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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 151

151. Return

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about all of a sudden, Your Excellency.”

Elnor, still in a bloody mood, said that.

In fact, it is natural that it is difficult to understand if the word war is suddenly dropped. It’s natural to think you’re talking about something weird.



That’s right.

Exactly, it wasn’t because of Elnor, but this time, it was because of the existence that Elnor had.

“The president of Atalanta, as well as the warchief of the tribal union. It looks like he tried his best to cover up the truth.”

Sullivan immediately continued the sentence in a flat voice.

“Human ears and eyes exist everywhere. Elfante, the furnace of struggle. It’s already an open secret that demonic traces have been discovered in both places at the same time as you were there. It’s to the point where if you do something wrong, it spreads to everything around you.”


Elnor raised his eyes slightly at those words.

“…Did you say devil, sir?”

“The devil, Princess Tristan.”

wait for a sec.

It’s a bit risky to go further than that, right?

Revealing that what Elnor is holding right now is a piece of the devil could come as a big variable to my plan. Even if you can’t do it, it’s safe to go to Chapter 5 and find out.

That’s why I’m trying to open my mouth to restrain that side.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister looked back at me and soon winked at an angle Elnor couldn’t see.

As if to be relieved that I won’t tell you that far.


I narrowed my eyes and looked at Sullivan.

One thing is certain.

This person really ‘knows’ about me.

Like really stuck for a long time before.

“…I don’t know anything about beings related to demons, sir.”

When Elnore said that in a hard voice, Sullivan shrugged and replied.

“Whether or not you were really involved in it, honestly, doesn’t matter. Rather, it is the ‘incident’ that is triggered by it.”

It’s a simple story.

Every time the devil reveals itself, it brings a disaster so great that it ripples across the entire continent.

Even the Red Night Crisis, which the Guardians, the Empire’s strongest forces, risked their lives to stop early, was recorded as the worst case in the Empire, in which several cities were reduced to ashes in one night.

So, it is self-evident that the entire continent will be plunged into chaos just by the fact that demonic powers have begun to appear in the material world.

“There are not many politicians who welcome that fact. Now the balance of the continent is maintained very precariously. Neither is it an absurd story that one side immediately invades the other for its own interests when it wants to.”

Undoubtedly, if public sentiment does not calm down and falls into chaos, there will be many ‘opportunities’ to do so.

Even those who did not have the heart to change their minds if the perfect opportunity presented itself in front of them is not a very unlikely story.

in other words. really.

The threat of ‘war’ that Sullivan refers to is real, not fantasy.

“That’s where what I said earlier continues.”

If the fear of demons shakes entire continents, the solution is also simple.

The existence that is the only one who can balance the demons also needs to reveal itself.

In history, he was the only human who battled ‘all the demons’ and achieved an equal number.

“…The selection of heroes.”

Faynole said with a wry smile, and Sullivan nodded.

“Originally, they say that warriors are not selected, but assigned. No matter how many people claim to be a hero, that authority is not acknowledged by the person himself.”

The holy sword of the first hero kept in the Holy Kingdom.

Only those who are recognized by that item are recognized as true heroes by everyone.

“But now… you will have to force yourself to create such a person. Even if you don’t get recognition from the Holy Sword, at least a human enough to claim that you’re strong enough to stand up to the devil.”

“…What do you mean by forcing it to be made?”

Elnor received the words in a cold voice.

“If you want to be recognized as a hero, you must show how you hold and use the Holy Sword. Otherwise, the public will not believe it.”

“I have to force myself to hold it. If you need the look of writing.”

Elnore opened her mouth wide.

It was a very violent reaction for this person who rarely expresses emotions, but it’s worth it.

The risk of touching the Holy Sword by someone who has not been recognized by the Holy Sword is simple and intuitive.

‘…don’t die.’

lose its life

As the price of access to unmanageable power, the whole body is shattered.

In other words, the chancellor now.

“…wouldn’t it be better to show a well-organized and elaborate hoax than to see thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of such lives wiped out?”

They are talking about making a ‘scapegoat’ in order not to start a war.

“…This is a story that the imperial leadership has already agreed to. For this reason, I have no choice but to criticize you, Princess Tristan.”

Sullivan glared at Elnor, his golden eyes shining.

“It all happened because of you.”

A heavy silence fell around.

and between them.

I was touching the Soul Linker inside my chest again.

In this academy, there is a guy who has already been selected as a ‘Hero Candidate’.

If there is a ‘hero selection’, the one who will definitely be selected.


Clench your teeth tightly until blood comes out.

That’s why I took out the Soul Linker.

Because even when I turned into something like a devil, you were the only one who passed on Caliban’s insignificance.

The only remaining blood relative.

‘…You mean it can be used as a sacrifice.’

If it were me, it’s a story that I can’t stand.


The only good thing is that he is not in Elfante right now and is staying in the furnace of struggle.

If I had to move him away even a little bit, the starting point of the main quest would be delayed, so I took enough time to prepare for that to happen-

< System Message >

[ An event related to the target ‘Elijah’ will be created soon! ]


system. please.

Let’s keep an eye on it.

“El Pantheaaa~!”

Elijah jumped off the train and spread his arms outstretched.

“What do you like so much? It hasn’t been that long since you left.”

However, there was a blunt answer to those words.

