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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 107

Episode 107. Mt. Baekdu Mission (3)

Alicia, sensing the change in Dante’s expression, asked quietly.

“what. Did you see anything?”

“That baby magpie just now. It’s not that he didn’t wake up, he must have been hiding it.”

“What nonsense is that? Hiding your awakening.”

Dante’s remark shocked Alicia.

You hid your awakening?

Are you saying that a bird’s head that is not even bloody in the claws deceived humans?

And suddenly, I remembered what BS often said.

Monster intelligence.

No matter how smart an individual is, it is an established theory that after awakening, he loses his reason and becomes a monster who is only faithful to his instincts. until now.

But lately, rumors that monsters are getting smarter have been quietly circulating in the superhuman society.

Alicia asked again.

“Are you sure? Then you have to look first. What did you see and make that decision?”

“So. I was worried because I wasn’t sure.”

The moment the magpie moved away, Mana was seen. It was too far, so I couldn’t confirm the pattern.

‘It looked like a mix of green and purple. what?’

Usually, green is toxic, and purple is a change system pattern. But how did the baby magpie hide Mana perfectly? No, why were you hiding it?

trouble deepens

Dante talked to Alicia.

“Did the real bastard decide to trick us? It could have awakened while the wound was healing, or it could have suddenly awakened in response to our mana.”

“There is a point in what you say.”

“So how? Report, stop.”

“Why don’t you ask Professor Han for advice first?”

“oh… … . good night.”

Jia Han and other faculty were watching the situation from a temporary command center near Mount Baekdu.

Dante called Jia Han on his personal cell phone.

When I briefly explained the situation, Jia Han replied.

– Okay, so focus on practice.

“Is it over?”

– Hang up. effort.

I feel relieved to hear that I am being told to practice in a cool way.

‘You must have judged that it wouldn’t be very dangerous, right?’

As expected by Dante, the Superman Association was aware of most of the characteristics of the currently appearing monsters.

Besides, isn’t this Earth?

On outer planets, it is difficult to provide support immediately when a problem arises, but now it was a structure that could be supported quickly.

In the meantime, two nearby teams joined Alpha Team. All were Stella students.

Curiel looked at Dante and waved his hand gently.

“Were you here?”

“huh. Thank you for joining us.”

“Thank you for what. I was bored because there were no monsters in the place we searched. Great.”

Fabio explained to the new member.

“It’s a magpie-type monster, and I couldn’t figure out exactly what kind of entity it was. Let’s move as a team while keeping some distance.”

Although magpies evolve into individuals with various shapes and characteristics, there are commonalities that do not change.

Terrible collective consciousness.

When a kinsman is attacked, individuals within a 5km radius attack in hordes. In addition, injured magpies tended to increase their fighting power.

Each team advanced slowly towards the radar pointing. Today, the protective suit covering the whole body felt heavy.

Dante felt like taking off his helmet right away.

‘It’s cramped, this.’

A bumpy slope.

Rotten old tree.

The biggest problem was the foggy water vapor.

‘I can’t see, but I can fight, right?’

The only things that could confirm the existence of the team members were their voices and mana.

Claudio spoke in a thin, trembling voice.

“Is everyone nearby?”

Dio’s ability to detect mana is the least among the five. He sharpened his five senses and tried not to miss the mana of his teammates.

Then, something quickly approached Dio.

D.O.’s body froze for a moment. All he could do was grab the managun with trembling hands.


With a dull sound, Alicia’s palm struck Dio’s helmet.

“You move with me.”

“under… … Seed. It’s a surprise. Turn on the lights and come in!”

“Look at this kid squeaks with his seniors. Were you scared?”

Alicia let out a leisurely laugh.

Meanwhile, D.O. had many thoughts.

I am also grateful to Alicia for coming here. I envy her ability to smile in this situation.

“Is it okay for me to be alone?”

“okay? Shall I go then?”




Alicia stood next to Dio and moved in sync. Actually, it wasn’t the right thing to do.

Keeping distance while moving is fundamental.

Now, that’s a violation of the basics.

Why did he still run to D.O?

It was because Dio’s mana was extremely unstable.

Alicia had seen Dio’s similar mana waves several times before.

‘Friends who were injured or died during practice. It was just like D.O right now, maybe… … .’

When you feel extreme fear, the mana wave also changes minutely. I didn’t know it before, but now I could tell Alicia clearly.

And chose.

Rather than protecting the basics, it’s toward protecting D.O.

Alicia was surprised inside.

that he made this decision.

‘I’ve changed a lot too.’

Normally, I would have stuck to the basics and principles. Why is there so much emphasis on basics and principles in school? Failure to do so may result in a greater accident.

Alicia also realized something through repeated practice. Of course, the basics and principles are important. However, sticking to it did not always lead to the best results.

‘okay. Even if you kill a few monsters, it’s important that everyone on your team is safe. that’s the best result If one of the kids goes wrong, I’ll be like my mother… … sh*t, what are you saying Let’s not think unluckily.’


Alicia nervously slapped her helmet and brushed off her thoughts.

Before long, Fabio’s voice came through the headset.

“come. preparation!”

Food deuk food deuk.


The 15 members loaded the managun and aimed at the sky at the same time.

Hundreds of magpies rushed rapidly toward their prey.

Fabio gave orders in a calm voice.

“Keep a circular formation. Let’s slowly close the distance between us. Concentrate because the visibility situation is not good.”

