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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 10

Episode 10. Rose of Versailles (3)

Alicia shook Dante’s arm and slipped out of his arms.

“hey! Which one is that bastard?”

When Dante turned to the direction from which Mana had flown, Alicia followed suit.

“20 meters ahead. gray hood.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure.”

An afterimage of mana remained between the gray hood and Dante.

so i’m sure

The gray hood was running with the back of its head exposed. And not long after, Pick collapsed.

‘… … what?’

It took Dante some time to figure out the situation.

‘Is this like a defense magic?’

Mana, obviously aggressive, flew in, but it didn’t hit. Instead, a blue-patterned curtain surrounded herself and Alicia in a cylindrical shape.

‘And the reason the man fell… … .’

Alicia’s lips.

From there, you can see a faint strand leading to the mysterious man. Obviously, the color and trajectory were different from the mana blown by the monster.

Ordinary people do not feel the flow of mana. So after the assailant fell, they gathered around him.

Dante asked Alicia.

“Could that person be dead?”

“what. Do I look like someone who is about to kill people? just pass out. I reported it, so let’s wait a minute.”


“damn. That skinny bastard is ruining my bastard tour.”

Dante let out a short laugh.

my baby?

‘Is that my baby, by any chance?’

how much is the age difference

Anyway, right now, my baby dog is not important. If it weren’t for me, the sleazy bastard would have been fine.

The two stood side by side in front of an alley in front of the assailant.

Dante had a lot to ask.

“How did you do it?”


“uh. Didn’t it fly in a curved line rather than a straight line?”

“all… … Can you see something like that? I guess BS wasn’t making a fuss for nothing.”

Dante’s heart was pounding.

I thought he was just a tanned bully with pink hair. The protection magic and mana control ability were also overwhelming.

‘and… … Do I have to be at this level to enter a prestigious academy?’

If only I could go to the same school and compete with outstanding students like Alicia. I thought it would be a great stimulant.


siren sounds

It took 5 minutes for the police to arrive.

Alicia threw her student ID at the police.

“Oh, you’ve worked hard! I am this kind of person. This bastard attacks first. It seems to be an LNP, but please take it and check it once.”

The police nervously snatched the student ID and examined it.

‘Stella Academy? It’s just a headache to get deeply entangled with this side.’

he said in a soft voice.

“Thank you for reporting, student. Do you go to a good school? If necessary, I will contact you, and I will only scan your ID once.”

“Yes yes. Anything.”

The police scanned the chip in Alicia’s student ID and disappeared with the assailant.

It took five minutes to arrive, and it only took three minutes to leave.

Dante couldn’t understand what had just happened.

You just send the victim like this?

Is it okay for a police officer who is paid by public taxpayer money to do a rough job like this?

So I asked Alicia instead.

“Aren’t you doing some research?”

“What is an investigation? A student at the prestigious superhuman academy was dragged to the police station in order to be bothered by something. The word of the superman is the law. Especially in a riotous area like this. Look, didn’t you just catch the troublesome guy easily and make him a colonel?”

Superman Academy students get a taste of power before going out into society. Quite a few problems could be solved with one student ID.

Of course, it was only possible at the level of the five prestigious academies.

The gathered people scattered like the ebb tide. A little girl cautiously approached Dante and Alicia.

“hey… … .”


“Can’t we just take a picture together? I am a fan!”


Alicia took a picture with the child as if she was used to it.

The child hid the phone tightly in his arms and disappeared into the alleyway.


“Let’s walk for a while.”

The two of them started walking down the street again.

Alicia explained.

“It’s hard to see superhumans in places like this. You must have heard me talking about the academy earlier. that kid.”

“but. I think I was once too.”

I don’t know how trembling I was when I first saw a superman in the Dolomite Mercenaries and met a wizard. Because the people you only see on TV were right in front of you. It was like watching a celebrity.

But in any society, there are contrasts.

After Dante met Hamel, he began to see more of the dark side than the bright side. From then on, the fantasy I had about Choin gradually faded away.

‘What makes these people so happy?’

People at Charlie’s Base always wore masks.

Didn’t walk on the road.

The streets were always clean and quiet, and there was little crime.

Still, no one laughed.

From noble mtl dot com

Laughter is often heard here.

How can you live with a smile in a rough and smelly city?

Then, Alicia grabbed Dante’s wrist.

“Shall we try that?”


In front of the energy capsule store.

Above the display stand, there was a piece of cardboard that read, “Kimchi flavor capsules on sale.”

“hey! Two kimchi flavors, please.”

Alicia bought the capsule before Dante could answer.

“ruler. I don’t want to eat it because it’s delicious. There is no other place that sells the taste of kimchi except here.”

Dante put the capsule into his mouth without a murmur.

It means let’s experience it.

An experience that can only be had here.

“how is it?”

“The evaluation is omitted.”

Alicia laughs at the side.

The kimchi-flavored capsules were terrible, but Dante was also amused at heart.

In the meantime, he was trapped in his familiarity and could not understand the new culture.

‘Let’s not do that from now on.’

Dante was ready to move on to a wider and higher world.

“But that person. How did you know it was an LNP?”

Alicia smirked roughly.

