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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 153

153. Determination

The unprecedented case of the chancellor and the princess fainting at the same time was completed without any significant repercussions compared to the seriousness of the accident.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!”


Of course, Atalanta, who had a devil-like expression, dragged Elnor and Sullivan out at the same time and sent them to the duty station, while screaming unhumanly.

Our president is in a position to be swept away first when something like this happens and to take care of it. Let’s try to understand.

Fortunately, there are no signs of trauma to either of them, and Elnor and Sullivan have passed out without knowing why, thanks to Elijah’s extremely neat workmanship.

It must be a great advantage that the victims are in a state where they don’t even know who to blame.

Right away, Atalanta also conveyed with a hardened expression that Elnor and Sullivan had no intention of a more direct conflict between the two.

“Originally, the relationship between the Petronus family and the Duke of Tristan was not amicable. There is a level of awareness that nothing good will happen to both of them if the fire spreads this far.”

of course.

“It’s a story when you’re not involved, Dowd. There is no guarantee that we will not collide like this again in the future.”

Naturally, there will be a clue like this.

With a wry smile, he nodded at Atalanta’s words.

“…We need to find a solution quickly.”

With a sigh, he brings out such an answer.

It’s not simply a conflict between Elnor and Sullivan.

In the future, the conflict between demons will intensify. Those two are just the beginning.

Especially in a situation where the number of demons twisting around me is increasing, the possibility of that happening increases exponentially.

It is said that Elijah came with the ability to hit the demon shards directly, but that is a pretty unstable deterrent.

I don’t know if it’s a demon ‘before’ rampage, but that kind of thing will be impossible after the power really starts to release, as in the case of Elnor before.

“Do you have any wishes in mind?”


there must be

After all, if you can’t prevent it from happening, it’s best to at least have a means to deal with it when it does happen.

And, there is only one thing that can ‘mediate’ the fight between demons.

The warrior who grabbed the holy sword.

Upon completion of final growth, mankind’s strongest human.

Even in the Sera worldview, along with the gray devil, the overwhelming fighting power of the two tops.

“Judging by the expression on his face, he doesn’t seem to like it that much either.”

That is true too.

Because the risk is too high.

Not me, but Elijah’s risk of getting caught up in this event.

“…But it’s clear that there is no choice.”

As I answered, I brought a window in front of my eyes.

< System Log >

[ 〖 Chapter 4 – Red Night 〗’s starting point has been changed! ]

The start of Chapter 4, as far as I know, should come several months from now.

However, as always, thanks to the twisted scenario, the starting point is just around the corner.

‘…It makes no sense that he can’t hear the holy sword.’

The hero with the holy sword is of equal importance to the gray devil who was chosen as the ‘final boss’ in the scenario progression.

I don’t know anything else, but this is a must have. The moment that part is out of alignment, the whole world collapses.

The ‘false gods’ and ‘stigma of bad omens’ in the second half are the ones who should have the existence of Elijah holding the holy sword as the basic premise of the attack in the first place. The moment you don’t have it, you don’t even have the option to wake up at all.


‘The risk is too high.’

Being recognized by the first hero’s holy sword is easy to say, and if you make a mistake, your life will be lost.

In the original story, Elijah passed such a test brilliantly, but…


I’ve taken care of most of the trials he had to face in the game.


The key is whether Elijah’s ‘growth device’ required in the original work has been filled.

Of course, I had suddenly acquired the crazy ability to hit the devil’s shards myself, but that and being recognized by the holy sword are two different things.


“When did you say that the selection of heroes would begin, President?”

“I heard that in a few days, candidates will be selected from the academies of each country. Because the Holy Sword cannot be caught by humans over a certain age.”

Hearing Atalanta’s words, he nodded.

Also, there is no time this time either.

If it’s only a few days later, it’s a story that the main event will come right away without thinking about it.


There is only one way left.

“…Can you please do me one favor, President?”

“What is it?”

“There are about two. First of all, the contact information and meeting rights of the senior professor of the School of Divinity.”

Atalanta glared at me with narrowed eyes.

“I won’t ask why you need it. It’s not that difficult. But, do you know that he is a bit peculiar?”

“…I know it well.”

In fact, he’s a person I don’t even want to get involved with unless he’s in the position of senior professor.

As Atalante said, ‘unique’ is a bit well packaged…

he’s a bit crazy him

“For the second time.”


He sighs and continues.

“A warrior selection event, let me participate too.”


Atalanta looked at me with a hard expression.

“…there is only one student who can stand for election in Elfante.”

“I know.”

At least, to be a candidate for this kind of selection, it is impossible unless you are a human being who has heard the word ‘candidate for a warrior’ from before.


“Not as a hero candidate himself, but as an ‘attendant’ who assists that side. Isn’t that enough to send to any country?”

“I would do that, but… it would be infinitely close to impossible to exert influence in the selection process at that level.”

Atalanta continued with a confused expression.

Certainly, yes.

If you think about the progress of the event called selection of warriors in the game, breaking through the ‘trial’ given to the candidates is ultimately what they have to do. The entourage is, at best, just a coach level.


“It’s close to impossible, but it’s not impossible.”


“Has any of the things I’ve done so far ever been possible?”

