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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 99

Episode 99. transfer student (1)

Chris assaulted the manager he had been with for 10 years at the time. The reason was a fraudulent contract.

‘I was too young and stupid.’

Chris comes from a commoner background and has been playing games since he was 10 years old. Neither Chris nor his parents knew the world.

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The older brother of the representative of the agency who conspired with the manager and cheated was the judge. I only found out after getting stabbed in the back of the head. That the law is not equal for everyone.

It was thanks to my strong mentality that I was able to come this far despite various incidents.

Could it be that popularity is the only thing he gained after debuting on the esports stage at the young age of 15? The malicious comments and death threats were laughable.

From around the age of 20, I heard the sound of droppings every game. ‘The fall of the legend!’ Articles such as this have been pouring out.

Even in such an environment, it was Chris who persevered for four years. I was more confident than anyone in terms of mentality.

the next morning.

Dante dressed neatly in livery.

There are now two star-shaped badges on the collar. It’s nothing special, but somehow I’m proud.

‘I’m a senior now too?’

Chris was nowhere to be seen.

It seemed that he left before Dante even woke up.

smart smart

“come in.”

Dio appeared.

The red mane had returned to its original color.

Dio ended up using a different building from Dante. Still, it didn’t matter much. You’ll see it often anyway.

“hey! Great Pumpkin Incident. You know Shy-K.”

“why. Aren’t rumors circulating that I was transferred to Shy-K and not rumors that my roommate is me?”

“Wow sir. really? But why didn’t you tell me?”

“just. You’ll find out anyway What are you talking about with my mouth?”

“what? Is it the same as what you see on TV?”

“Exactly the same. He hardly spoke and was very calm.”

Dante liked Chris.

It’s better to be someone you don’t know than someone you don’t like. It is better to be a person who cares about words rather than a person who talks a lot.

I felt it when I saw Jeremy, but public figures are always careful with their words and actions. Could it be that the reason Chris is silent is because he has lived as a public figure for 10 years?

“Did you hear the news?”

“What else?”

“Curiel Daryl.”

“Who is he? Let’s go out at once.”

The two went to the auditorium on a kickboard. Dare to go around the Stella Tower.

Fresh freshmen were coming out of Stella Tower one after another.

“wow. look at the lights Very pretty. right?”

“It seems warmer here than on the ground. The weather is so nice!”

Seeing their faces full of excitement gave me a new feeling.

Some children nodded and said hello.

“Hello, senior.”

“oh! hello. I’m having a lot of fun watching it!”

“The talk show was so much fun.”

The freshmen looked at Dante and Dio with yearning eyes. It’s like meeting a famous celebrity you’ve only seen on TV.

Dante accepted the greetings of the new students with a proud heart.

“Congratulations on your admission.”

“Wow, wow. I like the real voice better!”

and… … .

Is this how it feels to be a senior?

Dante now understands why the seniors wandered around the Stella Tower on the day of the entrance ceremony last year. Why did Alicia treat her like a kid?

It’s only a year difference.

The freshmen, dressed in uniforms, looked like bright yellow chicks. Somehow it looked young and fresh.

‘Suddenly I feel like I’ve grown old… … .’

The way to the Great Hall.

I saw a familiar hair color in front of me.

She is a female student with silver hair that tinges with blue.

Dante pointed with his finger at the leading female student and spoke.

“what. Isn’t that Rosé?”

“He is him. Curiel Daryl. You’re so much prettier than Rosé.”

Judging from the back, the physique was similar to that of Roger Mayer. If it wasn’t for the flowing wavy hair, I would have believed it was a real rose.

Is it because you’re wearing a uniform?

It felt more like it.

Because Rosé usually always wore uniforms.

Dante asked.


“Transfer student. Last year, he entered AA at the top of his class, but he suddenly transferred to our school.”


“How do I know that? Anyway, it’s absolutely awesome. Goddess Jonye descended on Stella… … nice!”

Rosé’s dropout did not become a hot topic as expected.

