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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 214

It was called a party in a grandiose way, but what followed was a meal made by those in attendance.

It was a place for Vera, who was usually interested in food culture, so Renee took the concept that way.

Vera laughed.

Seeing all kinds of delicacies tailored only to one’s own taste, it seems that the process from which this menu is selected is drawn.

It’s good to see how hard it must have been for the others to stop Rene, who has a weird taste, and Marie, who makes the weird dish.

That’s what the scenery looked like when I looked up.

Rohan was in that corner with his eyes wide open and his thumbs up, and Trevor next to him was nodding his head.

There was Marie looking at the food as if regretfully, and Friede smiling softly next to her.

Those who are in the midst of eating, and the two children who have already gone far because visiting a flower garden is more exciting than eating.

Bargo still had a blunt face, but in the midst of that, there was a deeper smile than usual on his face.

The scenes engraved on the retina had such a warm shape.

The things that I had gained through this life were in the most beautiful form.

Vera smiled really gladly.

Besides, a thought that suddenly came to my mind was that.

I thought this would also be love.

A heart to cherish someone who is not limited to s*xuality.

The desire to protect them, care for them, and keep them by their side.

It must have been a feeling that had to be expressed in words of love.

“I was able to do it because everyone helped me a lot.”

At Renee’s words, Vera nodded, adding strength to his clasped hands.

“really… .”

The first words that have just come out are seldom followed.

The words that stayed in his mouth for a long time came out after the ripples inside him spread like waves and his expression was completely released.

“… Thank you very much.”

It just looks unfamiliar to the viewers.

Meanwhile, Rohanman crawled as if trying to gain anything from it.

“Then some penalty points… .”

“It doesn’t work.”

“… Shiv.”

Vera grinned as Lohan’s expression wrinkled.

“Let’s see what we’ll do in the future and introduce a store system.”

“You mean you’re just going to die?”

“Come on, we’ll talk about that later and eat Vera soon.”

Renee intervened in the sight of the two of them as if they were trying to rip them off.

Shortly thereafter, Vera’s hand, which was reaching for the nearest food, suddenly stopped.

“Do you have anything you would like to eat?”

“I eat Vera first.”

“no. You must have worked hard to prepare secretly.”

“Well… .”

Renee’s fingertips twitched.

His face was slightly reddened.

“… Then Vera will give you.”

Vera’s face also turned red.

“… There is seafood. You must have enjoyed your meal at the system.”

“okay? I didn’t know that Rohan-nim was the one who brought food.”

“Come on, have a drink.”

It must be strange if you don’t frown at the sight of the two of them who suddenly fall into a world of their own after going out.

Rohan turned his head away at the sight he couldn’t see after he opened his eyes.


A sound is heard.

“How are you?”

“… it’s delicious. Try Vera too.”

The sweet atmosphere turns into a dagger and rips the stomach.

“how about it?”

“Yeah, what a fresh dish. It must have come from a fishing village south of Elia, right?”

“I will. Oh, and the grilled fish also came from there.”

“Yes, it is definitely a rare fish species in the islands.”

It must be a pointless chat, but why do you want to hear it so much?

As annoyance swelled up all over Rohan, the twins whispered to him.

“Rohan, are you going tonight?”

“Today is Vera hot water. I never hear it.”

A word that persuades something.

Rohan nodded.

‘It’s a penalty point, it’s a barefoot… .’

I can’t stand it because my side hurts just looking at it like that.

Rohan thought.

‘If you leave me there and say anything to me, you have no conscience.’

Everything that happens today is Vera’s responsibility.

… Of course, Vera was not going to admit it.


After the meal, which was not so different from usual, which was so precious to Vera, it was the time spent alone with Renee.

Eating with other people was really special, but the most special thing would be the time with her.

Vera walked slowly through the woods with that thought in mind.

“The leaves are slowly falling.”

“Yes, it’s autumn.”

Renee’s smile in answer is also very warm.

It was because of the joy that came to mind that the preparations that had been made in the past had led to desirable results.

“It’s been a year already.”

“Yeah, this time last year… .”

“It was in Dovan-sama’s forge.”

It was still a memorable moment.

Fallen leaves along the footsteps.

Vera’s touch was tying the collar in the cold weather.

And to the beat of that moment.

“You know what?”

“What do you mean?”

“Me. In fact, up until then, I thought it might be absolutely impossible to keep up with Vera in a year.”

There was a sense of impatience, but aside from that, it was only when I thought of the possibility.

“I feel embarrassed just holding my hand, and I feel like my heart will burst if I accidentally hold her. So I thought that if I did more than that, my heart might burst and die.”

where would it be

It was a wooden stone the opponent was walking on.

It is a rare wooden stone that never faces itself no matter how much it collides.

“How resentful Vera was then. Even though I paid so much, I don’t look at it. Tears welled up in my eyes, wondering if I was the only one getting so sleepy.”

Words that can only be conveyed now.

A ‘bow’ came from Vera’s mouth.

Renee giggled and leaned closer to Vera.

“Do you repent?”

“… I’m sorry.”

“Wow, it’s been a long time since I apologized.”

Even though so many things have changed, Renee finally burst out laughing at the thought that this part remains the same.

The sound of laughter that wakes up a corner of the forest where the green is falling.

Vera said with a troubled look on the road that it echoed for a long time.

“… The lady too. You have changed a lot.”


“No, it would be correct to say that you have grown up.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Renee.

The beauty of being alone in this world was still there.

