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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 152

152. Invasion

“Your Excellency, are you presumptuous?”

Elnor, who had been listening to the story, opened his mouth in an incoherent voice.

He did not seem to react very strongly to the fact that he had caused worldwide chaos.

“I was well aware that you insisted that such a situation was triggered by me.”


As soon as he heard the word ‘claim’, the corner of the chancellor’s mouth twisted.

The tone is flat, but the meaning is the content of dismissing it as ‘so it’s all just your opinion’.

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Morally condemning oneself for such things has no effect whatsoever.

The words that followed were in that context.

“But what does that have to do with my relationship with Daoud?”

The first smile lifted from Sullivan’s face.

“…You must be ignorant of the seriousness of the situation, Princess Tristan.”

The chancellor continued with a hard voice.

“Those connected with the devil are the merits of the whole continent. Not just the stories of the devil worshipers, but all the humans involved.”

“I know.”

Saying that, Elnor turned his head slightly.

“So what do you mean?”


“This is a matter that has not yet been decided, and it is not a matter for you to tell me what to do. It’s me and Dowd who decide that. Not a third party.”

Now, I don’t even use the honorific title.

I mean, it’s flat, but the expression that scatters red eyes is more expressionless than usual. As if he was deliberately suppressing something.

“…Well, Princess Tristan.”

Sullivan also opened his mouth in a cold voice.

“I’m sure that your very existence could potentially harm this man, so I don’t think it’s forcible.”


“Don’t you know?”

Saying so, Sullivan’s golden eyes sunk deeply.

“This man, could you get involved in something bad because of you? Even in very, very dangerous things.”

Elnor hesitated.

This is an attitude that even oneself cannot refute.

She bites her lip until it bleeds for a moment, but again

“…Isn’t that the damage that will happen only if what you say is true?”

“It’s a characteristic of fools to tell whether it’s true or false only when they hit it directly, Princess Tristan. Thoughts are free. but.”

A chilling sneer followed.

“It does look ugly.”

Elnor’s eyebrows twitched.

“It’s like you’re trying hard to deny an obvious fact to yourself. Do you still not understand that wanting to monopolize this man is undeserved greed?”

Deeply sunken golden eyes emit an insidious light.

“On the subject of not being able to do anything for this man. Even after seeing him sacrifice this man for his sake over and over again, it’s so ugly that he can’t let go of his greed. Are you advertising that you grew up not being loved?”

A terrifyingly intense gaze, like a cold burning flame, goes to Elnor and locks herself in it.

“I understand. Since your environment is an environment, there must be no one nearby who can teach you such a proper sense of distance. pitifully.”

I get chills even just listening to it.

Right now, the cold air that the Chancellor was spewing towards Elnor was filled with that level of hostility.

“Still, shouldn’t you cover the time and place for fooling around? No matter how stupid you are.”


Even though the words aren’t flying at me, cold sweat flows from my whole body.


in between. Elnor closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.


Stay still without saying anything.

Even though he had just heard such words, he seemed to feel at peace.


Then came the answer in a calm voice.

“I know one thing for sure. Your Excellency.”

“What is it?”

“You must be excluded.”

A fishy smile appeared on Elnor’s face as he said that.

as soon as I saw it

The feeling of blood freezing rises through the whole body.

Because that’s the expression Elnor only shows against enemies who are about to ‘wield a sword’.


A ‘gray aura’ gushes out of his body.

< System Message >

[The target ‘Elnor’ is enraged! ]

[ Corruption level of the target ‘Elnor’ exceeds 200%. ]

The reason this person is reacting calmly now is not because he is not angry.

Rather, it was just before the storm.

It’s just that the anger that reached the critical point was condensed inside the body in a state right before it exploded!

I get up from my seat without having time to make a plan or do anything. I just thought I had to stop it somehow.

Especially if you think about what happened before, when Elnor ran out of control!

“…it’s vulgar, too.”

Then, with those words.

“If you’re wrong, you only know how to swing your sword, right?”

< System Message >

[‘Seal of Fallen’ reacts! ]

[ Detect target ‘Sullivan’ drawing energy from =Removed object=! ]

Sullivan’s body also began to have a ‘golden’ energy.


I don’t know what this human being is, but I’m very involved with the devil.

That’s what demons show when they use ‘authority’!

Equip Soul Linker immediately. Caliban’s fish-eyed voice from inside was immediately heard.

[Uh, what is it? Why do you suddenly wake up again?]

‘Shut up and give me your magic. I’m in a hurry!’

You can’t let two demons collide in the middle of Elfante. If you do, the whole real scenario will be blown away!

[Wait, two demons? Can you stop that?!]

‘I don’t know. If I can’t do it anyway, I’ll die!’

With that answer, he checks all available means.

All I can do here is…!

< System Message >

[The ‘survival helper’ rule is activated! ]

[The target ‘Elijah’ reacts sensitively to your crisis situation. ]

[The target’s stats increase significantly! ]

[The subject opens the ‘Eye of Truth’! ]


What else is this?

