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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 100

Episode 100. transfer student (2)

Mixed basketball team hideout.

The freshman has not yet joined the team.

Application due this week. He said he would participate in training after the teaser shoot.

After the training, the students huddled together and watched teaser videos of the past battles.

“and. The scale is dope. Where shall we shoot?”

Currently, the total number of students at Choin Academy is about 53,000. About 40,000 of them were freshmen.

All students are obliged to participate in the preliminary round, and about 4,000 students advance to the final round held in July.

Dante, who was doing push-ups in the corner, stood up.

“But I mean the teaser shoot. Isn’t that the declaration ceremony?”

Alicia agreed.

“Somehow it seems so. No one expected it because you did it on the first day. But when we went out for the ceremony, the seniors roughly noticed it, didn’t they?”

Dante took the backpack he had put on the sofa.

“Then I will go first.”

Alicia also grabbed her bag and jumped up.

“Go with me!”

“I know where you are going.”

“Aren’t you going to the practice room?”

Then the door to the hideout opened.

I felt a familiar energy through the crack in the door.


Before long, Curiel appeared.

Dante was stunned for a moment.

How did you know it was Curiel without seeing his face?

‘Did I have a second awakening?’

Curiel smiled brightly and said hello.

“hello. Curiel Da, who transferred to the second year this time! reel! no see. I also applied for the mixed basketball team. So I came to say hello.”

Curiel was already a celebrity.

He looks good, but he’s a two-pattern wizard. Of course, I couldn’t help but pay attention.

Dante gave a short greeting and went up to the private practice room with Alicia.

The two turned their backs on each other and changed into new tracksuits.

“Didn’t you make a reservation for the practice room?”

“huh. That’s why I’m going to wear it.”

Dante first put the tapball apparatus on his head. Risha naturally got on the treadmill.

I have already played 8 hours on the court. The order didn’t really matter.

I’m pretty used to tapball training now.

That wasn’t the case now.

widely. widely.

Dante spoke lightly hitting the plastic ball.

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“what. your face?”

“Oh really… … .”

“Puhhhhh. What’s strange about it?”

“Why does it seem like nothing has changed, but at some point, you see that you have grown up.”

There are quite a few moments when you feel a sense of shame when you repeat the same routine every day.

Are you doing well?

why no change?

Will it be okay like this?

Sometimes I was envious of the main character in a fantasy.

Things like figuring out abilities with stats and getting rewards for clearing quests.

Humanely, when a monster appears, shouldn’t we also give it a status window?

At least, the gate opens once every 100 years, so it can be considered conscientious.

When he was frustrated like this, Dante comforted himself.

‘At least I can get intuitive information called a pattern, right?’

Besides, isn’t Dante’s mana sensitivity the highest? Compared to other students, it was easier to feel the growth directly.

Seeing the motives that persevere like tenacity even without such ability, I felt that it was amazing.

Dante and Lisa worked out together for three full hours.

Alicia, who was getting up from the bench press, frowned.

“Ah-oh. Cheeky menstrual bastard.”

“why. Did you leak?”

Alicia has also changed a lot compared to a year ago. These days, I don’t curse as much as I used to.

The cycle of swearing almost coincided with the menstrual cycle. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Alicia rummaged through her bag and asked Dante.

“Do you have any pants?”

“I have no pants, but a T-shirt. Can you give me that too?”

“Give me Do you have any new pants?”

“Do you want to wear my pants?”


Dante took out an unused T-shirt from his bag and threw it to Lisa.

Lisa put on a T-shirt and stuck out her butt.

“Is it covered?”

“OK. Let’s go. It’s embarrassing.”

It was the same with Dante.

Now, women’s menstrual phenomena have become mellow.

Because there are so many intense training sessions, I go through the same thing every day.

The team said that Dante used the lent T-shirt as pajamas. It’s a good size, so it’s comfortable or something.

There must have been about 10 T-shirts stolen like this.

same night.

Chris returned to his room only after midnight.

