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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 9

Episode 9. Rose of Versailles (2)

Alicia, who was examining Dante’s expression, asked.

“What is so serious?”

“Oh, no.”

The word cute was shocking, but more shocking was the flow of mana felt in Alicia’s hand.

Should I say it feels like the mana flowing out of her hand went around her body and escaped again?

‘Should I check it out?’

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

Alicia and Karum.

Both of them have more mana than normal people, but they are normal.

‘Are these people controlling too? Just like my parents did.’

“But who is your sister?”

“It means older sister in old Korean.”

“Is there anyone who still speaks the old language?”

“Aren’t you in your hometown?”


Like Bonjour or Grazier, light greetings. I’ve often heard swear words like shaise and kekkacho even in Charlie.

“There were few, but there were. Are there many here?”

“Actually, very few kids speak Korean. Instead, there are still many people who speak Chinese. Almost all Chinese kids can speak both English and Chinese.”


“huh. Even in Chinese, there is the same expression as your sister’s, right? Say it. But I like my older sister better. When I was in middle school, there was a Korean boy hanging out with me and following me around. It was so cute… … .”

So you want to say that you were popular?

“Can’t you just do it one more time? huh?”

Carum’s eyes grew cold as he watched Alicia being mischievous.

“Alicia Smith. Should the joke be cut short?”

Dante was taken aback by Carum’s attitude.

‘and… … He’s charismatic.’

The captain making a fuss over his daughter’s fool.

I only knew that he was a local uncle.

It was only a change in his eyes, but he looked like a completely different person.

Eventually, Alicia’s answer followed.

“Yes, Father.”

Alicia, who has completely lost her smile, is also very charismatic.

‘This is a woman with a complete twist.’

Alicia, who was standing up with her plate, pouted and grumbled.

“You only called me by name when you were angry? If that’s the case, just call me by my first name every day. Princess if you feel good, Alicias if you feel bad. mi. S!”

“Right, Princess! We have to do that, that!”

“Is that so? Let’s go, brother!”

“Dad will return the plate?”

Dante thought as he followed with his plate.

What is the identity of this woman?

Why are emotions and attitudes shifting so quickly? unbearable.

however… … .

‘You look great.’

i envy you.

Even if you don’t hold back like a friend,

Even if I pat you like a lover,

I was envious of their relationship full of affection like parents and children.

Dante’s parents were not very good at showing affection.

‘But I think I said something earlier. what?’

Just as the three of them were about to leave the restaurant. A broadcast came out of the speaker.

[ Carum Smith. Carum Smith. This is an emergency call to the first slaughterhouse. Carum Smith. Carum Smith. This is an emergency call to the first slaughterhouse. ]

“What is it, child! I’m going to rip that speaker off!”

Alicia raised her middle finger toward the speaker with a tantrum. A CCTV was installed right next to the speaker.

“Thank you for blowing your finger for me, Princess. rot guys. Why are you calling people day and night? You just heard… … .”

“okay. I’ll be playing with him. I will do that tomorrow.”

“okay! Let me have a look outside.”


Carum leaves, leaving Dante and Alicia alone.

“Have you been assigned a room? Would you like to walk there? Also to digest.”


“Why are you so tight-knit? Just relax.”


To be honest, being alone with a girl my age is still awkward. Since I was in elementary school, I had always stuck with Hamel, and I went to a boys’ school. I didn’t have many opportunities to meet friends of the opposite s*x.

“Ugh. petulance!”

“Does this happen often?”

“Almost every day?”

“that’s interesting.”


“Even though you’re so busy, the two of you look close.”

Alicia also had a rough idea of Dante’s circumstances.

It was thanks to BS and Lay’s word of mouth in advance.

“I heard you. to BS.”

“ah… … okay?”

“Your parents had an off-earth job. Things are a bit different with me. No matter how busy my father is, he returns home once every two days.”

Dante nodded as if he agreed with that statement.

“I heard that you are right.”

“Here it is. Does it look good to live? It is actually a slave camp.”

