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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 234 – Favored Rookies (2)

Chapter 234 Favored Rookies (2)

Xu Jingming kept his distance from the others as he searched for weapons. He was almost at the edge of the land, and he could see the land not far away collapse slowly.

As it collapsed, the land area became smaller and smaller, forcing the area available to the participants to decrease.

They’re already fighting in the middle. Xu Jingming shot a glance from afar. He had been placed at the edge from the beginning, so he could try his best to distance himself.



“This purple-haired person is also very strong; he might be a Lv. 8 expert. Kill him!”

“Finish him.”

The contestants in Escaping Dark Abyss had ambitions; they wanted to become the final victors. Now, all of them had their eyes on the extremely strong experts that were exposed during the team combat!

Experts with at least 20x actual combat bonus were surrounded by a large number of experts. Even experts like Tata were among the attackers.

“In three consecutive team battles, the team might be eliminated if they don’t reveal their strength. But if they reveal their strength, all their teammates will remember them! They will be completely exposed,” Tata said. “Therefore, guiding the team to win without exposing one’s strength is the key to reaching the later stages.”


Tata also mixed into the crowd and suddenly launched a sneak attack, forcing the single-horned, green-eyed man to dodge with a kick. However, he was clawed by another person behind him, tearing open his waist.

The single-horned, jade-eyed man was quickly surrounded and killed aggrievedly.

How pitiful. Xu Jingming also saw the purple-haired man lose his life when more than ten people surrounded him.

In the early stages of the land shrinkage, the participants mostly targeted those who had displayed great strength previously! After all, most of the people who could survive nine rounds were quite strong. They naturally cooperated and eliminated the powerful opponents in advance!

These formidable opponents were the greatest obstacle in getting first place.

Huh? Xu Jingming swept his gaze and saw a blue-haired man pull out a sword from the grass in the distance.

Several people immediately rushed over.

With a flash of the sword, an arm was sent flying! One person died immediately, and two people were injured. “Haha, my luck isn’t bad.” The blue-haired man held the sword in one hand and looked around excitedly.

The expressions of the other participants changed slightly, and they didn’t dare approach. Since they couldn’t snatch the weapon immediately, the risk was too high if they made an attempt.

“This person knows sword techniques.”

“There’s no need to fight him.” The other participants circled around.

A first-rate expert holding a sharp weapon was even more terrifying than a bare-handed super expert. This was because one didn’t dare to touch the sharp weapon with their bodies—they would lose an arm or leg if they did!

One could only defeat the weapon-wielding experts bare-handed if there was a huge gap between them and their combat strength was several times higher.

The ground was collapsing, and the area became smaller and smaller as the distance between the participants narrowed.

Battles became more common-participants were very careful after all. The smaller the area, the closer they were to each other, so they naturally had to attack first to get an advantage!

When the range narrowed to a certain extent, a large-scale battle erupted.

Xu Jingming had just exchanged a few moves with a person when a dark-red pillar of light descended! As the battle in the center was too intense, the number of deaths reached a sufficient number.


The dark-red pillar of light enveloped Xu Jingming and the others as they headed for the tenth level of Dark Abyss.

I managed to survive the tenth round relatively easily. Instead, many experts, such as that purple-haired alien, were eliminated, Xu Jingming thought to himself. He was indeed inconspicuous because his true strength was only average on the field!

On the tenth floor of Dark Abyss.

Xu Jingming was once again assigned to an area closer to the periphery, and he immediately began searching for weapons.

According to the information I’ve gathered, there are usually about ten weapons on the 11th level, and there are about 20 weapons on the 10th level. Once I obtain a weapon, most of the other participants… won’t be willing to charge forward since they are bare-handed. Xu Jingming searched anxiously. Once I obtain a weapon and escape the abyss, I can go further, and my prize money will be higher.

After walking for a short distance, Xu Jingming’s heart couldn’t help but palpitate when he saw a cold glint in the distant weeds. A weapon?

Xu Jingming immediately approached silently, wanting to take away the weapon quietly, but he discovered a stocky cyan-skinned alien approaching.

The cyan-skinned alien couldn’t help but look at him.

