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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 231 – Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (2)

Chapter 231 Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (2)

She—who had disguised herself as an adorable girl—was running in a panic, looking very afraid. She ran around in the crowd, but wherever she ran, it would naturally cause some chaos and combat, greatly increasing the speed at which participants were reduced.

She clearly didn’t kill a single person, but thousands of participants died under her invisible influence.


“How can she be so strong?”


“Tata’s effect on the situation is too great. Those participants are quite experienced, but they were unknowingly affected by Tata.”

“How did she do it? Every time I imitate Tata and burrow into the crowd, I get beaten to death.”

Tens of millions of cosmic citizens watched Tata’s performance and found it picturesque.

Without taking action personally and running left and right, she indirectly killed more than a thousand cosmic citizens. This kind of influence on others was indeed unimaginable.

“Everyone is very careful and vigilant when participating in Escaping Dark Abyss. People keep a safe distance from each other, and once one enters that distance, there’s a high chance of a battle happening.” Although Tata couldn’t see the audience’s comments, she still explained in a voice chat, “By affecting the distance between them, it will naturally cause chaos. Moreover, minds can affect each other. My mind can naturally affect the state of mind of others, causing them to be even more furious and irritable. When they are irritable, it’s easier for them to fight each other.”

Tata ran happily. Wherever she ran, the battle clearly became more frenzied.

The rules for the fifth and sixth rounds were the same as the fourth round. Such rules forced the experts to take action.

The weaker Lv. 5s and even some Lv. 6s who weren’t confident fled frantically.

Finally, the dark-red pillar of light descended! Xu Jingming arrived at the 14th level of Dark Abyss.

There are probably only about 15,000 people left. Xu Jingming swept his gaze at the dense crowd of cosmic citizens from various civilizations. With his thinking speed, he could determine the approximate number. It’s probably now rare to find a Lv.5 on the battlefield.

“Wahahaha, brothers and sisters in the livestream, did you see that? I’m a Lv.5 cosmic lifeform, but I made it to the seventh round!” a short and fat alien said excitedly, but of course, only his livestream audience could hear him. “Including the tips in the prize money pool, my prize money is estimated to be 1 million cosmic dollars. Wahahahaha, that’s awesome. I know many people are like me—they don’t have any evolutionary talent and have been stuck at Lv. 5. However, you can learn from me. Work hard and practice ‘movement techniques.’ If you are fast enough and sufficiently slippery… You have a chance of surviving seven to eight rounds of Escaping Dark Abyss.”

“The team battle will begin next. I’ll definitely be a burden,” the short and fat alien said. “It will all depend on luck. If the experts in my team are strong enough, I’ll be able to enter the next round. The prize money will also double. Wahaha…”

There was a luck factor in Escaping Dark Abyss, allowing the weak to reach the later stages and receive a huge amount of prize money. This also made the participants very enthusiastic.

But in fact, the organizers profited from every Escaping Dark Abyss event. They would definitely earn 50% of the tips and the administrative fees. It was still the virtual game that attracted terrifying amounts of money in the entire universe.

“The rules of this round: Every two teams will fight until one side is completely eliminated. All members of the winning team will advance, and the defeated teams will be eliminated. If the competition doesn’t end in five minutes, both teams will be eliminated!” A voice echoed in the sky.

Xu Jingming and the others—who numbered more than 10,000—suddenly felt the ground crack.

The ground cracked irregularly, splitting more than 10,000 people into more than 100 teams.

The cracked earth turned into small islands that floated above the sea.

Xu Jingming looked around and confirmed with a glance that there were a total of 100 people on his island. “Our team happens to have 100 people,” a purple-haired man in the team said. “Once our island collides with another island, we have to attack immediately. This is because once the five minutes are up, we will be eliminated as long as one member of the other party doesn’t die.”

“We have to be united and work together,” the short and fat alien said loudly, looking full of fighting spirit. In fact, he was the only Lv.5 in the team.

“Everyone, you can’t be selfish.”

“Even if I die, I have to ensure that the team wins. If the team wins, I can naturally proceed to the next round.”

People spoke one after another.

Those who could make it to the seventh round were either experienced or strong enough. They knew very well the importance of unity.


The island that Xu Jingming and the others were on approached another island.

The moment the two islands collided, the two teams bravely charged over.

“Gooo! i’ll give it my all. There’s nothing wrong with killing one, and killing two will be meritorious.” These cosmic citizens weren’t afraid of death. The most important thing was to grasp the situation on the field and learn how to cooperate. With good teamwork, ten experts were stronger than 30 disunited experts. Xu Jingming’s Spear Dao-be it the fluidity of water or the phenomena of all living thingsplaced great importance on situation awareness! He naturally paid attention to the situation on the field and affected the fluidity of water to a certain extent, affecting the changes in force.


He would patch up his key weaknesses.

He would exert more force with his strengths!

He was like a lubricant that improved the team’s teamwork.

“Well done. I hope you’ll still be on the same team as me in the next round.” The purple-haired man was also influencing the team. He glanced at Xu Jingming and praised him.

The purple-haired man didn’t care about Xu Jingming’s actual combat techniques. What he cared about was… Xu Jingming’s ability to grasp the situation on the field and improve the team’s teamwork.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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