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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 102

Episode 102. sensation (2)

Han Ji-ah also asked, predicting to some extent.

Dante and Alicia.

Knowing that the two of them are BS kids, it is only natural that they are more interested in them.

Besides, isn’t Jia Han the instructor for the mixed basketball team? It wasn’t hard to figure out who was friends with who.

“Then Fabio is out for a while.”

“yes. You’re busy, but there were a lot of rudeness.”

Outside, the ceremony was still going on. In the morning, the awards ceremony should be held.

But suddenly, an incident occurred. Five professors, including the dean, were tied hand and foot.

Even so, the Lirico incident could not be put off. The exchange of mana attacks between students was a very serious problem.

How long has it been since Courtney’s case? Another death was about to happen.


Dante nodded and entered and sat down where Fabio had been.

This time, Jia Han came forward as the representative.

“I heard a little bit about it from Fabio. Lirico Greenwood tried to attack first and the club stunned it with magic bullets. that’s right?”


“It was you who noticed the attack, not the club. In a word, the club went first regardless of whether Lirico attacked or not. that’s right?”

“… … yes. But there is also my fault. I noticed the attack and rushed people out of the hideout. That made the club more anxious. Lirico even screamed that he would kill me.”

If I had left the hideout with the gudanji… …

There would have been no misfortune like this.

Dante felt a sense of responsibility.

“good. Then tell me what you saw. I will keep what you said confidential, so feel free to tell me.”

“Liriko is a toxic magician.”

“… … what?”

The professors muttered lowly.

Didn’t you just hear about Fabio’s past?

Gabi, a female student who was said to have been poisoned, and Lirico, a jealous poison-type magician.

Is it really a coincidence?

This time, the dean asked directly.

“A toxic magician. How did Dante’s student know that?”

Dante told the professors exactly as he had told Alicia.

“Distinguishing magic by color? Are you telling me to believe it?”

“Does Mana look blue?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of such magic or quality… … .”

Dante spoke with a calm expression.

“Any ability is a first. I thought all the other superhumans looked like me. Initially.”

Even though the most important pattern was left out, the faculty was shocked.

Mana is visible, and each spell has a different color.

Are you talking about it?

If Dante’s words are true, it was an amazing event that would create a sensation in the superhuman society.

‘If mana could be seen, training would be much easier… … .’

‘Then you know what type of magic the new monster uses and you can prepare for it. Shouldn’t that guy be sent to the reconnaissance team?’

The dean tapped the table lightly with his fingertips and recalled the incident.

“About the nutritional supplement incident. At that time, Dante’s student asked for an analysis. Maybe?”

“yes. I could see that the nutritional supplements were mixed with poison.”

The conference room was once again in a commotion.

One of the professors who was listening asked.

“So you’re saying you ate it even though you knew it was poisoned?”

“yes. Toxic is greenish mana, but the color is pale. If the color is light, the power is usually weak.”

“oh my god… … .”

Superman Investigation Agency.

Planetary Scout.

An evaluation department that ranks superhumans.

Even various research institutes, including the National Magic Research Institute.

The faculty saw a bright future behind Dante’s back.

Jia Han clicked her tongue inwardly.

‘This bastard old man! Was this Dante’s ability?’

No, this can’t be all.

Dante’s revealing of his abilities wasn’t a decision he made alone. He must have matched his mouth with BS. If there is a problem, let’s just open it here.

I haven’t even finished my hand, but I’m already in S rank.

Although it was not combat-type magic, it was the highest level of utility-type magic.

From noble mtl dot com

Jia Han’s heart thumped.

‘What is the special move that hasn’t been done yet?’

Jia Han calmed down her excitement and talked.

“Okay, so you’re out too.”

“What about the club?”

“That is a matter for us to discuss.”

“yes. I’ve said it before, but… … .”


“Then let’s go out.”

Dante left the conference room with a heavy heart. As soon as I closed the door, I heard a loud noise behind me.

