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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 101

Episode 101. sensation (1)

The students at the hideout were quite shocked.

“what… … . we’ll go Let’s solve it among you guys.”

“We’ll be out, senior.”

In the midst of the clutter, Alicia sat motionless beside Fabio.

Even with the use of defensive magic.

The barrier was only protecting Alicia and Fabio.

‘What the hell is going on… … .’

At that time, a suspicious energy was sensed from Lirico. A green pattern was revealed around her.

‘A toxic wizard?’

I saw a lot of monster poison in the research lab, but Dante was the first to see poison-type magic. There was a clear difference in the pattern.

If the monster poison had a round pattern, Lirico’s magic had a sharp pattern overlaid on top of the round pattern.

I’d like to do an accurate comparison, but now is not the time. Maybe everyone in the hideout could be in danger.

“We are leaving. Let’s talk with seniors.”

“okay. hey! let’s all go Fabio. Are you fine?”

“huh. I’m sorry everyone. It’s just because of me.”

Dante, who came out of the hideout, looked at D.O and talked.

“hey. I’m going to another conference room with my seniors.”

“okay. But why are you here? Did you say that Fabio-senpai killed people?”

“See if there is any misunderstanding. I’ll take Alicia with me.”

“I get it.”

Gudanji remained by Dante’s side until the end, perhaps because he was worried.

“What about your sister? Why is that girl like that? Fabio-senpai, is he a bad person?”

“It won’t be.”

“Do I faint?”

To stun, you need to hit the Hunhyeol accurately with moderate power. Aliciana’s team-provided control skills were a skill that could only be achieved.

Dante has also improved a lot, but not yet to touch the dangerous blood.

“uh? hmm… … .”

Dante was troubled.

It’s hard to get involved in other people’s business for no reason.

‘Looks like Alicia knows roughly what’s going on.’

Given that Risha protected Fabio together, there was a high probability that Lirico was talking nonsense.

‘I think it’ll be okay since I hit the shield… … .’

We don’t know exactly how the toxic magic used by Lirico works. Considering that the pattern continues, it could have been a slow poisoning method.

Rico’s voice came from inside.

was quite upset.

“Alicia. Wake! He’s a killer!”

“Lirco. Calm down for a moment.”

“Calm? Are you on the side of Fabio right now? I will kill them all!”

Gudanji moved to the front door without a moment to stop and fired magic bullets.

Fabio supported Lirico’s body as it collapsed and laid it on the floor.

“No, who!”

Fabio frowned and turned his head.

Gudanji raised his right hand and spoke.

“I did. If anything goes wrong, I will take responsibility.”

“under… … .”

Alicia wrapped her hair and approached Danji.

“The club site.”

“… … yes?”

“Let’s go to the dormitory first. Understand?”

“yes… … .”

Danji trudged away at the end of the hallway with his head bowed. It looked very pitiful.

This time the arrow was directed at Dante.

“What did you do without stopping?”

“There was no time to dry.”

Dante and Alicia, and even Fabio.

The three of them stayed in the hideout and had a brief conversation.

“What about the club?”

Dante replied to Fabio’s words.

“Ririko-senpai was wrong.”

“know. But attacking first is the problem. You know that. You could be expelled from the club.”

It was the reason why Fabio and Alicia stayed still. Violence was forbidden under any circumstances. In particular, mana attacks receive much stronger punishment.

“Danji didn’t attack first.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you not know? Liriko-senpai using magic.”


Fabio had no idea that Lirico was a toxic magician. The reason Alicia put on the shield was to prepare for an unexpected mana attack.

Fabio asked.

“How did you know that? I didn’t feel it at all. Lisa you.”

Alicia shook her head and spoke.

“Dante boy. Mana Sensitivity is Triple S. So you would have known.”

Superhumans say that even mana has a texture.

Aggressive mana had a rough texture, so it was easier to detect than normal mana.

However, Lirico’s magic was different from the attack world. So, neither Fabio nor Alicia could detect it at all.

