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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 105

Episode 105. Mt. Baekdu Mission (1)

After the first broadcast, Chris started a personal broadcast with Neptune. The reaction was hot.

Malicious commenters exist anytime, anywhere. Rather, the majority of people wanted Shai-K to return.

Chris thanked Dante whenever he had a chance.

“now stop! It’s embarrassing to keep talking about it.”

“But what should I do, thank you.”

Going through the Shy-K incident, Dante also felt a lot.

“My parents died suddenly. on the same day. It was very difficult, but there were people who helped me.”

As we talked, Hamel came to mind.

In fact, I didn’t really care at all at the time. Because Hamel’s parents were superhuman. The Superman Association gave me a luxurious funeral.

As I was able to afford my life and looked back on the past, I suddenly had this thought.

Wouldn’t Hamel, who grew up without worrying about money, need a friend he could rely on?

Of course, he has no regrets about the choices he made in the past. It’s just that the environment changes, experiences accumulate, and there are new realizations.

Dante sent a long text message to Hamel.

[ me : … … (Omitted) I was sorry that I couldn’t be with you at that time. ]

* * *

Daejeon semester is a honey semester?

You’ll have to figure it out when you get your grades.

Students have been busier than ever.

Especially when it comes to Instructor Jia Han… …

“and… … . Worse than Red Devil… … Ah-oh!”

From noble mtl dot com

Under the guidance of passionate Jia Han, the students were completely dried up.

“I’m going to get some real physical training.”

In the yard where the seniors also complain, the new students will be shocked. In addition to morning and night training, even combat practice. It was like doing physical training almost all day.

“I still have to be patient… … . When are we ever going to get a dedicated mark from a genius like Han Ji-ah?”

By the time the whole earth was in a festive mood, the order to mobilize was given to the Stella students.

「 Announcement on Practicum for 1st Semester (Excluding Freshmen)

Date: May 24th ~ May 26th

Location: Near Echo Base

Mission: Monster Sweeping Operation

Team: Free composition of 5 members

Stella Academy Auditorium.

After changing into military uniforms, about 300 middle and senior students gathered.

Jia Han gave a brief briefing on this practice.

“As you all know, monsters continue to appear around the Echo Base. The grades were confirmed to be from E to C.

Are you busy preparing for the war? I know. However, we must not forget our duty as a ‘superman’. Let’s complete the mission successfully and return without getting hurt. more.”

After the briefing, the students moved straight to Agras 1st Airport. Hundreds of C-747s were waiting on the runway.

The first practice is the earth… …

Dante was heartbroken.

Usually, in the first semester of the second year, it was time to go to practice at least twice to an outer planet. However, the current middle school students had never been able to go to practice, and the first monster eradication practice was to be conducted on Earth.

Alicia patted Dante on the back and asked.

“What’s wrong with your expression? Do you hate being on the same team as me?”

1 group of 5 people.

Dante teamed up with Alicia, Fabio, Danji, and Claudio.

“just. In many ways, I feel… … .”

The students were divided into groups of five and climbed onto C-747. It was unfamiliar even during the first survival mission. Now I’m quite used to this small airship.

It didn’t take long for the airship to take off.

Claudio spoke busily in an excited voice.

“and. You’re on the same team as defense wizard Al-senpai! You’re not going to die, are you?”

Alicia’s gaze turned to Dante.

“I know. But I don’t know why he’s been so dead from a while ago.”

This time, all eyes were on Dante.

Dante opened his mouth with a complicated expression.

“It’s not because I don’t like being on the same team. We appeared on a broadcast the other day. It’s such a festive mood these days. But suddenly I’m going to the battlefield, so what to say… … I feel a bit strange.”

Fabio, who had been listening quietly, nodded and agreed with Dante’s words.

“that’s right. I was also distracted a few days ago. Why did I want to… … Like Dante said, I think it’s because of the atmosphere. It must be a process that all superhuman seniors have gone through, right?”

On one side of the earth, a scene of slaughter is taking place. On the other hand, it’s a festive mood.

However, it is not particularly surprising when you look at it.

It was the same in the old days.

The Haiti earthquake killed 300,000 people. There were relief efforts in each country, but most individuals lived their own lives.

Most people have a hard time even living their own lives. Then, when I have time to spare, I turn my eyes to the situation of my family, friends, neighbors, and my country.

To pay attention to what happens outside the realm of my life in a harsh life… …

It’s not easy.

Dante looked at Alicia with a puzzled expression.

“Are you really okay?”

“A person cannot do that. But I had to get used to it. my older brother.”

After reading Fabio’s expression, Dante quickly opened his mouth.

“Risha calls her father big brother.”

“Oh yeah? i again… … .”

Alicia was the only one on the team who had superhuman parents. No, Alicia was the only one who had superhuman parents who gave advice to their children.

She told the team a few things she had heard from Karum.

“Do you know what a superman should be most wary of? monster? no. The most important thing is to keep my mentality.

That’s what a superman’s life is like. I’ve just returned from the battlefield, and I’ve lost a comrade. When you return to Earth, the world will be the same. It’s so peaceful. There is a sense of discrepancy.

If you can’t overcome that, you can’t be superhuman. No, you can’t. It makes you and the people around you unhappy.”

Danji blinked his eyes as if he didn’t understand.

“Are people around you unhappy? why are you unhappy? Superman is a good thing. strong and not poor. You can protect it.”

Usually think like a jar.