Faculty members had heated discussions about Dante’s abilities.

“But should this be regarded as magic or a trait… … .”

“Actually, it’s more like a trait, but what if it’s a trait that can crush even magic? Anyway, he was a great friend. Dante Prime.”

while the professors are talking.

Jia Han quietly kept her mouth shut and listened to the conversation.

“Why is Professor Han silent?”

“I think it would be nice to use Dante’s ability quickly… … .”

That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

Jia Han carefully expressed her opinion.

“So that’s the point. How about progressing to an early graduation course? Dante.”

Jia Han was scheduled to move to the Mage Tower upon graduation from Alicia.

It turns out like this. It is also a way to quickly graduate Dante and put him into the field.

Everyone was surprised by Jia Han’s remarks.

Graduation early?

Jia Han was not a person who easily recognized someone.

In particular, when the topic of early graduation came up, I always took the lead in opposing it.

“Not as good as Jeremy. I’m against it. 」

“I’m sorry for Jeremy, but what about Rosé? Are you kidding me? 」

In order to graduate early from the top 5 prestigious schools, you have to be a genius that comes out once every 10 years, if not until 100 years.

According to Jia Han’s standard, Jeremy was slightly below the standard.

That’s why she spoke first.

How about getting Dante to graduate early?

The dean looked at Jia Han and asked a question.

“hmm… … . Wouldn’t that be too hasty a judgment? Let’s hear why.”

“It is rare. One and Only. Need more explanation?”

Everyone nodded at Jia Han’s words.

There are several criteria for ranking magic. One of them was rarity.

How did a master wizard with the ability to grow hair move into Sky Island? It’s because it’s one and only. Because there is no one who can replace his ability.

“As everyone will say again, the reason I graduated early wasn’t because of magic bullets or attack-type magic. It was because of the bondage magic circle. It’s rare, and it’s a very useful skill on the field.”

The dean set out to sort out the situation.

“now. Let’s discuss the issue of early graduation after the awards ceremony. Student Lirico should move to the compartment and wait for it to wake up. Let’s discuss the punishment of students in the club complex again this afternoon.”

“is it so. You should also listen to Lirico.”

“great. Let’s quickly select the winners first.”


* * *

Lirico Greenwood was arrested 10 years ago as a suspect in the Garvey case.

Stella Academy.

Dante and Alicia searched all over the campus looking for Fabio.

Fabio was on the hill of stars.

The two sat on either side of Fabio.

The biggest victim of this incident was Fabio Morrone, no matter what anyone said.

“Lirico killed Gabi. That psycho girl killed Gabi!”

Alicia patted Fabio on the back.

“Eh… … . Did you have no idea?”

“at all. It was mainly a style of separating people from each other. I never doubted that he would have killed anyone.”

It’s been that way since the Gabi incident.

Lirico separated people only with words.

By the time I graduated from high school, I wasn’t particularly jealous. That’s why I thought that Lirico has changed and grown.

Come to think of it, Lirico hadn’t changed. There was nothing to be jealous of.

Lirico was always by Fabio’s side. So, the female students approaching Fabio also naturally disappeared.

Dante also gave words of comfort to Fabio.

“I’m glad it’s revealed now… … .”

“How unfair Gabi must have been. We were nine then. How could a nine-year-old think of poisoning his friend? How horrible… … .”

Both among friends and among adults. Lirico has always been a good kid. The only person who noticed her true nature at all was Fabio.

I once told my father.

“Liriko is a bit strange. I must say that I am very jealous… … I can’t talk to other girls because of him. 」

“Where is there a good boy like Lirico? Of course you can get jealous. Does Lirico like you? 」

It was always like this.

When someone curses at Lirico, that person gets weird.

How can you curse at such a nice and tender child? bad child.

Everyone was fooled.

To Lirico’s flawless acting.

Goosebumps rose up all over his body.

