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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 103

Episode 103. sensation (3)

Liam Klein was sentenced to life imprisonment in a first trial for murder.

Young Zordyk, who was involved in various crimes, was forfeited the right to develop the second Golden Egg, and a provisional seizure was imposed. An appeal was currently being prepared.

Stella Campus.

Danji cleaned the classroom alone.

‘Why should I be punished?’

Despite the relatively light punishment, Danji could not understand.

It’s not a normal school, it’s a superman academy. If the club had put its mind to it, it could have killed dozens of people in an instant.

However, there was no countermeasure at all.

‘It was dangerous. Then I should have waited until she got hurt before fighting back?’

Ku Dan-ji kicked the wall of the lecture hall with his toe.


Then, someone entered the classroom.

“oh… … . Site reception of property damage in the club complex!”

It was Dante.

Danji shook his head while mopping. to say hello

Dante sat down at the desk the club had cleaned.

“What are you doing going out like that?”

“What am I?”

“We should graduate together.”

“I have no regrets. Graduation is not important at all.”

“Do I have to clean now? Wanna go for a walk?”

late night.

The two of them walked along the promenade that went around the island.

The night air is quite cold.

Danji shrank.

“Put on some loose clothes.”

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Dante took off the jumper he was wearing, threw it over Dan’s body, and zipped it up all the way.

Danji wriggled and pulled out both arms.


The warm body temperature contained in the jumper was transmitted.

Looking at the long sleeves at the fingertips, Dante looked tall again.

“Why am I short? Do you like tall people?”

Dante burst into laughter at the sudden question. Then, he squeezed the end of one sleeve of Danji’s jumper with his hand.

Complex is ‘what are you doing?’ I looked up at Dante with a smile on my face.

“Don’t let the wind get in. Your hands are always cold. They say it’s good to have warm hands and feet.”

“huh. But why don’t you answer me?”

“what. Do you like tall people? does it matter It just doesn’t matter what kind of person he is.”

“Other than that, you have an ideal type. curious.”

Why is he talking like this today?

It’s my ideal type… … .

“To be honest, I never really thought about it… … Curiel’s face? It would be nice to have a comfortable personality like Alicia.”

The complex was a little outrageous.

It’s just that what kind of person you are is important.

What is the meaning of mentioning Curiel, who is said to be celestial beauty?

In Danji’s eyes, Curiel was the perfect person.

Didn’t you stay in the same room for 10 days? Curiel had no flaws to the point of being strange.

As much as I want to be human.

“I understand now. You like tall and pretty people.”

“is it?”

“… … .”

It was Dante’s words that he accepted without thinking. Whether it’s dating, love, or marriage, they don’t care. The target now is the Wizard’s Tower. There was only one.

However, that word pierced Dan Ji’s chest like a dagger.

Dante changed the topic.

“But what do you mean it doesn’t matter if you don’t graduate?”

At best, I entered the academy.

You’ve done well so far.

Graduation doesn’t matter

Dante did not understand such a club well.

“I originally wanted revenge. The man who killed my mother and brother. But now there’s someone more important. You, unnie, and D.O… … my friends.”

“Is that so? Lisa, I’m afraid it’s dangerous.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t graduate. Silas will be sad, but… … It doesn’t matter though. But it doesn’t matter if my sister dies.”

After listening to Dan-ji’s story, Dante was confused for some reason.

Alicia and Danji, Dio. Even after graduation, I had a small wish to be with my friends… …

I thought maybe it was greed.

‘Not everyone can walk the same path as me… … .’

“Then what do you want to do after graduation? dream or goal. something like that?”

I think even when I was in elementary school, I drew pictures of my hopes for the future and announced them. When you become a college student, not many people ask about your dreams.

In particular, due to the nature of superhuman academies, career paths are limited compared to general universities. When asked what career they want, nine out of ten people give the same answer.

It’s called Wizard’s Tower.