There was no time to worry about others. Since the competitor disappeared, there were many people who welcomed it.

Right now, there are only two spots for the Magic Tower Special Screening TO. Rosé was a strong candidate.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

A new talent has appeared, so I’ll have to check it out at least once. Even if he didn’t use magic, he could tell that the amount of mana was considerable.

‘Is it because it’s weak against mana control, so it’s exposed as it is? Or is that the extent of hiding it?’

D.O, who was trailing slightly behind, increased his speed.

“And do you know what the real jackpot is?”

“What else?”

“Curiel, the two-pattern wizard. It’s not a one pattern, it’s two! pattern.”

“How on earth do you know that information?”

“I did a part-time job at the shooting range. You say that there is a lot to pick up and listen to.”

Dante was honestly a little puzzled.

‘Why did you open the magic already? Could it be a multi-pattern?’

There was no way to know the details.

Still, since he is a two-pattern wizard, his indifference turns into interest.

‘Conversely, the world is wide and there are many good guys.’

After Rosé Meyer was defeated, a new flower called Curiel Daryl bloomed.

Great Auditorium.

2nd and 3rd year seats were placed towards the spectators.

There are 1,500 seats in the audience, but there are only 350 left at the end of the second and third years. There were many empty seats.

Dante took a seat in the middle of the crowd.

“Was there a lot of empty seats at our entrance ceremony?”

“I know. It looked very full at the time.”

Come to think of it, I don’t think I even had the spirit to properly look around the stands.

Dante turned his head around to look around for the club site. Curiel Daryl was coming in from behind.

It looks cheerful because of its large, squinting eyes. It resembled Rosé only from the back, but it was a completely different image.

Curiel shot down the stairs and stood in front of Dante.

“Is the seat empty?”

“uh? uh.”

Curiel chuckled and held out his hand to Dante.

“This is Curiel Daryl. transfer student. Dante Prime, right?”

The eyes of the 2nd year students gathered.

Dante stood up shyly and shook hands with Curiel lightly.

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

Curiel smiled and stared at Dante.


My heart suddenly raced out of nowhere.

Dante was embarrassed and let go of Curiel’s hand.

‘what… … .’

I’ve never jumped in my heart because I liked someone. So it’s hard to compare for sure, but it didn’t feel like that.

If I had to express it, it feels like your eyes are digging into your deep inner world.

It is a strange feeling that you feel for the first time. It was difficult to define something.

Curiel sat down first and tapped the chair with his hand.

“sit down. I first saw you in a Stella commercial. Crush the baseball with your hand! It was so cool that you caught it. Was that a script?”

“Not like that. It suddenly flew in and caught it, but it was put on an advertisement.”

“wow. Was it like that?”

Every time Curiel moved Sabujak’s body, he smelled good.

Cool and slightly sweet?

It must have been her perfume.

The scent was not overpowering and I felt very comfortable.

thought Dante.

‘It’s completely different from twins.’

The Daryl family ranks 68th.

It was an emerging force that had only entered the Sky Island for a year.

Why did Dante think of the Zordic family?

It was because the Daryl family also moved into Sky Island after discovering the Golden Egg. In short, it is a family that suddenly joined the ranks of the rich.

The social perception of rich people is not good. Dante also had some preconceived notions. However, after talking with him, I felt sorry for comparing him to Zordyk.

At that time, the students around me murmured.

All eyes were focused on one place.

Katarina was coming in.

“oh my god. It’s not a mental joke either.”

“I heard you were admitted to the hospital. Are you discharged?”

“I thought I was going to drop out.”

Wearing a red headband, making a mocking expression, and even the thugs who always follow you. At first glance, nothing had changed from before the Courtney incident.

Dante also clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘It’s really great. There is one advantage though. consistency.’

It occurred to me that the fact that people are consistently unlucky is also a talent.

Catarina’s group walked towards Dante. Fortunately, the target was Curiel Daryl, not Dante.

Katarina looked down at Curiel and spoke.

“Are you Curiel?”


