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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 11

Episode 11. Rose of Versailles (4)

Smith family mansion.

Alicia was lying on the bed and texting with BS. It was to report what had happened in Old Town.

[BS: He must have realized a lot. Roll as hard as you can from now on. ]

[I: Leave it to me! I believe you!

⁽⁽◝( ⦁ ꒳ ⦁ )◜⁾⁾ ]

[ BS: I’d rather trust Prince than trust you. ]

[Me: Excuse me? 【⦁ヘ⦁?】Because I am a teacher, I would like to see you at least once. ]

[ BS : I’m so grateful that tears are covering my eyes, kid. ]

[ I: Frame ♥ ]

[ BS: (BS is blocking you.) ]

[Me: Excuse me… … Can’t you save my name as a joke? ]

[Me: I want a response! ]

[Me: Disappointed!!!! ]

Alicia, who had been slamming the bed with her fists in a fit of rage, jumped up and sat up.

“ah… … I’m tired, but I need to exercise.”

Every time I take a day off, the number of people stronger than me doubles. Lazy people couldn’t survive in the academy.

‘After the vacation is over, the rankings will change drastically.’

Children of prestigious families receive private lessons from renowned wizards even during vacations.

I didn’t even have to look far. parents, siblings, and relatives. It’s normal for a 100th generation family to have at least one or two rankers.

Alicia didn’t want to go that far. I didn’t want to live my only one life according to a systematically structured curriculum.

If you really need it, you can go to BS.

“Move. Alicia Smith!”

She put on her tracksuit and ran toward the slaughterhouse. The body is light. For Alicia, living a life of her own free will was important.

As always, there were a lot of people on the track.

“Lisa, are you here?”

“Yes, I am here!”

“long time no see. vacation?”


It’s a face most know.

People greeted Alicia.

“It’s Toin! Toin appears… … .”

“Hey you bastard!”

By the time I warmed up like that and did half a lap around the track. A familiar back of the head appeared. It was Dante.

Alicia sped up to keep pace with Dante.

“Training starts tomorrow. Have you been exercising?”

“just because I got bored.”

The two ran for 30 minutes without speaking.

I’m getting short of breath

Dante went to the bench and sat down, and Alicia followed suit.

“Whoa… … But Alicia.”



“If you don’t want to be left behind, tell me. I am a scary woman when I get angry. one. Doool!”


Alicia, who was widening her eyes, asked with a straight face.

“what. Why are you laughing?”

“It reminds me of my friend. I really hated not talking.”

“Have you not come to your senses yet? I guess your friend was a non-violent? But not me. he’s a violent I love violence very merch.”

Alicia opened one hand and hit ‘Puck’ with her fist. I felt alive.

Dante didn’t care and continued talking. Now I think I know what type Alicia is.

“I don’t know if I did it on purpose. It’s refreshing to see you in pain.”

“and… … what is it Are you a sadist? If that happened to me too, I wouldn’t let it go. I’ll suffocate you with the power of magic. understand?”

“Yes, sister.”

“Ooooooh… … .”

“Did you know that? You are a support mage. Not for me.”

Alicia was confused for the first time since meeting Dante.

First, it read the patterns of its magic.

Second, I couldn’t even use magic bullets to hug or something. “Not for me,” he said confidently. It means there is something hidden.

“… … what. Did you have an attacking machine?”


“really? A two-pattern wizard?! Great zucchini. Jackpot jackpot jackpot!”

Two Pattern Magician.

A mage with two main spells.

From noble mtl dot com

Like BS, when the main magic went beyond three, it was called a Multi Pattern Magician.

Dante was in trouble.

I thought he would snort me not to lie, but it was because Alicia was fooled.

To tell you the truth, at least it’s a fracture, right?

it will bounce once

“Then we go first.”

tat tat tat.

Dante rushed forward.

and shouted proudly.

“Bung! Do you believe that?”

I was pretty confident when it came to running.

He has longer legs than Alicia, he’s a man, he has good stamina… … .

