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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 98

Chapter 98. Reasonable Doubt (3)

August last year.

BS called Jia Han and asked:

“There’s a good guy living next door to you, right? 」

“… … How did you know? 」

「Do you think you are the only one of my babies in that apartment? Another kid of mine saw and talked to me. It seems that a guy with an unusual amount of mana lives on the 75th floor. 」

It was September of last year when Dante first brought up the topic of Xian. BS kept the story they heard for about a year and asked Jia Han indirectly.

By the time I talked to Han Ji-ah, it was after I had already figured out the situation.

The owner of the house Xian lived in was Jia Han. The name of the mobile phone used by Xian was also Han Ji-ah.

There was another reason that made me suspicious.

“That kid named Xian. I heard that it is sponsored by the Roly Poly Company? 」

It’s the Roly-Poly Company.

The superhumans they sponsor are all BS Kids. There was no one BS didn’t know. Just in case, I even called Laura Oh to check, but there was no information about Xian Hulken.

Jia Han continued.

“At that time, I was really curious. I wonder who the professor’s other offspring is. There were so many superhumans in the apartment that it was hard to guess.”


“I think I know. Dante Prime. Right?”

BS leisurely responded to Jia Han’s questioning.

“Dante Prime. you know the name Did you get into Stellar at the top? However, he’s not the guy I’m interested in. Rather, the club site is much more interesting.”

Even BS knew the names of the top 5 top students in prestigious schools. Actually BS was just interested. So I allowed him to visit the bunker.

Gudanji was an overwhelming force in the Matan side. In terms of Matan alone, she was slightly better than Jia Han at that age.

From noble mtl dot com

BS asked.

“Why do you think Dante is my student? Did he tell you to find out you’re a shapeshifter?”

Last August, when BS questioned Jia Han. Jia Han confessed the truth right away.

In a situation where BS had already noticed to some extent, lying would only damage trust.

「You dare to fool me for 15 years? 」

“Isn’t it 15 years? Twenty-eight for shape-shifting magic? I learned then. So, it’s only been 11 years. 」

“I am proud. Proud! 」

“And I just didn’t tell you, I didn’t lie. Where is the superman who talks about his special moves? oh my god. 」

Learning a new magic at twenty-eight is extremely rare. Usually around the age of 20 is seen as the final line of magical manifestation.

Jia Han carefully observed BS’ expression and opened her mouth.

“It was like that because he came to me earlier in the morning. Are you wondering if the professor and Xian are the same person? They said the mana management pattern was the same.”

“You mean there’s a guy that’s so sensitive to mana?”

BS clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘Dante’s son. I told you not to dig deep and keep your distance… … .’

Raising children is so difficult.

How good it is to do what you are told to do and not do what you are not told to do. But children don’t grow up the way adults think.

In my opinion, even if you think deeply and act, there are many immature aspects and frequent mistakes. We all grow up making mistakes like that.

BS pondered for a moment before opening his mouth again.

“Dante and Alicia. These two are my babies. Are you okay?”

“Alicia Smith? Why are you even talking about Alicia?”

“You two are close with Dante. If Dante said he was my baby, I thought you’d know soon, so I said it together. Where are you, usually a quick-witted guy?”

“I’m glad they’re both my favorite kids. hehehehe.”

“Are you okay?”

“of course. I’ve known that professor for 15 years. But you haven’t been able to tell me anything properly.”

Jia Han is also 40 this year.

Even though it’s frustrating for 15 years.

Jia Han has been following BS well. Although not cheap, I have never been disappointed.

So we talked.

I think it’s time for you to believe me.

“But Dante is like that. How did you recruit Alicia?”

“The moment I saw Risha, I immediately thought of you. He looks like you.”

“… … me? With Alicia?”

Ji-ah Han knew Alicia’s personality. Even if you do well with professors, what about among friends… … Roughly dated?

“I made a mistake. Alicia is better than you, cancer.”

Han Ji-ah was relieved and wiped her chest.

“Ugh. I was also surprised. You can’t be like me. How revealing is my personality.”

“Do you have any plans to fix it?”

“This is my identity. You don’t even get married because you don’t want to fix it. I’m afraid I’ll harm my husband and children. How conscientious are you?”

“There is no cheapness, so you have to have a conscience. If you didn’t even have a conscience, you would have been stabbed and killed right away, man.”

“Ho-ho-ho. Do I look like someone who is about to be stabbed and killed? I am Jia Han. I have already passed the risk of being stabbed and beaten several times.”

“ha… … .”

Now that I’m over 70, my energy isn’t what it used to be.

BS thought it was time to chase away the devil-like guy who was sucking up his energy.

BS briefly shared its plans for the next two to three years.

“You should also prepare to return to the Magic Tower.”

“yes. Aren’t you going to tell Dante about me?”

BS nodded.

Is it hypnosis or seduction magic?

If done incorrectly, advanced information can leak out.

In particular, young superhumans were difficult to predict. It was not yet the time to share information.

“But Dante. Are you a wizard?”

“Would you like me to talk to you?”

“You are a wizard. Or I would have said no. right?”


BS did not tell the truth until the end.

After all, when the time came, everyone would know. Knowing each other’s abilities will make it easier to work together.

“And that. Don’t use change-type magic recklessly and save it. If Dante had a little more experience, you’d be in a position where you can’t beat or subtract.

“yes. I was too arrogant.”


The always arrogant guy admitted his faults?

How long have I waited for this day!

Jia Han did not show any humility at all. Until now, no wizard had ever acknowledged that he was superior to me.

Seeing Jia Han come out like this, it was said that Dante’s talent was quite usable.