Fabio blamed himself.

“It’s all my fault. I should have dug it up when I thought something was weird.”

“Would it have been worse if I had done that?”

“Right, senior. A meticulous person like that would not have revealed his true nature easily.”

“no. Even in this case, yes. It should have been deliberately provoked to find out.”

“Then the opponent must have died. like Gabi. I was able to reveal it because it is now. Because we are adults and we have the ability.”

Dante is right.

Alicia is right.

Even so, Fabio did not calm down easily.

“Even though Gabi was tough, she wasn’t a liar. Then why didn’t I believe Gabi?”

“Whoa… … .”

“A junior who chased me in middle school suddenly fell ill and dropped out. Could it be Lirico?”

“… … .”

“I had a date with a girl in my first year of high school, but I couldn’t keep it because I suddenly had a stomach ache. Was that also Lirico?”

“… … .”

“I was very sick three or four times a year. Every time, Ririko was by my side. Could it have been Lirico?”

Fabio poured out all the stories he had in his heart.

I blamed myself and then blamed my parents, and I cried and laughed like a madman.

Seeing Fabio like that, Alicia remembered her past.

「Lishya. I know you’re close with Paige… … be careful. Paige said something odd before. About you. 」

I should have asked then.

what did you say

But it didn’t.

Because I don’t want to doubt my best friend.

“How could I like everyone? If there’s something you don’t like, you can talk about it. I guess there was something upsetting. 」

Alicia had been regretting and blaming herself until now.

Fabio had hoped otherwise.

“It’s not your fault. you are really really nice I know.”

“that’s right. You know I like you, right?”

“The truth is finally revealed! Dante Prime, he’s gay… … .”


Fabio said ‘Poop’ and burst into laughter.

“You are real. Would you like to do that in this situation? and… … .”

Alicia replied with an impudent expression.

“It was on purpose. look. you laughed That’s it.”

Fabio shook his head and lightly placed a chestnut on Risha’s forehead.


“Well, in that sense… … Do you know your Taoist resolution? How are we doing? egg!”

Alicia ‘pretended’ and held out the back of her right hand.

““… … .””


““… … .””


Fabio reluctantly put his hand on it.

“… … green onion.”

Dante folded his hands one last time.

“step. Are you okay?”

“yes! Alpha Team Forever!”

The three of them made a resolution to come down the hill while bickering.

Alicia chased after Dante and Fabio, who were ahead.

“You guys insulted me! Childish!”

“Did you learn mind reading?”

That’s what he said, but Dante didn’t think Alicia was childish.

Now Fabio needed a reliable friend by his side.

The Star Resolve and the Alpha Team.

Alicia gave comfort in a light way that the other person wouldn’t feel burdened by. I will keep my loyalty, so don’t worry.

Do you know how to say it?

Of course, you can feel it even if you don’t say it. However, sometimes there are moments when I want to be confirmed in words. There are moments when words need to be confirmed.

It was a day like today.

* * *

The Lirico incident was not separately announced on the school website.

Danji received a light punishment of 50 hours of volunteer work. Lirico’s ‘I’m going to kill you!’ It was because he felt threatened by his remarks and was acknowledged to have stood up for his friend.

Lirico denied that he was a magician to the end. Thanks to this, Dante was summoned three times to IF Island, where superhuman-related government offices are gathered.

Even the Mage Tower officials were dispatched to confirm Dante’s abilities.

“Which of the 10 water glasses is poisonous?”

“Three times, seven times.”

A large number of masked wizards also appeared.

“What type of magic did that person just use?”

“Fire attack.”

“this person is?”


A test similar to the one Jia Han did in the past followed.

“The part where the previous superman emitted mana.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“this time?”

“You stayed quiet this time. Stop fishing… … .”

There are approximately 270,000 superhumans in existence.

There are only 5,000 wizards.

Rumors of the one-and-only wizard quickly and quietly spread around the Mage Tower.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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