Situations in which vision cannot be relied on. They relied solely on mana to fire magic bullets.


Shu Shu Shuk.

A huge monster corpse fell in front of my eyes. Their hot, gooey bodily fluid covers their whole body.

The first battle ended neatly in about 5 minutes.

“No more than one team.”

“No more than 2 teams.”

“Team 3. Clear this one too.”

The three teams gathered in an empty lot surrounded by old trees.

The stylish black suit was dyed an unpleasant dark red color.

Fabio spoke while checking the radar.

“Looks like this has been sorted out, doesn’t it? Let’s quench our thirst for a moment and move on.”

At Fabio’s words, D.O and several other members briefly cheered.

“okay. Cheeky bird heads. Isn’t it a big deal?”

“I know. You were scared for nothing!”

“Who is scared? Aren’t you the only one?”

Dante also took a seat in the corner. Take off your helmet and wipe away any bodily fluids. The dried bodily fluids were not easily wiped off.

Alicia walked over and squatted down next to Dante.

“What is suspicious?”

“It was nothing. Just those guys.”

“okay? For now, I’m glad.”

“Type 4. Right?”


Magpie type 4.

4 types do not use magic and only attack with magic bullets. It was the lowest level of difficulty among magpie monsters.

Dante still seemed to have a lot on his mind.

Alicia patted Dante on the back and spoke.

“Don’t worry, man. The highest level of difficulty for magpies is class C. Is it because of that baby magpie?”

“just. There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

“Right. admit.”

“But it’s a bit annoying because I can’t see well.”

“Because it’s practice. You have to take into account the equipment.”

Incumbent superintendents carry out their missions wearing state-of-the-art equipment costing 10 billion won per person. Among them are goggles with attached mana scanners.

Because of this, I was able to fight more easily even in a situation where the field of view was tight like now.

Dante asked.

“But private mercenaries say you have to buy equipment with your own money. Is it real?”

“It is different for each mercenary. They say they usually provide basic equipment and buy high-end equipment at their own expense.”

“I see.”

“It has nothing to do with us. The Mage Tower always provides the best equipment for free.”

“It is true. What are you really going to do if the mage tower falls?”

Alicia raised her middle finger with both hands and stood up.

“Damn it.”

Dante thought as he put on his polished helmet.

The old adage, ‘The craftsman doesn’t blame the tool’ is old. At least it doesn’t work in the superhuman world.

This means that the equipment is just as important.

All crew members have completed maintenance.

Fabio confirmed another group of magpies caught on radar.

“Northeast foothills. Let’s clean up that part and camp in a suitable place.”

Just like that, the moment everyone was about to move on. A sudden gust of wind boiled the dust on the floor, clearing the steam.

People gazed at the sky in unison.

Same goes for Dante.


Once again there was a strong gust of wind and dust rose. the dust settles A huge monster appeared.


The scene was buzzing.

“Is it an awakened entity?”

“I can’t feel the mana at all.”

“What about the radar?”

Fabio quickly checked the radar.

“I can’t get caught.”

Even humans and individuals who have not awakened have a small amount of mana. This is a truth that has never been exempted.

However, the guy approached with his mana completely hidden. Everyone was shocked by that fact.

Dante also looked at him with extreme concentration, but nothing changed. Mana was not detected at all.

‘… … Is this possible?’

This means that it was deliberately hidden.

The five senses sent out a danger signal.

While everyone was watching him anxiously, Fabio alludedly opened his mouth.

“First, I put in a request for support from the main unit. Ready to shoot.”

Fifteen muzzles point at the same place.

Dante calmly loaded the magic bullet.

‘Why don’t you attack first?’

Magpies are territorial animals and will attack indiscriminately if they invade their territory.

From noble mtl dot com

But it was just hovering in the clearing, slowly flapping its large wings. As if waiting for something.

The commander’s order to fire was given.


Strong and weak magic bullets were fired towards the same place.

Dante stared at Magican until the end.

At the same time, complex magical patterns unfolded around him.

My heart sank.

‘Even at a glance, it’s EX-level. No, more than that!’

The mind becomes hazy.

The magic bullets, which flew at high speed, slowed down.

‘f*ck. What is this?’

I felt a strange feeling that is hard to explain.

‘It’s definitely not the first time I’ve felt this way. When was it… … When was it?’

While Dante searches for memories.

The black magic circle emitted from her body entangled the bodies of her colleagues around her.

Time still passed slowly.

Dante tried to hold on to his limbs and resist the elongating time, but to no avail. He felt helpless for a moment.

The world moves in slow motion at 0.25x speed.

The first person to react to the magic was Claudio. He turned to Dante and aimed his managun as if possessed.

‘It’s seduction magic.’

“D.I.O! Wake up, man! hey!”

The whites of D.O’s eyes disappeared. Dark, dark eyes like those of a monster.

Behind Dio, another member of the crew could be seen aiming a managun at Alicia.

“Lishya! Shield!”

Dante raised his head in despair.

‘All you have to do is remove the body. do. can do!’

There was no need for managun.

Dante concentrated terribly and drew mana from his whole body. It reminds me of a huge mana sphere I’ve never seen before.

It has been reacting to Dante’s powerful mana.

oh oh oh-

Only then did Dante remember the source of the mysterious and mysterious emotion.

‘Dragon. Why does he feel the dragon’s energy? how… … how! Are we all going to die like this?’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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