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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 188 – Final Víctory

Chapter 188: Final Víctory

Translator: CKtalon

When the finals began, the expectations of his relatives and friends, as well as the expectations of everyone in China, and his thirst for the Martial Arts

Tournament since he was a child. made Xu Jingming yearn to become world!! champion!

But when the battle reached this point, Xu Jingming didn’t care if he won. He was extremely satisfied with this battle. He had benefited greatly from it-he had gained an epiphany from Tejano’s secret technique and had achieved greater mastery of Beam Transformation!

Tejano was a super genius who could suppress him. He just needed to enjoy this battle with such a super genius!


Tejano swung his staff mightily, and Xu Jingming turned his body to block His entire body was instantly sent flying, slamming into countless gravel and hitting a portion of the intact city wall.

The wall collapsed again from the impact.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Tejano chased after him repeatedly, and every time, Xu Jingming failed to escape. He was sent flying, forced to retreat dozens of meters, or made to stagger a few steps

Huh? After casting the forbidden spell, Tejano delivered more than ten follow-up strikes, but he discovered that Xu Jingming was retreating less and less as he blocked.

Water is formless. I have to go with the enemy’s flow and find the enemy’s weak spots to defeat the enemy. Xu Jingming’s spearmanship became even more unpredictable. At this moment, he was filled with endless joy. He finally understood the true core of Water Style-one of the five ultimate moves.

The flow of water is drawn toward a spot that undergoes a path of least resistance; this is also howa spear technique should be executed. There are no fixed forms! As long as Ican grasp the core of ‘going with the enemy’s flow and finding the enemys weak spot,’ my spearmanship will have a core. Ive read it countless times in the legacy, but it’s inferior to understanding it in actual combat. Xu Jingming became even more excited. There’s a saying that went: if a man in the morning hears the right way, he may die in the evening without regret.

The joy of the epiphany far exceeded the joy of winning a competition.

Under Tejano’s terrifying pressure, Xu Jingming blocked the attacks and deflected the forces repeatedly, while his understanding of Water Style deepened. of the five ultimate moves, he was most accomplished in Beam

Transformation. Water Style was second only to it. Xu Jingming was also very talented in Water Style, and he had long fused the essence of Water into his ordinary spear moves.

Due to all the prior build-up, having already reached a bottleneck before achieving greater mastery, he felt as though he had finally seen the light.

Tejano’s staff technique was fierce and violent, and it had terrifying might and incredible speed! However, Xu Jingming’s spearmanship went with the flow and found weak spots in the opponent’s attacks. When the spear and staff afterimages later collided, his diversion of the force allowed him to fully reduce the impact to a minimum by taking two or three steps back every single time.

Water Style isn’t only a spear technique but also a spearmanship philosophy

Xu Jingming came to a realization. The transformation of spearmanship philosophy is a transformation of the mind.

Some top experts could still easily crush the ultimate moves of juniors with simple moves. Why?

It was the difference in thought levels. When and what moves should one use?

When was one to retreat, and when was one to advance? Where should one deflect the force? Where should one attack? of the five ultimate moves in the first volume of Beam Transformation, Water

Style contains a philosophy behind spearmanship. Itrs only today that Ive finaly figured it out and achieved enlightenment! Xu Jingming was extremely delighted. His spearmanship still looked the same, yet Tejano’s terrifying strength and speed gave him the feeling like he was hitting cotton.

What’s going on?Tejano found it unbelievable.

He vaguely felt that Xu Jingming was like ever-changing flowing water! The latter always came up with the best way to counter him.

This Xu Jingming? Countless people around the world were watching the battle, including some cosmic lifefoms, but only Pang Ze understood Xu

Jingming’s current state.

His spearmanship is no longer about technique. Pang Ze watched. It is now imbued with soul and has a core to build upon. It should be called Spear Dao!

He has gained insights into the Dao!

There wasa strange glint in Pang Ze’s eyes.

No matter how powerful any dazzling move was, it was only a technique. Only by comprehending a philosophy behind spearmanship would there be a qualitative change. Even ordinary moves could turn something rotten into something magical!

He has figured out a Spear Dao he can call his own. Soon, he should be able to grasp a Transcendent move, right? Pang Ze looked forward to it.

