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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 106

Chapter 106. Mt. Baekdu Mission (2)

Dan-ji hummed in Korean a song that everyone was hearing for the first time.

“So that the waters of the East Sea and Mt. Baekdu dry up and wear away… … .”

A child who never sang in his life suddenly started to sing. Dante asked with an intrigued expression.

“what. Why is Melody so sad again?”

“Oh, this? Old-time Korean nation. National anthem. Baekdu Mountain is there. I suddenly remembered.”

“Isn’t Mt. Baekdu in ancient China? Why does Mt. Baekdu appear in the Korean national anthem?”

“hmm… … . I don’t know the details, but Baekdu Mountain has been Korean territory since a long time ago.”

Dante just didn’t understand it well.

Korea collapsed 500 years ago.

Each city-state had a new national anthem.

But why?

“That song. No, how do you know and call the old country? Does it make sense?”

“Jun Mori told me this. A nation that has forgotten its history has no future.”

“oh… … . Did that kid say that?”

It was the first time Dante had heard of it.

Of course, did not the 200 or so countries merge into 6 city-states?

The process has never been easy. So each country has focused on national unity rather than remembering its past history and maintaining its ethnic color.

The club opened its mouth again.

“I think what you said is right. If someone has to remember and not forget, I will remember.”

Meanwhile, the airship landed.

A canyon at 1,500 m above sea level.

D.O sighed briefly as he looked around the mountain without a single blade of grass.

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“It’s desolate, it’s desolate. Didn’t you say this is a volcanic area?”

Dante nodded and briefly shared information.

“huh. Baekdusan erupted 150 years ago. It is still classified as an active volcano.”

Volcano experts in the old days have consistently foretold the great eruption of Mt. Baekdu and Mt. Fuji. This is because the foreshadowing phenomenon was continuously observed.

Mount Fuji caused a great explosion around the time of the first monster attack, and it became a decisive factor in the downfall of Japan.

Mt. Baekdu did not explode until 350 years later. Old-time scholars predicted that if Mt. Baekdu exploded, a strong earthquake would occur, causing more than 30 trillion won in damage in Korea alone. But there was no damage.

By the time of the eruption of Mt. Baekdu, an underground city-state system had already been established. Unfortunately or fortunately, the facilities on the ground were already destroyed and were not in a situation where they could be damaged.

Dante looked at his teammates and talked.

“So let’s not relax. Magma Cerberus could also appear on Earth.”

Lava type monsters are quite difficult to deal with. It has never been found on Earth, but there is no guarantee that it will not continue to appear.

Before moving, the team members put on anti-gas helmets and once again meticulously checked their equipment.

Fabio spoke over the walkie-talkie.

“Ahh. Can you all hear me?”


“The team name goes to Team Alpha. Alpha Team Fighting!”

“”Go for it!””

Tens of thousands of drones floated in the sky, checking the amount of mana around them.

Fabio took the lead while checking the mana graph sent to the tablet in real time.

“Move to the higher mana concentration.”

Alphadan climbed the mountain at high speed. There was no hesitation in that step.

There are thousands of superhumans performing missions near Mt. Baekdu. If you are in danger, you can always ask for help around you, so there is no need to worry too much.

Besides, there’s Alicia, right?

Although he didn’t show it, Dante enjoyed his first mission with Alicia.

Didn’t you check it during the last Disney Park incident? Even though he was usually rude, he was seriously impressed with the way he performed his duties.

‘It’s very foggy.’

Around the time when everyone on the team, including Dante, had similar thoughts. Fabio, who was in front, stopped.

“Guys. Look at this.”

Team Alpha all stopped and stared forward.

“It wasn’t fog, it was steam.”

A wide, gently spreading volcanic terrain.

Moisture heated by the magma rises up and fills the earth.

It is spectacular.

The wonders of nature that I only saw in documentaries were in front of my eyes.

“and… … .”

Dante admired the beautiful sight, but at the same time he felt a sense of fear.

“Isn’t it suddenly exploding like this?”

Alicia, standing behind her, lifted her knee and poked Dante in the buttock.

“You’re talking nonsense again. No negative delusions!”

“What else are you delusional about? I just have what I’ve heard.”

“Normally, you’re free to say whatever you want, but not when you’re on a mission. Let’s not break unnecessary morale.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

In fact, Alicia is right.

At the words someone threw out, someone else might have a needless fear.

Because D.O was thinking this right now.

‘and… … . What if it really explodes? But if you melt away and die in an instant, the pain will be less, right?’

Alicia excelled at setting the tone during missions. It should be neither too excited nor too subdued.

“Keep your composure. Keep the senses of the whole body on edge.”


It was then.

Fabio’s tablet vibrated.

three times quickly and briefly.

It was a signal to inform the monster detection.

“Check for monsters around you. Requesting infrared information.”

Simultaneously with Fabio’s request, three drones approached the area where the monsters were found, collected information, and sent notifications.

[ Magpies. Accuracy 97.3376% ]

Fabio immediately shared the information with Team Alpha.

“A magpie. Is this embarrassing?”

Dio’s face turned pale.

“Did you come into our magpie territory? It’s okay.”

Magpies are notorious for their territorial territories and are very tyrannical even before awakening.

What if the vicious guys even awaken?

Danji opened his mouth with a somewhat calm expression.

“It’s a little strange. That there are living things that continue to survive even after being killed.”

Magpies adapt well to any environment and have strong survival skills.

Is it only magpies?

Didn’t mankind, who thought it would perish after the monster attack, survive so steadfastly and build a new civilization?

It is highly unlikely that life forms that have rooted and evolved on the earth for billions of years will disappear in an instant.

