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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 187 – The Luck of Earth

Chapter 187: The Luck of Earth

Once Beam Transformation could deliver 36 consecutive strikes, it could be considered as reaching greater mastery. Xuan had five ultimate moves recorded in the first volume of Beam Transformation, and any ultimate move that reached greater mastery meant virtual invincibility at the same level! As for Xu Jingming, he clearly had the most insights into Beam Transformation. Under his epiphany and his heated focus, he finally executed a Beam Transformation 36-hit combo!

The moment this move was executed, Xu Jingming felt comfort run through his body. He felt that his understanding of spearmanship and his control over his body became closer to perfection.


The spear tore through the air like a bubble exploding, and it was as fast as an afterimage as it flashed past Tejano’s body.

However, Xu Jingming’s expression changed. This was because he didn’t encounter any obstructions and missed.


Impossible! Xu Jingming couldn’t believe this outcome. How could he dodge the final strike of the 36-hit combo at its speed?

This didn’t make sense. Even if Tejano had reached Lv. 5 50% in staff techniques and was more agile than him, he shouldn’t have been able to dodge the terrifying speed of the 36th strike. If he had such agility, he would’ve probably killed him in two or three strikes. How could he have fought for so long?

But in fact, he missed!


Tejano’s figure then dissipated, and another Tejano appeared beside him.

At this moment, white mist rose from Tejano’s entire body. Countless veins began to appear on his skin as they warped visibly over his bare skin. His entire person appeared much more ferocious and evil.

Tejano’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Xu Jingming with red eyes. He looked like a demon that had walked out of hell in legends, and he looked a little terrifying.

“To dish out a Beam Transformation 36 hit-combo, I’ve underestimated you,” Tejano said hoarsely.

Xu Jingming felt the scorching airwaves from Tejano’s body. The hot airwaves formed a white mist, and the terrifying aura made Xu Jingming a little stifled.

The other party’s appearance was clearly abnormal.

What’s going on? Xu Jingming had only studied the first volume of Beam Transformation, so his knowledge was limited. He couldn’t understand Tejano’s state at all. How did his aura suddenly become so much stronger?

Tejano had mixed emotions. I never expected that on Earth, a planetary lifeform that has cultivated the evolutionary method for less than a year would force me to the end and have no choice but to use a forbidden technique.

This was the only forbidden technique he had mastered—a forbidden technique used when risking his life. Once he used a forbidden technique, his body would collapse and die in five minutes at the planetary lifeform stage.

Of course, this was the virtual world. Using a forbidden technique only caused his virtual body to collapse.

But being forced to this point meant that Tejano was forced into a corner. Tejano never expected that this battle would force him to use all his means.

This is… a forbidden technique? In the stands, Pang Ze came to a conclusion at a glance.

Once one reached Lv. 5, they began to control their cells. The mobilization of their body’s potential was already very strong! To improve greatly over this foundation? It was unrealistic! However, there were still some great and impressive existences in the vast universe who had created forbidden techniques that could greatly increase their strength, speed, agility, and other aspects.

For example, some experts might exceed their limits in combat when their mind and will entered a special state. They could perfectly mobilize every cell and unleash greater strength and speed than usual.

As for forbidden techniques, they allowed the cultivator to enter a special state stably.

Xu Jingming is definitely a genius. Pang Ze silently watched the two figures in the livestream and thought to himself, To be able to master Beam Transformation 36-hit combo at Lv. 5, it’s difficult to find an equal opponent at the same level. However, it’s only ‘difficult.’ In the vast universe, there are still people stronger than him at the same level.

Tejano—this scion who grasps secret techniques from supreme legacies and possesses a forbidden technique—isn’t something that ordinary planetary lifeform geniuses can match. Compared to Tejano, Xu Jingming’s resources are much inferior, Pang Ze thought.

He originally believed that Xu Jingming had a chance of winning, but he never expected Tejano to have mastered a forbidden technique.

“How did Tejano Xire become like this?”

“Countless veins are twisting over his skin. It looks terrifying.”

