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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 8

Episode 8. Rose of Versailles (1)

Carum gave Dante a spin in the air like an airplane carrying babies, then set him down on the ground.

‘ha… … .’

The air above is really clear.

Rubber boots and a mottled apron.

Even the unkempt, shaggy beard.

Do I have to say that it was the same as the butcher’s that Dante had imagined?

“Dante, brother, don’t you remember? I saw you often when you were one or two years old.”

Aside from the excessively high-pitched tone, hyung?

‘You look older than Uncle Ray… … .’

It seemed that the conscience was cut along with the monster and thrown away.

“Then please. What about Alicia?”

“My princess? I will be back soon.”

Ray looked at Dante this time and talked.

“I have to go right away. And this.”

“What’s this?”

“It is a gift. A modern watch.”

The watch was a wrist watch-type mobile phone and was an expensive product. Rather than using it alone, it is often used in conjunction with a general mobile phone.

“It’s a gift from BS, not from me. I heard it’s your birthday soon?”

Ah, birthday.

I didn’t remember much about it, so I forgot about it. Was the last birthday you spent with your parents around 7 years ago? Yes.

“oh my god. This must be very expensive. If you ever get in touch with your grandfather… … .”

“You probably have BS contacts on your watch. I have some hands on.”


BS lives in a no-permit zone.

But what if your phone explodes?

“I don’t know the details. Then call me if you need anything. got it?”

“yes. thank you.”

Rei’s Manaka rides away.

I had seen the back of Ray leaving many times, but this was the first time I was so anxious.

Carum tapped Dante on the shoulder and, to be exact, said ‘Puck!’ beat and talked

“Damn it, you grew up well. I was contacted by BS. Are you going to go to the academy?”


“Maybe living here will help. Kkeukkeuk.”

no, mister

Why are you laughing so sinisterly?

Dante felt bad for nothing.

“Then let’s go in.”


A slaughterhouse where blood and flesh splatter!

There was nothing.

It’s very clean and smells good too.

‘This is a slaughterhouse?’

At the entrance of the slaughterhouse, there was a building that looked like an office.

Dante followed Carum into the building.

“hey! Where are you going?”

“I brought a green tour student with me!”

All the men sitting in the lobby were similar in size to Karum. Besides, how good is the body?

Dante felt as if he were a weak flower among the big muscle men.

Carum obtained a tour permit and an access card from the administration and gave them to Dante.

“How do you feel about coming to the Eco Base?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Yes, it will. follow me Should I unpack my luggage at the inn?”

This time, instead of entering through the entrance, he exited through the back door.

“This is the parking lot. Have you ever ridden a cart?”


“Would you like to take a ride?”

“I don’t have a license.”

“Karts don’t need a license or anything like that. Have you ever ridden a bumper car? It’s like a bumper car.”

a bumper car?

never ridden

From noble mtl dot com

Have the people here ever ridden all the bumper cars that are only found in amusement parks and large amusement facilities?

‘How expensive is the entrance fee… … .’

Carum was not meticulous enough to fathom Dante’s position.

“I… … I haven’t ridden the bumper cars.”

“The game. Haven’t you ever played a car game?”

“ah! I played a racing game.”

There was a racing seat in Hamel’s house, a game enthusiast.

Does that help in any other way?

“That’s it. Wouldn’t it be easier than the game? If you put the access card you received earlier here, the engine will start. Brake on the left, accelerator on the right.”

“Yes, I will try.”

Karum dared to climb into the cart for one person.

It meant Dante to follow me.

“Then let’s go!”

Not wanting to miss Carum, Dante hurriedly gets on the cart.

‘Start the engine and the right is the accelerator. done!’

bone bone bone.

The cart moves.

Top speed is 30 km/h.

Still, the thrill I felt while driving was the best.


‘Broad is really wide.’

There is even an announcement from the cart whenever you pass a building.

[ This is in front of the 8th gym. ]

[ This is in front of the cafeteria. ]

[This is in front of the 2nd research complex. ]

Just by listening to the announcement, you could roughly know what facilities were there.