As I thought so, I gazed at the window that suddenly appeared in front of me.


at the entrance of the hall.

“As expected, I was good at intruding. Isn’t it a fuss?”

with that voice.

‘Flash’ flew by.

The growth graph that Elijah Krissanax shows in the game is actually a bit crazy even considering that he is the main character.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that when I first met this guy, I thought of flying a mountain range with one blow.

Of course, anyway.

isn’t this too much



In terms of sound, there will be no scene as dull as this one. I just hit Elijah Elnor and Sullivan in the back of the head with beans, beans.


And, as soon as I saw it.

A sensation of hair rising all over my body swept through my body.

While it’s true that Elnor and Sullivan did it at a speed that they couldn’t even react to at the same time, it’s true that there’s something really absurd about it.


I heard Faynol’s dumbfounded voice.

It looks like he himself was trying to prevent the collision of two demons somehow, trying to use his magic power throughout his body.

“Did you subdue the two demon vessels by ‘beating’ them?”



If I’m not mistaken, the sight I saw is exactly the same.

Elnor and Sullivan, who were arousing the devil’s power, fell helplessly at the same time.

Like losing consciousness in a blow.

This guy, he subdued those two with his bare fists by punching them in the back.

“I’m a teacher-!”

While I was thinking that, Elijah jumped in front of me while saying that.

He smiles and takes my hand and shakes it up and down. I’m so happy that I don’t know what to do.

‘…Has the child’s personality changed?’

No, if you think about it.

Considering the original appearance, this is the original.

It’s because of me that I’ve been a bit saggy and swept here and there.

“How you doing? Wow, such a long time!”

Looking at Elijah, who is smiling brightly with a dumbfounded expression, he manages to bring up a question.

“…You, how did you just do that?”

“yes? How?”

“How did you both… sleep in the same room?”

At my words, Elijah tilted his head with a strange expression.

“No, that’s…”

He scratched his head, not knowing what to say.

“What should I say? If you want to hit without getting hurt, you have to hit it with your bare fists… It’s not easy to subdue people like that, right? In particular, the princess doesn’t seem to be scratched.”


“So I hit what was inside. Did you say it was a piece of the devil?”

It was a very casual answer.




The silence sinks heavily.

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Me, Faynol, and even Caliban, who was chattering in any situation in Soul Linker, shuts up.


What the heck does that mean?

You said you ‘hit’ the piece of the devil?


I barely opened my mouth to speak after breaking the silence that had been going on for a long time.

Elijah answered casually, still smiling.

“It’s just that lately I’ve been able to see everything very well. That piece of the devil… I can see the ‘person within a person’ well.”

Come to think of it, I did say something like opening the eyes of truth in the system window before.

Looking closely at this guy now, he’s wearing something similar to an eyepatch.

“So, I want you to see the person inside. Did you hit me once?”

Elijah continued with a grin.

“Is it okay?”


“I tried it against Li Lu a few times and it was so good that I died. People who have that piece must be very sick if they get hit right there.”


If I could somehow move my brain, which seemed to have stopped completely, and put together this guy’s words.

It is said that this guy hit the ‘bowl’ and hit the ‘direct’ piece of the devil inside it.

That’s why people who would probably be fine even if they were hit directly by a bomb fell down after being hit in the back of the head.


I can not understand it.

Right now Elijah is talking casually.

This is a power that is unprecedented even if you search the entire worldview.

It is the same demon that can suppress the demon’s power. Or an angel who has reached the rank of the Archangel. And only a warrior with a holy sword.

that’s the rule It’s like a rule set in the game system.


what is that just

If it was a game, it’s absurd enough to think it’s a bug. Now, this is a reality where there is no way for bugs to happen.

no, what is it?

Seong Kwon.

How the hell did you modify the kid?!

“…So, how are you?”

Elijah said that and looked at me.

“It’s a skill I trained hard for, sir.”


And as soon as their eyes met.


I unknowingly take a step back.

I don’t know why, but it just felt like it should.

“…it was hard. It’s a really unbelievable ability.”


Elijah said with a grin.


“From now on, I will protect you.”

with those words.

The guy squeezed my hand tightly.

As if you’re not going to send it anywhere.

“From now on, even if these bad girls try to threaten you. I’ll protect you. I trained hard for that.”



However, as it turned its head towards me. Soon, such a sign disappears without a trace.

Elijah smiled again.

“Can’t you get off with me?”


“If you do, you don’t know what those violent women will do to you-”

The guy who said that raised my hand and hooked his ring finger.

“Yes, promise. Always stick together.”

Then, the boy smiled and continued talking.

“So that I can always protect the teacher. Did you know?”

Looking at the guy saying those words with his eyes almost shining.

It’s good that you’ll protect me.


Why, chills running down my spine?

What should I say?

[…a symptom of an obsession, is this?]


[Did you wake me up to show me how my sister is corrupted by being stained by you?]



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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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