It’s the same thing as always.

I’m responsible for the butterfly effect that happened because of me.


Going to the end and being recognized by the holy sword is a problem that guy has to overcome.

“I will make him a hero, President. no matter what.”

At least to pave the way.

It’s my job.


survived the day

As soon as I returned to my private room in the dormitory, I remembered those thoughts and wiped my face.

With that thought in mind, I looked at the small bracelet wrapped around the top of the amulet.

It was bought as a gift from Elijah at the Tribal Union.

In my head, the conversation I had just had with Elijah was playing.

-A selection of warriors? I’ll do it!


Did he manage to say something after losing his words for a while at the answer that came out so briskly?

-…You mean you know what it is?

– Well, from what you say, it seems dangerous?

-Yes, dude. If you do something wrong, you could die, so please think carefully…

– But, is it helpful to the teacher?


I am speechless and keep my mouth shut.

He smiled and gave an answer without any hesitation.

– Then I’ll do it.


-And, above all.

As if there wasn’t only one reason for that, the guy smiled bitterly and continued.

-If I become a hero, I might be able to find my brother.

In a voice that uttered such a sentence.

There was also a determination that no matter who tried to stop it, it would be useless.

If you think about it, the reason why he hated the name of being a candidate for a hero in the first place and wore it was to find his brother who had disappeared after all.



“I know you are awake. Let’s talk for a minute.”

I don’t think he’s been this quiet since sticking with me.

As I was thinking about that, Caliban spoke in a low voice.

[…cover your eyes and say goodbye, son of a b*tch.]


[Isn’t it certain that my brother will be thrown into such a place, sooner or later? Why didn’t you tell me that in advance?]


That’s right.

After all, it was certain that this person would find out someday.

[…He’s the only bloodline left to me.]

Caliban chewed and said.

[If something happens to him-]


Slap the Soul Linker.

This wouldn’t do him any harm, but at least it would have the effect of calling attention.

“I let you know because I was sure nothing would happen.”

Who do you see as an idiot?

I think I was stupid, so I didn’t listen when the Prime Minister spoke, and I made them listen when the president spoke.


Inside the Soul Linker, a fish-eyed look of bewilderment rose up.


Then Caliban struggled to speak.

[You mean there’s a certain way to get recognized by the Holy Sword?]

“There are ways.”

[…what method are you using? Aside from being recognized by the Holy Sword, it doesn’t make sense to break through the selection in the first place-]

“Ah, that’s easy.”

Saying so, he brought a window in front of his eyes.

< System Log >

[The ‘survival helper’ rule is activated! ]

[The target ‘Elijah’ reacts sensitively to your crisis situation. ]

[The target’s stats increase significantly! ]

[The subject opens the ‘Eye of Truth’! ]

It was the spear that came to mind when Elijah slapped Elnor and Sullivan in the back.

I don’t know anything else, but there are two things to look at here.

The part that Elijah reacted sensitively to ‘my crisis situation’ and that his ‘ability level has risen significantly’.

‘…No matter how much he returned under Kwon Seong-nim’s ranks after raising his specs.’

It is impossible for two demon vessels to give one blow while they were unconscious.

Not to mention, if the opponent is Elnor, who has been able to rub against Kendride Marquee in basic specs.

That is, common sense.

To that extent, it is more correct to say that the increase in stats provided by this guy when I am in a crisis is crazy.

And, that will be the means by which he will gain an unconditional advantage in the selection process.


Take a deep breath and speak.

“To be precise, it is not just Elijah alone who passes the selection.”

And, it’s a very obvious story.

“We’ll do the same, Caliban.”


“It’s a bit difficult to explain how, but if I continue to risk my life, his… abilities will go up as well.”



this is kind of funny

It is a story that I have to be constantly exposed to a situation like being sandwiched between the bowls of demons on the verge of going out of control in order to always have such enhancements.

“And, it’s not that difficult.”

If it is a selection of warriors, it is an event in which the leaders of each country, the selected warriors, and the enormous forces to accompany them will all come out at once.

Even if I don’t go to the devil unit, it’s not that difficult to create a situation that threatens my life.


Caliban received the words in a dumbfounded voice.

[At the place where all the strong people from all continents come out.]


[Are you saying that you have to continue to commit suicide attempts?]


[…What are you going to do? Are you going to fight each other?]

“It is not.”

[As expected-]

“I have to make everyone there run like they’re going to kill me. You can’t just mess around with it.”


I think.

In order for Elijah to safely pass the selection process and be recognized as the owner of the Holy Sword, he had to reach that level to be safe.

To be the achievement of everyone there.

In order to do that, shouldn’t I do what I have to do best?

From nob le mt l dot com

My specialty, which is acknowledged by everyone.

“I will be trash, Caliban.”


“I’ll show you how far a person’s personality can break.”

The clean and upright image is left to Elijah.

In the meantime, I’ll scrape the bottom of humanity.

[It’s against the strong continental units.]



Caliban was silent for a long time, then barely spoke.

[…okay. Lately, I’ve been showing you a lot of swaying here and there. I forgot for a while.]


[That you’re the best among the crazy bastards I’ve ever seen.]


I’ll take that as a compliment.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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