Alicia asked Dante.

“So you sensed the attack and made Danji do it?”

“… … no.”

“I really can’t live.”

“why. You could have known the club map.”

“I don’t think so.”

“What do we do?”

First bread victory.

If you blow the first bread, it means that you have an advantage in the fight. However, when the law intervenes here, it becomes disadvantageous.

There is only one way for the club not to be punished. to prove legitimacy.

The problem was that neither mana nor magic was visible, so it was very difficult to figure out who started first.

“I’m glad I saw it. Are you sure that Liriko-senpai attacked first?”

“How are you going to prove that… … .”

“Why do we have to prove that?”

“We’re sober, but Lirico fainted after being attacked.”

Fabio sighed deeply and stood up.

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“I need to talk to the professors first. I don’t know what he’ll do when he wakes up.”

“But what Liriko-senpai said earlier. what? Where is that old man sick?”

“Delusional Disorder Due to Intense Jealousy.”

Does that mean that Lirico was jealous of Alicia and Fabio’s relationship? So, you hit the back of the head during the last Tower of Trials assignment?

“By any chance, Senpai and Lirico… … .”

“no. It’s more of a problem because it’s not at all. Dante, you go to the dorm and get some rest. It looks like it will be a tiring day.”

“are you okay. I will stay with Lisa.”

“okay. I’ll be back soon.”

Fabio left Dante and Lisa and headed for the main building.

Alicia lightly leaned her face on Dante’s shoulder.

“What is all this about…? … .”

“Is the club okay?”

“You talk. Exactly how far are you looking? Magic? Or a trait?”

When Dante first visited the Versailles Institute. Grace said this.

” hmm… … . From what I’ve seen, I think Superman Investigation Bureau would be a good fit too. 」

Dante felt it only now, but Grace’s judgment was quick and accurate.

Dante sees crimes that others do not notice at all.

There were two options.

I pretend I didn’t see it and hide the magic.

Open magic and catch criminals.

From Dante’s point of view, it was a matter of choice and nothing to say. I witnessed a crime scene, how can I get past it?

Due to the nature of Dante’s ability, there were bound to be many situations in which he had to get involved in other people’s affairs. It was the same in the case of Courtney’s death not too long ago.

Up until now, I had been just passing around, but Dante was expecting it too. that someday this day will come.

That’s why I had a conversation with BS beforehand.

“Perhaps it is a peculiarity. You said mana looks like invisible slime. i see Perfect for purple! see.”

“… … .”

“Aren’t you surprised?”

“I knew it. Mana and magic. How do you tell them apart?”

“The color and texture are different. At first, I didn’t know too well, but after looking at it, there was a difference.”

“Are the colors different?”

“Magic. Blue for defense, red for attack. It looks different that way.”

Only now, Alicia’s expression changes.

Lisa looked at Dante with a face full of curiosity.

“Daebak. Then what about Lirico?”


“That b*tch tried to poison me and Fabio?”

“From what I saw.”

Alicia licked her lips bitterly.

Still, he was less shocked because he had heard about Lirico from Fabio in advance.

There was also an incident in the back of the head just a few days ago.

“But is that all? your abilities.”

“… … huh.”

Honestly, I wanted to tell Lisa the truth. However, BS said no, and Dante fully understood the reason, so he decided to hide it.

Patterns are like confidential documents.

What if someone hacks into your server and takes a peek at your confidential documents?

What if you steal a copy of that confidential document?

What if you don’t have enough of what you stole and even make a copy?

It’s impossible to just watch it.

So even if everything else is revealed, the word ‘pattern’ should never be mentioned. The level just explained to Risha proved its value to some extent.

Now was the time to hide the power, even for the sake of life. Maybe I’ll have to hide it for the rest of my life.

“Mana can be seen in color… … I’m terribly jealous Shebel. At least you won’t be poisoned, will you?”

“As a wizard. What quality do you envy?”