The bright smile and the warmth of the clasped hands were still there.

However, there was definitely something different.

“In St. Mary, you have become a better person by carrying out revelation.”

The criteria for being a ‘better person’ vary from person to person, but at least that was the case with Vera’s.

“You have been able to understand others a little bit more. Also, you have become more courageous than before. In addition… .”

A word that points out each and every change that you have felt in the past.

It was a reminiscence of her past when she became Renee, whom she wanted to walk with, not just something she wanted to pursue.

A red glow filled Rene’s face.

“Ugh… .”

Vera’s occasional commendation was enough to embarrass listeners, but Renee was once again embarrassed and hesitated for a long time before taking a deep breath.

“… Stop it.”

lips protruded slightly.

I narrowed my brow for nothing and made a gazing look.

Now I know Ren.

Respect is not the only thing in Vera’s heart, who is baptized with praise.


As I listened, at some point, I felt a smile growing in my words.

What does that mean?

It doesn’t mean that there is a heart that enjoys one’s own reaction at the base of such behavior.

Renee was right.

Renee’s shivering in shame was one of Vera’s favorite qualities of her, so Vera did it again as soon as the opportunity came.

Vera lowered the corners of his lips at the transmitted resentment.

And answered in a hoarse voice.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“It was really bad.”


The meaning of the gesture stabbing the waist is clearly a grumbling.

Vera let out a long breath of cold air, feeling a tickle in his stomach.

So, we ended up walking around talking privately.

“… You have arrived.”

The two reached their destination.

Before Renee left Elia by revelation, he stopped by a small pond once when he needed a quiet place.

Sosodan-nail was welcoming the two of them just as they were a year ago.

Renee’s head lifted up.

“how about it?”

“Everything is the same.”

“A stub too?”

“Yes, we are in the same place.”

It was the only seat in the pond, and at the same time, it was used as a reserved seat for Renee.

“Sit down.”

Vera grabbed Renee by the waist and slowly led him forward to the stump, as Renee stopped moving.

“… for a moment.”


“Then Vera will be standing there again.”

“I am fine… .”

“I was not okay every time.”

Renee lifted her head and turned to the direction she heard Vera’s voice.

“Vera sits down.”

“one… .”

“Hurry up.”

Renee grabbed Vera’s arm and led him to the stump that hit his heel, then forced him to sit on his shoulder.

“Well, that’s it now.”

“If I do this, the saint… .”

“There is a way.”

What appeared on René’s smiling face was a playful sense of humor.

Renee walked over to Vera.

Then he sat sideways on Vera’s thigh, in a position that pressed on Vera’s shoulders.


Vera’s body shook.

“Is this okay?”

Why is it that the fever rises to the brim when you ask a question like how is it?

Vera was filled with trouble at the thought that his vulgar lover was putting me to the test again.

“Come on, like this… .”

Renee lifted Vera’s arm and began wrapping it over his body.

“This way, you won’t catch a cold, right? Because Vera is warm.”

“Lady… .”

“This award is for me who worked hard to prepare for my birthday.”

As Renee said, leaning against Vera’s chest, he felt Vera’s pounding beat and added these words.

“… But, I guess it was a prize for Vera too?”

Vera’s face wrinkled oddly.

It was because of the thought that she was really extravagant today.

However, for Renero who has been spending time with Vera for a long time, this action was an act of finding the right that he should have enjoyed, and at the same time, he was doing it because he was aiming for something.


“… Yes.”

“I’ll ask you a question.”

A strong beating and a warm body temperature.

Renee, who was buried in them and smiled, continued.

“Today. Is there something missing?”

Vera couldn’t help but raise his bewilderment at the sudden question.

“What do you mean?”


“… If something is missing.”

A horse that dares to elongate the tail and make a point of worrying.

Renee felt that Vera was such a pity, and said in a giggled tone of laughter.


Vera’s body stiffened.

From https://noblemtl.com

Only the two of us in the forest.

Me and Renee sitting there tightly.

And the word ‘gift’.

If there is no associated answer to this, he is most likely a disabled person or someone with an IQ of twins or less.

Vera’s head creaked toward Renee.

Renee whispered to Vera, rejoicing in the sensations being conveyed.

“This birthday present… .”

It was a whisper as sweet as the devil, and therefore dangerous.

“… I am an adult.”

Whispers conveyed with warm breath linger in my ears.

It digs into the eardrum and tickles the inside, deeper inside.

For a moment there was a tremor.

There was a primordial desire.

The good news is that Vera is someone who knows how to be disciplined.

And his disposition must be on a nature he enjoys to rule.

Vera of the moment recalled.

I’m too lazy to talk about Renee.

“… I do not know.”

Vera’s gray pupils, moving slowly, turned to Renee.

Then, the head was raised.

It was a kiss.

A street that got closer without realizing it.

A soft touch suddenly felt on the lips.

And a breath different from mine.

It was the things that made Renee hard, and the things that made the accident stop the moment he recognized it.

Vera said as the moment passed as if a thrilling electric current ran through his body, and Renee, who had lost all his composure before, opened his mouth blankly.

“It seems that you are still a long way from being an adult. You are so hardened.”

What followed after the pitiful words was a whisper that looked exactly like what René had done.

“… And to be outdoors for the first time, isn’t it a bit bizarre?”

“It… !”

Renee’s body curled up like a frog in front of a snake.

The reddened face was like that of a trooper admitting defeat.

There was no need to say anything about the patch.

What should I say, it was the difference in skill that came from experience.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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