It was then.


Alicia quickly closed the distance and landed right in front of her.

“What did you just say? Say it again.”

“What did you just do? Why are you flying around? Don’t you know how to do light work? I want to learn too.”

“Don’t talk back. You cheating bastard. Really go back!”

Alicia jumped up like an animal and put a headlock on Dante.

“Aagh! surrender!”

“How dare you cheat on me? and me Today is Prince Feeding Day. Prince: Do you like human meat? Prüns!”

It looks corrupt, but I felt superhuman strength.

Oh, are you a superman?


“Ahh! surrender! Please save me just once, sister!”

The arm that was wrapped around his neck was released.

Alicia’s eyes change from axe-shaped to half-moon.

“I’ll just look at you once.”

It is fortunate that there is a simple corner.

If it wasn’t for the cheat key called ‘sister’, this life would have been very difficult.

Even if you have a bad head, if you are quick to notice, how will you live in the world?

It’s not that hard.

But Dante was smart and quick-witted. It wasn’t a personality to be hated anywhere.

“But how did you really do it? When I was about to jump.”

“Blessed are those who serve this older sister as their older sister. Do you trust my sister?”

“Nungnung. I believe Hallelujah!”


Alicia spread her hands together as if in prayer. Dante gave her a high-five on the palm of her hand.

‘Pooh!’ and it makes a bright sound.

Alicia took the first step.

“Then let’s go.”


“How are you doing? I’ll let you know.”


“Well, it can be seen as a kind of light work.”

* * *

A couple of men and women were watching Dante and Alicia from afar.

It was Carum and fellow researcher Grace.

Grace asked.

“That boy sees patterns?”

“Isn’t my daughter pretty? Very similar to me.”


Grace responded by slapping Karum on the back.

“Fish oil testimony! okay. Your daughter is the most beautiful in the world. Are you okay? Come to think of it, Alicia has improved a lot too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile?”

“After Saisha and Alex became like that, I wandered a bit.”

After the death of Alicia’s brother, Alex.

Saisha, a mother of two, took her own life. Thanks to this, Karum and Alicia had to pay for their lives.

“A little something. It wasn’t even a fuss. Doesn’t a kid who used to be so calm swear, don’t get tattoos, or don’t he appear with his hair dyed red?”

“Actually, this might be Alicia’s true self. Your mother was a bit strict.”

Saisha was a shrewd woman.

The same is true when educating children.

Children were raised in the direction their mothers wanted and according to the framework they had planned.

Saisha’s extreme choice was not because of the grief of losing her son. It was because the parenting plan he had set up went awry, and he couldn’t accept the fact.

Grace spoke.

“Saisha was the type of person who shouldn’t have entered the path of a superman. OCD is also because of that… … .”

Karum sighed and cut off.

“Let’s stop talking about that.”

“so. That boy named Dante is a boy who sees patterns?”

“huh. So please let me have a look Is that enough time?”

“Okay. What power do I have?”

“Ehehehe! Why is the chief researcher of the world’s best antidote laboratory doing this?”

“If you come this far, use your strength. Oh, I heard a new monster is coming next week? Are you going to hand me the sample first?”

Research institutes are also very competitive.

The deadly venom of the new monster could only be researched by the senior researcher, and there was an order to getting samples.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to ask Naim for that, not me.”

“damn! why is it me I hate that kid.”

“How are you?”

“Just looking at it, you look like a nerd.”

“I’m sorry, Grace Cayley. Were you the kind of girl who judged people by their appearance?”

“Don’t ignore a woman’s intuition. How good am I.”

“Ooh. So, have you been divorced twice?”


thump thump.

A rough wave swept through the slaughterhouse.

* * *

above the track.

Dante and Alicia were still running.

Alicia, who had been running similarly, suddenly increased her speed. It was incredible speed.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

A large amount of mana was gathered in her legs and heart.

Dante shouted as if asking.

“and… … wait for a sec! it’s a foul How can you spend mana alone?”