Danji thought for a while before answering.

“hmm… … . I just want to live happily.”

“… … happiness?”

The club gave an unexpected answer.

It’s happiness… … .

It is a word that has been forgotten for a long time.


“We live to be happy. Isn’t that Dante?”

“hmm… … . Then what is happiness in your opinion?”

“Now friends. But I will look for more in the future.”

It must have been like that for an hour or two.

Dante continued to ponder as he walked.

what is happiness to me?

“I think that is what happiness is to me. The process of setting goals and achieving them?”

“ah… … . okay? That’s good too. goal, achievement. It’s very different from me… … .”

Danji took off his jumper and returned it to Dante. The cold air pierced his side.

“thank you. It was warm thanks to you. Hi-Hi.”

“OK. Then go in.”


Danji opened the door with a distraught heart.

Curiel greeted me with a smile brighter than the fluttering pink pajamas.

“I’m here? what are you doing now I was bored!”

“hmm… … . therefore… … .”

suddenly the tip of the nose frowns

Tears flowed.

When Dan cries, Curiel approaches her in surprise.

“What happened?”

“Huh. Whew… … .”

Curiel didn’t ask why. Instead, he hugged the team in his arms and patted his back.

Danji cried for a long time.

just know

That Dante didn’t mean to hurt himself. Still, my heart ached.

Dante was the first person I spoke to and was always kind. We went to an amusement park together and made memories. After moving next door, we worked out together and often spent free time together.

So maybe you were expecting it.

Wouldn’t Dante have some special feelings for himself?

‘I shouldn’t have asked… … .’

Dante’s casual remarks felt like a death sentence to Danji.

don’t come any closer

You and I seemed to draw a line that the direction we were going was different.

It was then.

For a moment, I felt a very strong mana.

The jar got out of Curiel’s arms.

One shoulder is damp. It was a tear that fell from the tip of Curiel’s chin. Curiel was crying.

Danji looked up at Curiel in bewilderment.

“… … Are you crying? Why are you?”

Curiel smiled brightly, wiping away the tears with his fingertips.

“Just because you were crying, my heart suddenly hurt so much. I’m not sure about the situation… … It just hurts.”

Danji hugged Curiel tightly. Somehow it seemed like it should be.

It would have been better if Curiel had been a bad person. Then it wouldn’t have been as painful as it is now. Curiel seemed to be a really nice person. So, in a way, I was relieved.

‘Dante should be happy with Curiel rather than me.’

Dante and Curiel.

The two had similarities.

Being together is comfortable and strangely trustworthy.

In particular, I always felt positive energy from Curiel. He was a warm person like the sun.

“I am fine now. So don’t cry either.”

Danji went to bed a little earlier than usual.

Curiel listened in silence. A faint sob could be heard from the sleeping capsule.

She quietly approached and placed her hand on the capsule.

The warm and fluffy mana was sucked into the sleeping capsule. The sobs stopped, and soon there was a hissing sound.

Curiel laid down in the capsule with a bitter smile.

‘Poor child. Just for today, please rest in peace.’

* * *

Daejeon qualifiers are held from May to July. The students devoted themselves to training under the warm spring sunshine.

Twenty freshmen applied for the mixed basketball team.

“and… … . Gorilla real. and… … .”

There were no theory or CQC classes this semester. Instead, freshmen were only obliged to do physical training in the morning and evening.

Dante looked at the complaining junior and spoke with a relaxed expression.

“hey. Are gorillas really angels? It’s tough.”

“Are gorillas angels? What are your standards… … I respect you, senior. insect! castle!”

Alicia wasn’t the kind of person who would just watch an unlikely conversation like this. She said with an exaggerated snort.

“Oh my gosh. Our Dante yelled at me a million times a day, calling me a f*cking gorilla. Have you already forgotten?”

“I don’t remember.”

“But why are you here?”