‘That’s so convenient.’

Echo Base’s slaughterhouse facilities are in order.

How about Central Agras?

[ This is in front of the dormitory for outsiders only. ]


Is it because the body is big?

His voice is booming.

Karum’s expression brightened as she waved her hand as hard as she could.

‘He’s a very funny man… … .’

“Go up to room 701. The room is already entered on the key card, so you can use it.”

“Are you going, uncle?”

“The call came. Must have this body! I need to go see it. Feel free to look around wherever the door opens with a key card. Understand?”

“thank you.”

Karum got into the cart and left immediately.

Dante raised his head and looked up at the building.

‘Seventh floor! It’s very high.’

The slaughterhouse was built in the form of a dome, so the floor height was very high. There was no stuffiness peculiar to the basement at all.

The dormitory was a studio with a bathroom.

It was equipped with basic furniture such as a bed, TV, and desk.

Dante immediately opened the window.

“Oh wow. Looking at it like this, it’s really wide?”

You can see the whole area at a glance.

There were relatively low buildings in the center and high buildings around the circumference.

man playing badminton on the court,

jogging along the track,

A person riding a bicycle.

It looks very relaxed.

‘After all, the life of a rich person is… … .’

But did the butcher make that much money?

Among my friends, there was a guy whose father was a butcher. The standard of living was worse than Dante’s house.

‘Why are only rankers from the slaughter world gathered here?’

Or maybe you just work here and your home is in another block.


Dante opened the present from Ray.

The latest electronics!

It was a more expensive model than Hamel had.

‘and… … I have all of these.’

I called BS straight away.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to say thank you in person?

– hello?

“grandfather! It’s me, Dante. The gift was well received. I was really impressed. thank you!”

Hearing Dante’s excited voice, BS let out a hearty laugh.

– Hee hee, the guy too. I’m glad you liked it. Did you arrive well?

“yes. I just came into the dorm and unpacked my things.”

– Have you met Alicia?

“Not yet.”

– That watch or something. Alicia recommended it. It’s what kids like the most these days.

“oh… … is it so? Great sense.”

– He has a lot to learn. So, let’s have a good time together.

“yes! Then I will contact you again.”

So, when can I meet that Alicia?

From what Ray and BS were talking about, he seemed like a pretty decent person.

Dante dragged the cart through the slaughterhouse. What is Central Agras? A place you want to live for the rest of your life.

Eco Base!

Not the Versailles Slaughterhouse!

Towards the end of the slaughterhouse tour.

A text came from Karum.

[ Carum Smith: In front of the cafeteria! ]

‘When did you save your contacts?’

After all, it’s a cafeteria.

There are very few canteens on Charlie’s base. Usually, only the top floors of expensive ground-level apartments had something like a restaurant.

‘right. Wasn’t this a slaughterhouse?’

Then, can we enjoy a meat feast today?

Dante drove the cart to the cafeteria.

“oh… … child. Do you do some driving? I’m hungry. Let’s go in!”

It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a buffet.

It’s not just a buffet, it’s a meat buffet.

‘Crazy, crazy.’

Crunchy rice.

Fresh vegetables that seem to have just been picked from the garden.

There are dozens of types of meat.

Dante piled the meat recommended by Carum on a plate.

Then he handed the plate to the cook, who served the grilled meat.

‘and… … I guess buffets still exist on Earth.’

In today’s world where food is scarce, it’s perfect to be treated as a traitor if you’re greedy for food. The meat buffet was literally possible because this place was a ‘slaughterhouse’.

“Then let’s go over there and eat.”

“yes. But there aren’t as many people as I thought, right?”

“You must be so busy with work. There are a lot of people who fill their meals with energy capsules.”


To commit the atrocities of eating energy capsules right in front of a meat buffet.

You still don’t understand?

“Then I will eat well.”

Dante hurriedly began to eat the meat.

I’m speechless.

Dante reflected on his past for making the ignorant statement, ‘All the meat is there!’

“Oh, do you remember our Alicia? When we were young, we took off our clothes and took a bath together.”

“yes? me?”

“I probably did when I was one or two.”