“Ah, that? A surprise attack from the back of the head is a tactic they like to use.”


Anti-government criminal group.

Recently, LNP attacks against superhumans have become more frequent. It wasn’t on the news.

The Wizard’s Tower executives wanted a quiet process. A superman gets beaten by something like the LNP? It was disgraceful. So it was a quiet situation.

It was good for him not to tell me not to do it from the top. If you enter the academy, Dante will know it naturally. There was no need for Alicia to brag about it.

“But the LNP is just a bunch of dissatisfied with the government. Seeing him earlier, he looked like a superman.”

“It seems that there are superhumans joining there recently.”


“I don’t know the details either. How can I know all about them?”

“Sorry to keep asking questions, but how did you know and attack us?”

After thinking for a moment, Alicia answered.

“You, not us.”


“The target was you, not me.”


I suddenly remembered what BS said.

“Both of your parents had a natural talent for mana control. ‘I am such a strong person!’ You don’t have to advertise, do you? 」

‘So now… … Were you attacked because of me?’

Alicia’s mana control is perfect, so she can’t be a target. The assailant approached after seeing Dante’s own mana amount.

Dante was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Seeing Dante like that, Alicia’s heart wasn’t comfortable either.

‘Is it because of this? BS is also a really cruel person.’

Alicia recalled the conversation she had with BS right before coming down to Echo Base.

– If you meet him, give him a tour of the base.

“That’s not difficult!”

– It would be nice if it was in the 2nd or 8th district.

“what. It’s the most dangerous area there. Do you have anything to catch a child? You know that LNPs are ambush superhumans these days, right? Area 2 and Area 8 have weak security, so the LNP kids would be swarming around?

– Camu concert ticket.

“Oh, Master. I’ll take that name right. Let the girl do her best to tease a child.”

The idol of young people of this era, Kamu!

Tickets for Kamyu concerts were not something that could be obtained with money.

Negotiations were concluded dramatically.

So, in fact, Alicia was also keeping an eye on the suspicious person from the entrance of Area 2.

And Alicia used defensive magic right before Dante hugged her. It means that Alicia also noticed the attack almost at the same time as Dante.

Of course, I wasn’t going to tell Dante such trivial things.

‘If it wasn’t for you, the culprit would have been missed.’

Even without Dante, the attack could have been stopped. Instead, it would have been difficult to find the culprit.

If you were a superhuman above a certain level, you could notice the intensity of the flow of mana that would cause injury.

However, it was only Dante who could confirm the afterimage of the magic bullet that had already disappeared.

‘One mana sensitivity is triple S class. Did you see something I didn’t see? boy Exactly what kind of magic are you using?’

On the way back to the slaughterhouse.

Because it is late at night, the high-speed train is quiet.

The air was heavy.

Alicia spoke in her characteristic cheerful voice.

“I was surprised. Weren’t you scared? It’s not the first time you’ve experienced something like that.”

“People always die. Do you think it was a good experience?”

I was surprised, but it wasn’t a very dangerous attack enough to cause a fatal wound. Dante could intuitively feel that much.

“But it is. If someone attacks, you have to counterattack, why do you hug people? you, please… … .”

“It was for the best.”

I was just trying to play a joke.

Alicia’s eyes widen at the unexpected answer.

‘Look at this?’

I thought I would make excuses saying that I did it because I was embarrassed, or I would get angry and run away. But the boy in front of him said with a serious expression that it was the best.

Dante’s words continued.

“My mana control skills are terrible. So please teach me.”

‘hmm… … .’

Alicia thought for a moment.

BS asked me to do it, but I didn’t expect to be attacked for real. Anyway, things went according to BS’ intentions.

‘Give up or give up? He must have wanted to see that.’

If someone else had asked Alicia for such a favor, she would have questioned her like this.

Who are you to evaluate people?

I would have thought he was arrogant and rude.

But the opponent is BS.

BS was a decent person.

‘Because it’s a wizard who used to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bell Simon.’

A genius wizard of misfortune who always had to stay in the shadow of his colleagues while taking on all kinds of difficult missions. This was the BS that Alicia knew.

In fact, Bell Simon was the only person on the BST (Blue Star Team) whose face was known to the public. It was because of the Mage Tower’s judgment that it is not good to be known when performing various confidential missions.

In conclusion, Dante chose to use this incident as an opportunity for development rather than giving up.

‘I’ve been through a similar test.’

BS had several principles in supporting young superhumans. One of them was [A person who can’t graduate shouldn’t even be admitted to school in the first place. ] was.

Half of the incoming students drop out after one semester. It was a fact that Alicia only learned after entering the academy.

When Alicia’s answer was delayed, Dante asked again.

“Teach me.”

“For free?”

“who. me.”

Whoever hears it will think it’s a robot.

Cute though!

Alicia put her hands on her chest, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“When Dante Prime called her older sister, Alicia-sama was very pleased. I’ll let you know even if I shake my soul. Alicia’s mana control method.”

“Notice that what you just said has been recorded on the watch.”

“and… … look at this kid why! Even get an electronic signature!”

“Is that so? Signature beat while I’m away.”

“No thanks?”

“Sign quickly!”

The heavy atmosphere did not last long.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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