BS continued excitedly.

“He must still be suspicious. Probably, I won’t let go of my suspicions until I have a three-way face-to-face with Xian and you.”

Jia Han clenched her fists.

“I see what you mean.”

“Imagine that Dante later became an enemy force. Maybe one day there will be another problem.”

Jia Han gritted it.

“… … I get it.”

“I’m glad Dante is my baby. maybe not again? Others must have noticed your ability… … .”


Jia Han hit the table with her fist.

“Ah, hey! How many verses are you going to do? Han Ji-ah, did you write the 1st through 100th verses of Galgoomsong?”

“Is it only 100 verses?”

“I’ll go.”

“It doesn’t go far.”

“… … .”



The wooden table split in half and fell to the floor.

Jia Han’s face turned pale.

“I will go to sleep. Would you like a steak?”

“The table you just broke. Have you ever heard of rosewood?”

Also called hwanghwarimok or rosewood, this tree takes at least hundreds of years to be used as wood.

It is a reddish color that was enjoyed by the Chinese imperial family and was considered the most expensive wood throughout the old era.

At the time of the monster attack, artifacts from around the world were lost and brought out. The relics that wandered around were enshrined in BS’s house through the hands of many people. He was roughly 1200 years old.

The table that Jia Han just broke was an item used by the imperial family of the Ming Dynasty in China. It goes without saying that it is a one-of-a-kind piece in the world.


Jia Han couldn’t confidently ask, ‘How much is it?’ It must have been a terrible price that he couldn’t buy even with all his possessions.

BS knelt down and raised her hand to Jia Han and sentenced her to 3 hours. It was a very effective method for her proud self.

‘What do you mean, get down on your knees and raise your hand at the age of 40! Should I cut off my fingernails or something? under… … .’

This penalty caused severe mental damage to Han Ji-ah, and served as an opportunity to resolve to kill her temper.

* * *

‘Room 108, building B102.’

the day before the start of the new semester.

Dante visited the school with a fluttering heart.

‘Who will be my roommate… … .’

There are six room types.

Standard and full options for 2, 3, and 4-person rooms.

Usually, the rich choose the full option for a two-person room, and the common people choose the basic option for a four-person room. It was also the most popular type.

D.O also said that this semester he chose the basic option of a 2-person room, not a 4-person room. It was the wish that it would be the same room as possible.


Dante knocked on the door and carefully opened it. My roommate came first and was putting things in order.

Dante said hello first.

“hey. Your roommate came, but you don’t even turn your head? When did you come?”

The man then turned his head.

“Ah yes.”

Dante was taken aback for a moment.

It was a familiar face.

“Maybe I… … Aren’t you Shy-K?”

FOL (the Field of Legends), the battlefield of heroes.

10 years ago until now. It is the most popular AOS game.

Because of this era, it is difficult to have outdoor activities as a hobby, so there are a lot of people who enjoy playing games. Naturally, the e-sports industry also flourished.

Shy-K was an eSports player playing FOL.

It is so famous that no one in Dante’s age knows about it.

Although he retired three years ago due to his personality problems.

Shai-K scratched his head expressionlessly.

“yes. that’s right.”

“Are you transferred?”


“and… … . I watched a lot of older brother’s play videos back then.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Even when he was a player, Shy-K didn’t talk much.

A good impression with curly dark brown hair. Blue horn-rimmed glasses were Shy-K’s trademark.

Dante had many things he wanted to ask, but he kept quiet. I don’t think it’s polite to ask about things in the first meeting.

“Oh right. I’m Dante. Dante Prime.”

“yes. My name is Chris Lee.”

Shy-K’s real name is Chris Lee.

He is known to be of mixed Korean descent.

In the old days, Korea was an esports powerhouse. However, not many players of Korean descent are active these days. This is because of the standardized infrastructure.

“Then I’ll call you Chris. I wish you all the best for the next year.”


Shy-K is 26 years old.

He was eight years older than Dante.

say hello briefly

Dante packed his things.

‘and… … . what?’

The news of Shy-K’s awakening had been glimpsed in the news. However, I never imagined that I would be transferred to Stella.

‘Looks like your grades were really good at the school you went to before. But how did you come to Stella?’

Even people who don’t know the game FOL know about Shy-K. When he retired, all the news and articles were filled with ShaiK news.

The reason for his resignation was assault.

The superhuman population has always been in short supply.

Even if there was a relatively light criminal record, such as assault or theft, it was possible to enter the academy.

However, the top five are different.

There was no way they would have accepted the criminal, and even the person responsible for the gossip known to the entire nation.

‘I wonder if there was something that people didn’t know about… … .’

Even then, many people had doubts.

Shai-K hit someone?

However, Shai-K announced his retirement without any explanation. The reason for the assault was never revealed.

“I’m sorry for the first meeting, but I’m really curious.”


“Did you suddenly become a superman after retiring?”


“It’s really great. They say that is a very rare case.”

“ah… … yes.”

The probability of awakening beyond the age of 20 is extremely low.

At the time of retirement, Shy-K’s annual salary was known to be around 15 billion won. But as soon as he retired, he became a superman?

‘I swept away heavenly luck, very. But why did you apply for the dormitory as a basic option? I must have made a lot of money.’

“You can just treat me like a little brother.”

“yes. Slowly.”

After that, the two of them sorted out their belongings without much conversation.

Chris thought.

‘Let’s get through it somehow.’

It wasn’t easy living with friends who were 8 years old or younger.

You have to endure it though.

There was a reason to hold on.

‘Even those bastards won’t be able to touch the Magic Tower.’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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