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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 230 – Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (1)

Chapter 230 Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (1)

On the 17th floor of Dark Abyss, 125,000 cosmic citizens stood on the gray land.

“Congratulations on reaching the 17th level of Dark Abyss. The rules of this round are: When the number of deaths reaches half the population, all remaining survivors will enter the next level. If the number of deaths fail to reach 50% in five minutes, participants will be randomly eliminated.” “Mission, begin.” The voice echoed in the sky.

Xu Jingming observed his surroundings. He was aware of plenty of information, so he knew the rules of every round very well.

The rules of the fourth round require the experts to be more proactive and not waste time, Xu Jingming thought to himself. This is because once the five minutes are up, there will be a random elimination if less than half the population is dead. Top experts might also be randomly eliminated.


The weaker one was, the more willing one was to try their luck and bet on random elimination. This was because the probability of them dying in combat was higher than being randomly killed!

The stronger one was, the more unwilling they were to gamble on luck.

I’m a Lv. 6 cosmic lifeform. In actual combat, I’m considered one of the best at Lv. 6. Xu Jingming knew himself well. For example, Mr. Lu, Miss Ziteng, and Miss Qingyu were Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms-second-rate experts in Blood Rain World.

Moreover, Xu Jingming had also obtained information that was available publicly. Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms generally had a 5x actual combat bonus.

As Earth’s number one genius, Xu Jingming’s actual combat bonus reached 10x. He was considered very rare among Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms.

The actual combat bonus for a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform was usually 10x or higher.

The actual combat bonus for a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform was at least 30x.

The entire Cosmic Human Alliance placed great importance on actual combat bonuses because the strength of one’s mind and control over their body could be determined from actual combat bonuses. These two aspects were the foundation for becoming a Lv. 9 lifeform.

There are two Lv. 8 contestants this time, 156 Lv. 7s, and more than 100,000 Lv. 6 contestants. My strength is at the bottom of Lv. 7, and I’m at the top of Lv. 6. I should be in the top 1,000. Xu Jingming looked at the chaotic battle between more than 100,000 people and confirmed his standing.

Suddenly, a cosmic citizen launched a sneak attack.

Xu Jingming blinked away and sliced at the other party’s throat with his left hand like a blade.


The other party blocked the jab with his palm and kicked out simultaneously. Xu Jingming naturally raised his knee to block.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The two sides fought like lightning as they exchanged blows.

Xu Jingming had practiced Eight Extremities Poking Foot since he was a child, so he was very proficient in palm techniques, fist techniques, elbow techniques, and leg techniques. Moreover, at his current realm, his entire body could be turned into a weapon. His hands could exhibit dual shield techniques or spearmanship.

The two parties exchanged six consecutive strikes before the cosmic citizen suddenly retreated. He glanced at Xu Jingming before finding another opponent. The battle between the two attracted the attention of some other participants, and they deliberately avoided them. These two are quite impressive. They’re probably Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms.

The massacre was underway.

The experts were in pursuit.

There were also weaklings who fought frantically. Of course, most of them deliberately fled to buy time.

Run! Run! Once the time is up, the random elimination will happen. I have a high chance of entering the next round. Many cosmic citizens were old players. Perhaps their actual combat was ordinary, but they were slippery thanks to their movement techniques.

Those who fled slowly were killed one after another.


Those who thought they were in the top 10% didn’t want to drag it out, and all of them were quite ruthless. Some weaklings also tried to trip each other up—they were safer with every participant killed. 4 minutes and 3 seconds later, Hum!

A dark-red pillar of light descended from the sky and enveloped everyone. The round had ended; they had successfully entered the next round.

Although the rules mentioned 50% deaths, more than ten people might die at the same time due to the constant combat! Therefore, the number of people eliminated was slightly greater than half.

Hahaha, the prize money for successfully escaping to the end reaches 200,000. There’s still 100,000 left after deducting the registration fee. I’ve profited! Many Lv.5 cosmic lifeforms were jumping for joy. They were clearly ordinary in strength and had even relied on external forces to become cosmic lifeforms, but they were addicted despite sucking! They believed that they had grasped some ‘tricks’ and participated in Escaping Dark Abyss repeatedly. From their point of view, as long as they cleared four rounds, they could earn at least 100,000 after deducting the registration fee. It was much more than making a hard, honest


But in fact, most Lv.5 cosmic lifeforms were too weak and couldn’t clear the first three rounds. For example, only 125,000 people cleared the first three rounds, while the number of Lv. 6 participants generally exceeded 100,000.

From the numbers, one could determine that Lv. 5 players had a very high chance of making a loss by playing the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss. However, many cosmic lifeforms were still willing to participate in Escaping Dark Abyss! To put it nicely, they wanted to hone their willpower and actual combat. In fact, as long as they won once and earned a million, they would be obsessed with that feeling of earning a profit even if they lost ten times.

After all, a Lv.5 cosmic lifeform couldn’t earn a million cosmic dollars a year despite working so hard.

The fifth round is about to begin. Xu Jingming was also enveloped by the pillar of light, but he was very calm. It was normal for him to clear the first few rounds with his strength.

“The decrease in participants at this level of the abyss is quite fast. I reckon half of them died in about four minutes.” The cute girl wearing a hat was the most terrifying existence in this event—the cosmic celebrity broadcaster who had long reached the limit of Lv. 8—Tata.

Tata’s telepathy naturally enveloped every corner of the battlefield; even the other Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform didn’t sense Tata’s spying.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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