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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 104

Episode 104. sensation (4)

The broadcasters who received the answers from Dante and Curiel had similar thoughts.

“Curiel Daryl and Dante Prime… … Are you two dating?”

“Iknow, right. Curiel Daryl suddenly transferred to Stella. Doesn’t it smell?”

“Let’s spin it around and scratch it. How will the reaction come out?”

“Is Shy-K really not allowed to appear?”

If you catch only Dante Prime, it is 1 stroke and 3 points.

In particular, if only Shai-K’s appearance was successful, the viewership ratings would have been earned.

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Upstairs, like a parrot, only repeated saying no. PD’s sigh went deeper.

“What can I do when the higher ups say no? oh sh*t Looking for a new face? It’s easy to just sit still and play around.”

“What can I do? If it’s black, it’s black. When the qualifiers start, anyone will come out.”

“Who doesn’t know that? What about the program that was caught this month right now?”

Whether it’s a celebrity or a superhuman, it’s difficult to recruit top-class people. Besides, superhuman society is closed, and the academy is even more closed than that.

But to find a new face and become a colonel. The staff couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

“This is a pain in the ass. To catch Curiel Daryl, you must first catch Dante Prime. To catch Dante Prime, we need to call in Shy-K.”

“It’s probably us who blame us for not being able to invite them. But why is Shy-K blacklisted?”

“How can a lowly class like us know the circumstances of the superiors?”

It was eSPOTV that first put Shai-K on the blacklist. They immediately requested that other broadcasters be banned from appearing on Shy-K.

Then, other broadcasting stations put up conditions instead of accepting eSPOTV’s request. Ask them to ban recruiting stars they hate.

Media, politics, business, sports, and even entertainment. They grabbed each other’s weaknesses and unintentionally colluded.

Unless you are a top star, if you are filmed in one broadcasting company, life in the entertainment world becomes impossible.

The frustrated mind of the practitioners eventually led to Dante’s gossip.

“Dante Prime. Isn’t that too arrogant? Why do we have to bend over to students who haven’t graduated? You haven’t even become an official superman yet.”

“I know yeah. I’ve been raising it for the most part, but it’s arrogant to see if I’ve got walll disease.”

“Where is one or two of those things? Even in the old days of Kamyu, yes. He took the crap and made him a star. How come these days, our broadcasting station doesn’t even show nose plucking?”

The director, who had been sighing deeply in the corner, looked at the team members as if they were pathetic.

“You are not like that. Worcester disease?”

“What did you say wrong? Jia Han should be at least a superhuman.”

“Ehh. It’s not until late that rumors of people working at the broadcasting station are spreading. Tsk.”

People listened to the director’s words with curious eyes.

“A rumor?”

“Dante Prime, that friend. When you graduate, the institutions you want to take you to will line up.”

“Really? why?”

“I don’t know why. Wouldn’t there be something though? So take care of those who will become precious in the future. That’s it, these. Don’t shed tears later.”

AMBC was the first to move their feet during the fierce battle.

AMBC has always been trying to build friendships with the superhuman society. This was a golden opportunity to receive a reward for all the hard work.

The president of the AMBC side came forward and arranged a meeting with Silas Meyer.

Silas Meyer was one of the members of the Eight-member Council, the top executive of the Mage Tower. There is a person who has a deep relationship with Stella.

“Shai-K transferred to Stellar.”

“Yes, sir. But that player is blacklisted throughout the broadcasting industry.”

The president of AMBC confided to Silas the difficulties of recruiting Stella in detail.

“It is true that Shai-K was violent. However, there was an unfair side to retirement as it is. At that time, I joined hands with my agency, eSPOTV, and even a person in the legal profession. It was deliberately buried.”

“hahahaha. Would you like to use that Now, Shai-K is definitely our side. Transferring to Stellar is never easy. i know He probably has quite a potential.”

No matter how collusive the media companies were, they could never get along with the Mage Tower.

Even the Mage Tower doesn’t get involved in blacklists for quite some time, but if a superman is on the blacklist, the story is different.

AMBC’s president sensed the discomfort hidden behind Silas Meyer’s smile.

“Actually, I don’t think it makes sense either. When Shai-K entered the Superman Academy last year, rumors spread. I should have erased it from the blacklist then.”

Mayer nodded at the president’s words.

Stella does not admit criminals. So there was no need to dig into Shy-K’s circumstances.

“Leave your worries about the blacklist and go ahead. If there is a problem, I will take care of it myself.”

“Thank you, Director.”

AMBC allowed Shy-K to be recruited that day.

A few days later, the Mage Tower asked each media outlet to remove Shai-K from the blacklist.

It was a very polite official letter, but it was actually an order.

Other broadcasting stations that received the official notice moved a step later. It was a fatal blow.

Not only Shy-K, but also Dante and Curiel. For the time being, I have sent an answer that I will be with AMBC for the schedule.

At the center of all these events was Dante.

It doesn’t matter what the background is. AMBC is the first station to lend a hand in a difficult situation. It was Dante’s idea that at least for this war period, a reasonable reward should be given.

When Chris heard the news, he was very happy.

“thank you. really.”

“no. Are you going to talk about it when it goes on air?”

“Not yet. First of all, I want to communicate. With the fans who believed in and waited for me until now.”

Well, there is a possibility that the broadcaster will ask first. It was not an easy question to ask.

After all, they are one

Being given this opportunity was enough for Chris.

Chris added.

“Actually, I thought about that when I transferred to Stella. There are many people from powerful families here. I wondered if he would help me if he knew my situation.”

Dante was not surprised.