By figuring out Spear Dao and using ordinary moves, one could turn something rotten into something magical-this didn’t mean that they only knew ordinary moves. They even had a deeper understanding of moves and could figure out more terrifying moves. This move was known as a Transcendent move.

Transcendent meant that it exceeded the limits of normality-a level that ordinary planetary geniuses couldn’t reach.

Is a Transcendent genius about to be produced on Earth? Pang Ze thought.

As Xu Jingming and Tejano fought, no matter how much stronger, faster, and more agile Tejano was, Xu Jingming clearly brought the situation under control despite being slightly disadvantaged.

What the hell? Xu Jingming was enjoying the battle, but Tejano couldn’t accept

  1. He can still defend against my usage of a forbidden technique?

“Die!” Tejano changed his staff technique, and instantly, they were like huge pythons that streaked across the sky and enveloped Xu Jingming

It was none other than the Heavenly Python Series-one of his three secret techniques!

Tejano felt that he was being shameless and bullying the number one genius of an emerging civilization if he used a secret technique in a forbidden state.

However, he felt that losing was even more embarrassing! He couldn’t care about anything else at this moment.

Huh?Xu Jingming moved the spear in his hand. He had blocked all three secret techniques before, so he knew what to do.

Upon seeing the Heavenly Python Series, Xu Jingming naturally spun his spear and tapped the staff afterimages.

He was clearly using Beam Transformation, but it was as soft as water.

Pu! Bam! Bang!

He stabbed out with his spear every time! However, sometimes he was as soft as water, sometimes he was fiery, sometimes he was staid but fierce, and sometimes he was as fast as a venomous snake. They were different spear techniques that contained the same philosophy. After Xu Jingming infused a concept of fluidity into Beam Transformation, Beam Transformation completely changed.

The other four styles could be fused into Beam Transformation very well.

When should he use spearmanship? Everything had one idea at its core.

He became more proficient at using Beam Transformation to build up strength.

What?Tejano had previously encountered the Beam Transformation 36-hit combo, but the feeling was completely different after the concept of fiuidity was fused into Beam Transformation. Xu Jingming no longer pursued minimizing the interval between each strike-it was occasionally extremely short and occasionally slow. Everything depended on how Tejano attacked.

As such, his moves became smoother.

Every strike was like a raging tsunami! The might became more and more terrifying

The 36th strike-it was already more terrifying than before! Tejano could still block it while maintaining the forbidden technique and using the Heavenly

Python Series.

However, it was followed by the 37th strike, the 38th strike, and the 39th strike!

The three subsequent strikes became more and more terrifying. The final 39th strike also had the charm of a blasting flare.

At this moment, Xu Jingming knew that it was the best time to unleash his wrath. He used the strength he had gathered to deliver a full-powered strike.

The strike was like blazing fire! The air exploded!

The flames penetrated Tejano’s chest.

A huge hole appeared in Tejano’s chest, and his body began to turn ethereal.

He looked at Xu Jingming with a complicated expression as if he had seen a ghost. Transcendent? I encountered a Transcendent? “Thank you.” Xu Jingming looked at the gradually ethereal Tejano and thanked him

Yes, Transcendent-grade!

The first volume of Beam Transformation also had records of Transcendent

Beam Transformation 36-hit combo was the normal limit for a planetary lifeform. Therefore, reaching this step meant one was virtually invincible against their peers. To break this limit, it was ten times or a hundred times harder! One had to have their own philosophy in martial arts and persevere before they had a chance of breaking this limit. The moves they used were also called Transcendent moves.

Such a genius was also known as a Transcendent genius among the many civilizations in the universe!

He had to thank Tejano for his breakthrough! Tejano’s three secret techniques had benefited him greatly. The extreme pressure Tejano gave him allowed him to figure out Spear Dao and use a move that broke beyond the limits!

At this moment

The virtual world notification sounded in Xu Jingming’s ears “Xu Jingming, your Beam Transformation Spear Technique has broken through

Lv. 5 50%. You have automatically obtained the cosmic lifeform evolutionary method”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Score 7.5
Status: Ongoing Artist:
In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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