Curiel smiled brightly and jumped up from his seat. Then he lightly hugged Katarina and let go.

“Wow, wow. Do you see a lot of celebrities from day one? You were treated for mental illness. I thought I couldn’t see you Are you okay now? The real thing is much prettier!”

“… … huh?”

“right. And I had a question. In Stella, the Zordic twins… … no. Rumor has it that no one but you has a red headband. really isn’t it? There’s no way a pretty girl like you would do something so childish.”

The students who were listening around bit their lips and suppressed laughter.

Anyone could see that this was the appearance of Curiel putting in an extreme deal.

Katarina’s relaxed face hardened coldly.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry if I offended you. I will apologize.”

“under… … .”

“But can I ask you one more question? I’ve heard very strange things. I mean your sister Rumor has it that you killed Courtney out of jealousy. isn’t it?”

Liam’s trial is about to take place.

That Katarina killed Courtney out of jealousy?

Where the hell did that rumor come from?

Dante studied Katarina’s expression.

Are you embarrassed or angry? It was difficult to tell from the facial expression alone.

Katarina finally exploded.

“Where is the worm-like b*tch talking nonsense?”

“bug? So, are we kin? Your family is the original bug family. It’s so nice to meet the same bug friend, hey.”

Curiel replied in a bright and cheery tone and asked for a handshake.

“What is all this? Let’s go, boys.”

Katarina disappeared from sight as if she was no longer worth dealing with.

Dio poked Dante in the side and whispered in his ear.

“and… … . Really good. I am the president of the Curiel fan club from today.”

Dante had a slightly different idea.

Should I say something chills down my spine?

Intuition sent a red flag.

‘I’ll have to keep my distance for now.’

Curiel took out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and handed it to Dante.


“thank you.”

“There you are.”


“When I was poor, there was an incident with the Zordic family.”

I didn’t even ask, why are you talking about this?

“ah… … . okay?”

“huh. i want to be friends with you so i talked I’m afraid I’ll misunderstand.”

Curiel lowered his back slightly and bent his head to look up at Dante.

“So. huh?”

Dante did not avert his gaze.

From noble mtl dot com

eyes are clear

Curien was someone who could feel some kind of positive energy.

“okay. If we get to know each other gradually, maybe we can become friends. So let’s sit up straight for now. Is it burdensome to stare at you like that?”

Dante lightly grabbed both of Curiel’s shoulders and pushed him up.

Curiel laughed ‘Cook-Cook’ and then spoke.

“Because I’m the type to charge if I like it. I’m sorry if it was burdensome. uh!”

Curiel looked ahead and waved his hand vigorously.

Dante also turned his gaze to follow her.

At the end of the line of sight was the club site.

“what. Do you even know?”

“huh! my roommate. Are you really nice and cute?”

I’m roommate with Danji… … .

I thought maybe we would get tangled up often in the future.

Danji climbed the stairs and greeted Dante.

“I’m here? I’m with Curiel.”

“uh. What are you doing here now?”

“I had a bad dream. My best friend threw a grenade and I died. So tired.”

After the grenade catastrophe.

Dio and Danji took turns hitting Dante.

Dante responded naturally.

“Ugh. How did you have such a terrible dream?”

Danji fired the [Frosted Eye Light (E)] skill he learned from Alicia and sat down next to Dio.

The entrance ceremony ended smoothly.

The oath of admission was for Servano Perez, who entered first.

He was said to be the grandson of Professor Bibiano Perez.

Before the students left, Professor Ramil Kvyat announced the delivery.

“Now, pay attention. As you know, this semester will be conducted with a completely different curriculum than usual. We ask all students to complete their selection of events by next Monday.”

Dio spoke in a low voice.

“But freshmen are a bit like that.”

“It must be a bit disadvantageous.”

Ramil continued.

“And there is a Daejeon teaser video shoot on the weekend. Students are requested to refrain from going out this weekend. more!”

The world’s largest festival.

Academy flowers.

The prelude to Daejeon has risen.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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