The reason why I keep asking if I remember things when I was one or two years old… … ?

“But maybe Alicia is Mr.… … daughter?”

“right. it’s my daughter Our princess!”

No, it’s pretty… … .

When I saw the bandit uncle in front of me, the probability that the daughter would be pretty didn’t seem very high. You can’t ignore genes, can you?

To be honest, it didn’t really matter.

People around me kept saying that I was pretty, so I asked ‘Is it really pretty?’ that sparks curiosity.

“When are you coming? Uncle’s daughter?”

“boy! Have eyes to see. Do you want to see our Alicia too?”

It’s not like that… … .

“Probably by the end of the week. When you come, let’s look around the slaughterhouse. It is very exciting.”


Just then, a clear female voice was heard from the other side.

“older brother! I’m here!”

‘older brother?’

Dante turned his gaze to find the owner of the voice.

At the end of the line of sight stood a darkly tanned bully. With her pink hair fluttering and her legs crossed.

Ping Sun for short.

I’ve seen it on the entertainment news.

The concept of this album by a famous singer called ‘Camu’ is pink hair and tanned skin, and he said that it is gaining sensational popularity in Central Agras these days.

‘Um, maybe… … .’

Before Dante even starts thinking about it.

Karum got up from her seat and ran towards Pingyang.

“princess! Our princess!”

That’s right.

That woman is Alicia Smith.

It’s because the clothes are a bit bad, but it’s true that she has a pretty face. Ray Schultz wasn’t lying.

‘You can’t judge by appearance alone, cancer. Didn’t I say that BS is also a person with a lot to learn from?’

Meanwhile, Carum walked towards Dante with Alicia.

The already loud voice of Karum grew even louder.

“You said you were coming tomorrow, so what happened? My dad is going to pick me up.”

“All right. I don’t have feet, I don’t have money, I don’t have a car? just come What is the reception?”

“This dad… … !”

“This dad wants to see our princess as soon as possible, even for a second. Did you say that? But is this Dante?”

Dante rose from his seat to say hello.

Carum introduced Dante.

“right. An academy prep student called Dante Prime.”


“So I need my daughter to help.”

“What? hehehehe!”


why are you laughing so badly

What is a failure?

Come to think of it, this woman.

the eyes are the same

The smirk is the liver and the gallbladder looks like it will be brushed away if it is wrong.

Alicia held out her hand.

“I am Alicia Smith. nice to meet you!”

Dante responded by holding Alicia’s hand lightly.

“uh. I’ve heard a lot about it.”

After exchanging greetings with a handshake, I felt like an adult for some reason.

Carum gave Alicia a chair and talked.

“Then let’s sit down. I haven’t finished eating yet.”

“okay. Should I bring some meat too?”

Alicia, who disappeared into the buffet corner, returned with a plate full of unidentified lumps.

Dante asked with a curious expression.

From noble mtl dot com

“Which part is that?”

“Intestines, butthole, tongue, etc.”

“… … .”

“Looks like you’ve never eaten meat before. I’m tired of lean meat. The by-products taste even better. I’m not forcing you to try it later if you get a chance.”

“Ah, yes.”


The answer was ‘yes’, but Dante had no intention of doing so.

Alicia gulped down a plate of meat. It must have been that he drank without chewing.

Raising her elbows on the table with a ‘pop’, she stared at Dante with both hands supporting her chin.

“But how old are you?”


At Charlie, very few people asked me directly about my age.

I remember reading it somewhere. In the old days, people in the East Asian countries thoroughly checked age because of Confucianism and Jangyu Yuseo. It seemed that such a culture was still present at Echo Base.

“I am seventeen.”

The other person spoke first, so you have to answer.

“I am sixteen.”

“I knew it! Somehow he seemed young. Try Nuna.”


Alicia smiled softly.

Then he stretched out his hand and lightly pulled Dante’s cheek.


What did you do to be cute?

what is your sister?

“Oh, sorry.”

Alicia quickly removed her hand from Dante’s cheek.

Dante’s expression was still serious.

‘That’s just… … what?’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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