There are people who even pay debt to build a network and move into a full-option dormitory for two people, right?

“I know what you mean.”

“That’s not why I approached you on purpose.”

“no way. Of course you would. To be honest, I’ve never heard of it. You can’t deliberately approach it.”

Dante is right.

One of the reasons Dante became famous and popular was that he was from a common people. When we first became roommates, I had no idea things would turn out like this.

Chris thought.

‘A person without a background can hold power. Being a superman.’

Even when Dante offered to appear together, I thought it was a courtesy. ‘Do you have that kind of power?’ I had a thought.

“And there’s one more thing I want to tell you.”

“Please speak.”

“If the opportunity arises… … i want to go back to the esports industry. Will that get you in trouble?”

mana and magic.

wealth and power.

Chris had a dream that was even more precious than that. There was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Dante replied with a bright smile.

“Please come back soon. Shy K brother! Everyone will be waiting for you.”

* * *

Mid-April, full of training on weekdays and broadcasting schedules on weekends.

Dante obtained new information through his agency. It was the night before the first schedule.

[Manager brother: But what about Curiel Daryl? You have a special relationship with him, right? ]

[Me: Curiel? Why are we talking about Curiel here? ]

[Manager brother: He said he wouldn’t appear on the show if it wasn’t for you. ]

[Me: Eh ??(°°°)??]

Curiel joined the mixed basketball team. So we were training together every day. But I had never told Dante anything like that.

‘what. Why did you hook me up?’

Curiel was a good friend.

Alicia, whom I train with, and Gu Danji, my roommate. Curiel quickly made friends with people.

Everyone who talked to her said the same thing.

“Did he grow up being loved? When we are together, something is very stable. 」

So was Dante.

Curiel certainly had a knack for making people feel comfortable. However, there was something that bothered me.

strange feeling of discomfort.

Should I say that the texture of mana is different from other people?

The texture of mana differs slightly from person to person. However, there was no such thing as a completely different case like Curiel.

When she approached from a distance, you could tell without seeing her face. It was so different for Dante to feel.

That’s not to say I don’t like Curiel. However, should I say that the difference is strangely annoying?

It was the first time he had such feelings, and Dante was embarrassed. He’s a good person no matter what you look at, but why does a corner of his heart keep feeling uncomfortable?

Just because the texture of mana is different?

station waiting room.

The first recording was Dante, Curiel, and Shy-K. This is how the three of us filmed together.

Dante laughed as he saw Curiel sitting in front of the dressing table.

“hey. your head… … Have you changed?”

Curiel’s hair had turned dark green.

If Alicia was a green moss monster, then Curiel… …

The goddess of the world tree?

As he swung his magic wand, a strong aura that seemed to dominate the spirits came out.

“this? Last night, Lisa unnie, Danji, and the three of us went to the beauty salon. how is it?”

Lisa’s sister.

Have you already become that close?

“Are you getting along well? Something green suits her better than her previous hair.”

It was sincere.

I thought that warm green color suited Curiel’s image better than bluish silver hair.

“wow! It’s a success. I like green best.”

“You didn’t force it, did you? I thought I was on my knees in front of Risha’s threats again.”

Curiel smiled softly.

“You and Lisa unnie look good. I envy you.”

“I think I misunderstood something.”

“okay? Kkeuk.”

Dante moved behind Chris, who was sitting next to him.

It was not unfamiliar to me to see her wearing makeup. somehow makes me feel better It’s like seeing Shy-K in his prime.

“older brother. Fighting today!”

“Don’t be surprised.”


“I’m going to talk a lot today.”

“oh… … . Talkative Shy K. Aren’t people shocked?”

Silent Shy-K and talkative Shy-K.

Which one is the real one?

Today’s broadcast will be filmed by students representing the five prestigious schools. The broadcast length given to Stella was 15 minutes.

Recording started and naturally the focus was on Shai-K.

“The last performer is Chris Lee! Are you still confused about your real name? Shai K came out as the representative of Stellar. There were a lot of fans who wanted to see it. Why did you decide to appear now?”

“I also wanted to meet the fans. But no one called.”

Chris handled the interview skillfully.

Seeing that, the staff’s mouth fell open.

“Did Shy-K always talk like that?”

A somewhat sensitive question followed, but it didn’t matter. Because it has already been discussed.

“After the fifth year, there was a lot of controversy saying that my form had declined. How did you overcome it?”

“It was really hard. From the director to the staff, they are replaced almost every year. It’s just what I do best and what I love. And there are always people who support me. I got through with it.”

During the 10 years of my career as a player, I never had a good day.

This character doesn’t fit well in the hand.

Why can’t this part be like this?

Even in times of trouble, there was no one to confide in. ‘This is Shy-K’s weakness!’ and move on to competitors.

“One of Shy-K’s nicknames was the silent player. It seems that a lot has changed in the meantime.”

“well. As those of you who know probably know, I wasn’t silent from the start.”

“So you’re saying this is what you see now? Then why are you called the silent player?”

“If you say it nicely, you are humble, it is a pretense. To put it bluntly, there is no concept, it is arrogant. No matter how you say it, you’re going to get cursed at.

Of course, if you’re a pro, you should interview like a pro. I also reflected on that. Because I was too young back then… … I guess I just wanted to have fun playing games.”

Recording lasted about three hours.

Two of those hours belonged to Chris.

Still, Dante didn’t care.

Looking at Shy-K shining under the lights, my heart was touched for some reason.

Shai-K left these words as his last impression.

“They say the truth will come out someday. I was giving up, but thank you for giving me a chance. I believe that sooner or later the suspicions surrounding me will dissipate and the truth will be revealed.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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