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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 233 – Favored Rookies (1)

Chapter 233 Favored Rookies (1)

On the 11th floor of Dark Abyss, the most terrifying person among the 1,950 participants was the cosmic celebrity streamer, Tata, who had long reached the limit of Lv. 8. Tata had tens of millions of fans in her livestream watching her every move.

“Tata can easily clear the first nine rounds of the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss, easily earning a large sum of money. Why can’t I learn from her?”

“That’s because Tata is too strong, and I have also reached Lv. 7. I played five times today, but I only luckily cleared the first nine rounds.”

“Tata is too strong! Watching her escape the abyss is simply an art.” The fans praised.


Although the adorable hat-wearing girl, Tata, couldn’t see the comments, she still pressed down on her hat and smiled. “I have to be careful from the tenth round because I might fail at any time and be eliminated.”

Her words were naturally only heard by the audience in her livestream.

“In fact, the officials of Dark Abyss have always favored rookies and the weak while targeting the strong,” Tata explained. “This is also very normal. For example, there were one million participants in this round of Escaping Dark Abyss, and nearly 900,000 of them were Lv.5 cosmic lifeforms. Most of the prize money pool was provided by Lv. 5 cosmic lifeforms. To attract Lv. 5 cosmic lifeforms, they naturally have to favor them in the early stages.”

“In fact, no matter how biased they are, only 125,000 people will remain after the first three rounds. More than 870,000 will be eliminated, and the ones eliminated will naturally be Lv. 5 cosmic lifeforms.”

“For Lv. 5 cosmic lifeforms to play Escaping Dark Abyss, I suggest that they play the easier version of Escaping Dark Abyss. Relatively speaking, the probability of preserving their capital will be higher. For them to play the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss… it will likely result in losses. It’s really not wise.”

“As for Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms, although they are targeted in the first six rounds, only half of them are eliminated. To them, the most dangerous rounds are the seventh to ninth rounds. This is because every round is a team battle, and all the teams that lose will be eliminated. Therefore, about half of the Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms will be eliminated every round. Too many people will be eliminated in these three rounds.

“After the first nine rounds, less than one-tenth of the Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms will remain.” Tata smiled and sighed with emotion. “This is only based on averages! If you are an experienced player, the more you earn… the greater the targeting you suffer in Escaping Dark Abyss. For example, it’s easy for me to suffer a setback in the first few rounds when I participate in the large-scale Escaping Dark Abyss. This is because there are too many Lv. 8 experts, and there are even Lv. 9 participants occasionally. “Therefore, you can’t be greedy; you have to be clear-headed at all times. If you lose your mind because of a large sum of money, you might end up losing yourself to the abyss and losing everything.

“It’s said that one has to escape Dark Abyss,” Tata said with a sigh, “but the true key to this game mission is to ‘escape the dark abyss in one’s heart.’ Only by grasping one’s mind and having absolute self-control can one become the winner of Escaping Dark Abyss. Most participants end up being devoured by Dark Abyss.”

Tata’s words caused countless viewers in the livestream to sigh.

“I was devoured.”

“I can’t escape the dark abyss in my heart.”

“My father is an old player, and I have done some calculations for him. He has earned more than ten million in the past month! My father is a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform. Just doing some work will earn him tens of millions a month, but my father still plays often. He plays large-scale Escaping Dark Abyss events. He says that he’s honing his mind and preparing to break through to Lv. 9. I think he’s sinking into the abyss. I don’t dare to care about him. Sigh, I’m helpless!”

“Hehe, I’m a Lv. 6 cosmic lifeform. I earn ten times more than my job by playing Escaping Dark Abyss! If you want to learn how, you can contact me!”

“The tenth round begins.”

Tata carefully walked around and said, “I’m also mainly playing the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss games. It doesn’t threaten me in the first nine rounds. Even in team battles, whichever team I’m assigned to will win. But from the tenth round onward, the game officials will definitely target me.

“This is because I’m probably the strongest out of more than 1,000 people! In fact, the game officials are still too stingy. I really don’t earn much from them.” Tata walked carefully with a cautious expression.

Tata had long reached the limit of Lv. 8 and had many outstanding achievements. The income from any job was terrifying.

Tata didn’t mind the unstable prize money she received from Escaping Dark Abyss. On the contrary, the tips she received from the tens of millions of viewers in her livestream were the bulk of her earnings!

Having lived for more than 5,000 years, she had even bought a beautiful native planet as her territory! Her greatest goal now was to become a Lv. 9.

“Alright, talk to you later.” Tata carefully observed her surroundings. “A small number of weapons are hidden in this level of the abyss, but I know very well that the game officials won’t hide the weapons close to me.”

“This single-horned participant killed more than 30 people in the previous team battles. He’s very likely a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform.”

“Right, I can also prove it.”

“How impressive. He killed more than 30 people alone.”

In the distance, a single-horned, green-eyed man was being targeted. Many participants surrounded him.

“Unlucky fella. He probably revealed too much strength during the team battles,” Tata explained in a low voice when she saw this from afar. “His teammates treated him like a treasure previously, but they can’t wait for such an expert to be eliminated.”

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