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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 232 – 2 Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (3)

Chapter 232 Clearing Nine Rounds in a Row (3)

Team battles required experts like Xu Jingming who were good at teamwork.

The purple-haired man was also good at controlling the situation. Moreover, his powerful mind and consciousness affected the surrounding participants. He also had extraordinary close combat strength! This was the true expert among the participants.

Xu Jingming was secretly surprised when he saw this. My actual combat bonus is 10x, but this person’s actual combat bonus is probably 20x! He’s considered a top expert in Blood Rain World.

Although there were experts on the other side, they were clearly inferior overall!

It’s only the seventh round. Why are the opponents so strong? Did the officials of Escaping Dark Abyss deliberately target me? The leader of the opposing team was a bald man. He was fierce and domineering as he charged forward, but he was suppressed by the purple-haired man.

Xu Jingming and the other experts around the purple-haired man worked in concert, clearly having much better teamwork.

The other party kept losing members.

“I actually can’t clear the seventh round. I’m about to go crazy.” The bald man was suppressed by the purple-haired man, and he couldn’t help but feel indignant when he saw the declining numbers of his team.

He was the Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform celebrity host, Demon Saber. He had clinched first place in the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss several times! Escaping Dark Abyss was his mainstay, but in the past 21 days, he had never entered the top ten.

It looks like I’m about to lose. Don’t panicvictory and defeat are common. I’ll launch a new round later. I don’t believe it. The bald man saw that the situation was hopeless.

There were more than 50 people on the other side, and they only had two or three randoms left.

Helpless, he gave up resisting and allowed the purple-haired man’s palm to pierce through his chest.

In just three minutes of this clash, Xu Jingming’s team won and killed everyone on the other side.

“Wahaha, I won doing nothing. I won doing nothing again.” The short and fat alien condensed from an illusion. As a member of the winning team, he naturally advanced.

The opposing team is actually quite strong; it had many experts. Xu Jingming sighed inwardly. It’s just that my teammates are stronger, and the entire team is more united.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth rounds were all team battles.

The new teams Xu Jingming got assigned to were quite strong overall. Perhaps it was also because he was the team’s lubricant. In short, he won three consecutive rounds!

“Congratulations on reaching the 11th level of Dark Abyss. There are still 1,950 contestants left. Here’s a piece of good news: According to the audience’s tips, you will receive at least 3,760,000 cosmic dollars,” an excited voice sounded in the sky.

This put the participants on the ground in a good mood. Even for Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms, more than three million cosmic dollars was a rather large prize.

Of course, while they were gleeful, more people had long been eliminated.

Xu Jingming also felt quite happy.

This money came quickly!

He had worked hard for more than a month in Blood Rain World, but he had only earned one million. In contrast, he had earned so much in less than an hour.

Calm down, calm down, Xu Jingming thought to himself. I can’t be obsessed with Escaping Dark Abyss. According to the information I’ve gathered, many cosmic citizens have said… They are especially lucky when participating in their first Escaping Dark Abyss. They usually make a killing.


There’s beginner’s luck. This is deliberately meant to attract cosmic citizens to continue participating, Xu Jingming persuaded himself.

But no matter how much he persuaded himself, his heart burned. This was because the prize money increased exponentially toward the end.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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