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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 229 – Combat Bonus 1020% (3)

Chapter 229 Combat Bonus 1020% (3)

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1!”

Xu Jingming felt the scene in front of him change. It was a vast land with a dark-red sky, and crowds of people appeared.

They wore different clothes and had different looks! Some were less than a meter tall, while others were more than five meters tall. Some had tender, crystalline skin that allowed one to see their internal blood vessels, and some had skin that was as thick as rock. These one million cosmic citizens came from countless civilizations in the Hunter Cosmic Sector.

“Participants in this Escaping Dark Abyss mission hail from 933,255 cosmic civilizations. There are 2 Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms, 156 Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms, and more than 100,000 Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms. The rest are Lv. 5 cosmic lifeforms.”


“Of the one million cosmic citizens, the last surviving one is the only one qualified to escape the Dark Abyss. They will also receive 50% of the prize money pool.” “You are now in the 20th level of Dark Abyss. The first round’s rules: You can proceed to the 19th level of the Dark Abyss as long as you kill one person.”

“Now, the mission begins.” A mighty voice resounded everywhere.

The one million cosmic citizens participating in the event—including Xu Jingming, who was participating for the first time—had long understood the rules. He had even watched many videos.

I’ll be able to earn back my registration fee after clearing the first three rounds. Xu Jingming knew this very well. If I can’t clear the first three rounds, I won’t get any income. As long as I can clear the first three rounds… At least, it won’t be a loss! I’ll earn more and more with every round.

I have to be careful in the first three rounds. I can’t encounter any tough opponents. Xu Jingming carefully looked around.

“What are you looking at?” a three-meter-tall, gray-skinned man berated. He took a step forward and arrived in front of Xu Jingming before delivering a slap.

Xu Jingming’s figure flashed. His footwork was extremely fast to begin with, and he was relatively small and agile.

As he dodged the slap, he closed in on the gray-skinned man.


His right foot kicked out as fast as lightning, accurately hitting the three-meter-tall giant’s lower body.

Xu Jingming had practiced Poking Foot since he was a child, but he was also good at other forms of kicking! Poking Foot was powerful, but the attack was relatively slow. Straight Kick was the fastest move Xu Jingming had practiced. His leg was like a spring as it instantly bounced out, producing an afterimage. “Oww—”The giant’s eyes widened as he covered his vital spot and couldn’t help but squat down with his legs crossed.


Taking this opportunity, he delivered another kick to the giant’s throat with his right foot.


The throat caved in, and the giant’s eyes were filled with shock and anger before he collapsed weakly. So what if you’re big? Everyone has the same physique in Escaping Dark Abyss. This alien idiot probably doesn’t have more than a 200% combat bonus, Xu Jingming thought. A dark-red pillar of light descended and enveloped him, sending him to a higher levelthe 19th level of Dark Abyss.

“Pfft.” Xu Jingming’s fist was like a spear as it turned into an afterimage and stabbed into the chest of a red-skinned man, piercing through him.

He scared me into giving it my all-another weakling. Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief.

It was impossible to determine if his opponent was Lv.5 or Lv. 8 from the surface! After all, they had the same physique.

A cute 1.5-meter-tall alien with a furry tail only moved in a ghostly manner that exceeded Xu Jingming, treating him as prey. “Darling, stop resisting.” The alien stuck out its little tongue and licked him. Its figure then flashed, and its right hand curled into a claw as it tried to grab Xu Jingming’s throat.

Xu Jingming had always been very cautious. He followed his spearmanship philosophy and took the opportunity to face the enemy.

Xu Jingming’s arm was like a spear shaft as he blocked the alien’s claw with a swing of his arm. At the same time, he advanced and smashed his elbow. The alien strangely circled its tail in front of its chest to block the strike.

The palm Xu Jingming raised when delivering the elbow strike struck down! His palm struck the petite alien’s face, reducing its head to nothingness.

The dark-red pillar of light descended, and Xu Jingming arrived at the 17th level of the Dark Abyss.

My luck isn’t bad. Xu Jingming was delighted. The opponents in the first three rounds weren’t strong. Only the one with the tail blocked a few of my moves. At least I earned back the registration fee by clearing the first three rounds.

Xu Jingming stood on the vast piece of land.

On the 17th floor of Dark Abyss, the sky was gloomy, and the ground was gray. Cosmic citizens arrived one after another.

Finally, 125,000 cosmic citizens arrived! There were only so many of the one million people who had registered.

It starts to get dangerous from here. Xu Jingming became even more cautious. The later rules were harsher, and it would be easier to encounter experts.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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