“Are you here?”


“What sport does your brother play in Daejeon?”

“I want to try a survival challenge.”

“But do you still play games these days?”

Chris paused, then smiled lightly.

“yes. sometimes.”

“oh… … . So, when are you going to do it together?”

“Good. yes.”

Dante watched Chris enter the bathroom.

How many people rise to the top of the world at 15? However, there were many people who did not acknowledge Chris because the field was a game.

Dante thought differently.

It is very difficult to be number one in any field.

game? For most people, it’s just a light hobby, but when it becomes a job, the story changes again.

There was a story like this in the heyday of Shy-K.

“If you catch Shy-K, you win. 」

Hundreds of professional teams intensively analyzed Shy-K’s play. Shai-K had to fight against the collective intelligence.

Even so, he is a player who has kept the top spot for five years. Dante respected that aspect of Shy-K.

After coming out of the shower, Chris spoke to me for the first time.

“I thought I’d just play one game before going to sleep.”

“Then I will take a look today. Is that okay?”


Dante sat next to the once-legendary player and watched the game.

I was moved to see his twinkling eyes.

The game was won lightly.

“I guess you still like it.”

“sure. Because it was once my dream and life.”

Those words made me feel sad.

It sounds like you’ve lost your dreams and your life.

“If it hadn’t been for that incident, I would have been a player until now. Whether it’s the second division or the third division.”

“ah… … .”

Since Shai-K entered his 20s, there have been many such stories. A greedy retiree is taking a place in the first division. They say they are stealing the seats of talented juniors.

“When I was 20, I said I would go down to Part 2. The company and association opposed it.”


“It’s a bit hard for me to say this, but… … Maybe at that time, I was an iconic figure in the esports world. Advertising, buzz, and number of viewers. It was a matter of money.”

Whether winning or losing, Shy-K’s matches have always been the center of attention. Shai-K complained of mental pain, but to no avail.

They used Shy-K thoroughly.

“The fall of the legend. Who will be the rising star that will carry on that genealogy? 」

I’ve been working hard at what I love and love. When I woke up, I was prey to capitalism.

“anyway… … Let go now and find a new way.”

“yes. Fighting, bro.”

“… … yes. If you don’t mind, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow morning… … ?”

“It’s four o’clock.”


Dante wanted to sincerely support the new start of Shy-K, no, Chris Lee.

* * *

Dante ran the track with June.

Jun said he was using the room alone this time.

“Is it good to have a room alone?”

“huh. thank god. Luckily, there must have been an odd number of applicants for the same option.”

“It must have been taken care of at school. I heard that when you entered school, you asked if you could use a single room because of your mysophobia.”


Stella’s night was always beautiful.

The flower beds were filled with bright spring flowers.

It seemed that the artificial flowers used last year were recycled as they were.

Jun slowed down for a moment before catching his breath.

“The AA kids are going to practice at Echo Base next week.”


“I wonder if we can go at least once.”

after the crack.

Bad news was often delivered.

It was news that monsters appeared near Echo Base.

When a rift is opened, the monster appearance rate always increases rapidly. This was because the number of awakened individuals increased in response to the dragon’s powerful mana.

Just then, an announcement came from the speaker.

[After a while, 12:00. There will be a ceremony for new students starting at midnight. The video can be watched live on the school website. Also, the teaser video shoot is scheduled for next Wednesday. I hope there is no mistake. ]

From noble mtl dot com


The teaser video shoot scheduled for Sunday was a fake.

It seemed that he was going to have a ceremony with a scenario related to him.

Dante quickly finished taking a shower and headed to the basketball team’s hideout. Other students also took up seats in the break room, student cafeteria, empty conference room, and so on.

The first person to run was Kudanji.

Dante tapped the seat next to him and talked.

“Are you here early?”


Subsequently, students including Fabio, Lisa, and D.O joined the hideout.

“Looks like you’re going to do it with MR this time too.”

“It’s a Daejeon semester, so it’s a bit like going out to practice far away.”