Alicia paused, turned around, and looked at Dante.

“Foul? Aren’t you going to be superhuman? It’s against the rules for a superhuman to use mana. Aren’t you a madman who can’t even control things this easily?”

“Is it good to act proud in front of distant juniors who haven’t even entered school yet?”

Looking at Dante, who had a lot of goals, Alicia replied vigorously.


“Don’t do that, just do it one more time. Don’t spend mana.”

Dante also had a competitive spirit.

Even if I was still lagging behind in terms of mana management, I wanted to win with my bare body.

“good. don’t use mana I’ll promise you a ticket for the Kamu concert. Then get ready, start!”

The results were disastrous.

It was Dante’s complete defeat.

Five hours had passed since the two children ran on the track. Dante gasped and sprawled across the track.

Alicia also spoke while lying sprawled beside Dante.

“My mana control is messed up, my stamina is messed up, and even my guts are messed up. You’re going to enter the academy like this? Prince, who was pooping on the grass, will laugh.”

“right? Prince You know how to laugh? i knew i would Did they laugh at me when they saw me?”

“Really… … .”

Alicia was stunned.

Doesn’t he have no pride?

Dante continued in a spirited voice.

“Who is good at it from the start? You wouldn’t have been good at it from the beginning either. So just wait Someday, I’ll chew it up and eat it.”

“eat? me? It’s me, thank you.”

“Okay, recording. don’t talk about it later Are you sure you said thank you? If you report it, you will die.”

“Hey, you toxic bastard! I lost this time.”

Main light goes off.

Darkness falls on the slaughterhouse.

There were only two of them on the track now.

Dante looked up at the ceiling of the dome and spoke.

“pretty. star.”

“It’s a graphic.”

“still. There are stars even underground here. Not at Charlie’s base. No fake stars, no fake flowers.”

Suddenly, the breathing of both of them subsided.

Alicia’s tone of voice lowered, probably because it was dawn.

“Would you like to go see the stars with me?”

“A real star?”


“You want to get out on the ground this midnight?”

“If you don’t like it, don’t, you bastard!”

“You bastard at the end of every word, can’t you complete a sentence if you don’t add something like this?”

Alicia’s tone was direct enough to offend even Dante, who had just graduated from the rough boys’ school.

“My dad did that. I’m getting older, so I don’t have the strength to curse. So I’m going to do my best now. This braided baby. ”

“under… … okay. follow your heart. It’s not like I was just hurt, so don’t worry about it.”

“I never cared.”

“Ah, yes yes.”

Alicia smiled at the fake star.

“You’re pretty, just like you said. A fake separate.”

“If you go to Central Agras, let’s go see it together. A real star.”

“That’s it.”

Dante stretched and stood up.

Fatigue creeps in.

My legs were trembling so much that it was difficult to stand up.

“Let’s go in for today.”


The two walked side by side toward the dormitory.

Alicia opened her mouth.



“About the mess and the Prince and the talk about that.”

“Ah, I was hurt by that… … .”

“That’s what my father told me. It’s the same, not even a single mistake.”


After all, Karum is not an ordinary person.

‘Perhaps he taught more strictly because of Alex. Could it be that the old man also wanted Alicia not to go down the path of a superman? Just like my parents.’

Alicia continued talking.

“I ran 12 hours a day at that time. Still, there is no grit. Dad, what, you wanted to shake off the corn?”

“… … Twelve hours?”

“huh. Hearing it made me very sad. so i just asked But what did Dad say?”


“Seeing the snout alive and flapping around, they said it was still a long way off. anyway. There was a time like that. Everyone is here, go in.”

“Okay, sleep well.”

As soon as Dante entered the room, he took a clean shower and came out.

‘I’m sure it went well, right?’

The window was still open because it had been left open during the day.

Dante approached the window to close it.


Alicia could be seen in the distance.

Although her tone is thorny, her back on the track was very beautiful.

‘The Rose of Versailles.’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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