Until firearms were invented, wild beasts, not humans, were predators. Is there anything different since the invention of firearms?

Many living things have been exterminated by humans, but there are also pests that humans have not been able to eradicate.

And now this land is covered with mana.

All kinds of lifeforms have perfectly adapted and established themselves in the land that humans have vacated. There, he obtained the transcendental power of ‘awakening’. Now human guns have nothing to be afraid of.

Dante briefly briefed the team on what to watch out for when dealing with magpies.

“Everyone knows, but let’s check and move on. Thirteen types of magpie-type monsters were only discovered. It is not yet known which of these characteristics it possesses. After awakening, Magpie loses his intelligence, but his nature becomes stronger. If you touch one wrongly, they will come running in droves, so don’t let your guard down.”

Fabio tuned the radio frequency.

“I will ask for support. It will be difficult for us.”

“This is Team Alpha. Magpies identified in area M377. Please apply and join. 」

D.O, who sat on the floor for a while to catch his breath, spoke.

“But wouldn’t it be easier if I just explode the mana balm? I don’t know why they bother using such cumbersome methods.”

Alicia clicked her tongue in response.

“Anyway, there are always pups like this. Do you only live for today? If you blow up the mana balm and destroy it all. What will become of our descendants?”

“It must be hard to agree with what senior Al said, right? Where can we afford to be considerate of our descendants whom we do not even know. We have to live in our generation first.”

Even among superhumans, opinions were always divided on both sides. It was a question that could not be answered by either side.

Dante, who had been listening, stepped out.

“I’m on Lisa’s side. Our earth has already been damaged a lot, but if we can protect it, it would be better to protect it as much as possible. Besides, you’re here to practice now.”

Danji also helped Dante.

“that’s right. You can’t use mana balm on outer planets anyway. because of the rarity. It is important to practice fighting without mana bomb.”

D.O was slightly disappointed at the great unity of the team members. No, I was more worried than that.

D.O stood up from his seat and brushed his butt off.

“Captain Fabio. Can I come and see you for a while?”

“Don’t go too far. Assistance will come within 10 minutes.”


‘ha… … . Will I be able to pull it off?’

It is true that D.O.’s skills have improved compared to before. However, the fact that it was at the bottom of the Stellar list did not change.

Now, the remaining students are only talented people who have complied with their skills and mentality. For every step I took, my colleagues took 1.2 steps.

‘Have you caught up now?’ When I looked up, the distance between my colleagues was wider. D.O felt a wall he would never be able to overcome.

‘Magic Tower office worker. I can’t help it with my skills, right?’

A year and a half has passed since I entered Stellar. It was time to bury the big dream deep in the heart and face the reality.

D.O. was wary of his surroundings and searched for a place to go. Suddenly, a large basalt lump appeared not far away.

‘In the current situation, if you join a large mercenary group, you’ll be able to detect it. Let’s change the goal without being disappointed later.’

Cool down and clear your mind. It felt like my heart was getting colder.

The moment I tried to turn back.

Food gain.

I heard the faint flapping of wings.

‘what? monster?’


this time it’s a cry

The sound came from a crevice in the rock that had just been defecated.

Dio crouched down and searched for a crack in the rock.

“oh… … . It looks like a baby.”

however… …

Looking closely, I was hurt.

A baby magpie that had been bitten on the nape of the neck trembled and cried over and over again.

“You were attacked because you couldn’t awaken? feel sorry… … .”

Suddenly, D.O. empathized with this fragile creature. I felt a sense of kinship.

A magpie that was mercilessly attacked and abandoned in the world of the jungle. Do I have to say that he looked very sad when he fluttered his little wings saying he would try to live?

D.O carefully held out his palm to the magpie.

Did he even notice his heart?

The guy walked up and climbed onto D.O’s palm.

‘I’m going to go and apply some medicine and send it back. Would that be enough?’

If you apply some medicine, will he survive?


Dio knows too.

That an entity that has not awakened can never survive. But my heart wouldn’t allow me to leave him like this.

D.O held the baby magpie with both hands and joined the team.

As expected, Alicia opened her eyes in anger.


“Oh, I know. I’ll just apply some medicine and send it off. I’ve brought some seaweed, so I’m going to give you some water. yes?”



This baby’s cry may call in another entity. What D.O did now was an unexpected action that shouldn’t have been made.

However, seeing a creature frantically quenching its thirst with a beak the size of a fingernail, all the members of the team weakened.

“Mr. Lee. Cute is also rare and cute.”

Instead of arguing further, Alicia pulled out some ointment from the first aid kit. Wound ointment imbued with healing magic.

Then, he found the wound and applied the ointment meticulously.

Dio, who was watching, spoke.

“But I saved you at best, but won’t you become a monster later? Then I think you’ll be upset.”

“Did your parents know that you would grow up like this, so when you were sick, they gave you medicine and raised you wholeheartedly?”

“… … Iknow, right.”

It was just a joke I always said. Alicia was taken aback by D.O’s completely different reaction.

“what. What is that reaction?”

“I am also pathetic. Even if I die, even if I try, this is all I can do… … .”

“You are acting now. To make me feel sorry!”

“I mean it.”

“… … .”

For Alicia, who was embarrassed, Fabio stepped in instead.

“That word, disrespecting Stella. Although there may be differences, each of us is a great person, right? done Let’s focus on the mission for now.”

Alicia also briefly encouraged D.O.

“Thanks to you, the baby magpie doesn’t get sick anymore. Did you know about the magpie that repaid the favor?”

“Does the magpie repay the favor?”

“huh. Magpies before awakening are smart. Something good will happen to you too, for sure.”

Watching the magpie flying somewhere, Dante thought.

‘I think that bastard will repay the favor with revenge.’

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Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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