“Go to Parliament. How come your symptoms are exactly the same as politicians? Have you ever heard of selective amnesia? Forget the things that are unfavorable to you and remember only the things that are good for you.”

“Aren’t politicians too much?”

The junior, who was closely watching the conversation between the two, asked a question.

“But are you two dating?”

“Do you want to go back?”

This semester, Dante and Alicia spent a lot of time together. Therefore, misunderstandings often arose.

Are those two dating or fighting?

After about a month, the person who misunderstood that we were dating disappeared. There’s no way a man and a woman who have good feelings will blow a couple of cues while flirting with each other, cancer.

In April, the Academy War teaser video was released. Requests for interviews and broadcast appearances poured in like waves.

Dante, who was checking the list sent by the manager, asked Chris.

“By the way, hyung-nim, don’t you appear on broadcasts?”

Chris was still speechless. Still, he was a good roommate and workout mate.

In particular, Chris’ concentration was overwhelming enough to imitate him. Once you start training, there is no small talk until the end. Compared to other students, his growth rate was noticeably faster.

When I look at Chris, I wonder, ‘Will my skills improve just by concentrating?’ Doubts disappeared. With this momentum, he may become a great talent.

Chris answered Dante’s question.

“It’s not that I don’t.”

“what. So you can’t?”

“The power is so scary.”

“and… … . It’s too much, really.”

Dante couldn’t bear to say, ‘Why did you stay still like an idiot?’ I couldn’t ask. It must have been an inevitable situation.

If you look at the Liam Klein case right now, the answer comes out.

Wasn’t it one of the families residing in Sky Island that are revered as a prestigious family by everyone? Nevertheless, he used the extreme method of murder to shoot the Zordic family.

Under these circumstances, does a powerless individual stand up to a gigantic force? It was never easy.

“If you could appear, would you appear?”


Chris was a star who was loved by the public for 10 years. If I was afraid of malicious comments when I was a gamer, now I am afraid of being forgotten.

The heat, shouts, and cheers filled the arena. I never lost my enthusiasm for a moment. Chris misses those days.

“Then brother. Let me talk to you. Can we appear together?”

Will you reveal Chris’ injustice and help him get revenge?

This is too far-fetched.

The part that Dante can practically help with is appearing on TV.

There are so many unfair and desperate people in the world.

Dante also thought that way sometimes.

How good would it be if someone with a lot of money threw 1 billion? For those with trillions of assets, 1 billion is nothing.

‘If I were Shy-K… … I wish someone would reach out first.’

From Dante’s point of view, it was a matter of morality rather than friendship. It was a pity that there was an unfair story and the fact that I was not even given a chance to tell it.

Chris took a deep breath and continued.

“Thank you for caring. sincerely.”

“no. I’m sure other people will be curious about you, too, right?”

Dante immediately contacted the manager.

The point was that it would be rejected unless it was accompanied by Shy-K.

The reason why this relationship can be established is that Dante is in the position of A in the contract. It means that Dante paid money to S Enter and hired a manager.

So S Enter did not have the right to impose a schedule on Dante. Have you already received the money but no schedule to manage? If that happened, it would have been a welcome thing for S Enter.

Each broadcasting company spurred on casting performers ahead of the match. Dante was by far the number one recruiter. Because it’s already a verified guest.

Broadcasting staff who heard the answer from S Enter all clicked their tongues.

“The condition is to appear together with Shy-K.”

“under… … . that’s kind of difficult Shy-K, that friend is on the blacklist. As for Curiel. Have you contacted me?”

“I got an absurd answer from that side as well. Appearing alongside Dante Prime or rejecting it.”

From last year’s planning stage, Curiel was already on the top priority of recruiting. Two-Pattern Wizard to AA Senior Admissions. But so far, I have never responded to an invitation.

Such Curiel put forward a condition.

“I’ll think about it if it’s an accompanying appearance with Dante Prime. 」

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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