“Originally, someone else’s rice cake looks big.”

“I understand that now.”


“You did. You are completely normal.”

Alicia chuckled and stroked Dante’s crown.

“Oh, oh, oh, you’re all grown up.”

“Charlie’s guys were angels. Are you sure.”

Of course, there were problems too.

School violence, bullying, wealth gap, discrimination.

But not as much as Stella.

It was at an incomparable level.

Here, when a small problem arises, the scale increases by family or faction unit.

“No, it is. We have a main enemy. monster. Why do we have to lose our strength while arguing with each other?”

“Because I’m a bit better now.”

“Will we be like that when we get older?”

“If you don’t agree with the world, life will be hard, right? like BS. You should live for a long, long time.”

“I know.”

* * *

an hour later.

Fabio entered the conference room with the faculty.

Several professors who were connected to the report simulation were in a situation where they hurriedly escaped.

Jia Han looked at the condition of the fainting Lirico.

“Who did this?”

“I will tell you about that later.”

“Okay, then let’s listen to everything first.”

Fabio opened his mouth.

“Liriko and I have been friends since we were six years old. Then, when I was nine, a big incident happened.”

The Morone family’s mansion 10 years ago.

Young Fabio, Lirico, and Gabi were watching a movie together.

Because their parents are so close, the three of them spent a lot of time hanging out together.

Then, while Fabio went to the bathroom, a problem arose.


When Fabio entered the room, Lirico cried out loud and took him into his arms.

“what’s the matter?”

“Gabi. Gabi… … .”

Ririco’s forearms were clearly marked with fingernail scratches. Blood oozes from the deep cut.

“Gabi. Did you?”

“Lirico tried to hit me first.”

“Is it Lirico? Why is Lirico?”

“How do I know that? You suddenly punched me?”

Lirico cried bitterly and retorted.

“It is a lie. I mean I never did… … .”

Fabio naturally sided with Lirico. While Lirico is usually quiet and timid, Gabi has a rough side.

“How do you hit your friend? i hate you Don’t come to my house to play!”

“Why are you on the side of Lirico? Why don’t you believe me!”

Then, adults came in and intervened in the fight.

Gabi was upset and left the room first.

Lirico, who had stopped crying, spoke.

“Thank you for taking my side earlier. But gabi… … We are originally close friends. You must have been very upset when I told you not to come over.”

“Why are you so nice? I was scratched by Gabi and even bled.”

“no way. My dad says the kids grow up fighting. So let’s continue to be close friends. huh?”

“If that’s what you think, there’s nothing you can do about it. Will you accept my apology?”


Lirico jumped up and stood in front of Fabio’s desk. Then he took out a star-shaped chocolate.

“Gabi likes this the most. Will you be offended if I give you this?”

Fabio apologized by handing the chocolate he received from Lirico to Gabi. That’s how I thought the day’s work would end in a happening.

But the next morning.

The news of Gabi’s death came through.

The cause of death was poisonous death.

It was said that toxicity was detected in the chocolate that Gabi left behind.

What kind of poison it was could not be identified even at the Versailles laboratory.

Even the adults of the three families, Fabio and Lirico, had to be investigated for a very long time.

However, the culprit was never identified.

It was only speculated that it was the work of a certain group of people who wanted to discredit the Morone family.

The case was over, but Fabio suffered from guilt for a very long time.

‘Even if I didn’t give you chocolate… … .’

At that time, the person who comforted her the most was Lirico.

“It’s not your fault, it’s my fault. I gave her chocolates and asked for an apology… … .”

Jia Han and other faculty listened to Fabio’s past history to the end.

Jia Han asked.

“But what does that have to do with today’s incident? From what I’ve said so far, ‘Liriko is such a jealous child.’ All I can do is do it.”

“Lirico tried to attack first. Someone has seen it.”

“It wasn’t even an attack. I was going to attack you, but you saw it? who?”

“Dante Prime.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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