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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 186 – : Beam Transformation 36-Hit Combo!

Chapter 186: Beam Transformation 36-Hit Combo!

Translator: CKtalon 

In the evolutionary path, legacies were very important, and so was the master.

A legacy was like a book; one had to read and self-study from it. When one was stumped or reached a bottleneck, they could only rely on themselves! Sometimes, they would be stuck at a critical point and wouldn’t be able to figure it out for the rest of their lives. But with a master’s guidance, they could come to a realization with just a simple mention!

Moreover, a master could understand his disciple’s evolutionary progress and understand what problems his disciple encountered. He could guide him in a targeted manner, making the speed of improvement naturally different.


Xu Jingming and the others were self-taught! After stepping into Lv. 5, their improvement became slower and slower.

The Heavenly Python Series—one of Tejano’s three secret techniques—gave Xu Jingming plenty of inspiration. He figured out some of the questions that previously plagued him, and his spearmanship immediately reached a new level!

On the battlefield, the spear in Xu Jingming’s hand was extremely agile. He combined the three styles—Water, Fire, and Beam Transformation. When he executed them, he was gentle, violent, or fast. Everything happened naturally, and his might was clearly much greater than before.

How did his spearmanship improve so much? Tejano was actually suppressed and was at a disadvantage.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed and furious. What kind of cultivation resources did he have? His cultivation conditions? He had practiced arduously for decades, and he even had the advantage in terms of strength and speed. Moreover, he had secret techniques; yet, he was actually at a disadvantage? He was ashamed and furious.

“Get lost!” His fury spread to every part of his body. His mind, will, and every cell in his body became one.

Tejano’s eyes turned slightly red, and his aura became much more violent. His staff became extremely ferocious and fierce.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tejano unleashed his full strength like a trapped beast that had been restrained for extended periods. He suddenly unleashed his strength and struck out repeatedly with his staff! The staff technique contained the explosive forces that resulted from the restraints, and he actually counter-attacked once again!

Xu Jingming also instantly focused his three styles as one, with Water Style being the primary force, constantly borrowing forces to deflect and block the staff.

This move was none other than Fire of Desire, one of Tejano’s three secret techniques.

Fire of Desire was the most ferocious and domineering move of Tejano’s three secret techniques. His mind, will, and desires completely fused into his body, allowing him to unleash his strongest attack.

Of course, Tejano only cultivated the basics and was only good at mobilizing ‘anger.’ He wasn’t good at other flames of desire. According to his father’s expectations, the process of controlling all kinds of flames of desire for this secret technique was also a process of cultivating one’s mind and will.

What ferocious attacks. Xu Jingming could also sense the ferocity of the other party’s attacks. He immediately focused on Water Style and rolled with the punches.

I can now mobilize every cell in my body with my mind and consciousness; it’s getting easier and easier. My strength and speed have clearly increased. Xu Jingming couldn’t divert his attention to look at the combat strength interface during combat, but he could clearly sense the changes in his body.

Every move he made could perfectly mobilize his body’s cells. His strength, speed, and agility were improving in every aspect.

His spearmanship also came closer to perfection.

Even though Tejano had used a secret technique, Xu Jingming still managed to parry every move by rolling with the punches.

The atmosphere in the official livestream became even more tense.

With Xu Jingming’s epiphany and breakthrough, Tejano no longer had an advantage in the battlefield. Even if he used Fire of Desire, one of his three secret techniques, Xu Jingming could perfectly block it.

Who would win? Who would lose?

The audience couldn’t understand either. They only knew that these two were too strong.

Xu Jingming and Ambassador Tejano can actually fight to this extent? Many of the upper echelons on Earth were extremely surprised. Knowing Tejano’s background, they knew how slim their chances of winning were. They only held a sliver of hope.

However, reality surprised them. Xu Jingming’s strength had increased in combat.

Xu Jingming’s talent and comprehension are indeed impressive. As expected of the number one genius on Earth in terms of martial arts. Pang Ze nodded as he watched. Tejano’s three secret techniques should’ve inspired Xu Jingming, allowing his strength to completely transform and improve.

His strength and speed have increased, and the gap between them has decreased. And in actual combat… Xu Jingming is much stronger than Tejano. This battle is getting interesting. Pang Ze became more expectant.

After the basic gap in strength and other aspects narrowed, one would have the overall advantage in actual combat! Despite being forced to use his three secret techniques, Tejano still didn’t have a clear advantage.

Xu Jingming also sensed the uniqueness of this secret technique when he blocked Tejano’s fierce and violent staff technique, Fire of Desire.

I can sense his secret technique and his burning mind and will, Xu Jingming thought to himself. It feels like he’s doing some form of self-guidance, allowing a certain extreme emotion in him to constantly magnify and mobilize his entire body through emotion. However, I’m not sure which emotion it is and how it’s mobilized.

However, I’ve cultivated the three ways to hone my willpower—cold, heat, and pain. I can be unaffected, and my mind and will are completely focused on spearmanship. This is the ‘heat’ realm when it comes to will honing.

When the mind is hot, the will is stronger! 

I can also imitate Tejano and fight using the ‘heat’ realm. With a thought, Xu Jingming’s moves changed. He practiced Beam Transformation every day while practicing the Mental Tempering technique! As it was a pure thrust, he didn’t have to think about complicated spear moves.

Under such a heated state of mind, only relatively pure moves were suitable. For example, Tejano’s staff techniques were all mighty strikes!

Attack! Attack! Attack! In this state, Xu Jingming’s mind was completely focused on his spearmanship. He didn’t have any distracting thoughts, and all his moves were the same ‘thrust!’

In this state, the mobilization of all his strength was clearly purer and more natural. Countless cells had a pure thought as they executed that single thrust! The mobilization of strength was faster, and the expenditure was smaller. The might of every unleashed strike clearly increased.

Beam Transformation! It was also Beam Transformation of the five ultimate moves!

Huh? When Tejano attacked, he discovered that the secret technique, Fire of Desire, couldn’t keep up with Xu Jingming’s Beam Transformation.

I can’t keep up even with my speed? Tejano’s moves changed again. This time, the staff in his hand stabbed out repeatedly like a phantom, colliding with Xu Jingming’s spear and shaft. His staff’s afterimages were clearly much denser and faster, and his speed wasn’t inferior to Beam Transformation.

This staff technique was Dark Forest of Tejano’s three secret techniques.

The speed displayed by Dark Forest was superficial; its ingenuity was how it completely devoured an enemy like a dark forest.

The two attacked each other, with the staff colliding with the spear shaft.

Xu Jingming was completely engrossed as he delivered consecutive strikes. In the blink of an eye, he had delivered 30 strikes, and he very naturally followed up with another strike.

Huh? Tejano felt Xu Jingming’s spearmanship become faster and faster. His secret technique, Dark Forest, couldn’t ward off his opponent anymore.

What’s going on? I’ve used all three of my secret techniques, yet Xu Jingming still has the upper hand? Tejano was anxious and furious.

Xu Jingming’s 33rd strike increased in speed, and Tejano barely blocked it.

34th strike, 35th strike…

At this moment, Tejano instantly came to a realization.

It’s the Beam Transformation 36-hit combo at the planetary lifeform stage? Tejano was knowledgeable and knew some famous killer moves at the planetary lifeform stage. Beam Transformation 36-hit combo was one of them.

Just as Tejano thought of this, Xu Jingming—who was in a heated state—stabbed out with his 36th strike.

A terrifying spear afterimage flashed past and penetrated Tejano’s body.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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