“His eyes have turned blood-red.”

“He actually dodged that strike.”

Countless audience members felt their hearts palpitate. Tejano’s current appearance was indeed a little terrifying.

Liu Hai, Tiger Fussen, Tu Ling, and the others were both shocked by the speed at which Xu Jingming struck out in his 36-hit combo and also shocked by Tejano’s incredulous dodge. This battle was indeed much more terrifying than they had expected.

These two monsters… Liu Hai couldn’t help but think to himself. Jingming has already cultivated to this level, while Tejano is a few years younger than Jingming. They’re both monsters.


Tejano stood on the ancient battlefield and was very calm. “Xu Jingming, the Beam Transformation 36-hit combo is virtually invincible among those at the same level, but it’s only virtually. It’s useless against me!”

Xu Jingming’s pupils constricted.

Of course, he knew that the description in the legacy only said that one was virtually invincible at the same level. This was because under normal circumstances, the true geniuses of planetary lifeforms had at most reached greater mastery of Beam Transformation.

To go further? The difficulty of breaking through was ten times or a hundred times greater. It was very difficult for even more humans to go beyond greater mastery as a planetary lifeform. Therefore, it was only virtually invincible.

The probability of encountering someone stronger was extremely low.

Tejano was an exception; he was the most terrifying existence that Earth’s civilization had encountered in history! There were very few descendants of such super family clans in the Cosmic Human Alliance. In terms of ratio, there wouldn’t be a single one on thousands of planets. The probability of encountering such descendants was also extremely low.

Now, Xu Jingming had encountered that extremely low probability.

“Impressive.” Xu Jingming nodded in amazement. “I’m inferior to you in terms of physique and talent when it comes to unleashing such extraordinary strength.”

Tejano felt even more embarrassed and angry when he heard that. Talent? Talent my ass!

“On your guard,” Tejano said before taking a step forward.


Xu Jingming was alarmed because Tejano was too fast! Even though he was good at Beam Transformation and had undergone an all-round transformation, he still found it impossible to dodge at this speed.


Tejano only took a simple step forward and stabbed out with the staff in one hand.

It was a very simple one-handed forward jab! However, delivering it with increased speed made it extremely terrifying.


As Xu Jingming retreated, he immediately spun the spear in his hand and blocked the strike like flowing water.

With Water Style as the core of the three unified styles, the might of Water Style clearly increased. Even so, he barely blocked the jab with his movement technique, but the terrifying force of the collision transmitted to his body despite suffering some level of diversion.

The impact sent Xu Jingming flying involuntarily. He tapped the ground repeatedly and retreated dozens of meters before stabilizing himself with great difficulty.

Hmph. Tejano advanced again and arrived in front of his opponent. He swung his staff horizontally, causing the air to explode and the shockwaves to spread out like a fan.

Xu Jingming held his spear with both hands and tried his best to block the sweep, doing his best to deflect the force.


However, Xu Jingming’s expression remained unchanged at the moment of contact.

The might of this sweep was even more terrifying. His entire body was sent flying, and he crashed into the city wall with a bang.

Another large portion of the city wall collapsed, and the area of collapse this time was larger than the last time. Countless bits of gravel buried Xu Jingming again.

Tejano took a step and arrived close, cleaving down at the gravel in front of him.

While the city wall was still collapsing, Tejano had already struck down. Wherever the staff passed, countless gravel turned to dust.

How am I supposed to fight this? Xu Jingming leaned against the boundary wall and couldn’t help but feel despair when faced with the raging strike. He never expected that Tejano would be even stronger despite having mastered Beam Transformation 36-hit combo.

Xu Jingming felt despair when facing this strike, but he was delighted. This was because he knew very well that a planetary lifeform genius who had mastered Beam Transformation 36-hit combo could suppress others at the same level. They were terrifying geniuses that only appeared out of hundreds or thousands of planets.

Earth was lucky to have such a genius.


Xu Jingming felt despair and joy in his heart. He blocked the terrifying staff with all his might while keeping his emotions in check..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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