“Are you very busy?”

“huh. There is a lot of work, but there are no people.”

Is this why you eat meat with energy capsules?

“Still, in an environment like this, I think anyone would want to do it.”

“Do you know that my father is a wizard?”

“… … Wizard?”

“look. didn’t you know If it were you, you would have gone to a prestigious academy and become a wizard. Would you like to cut up monster carcasses at the slaughterhouse?”

Butchering was a profession that superhumans shunned. That’s why there weren’t many wizards who applied.

Besides, most superhumans did not want to leave Central Agras.

Alicia continued talking.

“All wizards who want to be competent want to work in the office of the Mage Tower.”

The ‘Wizard’s Tower’, the highest authority of this era.

The Mage Tower office job was, in a word, a job sucking honey.

It’s safer than a field job, and it’s a position where you can hold money, honor, and even power.

Dante asked again.

“Why do you need a good wizard to slaughter?”

“There are monsters that are dangerous even after death. I killed it and came back, but it just moves? After death, there are objects that create explosive substances inside the body. Although very few.”

Oh, right?

Among the books I read in BS’ library, there was a similar content.

‘That has something to do with slaughter love… … .’

Alicia continued.

“But the biggest reason is this. You know we’re researching an antidote here, right? We also handle by-products.”

“I heard you.”

“You need to use mana to collect poison or by-products without damaging them. It requires a high degree of control.”

Was it like that too?

For now, the question of Karum’s mana was resolved.

Karum is a person who can freely control mana.

I have another question here.

Dante asked again.

“But isn’t it better to be a butcher than to go on an extraterrestrial mission? It’s less dangerous than the field.”

“hmm… … This is a bit different though. Why are there powerful family mages? 100th generation family, 500th generation family or something like that.”


“They don’t usually go out on dangerous missions.”

I didn’t explain at length, but Dante understood roughly. There is a separate cannon fodder, but it must mean that those in power are condescending.

‘That’s why I have to enter the Floating Island.’

Alicia clapped her hands.

“Okay then, let’s start training tomorrow. Let’s go see another area today.”

“Are you both different?”


Alicia, who had been serious for a moment, laughed ‘poof’ and then stretched out her hand and stroked Dante’s hair.

“It’s good to be honest. Then go to your room and change your clothes.”

“I just didn’t like both of them… … .”

“one. Doool! Two and a half and a half!!!”

Dante, who was about to burst into the inn unconsciously, stopped and turned around.

“But I don’t have any clothes to change into.”

“Do you only have one set of clothes?”

“I know who it is! There are, but they all look the same.”

Alicia let out a deep sigh.

What are rural men?

“hey. Follow me.”

* * *

Smith family mansion.

Alicia’s house was outside the slaughterhouse.

One of the fancy houses I saw upon entering was Alicia’s house.

As he followed them, Dante had doubts.

“Do you have clothes I can wear?”

“Yes, Alex’s clothes. You are the same size as Alex. Do you think you are taller than your peers?”

“Who is Alex?”


did you have a brother?

‘You weren’t an only daughter… … .’

The structure of the house was similar to Hamel’s.

Alicia went into the room and came out with a shirt and sweater.

“If I feel bad for the dead person’s clothes, I go buy new clothes. Alex is dead.”

Dante said while snatching the clothes that Alicia was holding.

“What’s embarrassing? I can’t wear these clothes because I don’t have them? Give me! I will wear it.”

“You can just change here… … .”

“hey. I’ve been a little shy, so I’ve been patient with it until now. If you keep talking nonsense, I won’t let you go.”

At Dante’s words, Alicia smiled and replied.

“What if I don’t let you go? I like not to be left alone.”

“… … .”

From noble mtl dot com

i lost

I’m the type of person who doesn’t lose with words.

Alicia wasn’t easy either.

Dante packed up his clothes and went into the dressing room.

‘This house also had a story.’

Was a person named Alex a superhuman?

The fact that the father-daughter relationship has become stronger… … .

