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Arceus’ Pirate Journey
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Arceus’ Pirate Journey

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Arceus’ Pirate Journey

In the Great Pirate Era, countless people rushed to the sea.

The person who obtained Arceus’ power arrived in this world as the new Arceus and got in touch with the Lunarian race.

Based on the reality that everything can be Mythical Zoan, the current him can also be called Mythical Zoan user.

Whether it is One Piece or Pirate King, it has nothing to do with him, all he wants to do is to retrieve the lost plates first.

During this process, he formed an alliance with Beasts Pirates, a famous pirate crew in the New World, and Mr. Kaido got his coveted Mythical Zoan Army.

When Pteranodon becomes Aerodactyl, when Brachiosaurus becomes Tropius, the combination of Pokémon and devil fruit powers will bring a whole new change to the world….

Lunarian’s glory will surely reappear.

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