Their eyes met, and they realized that the other party had discovered the weapon!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two instantly moved at full speed and charged at the cold glimmer!

Huh? Their explosive speed immediately attracted the attention of the other participants around them, and several people quickly approached.

“Get lost!” The cyan-skinned alien charged over, and a leg projection cleaved over like a huge ax at lightning speed.

Xu Jingming wasn’t willing to retreat because retreating meant giving up on the weapon. He raised his elbows and used his shield technique to block the kick!

The impact of the elbow tip against the leg bone made the cyan-skinned alien’s expression change slightly.


As Xu Jingming blocked the kick, he kicked the weapon to the side with the tip of his foot and shot out after it, following closely behind.

The direction his foot kicked was in the direction of the participants.

He was naturally the first to catch up to the weapon! He swiped with one hand and grabbed it.

It was a dagger.

With the dagger in hand, Xu Jingming stopped and looked around.

The five participants around him looked at each other and began to retreat. Nobody was willing to fight with a weapon-wielding participant.

I’ve got a weapon. Xu Jingming was delighted.

With a weapon in hand, his strength would increase several times. He was confident in dealing with a super expert!

China, Life Evolution Bureau.

Director Zhou sat at his desk and looked at the dossier on the tablet, examining it carefully.

Last year, the virtual world was released to all, and people around the world began cultivating evolutionary methods. It was also the period when geniuses appeared. Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, Tu Ling, Fang Yu, Zhao Fan, Zhang Qing, and many other genius experts appeared in China. Director Zhou shook his head slightly. However, that was through the selection of billions of people around the world. It’s too difficult to find another genius now.

At the very least, none of the other geniuses in China were comparable to Fang Yu and Zhao Fan, much less Xu Jingming and Liu Hai.

It’s really difficult. Director Zhou sighed inwardly.


Director Zhou frowned slightly and gently touched his watch. Immediately, a projection appeared.

On the projection, Secretary General Angus smiled at Director Zhou. “Hello, Director Zhou. I have good news to report.”

“What news?” Director Zhou was puzzled.

“Our Earth’s virtual AI is constantly gathering the important information on the virtual world,” Secretary General Angus said. “We’ve just gathered news that Xu Jingming is participating in one of the popular missions in Dark Abyss’s virtual world—Escaping Dark Abyss. He’s already in the top 1,000! Because his appearance hasn’t changed, Earth’s virtual AI can instantly identify him.”

“Escaping Dark Abyss? Top 1,000?” Director Zhou found it unbelievable. “Is it the beginner Escaping Dark Abyss?”. “Intermediate,” Secretary General Angus said.

“What?” Director Zhou found it unbelievable.

“This news shocked many people. Many of Earth’s upper echelons are watching.” Secretary Angus’s eyes glowed. “If Xu Jingming’s luck is good, and he can get first place, then…”

Director Zhou immediately said, “Wake up, wake up. Stop dreaming.”

Secretary General Angus smiled. “It’s just a thought. After all, it’s 50 billion cosmic dollars and tips from the audience.”

“It’s already impressive to enter the top 1,000. After all, it’s a competition between one million cosmic citizens.” Director Zhou couldn’t help but say, “I’ll go online now.”

Director Zhou and the other Earth executives watched the official livestream of Dark Abyss. The game officials also live-streamed the Escaping Dark Abyss event-just a livestream of the intermediate version had an astonishing 300 billion viewers!

This was only a relatively popular side mission in the Dark Abyss’s virtual world. From this, it was obvious how astonishing the number of viewers was as Dark Abyss was ranked second in the entire universe for the evolutionary category.

“More than 300 billion cosmic citizens are watching?” Director Zhou and the others were one of the 300 billion people watching the projection of Dark Abyss in front of them.


The dark-red pillar of light descended and enveloped 500 people.

The 500 people arrived at the ninth level of Dark Abyss. Xu Jingming held a dagger-he was one of the few people among the 500 who had weapons.

Xu Jingming has entered the top 500. Director Zhou’s eyes lit up. Moreover, only 35 people have weapons. Jingming has the advantage!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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