Maybe it was because of that incident.

same time.

Alicia sat down on the sofa and deep-fried lamb legs.

‘He’s smarter than I thought, isn’t he?’

To be honest, Dante looked sad and said, ‘I’m sorry. How did you do that?’ Even if he had asked, he wouldn’t have been angry or sad.

But he said this.

It’s embarrassing. I can’t wear these clothes because I don’t have them?

Those words were somehow comforting.

It made me think, ‘Ah, I lived without that child, and my parents passed away, right?’.

Meanwhile, Dante changed his clothes and came out into the living room.

“Does it look like my clothes?”

“okay. take it all! It was good not to throw it away. It suits you well, in my opinion.”

A light cobalt-colored sweater with beige cotton pants. His face matched that of the white Dante.

Alicia touched Dante’s hair as if playing house.

“Am I a wizard? look! An ugly man has become a handsome man.”

“what. go away.”


Alicia blinked slowly.

Embarrassed, Dante quickly apologized.

“Sorry, I was harsh. No, I have a boys’ school with me. You are strangely comfortable… … .”

“Kyaaa Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

But didn’t Alicia suddenly laugh because her belly button was falling out?


Does the word ‘go away’ contain a bizarre fantasy?

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“It’s been a while. go away. Alex was the only one who said that to me. I grew up precious and fine.”

“Isn’t it because you have a bad temper that no one can touch you?”

“Are you a genius? It’s quick to notice.”

“Look at what you say. Wouldn’t it be a backbone not noticing?”


Alicia felt cheerful for the first time in a very long time.

“I’ll change my clothes and come out.”

It only took one minute.

Alicia came out wearing a blue hoodie and an ivory skirt.

Dante looked at her outfit and said.

“Is it a couple look?”

“It’s not a couple look, it’s a similar look. why. Do you want to do a couple look with me?”

“… … .”

“Don’t curse with your eyes. let’s go!”

The two left the house and boarded the high-speed train.

I was told to go to District 2.

It was a short 10-minute walk away.

[This station is District 2 Old Town Station. Drop off is on the left. ]

“Let’s get off!”

It’s Old Town… … .

The atmosphere is expected just by the name of the station.

When he got off the high-speed train, colorful graffiti greeted Dante. A stinky smell wafts from somewhere.

“Do I really have to enter this area?”

“You will get used to the smell quickly. The nose is so stupid that it goes numb quickly.”

Dante was almost dragged inside.

“You don’t even do security checks here?”

“That is the best attraction of this city. freedom.”

A city notorious for losing life instead of gaining freedom.

This was the true face of Echo Base.

As Alicia said, she soon got used to the smell. Still, Dante felt uncomfortable.

It felt like my body and internal organs would become suffocated by the stench.

Exciting music came out on every street, and half-blind people swayed to the music.

Isn’t it the era where the joy of eating disappeared?

So, there were many people who were intoxicated by arts such as music and literature.

Alicia, who was examining Dante’s expression, asked a question.

“How is it to see you?”

“It is unique. Should we call this an oriental style?”

Colorful neon signs were scattered all over the dark streets.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

From the entrance, Dante continued to observe the movement of Mana. Somehow I didn’t lose my mind.

I am choking on breath due to people smoking illegal tobacco. Ankaljin tunes harass the eardrum.

is this freedom?


It is not a scene of freedom, but a mess caused by people who reject the law.

‘Still, I wanted to see it at least once.’

Alicia explained to Dante.

“Half of the population here are former East Asians. Korea, Japan, China. such a country.”

“Somehow, he said that I could see a lot of black hair.”


“A fantasy of a black-haired beauty among my friends… … .”

It was then.

He felt a mass of mana approaching behind him.

fast and sharp

It’s an attack.

What is the target?

‘This way. me? Alicia?’


Dante strongly grabbed Alicia’s wrist and took her into his arms.

Unlike Dante, who was flustered, Alicia’s demeanor was surprisingly calm.

she asked.

“Which one is that bastard?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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