“What kind of acting will Jia Han show this time!”

video started.

The eyes of the students were focused on the monitor.

Great Auditorium.

Freshmen dressed in uniforms were gathered.

The microphone was held by Jia Han.

[Now, attention. Everyone knows that there is a teaser shoot today, right? It is 4:00 am for freshmen, 6:00 am for middle school students, and 8:00 am for seniors. And we will do a group photo at 10:00. Please help us to capture Stellar’s passion and spirit. Did you know? ]

[ yes! ]

Dante complained.

“and… … . Is this something like this? Are you fooling me with that?”

Gudanji swallowed the popcorn that was stumbling around and shouted at each other.

“that’s right. Filmed at 4 in the morning. Strange. If you are fooled, you are an idiot.”

After the report ceremony last year, the dean said this. Even if you become a middle school student, your brain is big and you won’t be fooled easily.

No matter how special the Daejeon semester is, a group photo shoot at 4 am.

Alicia, who was listening, lightly tugged at Danji’s cheek.

“hey. So, was it normal for the gate to open on the first day of admission? We laughed a lot at that time, saying that we were idiots.”

“I’m not stupid! It felt really real back then.”

“Oh gu oh gu oh, is that so?”

In the meantime, the freshmen rode the shuttle to the Agras main stadium.

[ Weing Weing Tou- ]

[ Weing Weing Tou- ]

Case 1 alarm sound.

The gathered students stood up and looked around in amazement.

“Is that the sound from the TV or the speaker?”

Dante opened the door and entered the hallway, and Fabio opened the window to check the situation outside.

“It’s the sound from the video.”

Sighs poured out from everywhere at Fabio’s words.

“Ah, Shiva. It’s a surprise.”

“It’s PTSD, really.”

The crack incident occurred only three months ago.

At that time, there were many predictions that the rift might reopen because the dragon returned without attacking.

But you said you made a new scenario with that crack?

Dio made a heart with his hands while talking.

“Our professors seem to be geniuses. It’s cheap.”

“I can’t stand cracks. You will be 100 percent fooled.”

“Of course you are fooled. We were almost fooled too. and me… … .”

Seeing the freshmen crying in fear, Dante felt apologetic for some reason.

But not all students were intimidated. There were definitely some notable guys.

First of all, Servano Perez, the grandson of Vibiano Perez.

“Isn’t that what Professor Bibi told you in advance? Are you too calm?”

“I know yeah.”

“Seeing him reminds me of Dante. Dante was in that position last year.”

At Fabio’s words, Dante nodded widely and drew a V.

Alicia spoke as she raised her fingertips and poked D.O. in the stomach.

“He wasn’t bad either. The intestines are flowing out of the stomach. How? Did you hold up well?”

“At that time, I thought I was really behind.”

Suddenly, the hideout has become a place to sell memories.

There are memories to share, and there are colleagues to laugh with.

Dante felt a little happiness.

About an hour passed like that.

Lirico Greenwood came to the hideout.

Sophomores, including Dante, briefly greeted each other.

“You’re here, old man.”


But somehow the atmosphere was strange.

Lirico stood in front of Alicia and Fabio, who were sitting side by side.

“Were you here?”

Fabio replied as if it was not a big deal.

“huh. sit over there See you.”

“You shouldn’t be doing this to me.”


The warm air froze in an instant.

The other students exchanged glances with each other and opened their mouths like goldfish.


‘Shall we go out?’

‘Are they dating?’

Two seniors got up first. Just as Dante was about to stand up as well, Fabio grabbed Dante’s forearm.

“Where. sit down.”

Fabio looked at Lirico and continued.

“Lirco. Go out or sit and watch together. Other people are uncomfortable because of you.”

Lirico trembled slightly with contempt in his eyes.

“How could you do this to me? me. I kept your secret for 10 years. You are our friend.”

“secret? what a secret.”

“you really… … .”

“Tell me. What is my secret that I do not know?”

“You killed someone. You killed your friend!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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