some were clapping their hands.

“ah… .”

After all, it was his birthday.

I was so busy with work that I forgot.

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Only then did Vera realize why Renee had not met him the day before, and recalled a belated relief.

A faint smile appeared on Vera’s lips.

“thank you. That’s right. Today is my birthday… .”

the day i was born

As to why it was so awkward, Vera added, feeling a tingling sensation in his heart after a year had passed.

“… It was such a day.”

“Yes, today is Vera’s birthday! It’s a day for Vera!”

Renee exclaimed vigorously.

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Others followed, one by one.

Words that don’t make sense for some reason.

congratulations to yourself.

As Vera recalled his smirk at it, Bargo said.

“Have you finished your work?”

A word spoken while sitting crookedly in a chair.

It was said with a bad attitude, as if he didn’t want to celebrate, but even in the midst of it, there was a smile on Bargo’s face.

“… We haven’t finished it yet.”

“Is that so? Then rest today.”


“Isn’t it the same as procrastinating one day? I’m telling you to take a break.”

He was not very fond of it, but he was still his only disciple and heir.

He was not ignorant of kindness, to the extent that such a person told him to suffer until such a day as this.

Vera thought about it for a while, then looked around at the people sitting there before answering.

“Then just one day… .”

“Yeah, so be it.”

After the conversation is over, Aisha and Jenny continue to talk.

At the end of which the two led Vera was a cake taller than Bargo’s.

Vera grinned.

‘The budget fell here.’

It must have cost a lot of money for other decorations, but it must have been this one that spent the most money.

Among the refreshments, these large ones can only be ordered from artisans in the imperial capital.

“When did you order this?”

“When Vera is busy working. A month ago… I contacted the 2nd Prince and asked him. They were happy to help.”

“The second prince… .”

“I want you to say congratulations. Oh, and Count Weishur asked me to greet the second prince next time.”

did you like it

Vera nodded, feeling the laughter gushing out.

“Yes, let’s try.”

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“You like it. Expensive and fancy.”

Renee laughed playfully.

A stuttering hand wrapped around Vera’s arm.

The words you said with a smirk on the subject, as if you were trying to say that you had already figured it out.

Vera’s gaze turned to the cake again.

Then I looked around and headed back to Renee.

are you good

It must have been that you liked the cake, but Vera answered with something a little different.


it was good.

Reneedo, the people here, and himself congratulated by them.

Everyone who made me laugh at an unexpected moment was good, and I was also grateful.

Each time something like this came to mind.

The difference between the self of the past and the self of the present that has disappeared is this.

It is clear that he is not richer and less powerful than he was then, but that is the reason why he is more satisfied now.

Vera’s smile widened.

It also became gloomy.

There were surprises everywhere, but Vera didn’t care.

“Really good.”

Because of them, he could be different, because he knew love.

To everyone present and to all those who gave their heart, Vera felt a ‘good’ feeling.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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