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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 189 – The Tearing Tejano

Chapter 189: The Tearing Tejano

Transtator: CKtalon

I won. Xu Jingming was filled with endless joy.

A satisfying battle provided by a powerful opponent, becoming world champion, and most importantly, he had broken through from having an epiphany and figured out Spear Dao. How could Xu Jingming not be happy and!! delighted with his multifaceted gains?

The ancient battlefield collapsed in front of him, and Xu Jingming’s body turned ethereal as he returned to the combat space.

The first World Martial Arts Tounament since the virtual world’s launch officially came to an end. China’s Xu Jingming ended up as champion. “Let us congratulate Xu Jingming. He’s the champion of the 3ist World Martial

Arts Tournament and is also the champion of the first global tournament held ever since the virtual world’s launch.” The female host’s voice was filled with excitement and even had a hint of trembling. She knew that this moment would go down in history forever. “Let us also congratulate Tejano Xire. His amazing perfomance in the finals surprised us. He held the advantage for a long time, and the terrifying pressure he imposed on Xu Jingming allowed his spearmanship to undergo a transformation. A powerful opponent is a boon to one’s path to success,”

Secretary General Angus praised. “Xu Jingming won. He actually won! “I never expected him to defeat Ambassador Tejano.” “We have to thank Ambassador Tejano for imposing enough pressure on Xu

Jingming so that he could break through and undergo a transformation.”

The upper echelons of Earth were delighted and excited. “Reminder from the virtual world’s AI,” the black minister from Earth’s Life

Evolution Department said to the people beside him. “It has been determined that Xu Jingming used Beam ‘Transformation 39-hit combo in the end, breaking through the limit of a 36-hit combo! It’s a move that exceeds the limit. Xu Jingming is also a Transcendent genius.” “Transcendent? “Xu Jingming is a ‘Transcendent genius?

These upper echelons were surprised and delighted. They had plenty of intelligence regarding the universe and knew very well how precious

Transcendent geniuses were. “Across the many civilizations and factions in the universe, they place great importance on ‘Transcendent geniuses. We have to make use of Xu Jingming’s potential. This way, Xu Jingming’s potential will help our entire civilization once the protective period on Earth expires.” “We have to find Xu Jingming a faction that’s strong enough.”

IE would be great if Tejano’s family takes a fancy to Xu Jingming” “No matter how powerful a Transcendent genius is, they are ultimately only at

Lv. 5! It would be a blip on Tejano family’s radar; they don’t think much of


These higher-ups knew their limits. “We have to consider Xu Jingming’s future carefully. We mustn’t ruin his future.” “We have to consider it carefully. It’s rare foraTranscendent genius to be bornn out of the billions of people on Earth.”

The upper echelons of Earth were delighted and vexed. This concerned Xu

Jingming’s future, so they had to be very cautious.

The upper echelons of Earth’s civilization were delighted and vexed, but the ordinary audience was ina frenzy. This battle was too exciting, far exceeding the other matches in the competition. Countless people cheered for Xu

Jingming and Tejano, becoming their fanatical fans.

How impressive. Liu Hai’s eyes burned. Tejano’s nmoves are bold and unrestrained; they’re umbelievable, and they gave me some inspiration.

Jingming’s final spear technique. turned something rotten into something magical.

I have to quickly practice in the martial arts arena. Liu Hai couldn’t help himself as he disappeared from the stands and headed to the martial arts arena.

Tiger Fussen, Tu Ling, Halu Singh, Akinov, Miyagawa Meishin, Alan

Emelianenko, Riven Gullit, and the other experts-who had reached Lv. 5-could sense the might of the many moves in this battle. They were inspired and also shocked, but they also went to the martial arts arena to cultivate and verify their ideas.

In the stands. “Little Pang, this battle was a surprise.” Director Zhou sat to the side and watched the replay. “Xu Jingming actually used a Transcendent move at the end-its impressive. Now, the upper echelons of Earth are thinking about how to plot out Xu Jingming’s future so that he can have a brighter future.”

Pang Ze nodded slightly. “Transcendent geniuses of planetary lifeforms are very rare. Out of hundreds or thousands of planets, only one will be borm in a century or two. They do have great potential!” “Actually, what we want the most is for the family behind Ambassador Tejano to be willing to groom Xu Jingming,” Director Zhou said. “Do you think there’s a high chance?

Pang Ze thought for a moment before shaking his head gently. “Highly unlikely. The family behind Ambassador Tejano is one of the top families in the universe’s countless civilizations. Even if they value talent, this talent needs to be a genius produced from countless civilizations in the universe. A

Transcendent genius is bom every 100 to 200 years on hundreds of habitable planets, but if one looks at the entire universe… There are many Transcendent geniuses bom every 100 to 200 years. The family behind Ambassador Tejano won’t think much of him.” “Sigh.” Director Zhou nodded. “I understand as well, but Earth’s civilization is an emerging cosmic civilization. It’s too weak, and there’s only so much it can help Xu Jingming” “Protecting a civilization is very troublesome. Ambassador Tejano’s family will be very cautious,” Pang Ze said. “But if its simply to recruit one person, the

Tejano family won’t think too much about it. There’s still a chance.” “A chance?” Director Zhou looked at Pang Ze. “This possibility is with Ambassador Tejano,” Pang Ze said. “Ignoring how massive his family is, just the father of Ambassador Tejano is an important figure in the Cosmic Human Alliance. Moreover, Ambassador Tejano is his only son! If Ambassador Tejano is willing, there’s still hope.”

Director Zhou nodded slightly. “We have to make preparations; we can’t irritate Ambassador T’ejano. It’s best if he takes the initiative to extend an olive branch,” Pang Ze said. “Although I’ve come into contact with some important figures in the cosmic civilization over the years, they are far inferior to Ambassador Tejan0.

The global think tanks will draw up the plans.” Director Zhou nodded. ******

On Mars, the hatch to the VR chamber in Tejano’s spaceship opened, and

Tejano flew out of the virtual room.


Sitting on the streamlined spaceship, Tejano looked into space and stared blankly. Ive already worked very hard.

I fought very diligently and used a forbidden technique. The three secret techniques had great symergv, and I fought optimally. Tejano was still recalling the battle. This is my linmit, b-but I still lost.

It hasn’t even been a year since he cultivated the evolutionary method, but it’s been decades for me. Tejano’s eyes were filled with tears. Is my talent really that weak?

Father said that a lack of talent could be made up for with diligence and good teaching. Cultivating according to his teachings, it won’t be a problem to reach

Lv. 7 or even Lv. 8. With luck, it’s not impossible to reach Lv. 9. Tejano frowned.

But if one cultivates 80% of the time in a day, what’s the point of living?

I just don’t want to cultivate, but I want to become stronger. Tejano was also quite conflicted. His father had paved a path that led to a bright future for him, but this path was too difficult! The journey was arduous, and the further one went, the harder it became. Even so, he only stood a chance to reach Lv. 8.

As for reaching Lv. 9? It still depended on luck and many factors.

It’s too difficult. It’s too difficult for me. Tejano looked at the cosmos..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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