However, Elijah did not change his expression from his smiling face and just went round and round.

I’ve been there for a few weeks and I already know it from experience.

This person always speaks bluntly, but after all, he is a very good person.

It was also much thinner than I thought.

“I want to see the teacher! I don’t think I’ve seen you in almost a month!”

“…Why don’t you say such things quietly. Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Uh, didn’t you miss Rirudo-sensei?”

“A horn.”

When Riru Garda said that with a snort, Elijah tilted his head and looked away.

There was a box that Li Lu was holding dearly in her arms.

“Isn’t that a present for the teacher? You’ve been holding me very dear the whole time.”

Elijah pointed at the package Liru was holding, and she blushed and hid it behind her back.

“Stand, stand, gift, what! Do I look like someone who would prepare for something like that?!”



He’s really easy to get to know.

Elijah quietly approached Liru with a playful face.

There is only one instance where this person reacts in this way.

It was because Riru acted like a boy who caught the girl he liked whenever he talked about the teacher.

“Just tell me a little bit. ‘Cause I won’t tell you What is it?”

And while living with Liru recently, I noticed one thing, that this person is much easier to tease than I thought.

Especially, like now, when there is a very strong connection between Li Lu and her, it is even more so.

‘…Because that wasn’t an option, it was a necessity.’

Of course, there were fights between her friends and Riru before, and there was friction because she thought she was one of those people who flirted with the teacher.

It’s been a long time since they were caught by Casa Garda, who is in charge of the warchief, and they were rolling like hell.

“…it’s not like a present.”

While thinking about that, Li Lu replied curtly. Isn’t it even hiding the package he’s holding behind his back?

what. More stubborn than usual.

Originally, if you twisted it gently like this, I would always get over it somehow.

‘…Is that part similar to YuRia?’

Both this side and that side, they are people who boast of a narrow human relationship without a single friend of the same age or same s*x.

With a subtly friendship attack, if you push through it like a reckless person, it will come through well.

So, here.


Elijah quickly turned behind Liru and reached for the package.

The movement was light, but the speed was at the level of fainting. He was a human who stood out in close combat before, so most humans would be helpless.


Elijah ticked away.

Because Riru pushed her forehead hard.

‘…What is it, really.’

Elijah pursed his lips in a hint of injustice.

I felt it many times during friendly sparring with Lilu under Casa, but it was clear that Liru had a truly bizarre ability.


They often react with the feeling of seeing the “future” a few seconds ahead.

Even though it must have been an absolutely unexpected movement just now, it was as if there was something helping Riru ‘inside’ her body.

‘…This person and I came with really ridiculous abilities.’

If you look closely.

Her ability to ‘open up’ under Casa is even more so.

Elijah smiled bitterly as he stroked the patch on his right eye.

It wasn’t that he hurt his eyes or something. but.

From nob le mt l dot com

My head hurts so much when I look around without an eyepatch.

Because there is too much ‘information’ to be accepted.

While thinking that, Liru, who was blushing, said with her fists trembling.

“Do it in moderation, you! It hits me really hard!”


people are so nice

Even though he did this, he didn’t say anything harsh and just threatened to hit me.

Is this the person who used to go out of his way and see if he messed up even a little bit?

“…If you like someone, your personality can change like this.”

“Then why do you keep trying to tie me up with him…!”

“Has Li Lu never said a word about who she likes?”


Elijah stuck out his tongue and stepped back from Liru, who was almost about to emit steam from her ears.

‘…Ah, really.’

Elijah giggled to himself.

In fact, in the past, I wouldn’t even have been able to joke like this.

The mere fact that another woman was approaching the teacher must have made her anxious.

I must say that I see the world a little differently after getting these ‘eyes’.

in many ways.

“Then, it’s late, but let’s go see the teacher first!”

She said briskly, stroking the patch on her right eye.

Whatever the case, it is clear that she has become a completely different person since being trained by Kassa in the Forge of Strife.

So, shouldn’t we show Daud as soon as possible, at least what has changed?

However, it was clear that such a plan was facing difficulties from the start.

“…with the Chancellor?”

When Elijah asked such a question, Sir Ophelia, who was sitting in the supervisor’s office, answered in a hoarse voice.

“Eh-yeah- they say- I didn’t see you all day, so I tried to do something, but it looks like I’m being held by that side right now-”

No, in the first place, what’s the matter with a person at the level of chancellor at the academy?

What else is Dawood holding on to?

As Elijah thought so, Lilu also scratched her head with a look of embarrassment.

“…it can’t be helped. If I’m in a place like that, I have no choice but to come back later-“

“No, it cannot be.”

When Elijah cut off the sentence with a strong tone, Li Lu widened her eyes.


“I have a very strong… ‘gut feeling’. I have the feeling that you will need me right now.”


What does that mean?

I thought that Li Lu herself had changed her personality, but this guy has changed as well.

Lively and sociable is the same as before.

When it comes to certain parts, I have to say that I’m a bit… ‘obstinate’.

It feels like there is a part that will never compromise.

If you feel you have to do it, you must do it.

Just look at the sentence that follows.

“Let’s break in!”


Li Lu pressed her temples against the whining pain in her head.

Certainly, it seemed clear that Elijah had become a changed person through Kwon Sung’s training.

‘…This is not a crazy b*tch.’

Seeing you casually say such crazy things.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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