Every home has problems. So, at least a superman with a lot of money would be less unhappy than a commoner.

Unless you experience it yourself, you can pretend to understand someone else’s life, but it is impossible to fully understand it.

Dan-ji’s question was also a difference of opinion due to the different environment in which he grew up.

Alicia hesitated for a moment before answering.

“It’s my story. My family suffered a lot because of my mother. isn’t that The placenta of patients admitted to a mental hospital are superhuman.”

“i know. Superman is always dangerous. But if you’re not superhuman, it’s more dangerous. My mother and brother died because they were weak. So I thought. How nice it would have been if my mother was also a superhuman. Did you hate your sister?”

Reverse Lin (逆鱗).

The scales that are reversed on the nape of the dragon’s neck indicate vital points. If you touch this yeokrin, the dragon chases until the end and punishes.

Alicia had always been her mother. However, after hearing Dan-ji’s story, she thought about it.

Carum often said this to Alicia. You say you look a lot like your mother when she was young. Saisha was once a lively and unstoppable young lady. A momentary event can change a person’s personality and life 180 degrees.

So I was always on guard.

keep your mind straight

let’s not break down

and… …

Let’s never be like mom.

‘Mom was just a person I didn’t like, I never thought of her as a senior superintendent… … Never.’

Alicia knew roughly what caused Saisha Smith’s OCD.

Saisha went on a mission to an outer planet as usual, and all members of the team except for herself were killed due to an unexpected action by one member of the team.

“So you should have done it as planned. As planned… … . 」

At such times, Karum soothed Saisha like this.

“It is not always possible to succeed in a mission just by following the plan. You know. At that time, an unexpected monster appeared, and that it could not be done as planned. 」

“What do you want to talk about? Then why did my teammates die? It wasn’t because it didn’t go as planned! 」

Saisha felt very anxious about her unplanned routine. Such tendencies also have a direct influence on their children.

“Did you ask if you didn’t like it? I hate to have to answer first. My mother is superhuman. My mom wasn’t strong enough. mentally. but… … .”

Alicia paused for a moment and looked at the faces of her teammates.

Dante and Fabio, Danji and Dio.

If all these kids die in this mission.

Can I hold on?

It wasn’t that I hadn’t imagined something similar before. Even so, I tried to understand my mother, but I couldn’t reach it.

Because I didn’t have any close friends back then.

because i was young

Why do children have to take care of their parents’ misbehavior? Even if I could understand, I didn’t want to comfort my mother just because I understood.

It is only now that she understands Saisha a little bit. Even so, she couldn’t justify the cruelty she did to her children.

“Respect for my mother as a superhuman… … Yes, respect is the right expression. Although it didn’t end well… … Until then, you must have performed your duties better than anyone else. maybe.”

Fabio encouraged Alicia by patting her on the shoulder.

“I didn’t know that such a thing happened. Was there a reason you had to pretend to be strong every time?”

Alicia raised her voice in anger.

“Pretending to be strong! Because I really count, not Chuck?”

“Originally, a true master never said he was a master… … .”

“Oh ho ho ho. Come here, baby.”

Dio was punished by Alicia without finishing what he was trying to say.

You have 30 minutes left to reach your destination.

Dante and the team members had a brief strategy meeting to set the mood.

This mission was led by Fabio. He led the meeting with his characteristic calm voice.

“The place we will drop is M377, mountain terrain. The objects found nearby are two E-class and two D-class. With the skills of the five of us, we should be able to digest it without any problems.”

As Fabio said, low-level monsters usually appear, so there is no need to worry too much. However, you shouldn’t let go of the string of tension.

The other day, there was information that a new D-class monster was discovered on Earth.

“Five not four? It looks like there’s a spy among us… … .”

At Alicia’s words, D.O. responded as if it was a bit unfair.

“Why are you looking at me, senior? Now I have the skills to not be a nuisance anywhere.”

“That would be better. Just get hurt! I will leave it behind.”

“no way. You said you would use a shield before I get hurt.”

Fabio, who had been listening quietly, asked Alicia.

“hey. Everyone on the team here is in trouble. If you could only use a shield on one person, who would you save?”

Alicia smiled brightly and raised her middle finger.

“of course… … This is Alicia Smith.”

Dante burst out laughing.

Senior Fabio is also true.

It wasn’t anyone else, what did you expect from Risha?

“Risha is selfish, so there’s no such thing as saving someone else’s life, senior.”

“It must be smart, not selfish. Shouldn’t I, who is the strongest among the five, live first?”

It’s just ice breaking. No one was taking the conversation seriously.

Dante let go of his laugh and asked the question again.

“No, really, let’s talk about it. don’t play around Who are you going to save first?”

“under… … . these childish things. Do you think I trained to die for no reason? I want to save everything. So stop talking nonsense, please.”

Now, he has gone to the club site to help out.

“So, if it’s a quiz. Fabio-senpai and Dante. I’m curious about who your sister likes more.”

Fabio, Dante, and Claudio responded one after another.

“… … It’s not?”

“no it’s not?”

“What nonsense. Of course, Senior Al likes me the most.”

Alicia, who gathered her thoughts at the enthusiastic cheers, answered.

“The first person that caught my eye. Bang bang!”

That’s what he said, but there were definitely priorities that he wanted to keep alive in Risha’s mind.

In the meantime, the airship arrived at the mission. An announcement was made.

“Five minutes before the airship landed. After everyone is seated, please fasten your seat belts. We will land on Mt. Baekdu soon. 」

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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