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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 7

Episode 7. Hermit BS (2)

Although it differs slightly from country to country, modern children have gone through a mandatory ten-year course of education.

4 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, and 3 years of high school.

And when he turned 17, he became an adult and at the same time was given the right to enter the academy.

Now that Dante is sixteen… … .

There was only one year left before entering the academy.

‘Maybe the time is a bit tight.’

BS took Dante to a compartment deeper than the arsenal.

“and… … paper book. Is that a lot?”

“You like to read books? Stop practicing magic bullets for a while and read these thoroughly.”

This is an era in which digital documents have become common due to lack of resources.

Charlie Base District 3, where Dante lived, did not have a library. To read a paper book, I had to take the subway to District 1, but I couldn’t go there often because of the high transportation costs.

Instead, once I went, I sat in the reading room from opening to closing and quickly read as many books as possible. It was a habit born of poverty.

There might be a way to read e-books at home, but there weren’t that many books that could be read for free.

“How many of these are there?”

“It will be about 5,000 books. The books you should read are the books on this shelf.”

“hmm… … Is it about 1,000 books? Do you read everything?”

“That would be nice, but read to the best of your ability. You’d better read from the top line.”


Dante hummed and picked up a book.

‘I’m told to read 1,000 books, but you’re the only one who hums.’

“Take care of it. It is a valuable book that money cannot buy.”

“Ah, that’s the basics. how expensive is the book That was one of my dreams. If you make a lot of money, make a library in your house.”

Dante was basically someone who enjoyed learning.

Be it textbooks, novels, or videos. Whenever I read, see, or realize something new, my heart swelled.

“How can studying be fun! You madman! 」

Is it genetics or predisposition?

In any case, it was certain that they were of the blessed type.

Dante, sitting at his desk, turned over the first page and looked at the table of contents.

“Is this a monster encyclopedia?”

If it’s a monster, you know it well.

however… … .

‘what? A monster I know… … There isn’t one?’

There are about 3,000 types of monsters known to the world. Dante was aware of their characteristics, specifications, and weaknesses.

But there are no monsters you know about in the table of contents?

BS smiled at Dante’s eyes as he rolled around in a hurry.

“I told you. It is a valuable book that cannot be obtained even with money.”

Also known as BST (Blue Star Team).

At the time, there was a disagreement that it should be TBS (Team Blue Star), but since there was a broadcasting company called TBS, the team name was decided as BST.

BST performed numerous classified missions as part of the ‘Wizard’s Tower’. It would not be an exaggeration to say that more than half of the monster strategy handed down so far was devised by BST.

No one disputed that they were the best team in the world. There was always a BST in a dangerous area where new monsters appeared.

The books Dante will read were the product of the sweat and blood of the entire BST team.

BS went down to the study from time to time and brought drinks and snacks to Dante. That was it.

“Lemon tea?”



“Lemon tea.”

“black tea?”

“Lemon black tea is better. And can I sleep in that study? The sofa here is comfortable.”

So, it took Dante a full 100 days to read 1,000 books. Even BS, who sounded like a genius when he was young, stuck out his tongue.

‘What kind of guys are there?’

Yet, at the same time, it was expected.

Could this guy do something?

hard working genius.

When you reach the top 100 of the superhuman ranking, everyone hears the voice of a genius.

Even among such geniuses, there are people who shine toxic. It’s a genius character who even tries hard.

So was BS.

Looking at Dante, it was like seeing myself in my youth.

BS failed as a result.

It’s because he lives a life isolated from the world with his magic sealed.

Learning from his painful experience, it was BS’s role to help Dante not walk the same path as himself.

“okay. It must have been pretty difficult. Was it worth seeing?”

Dante answered exactly as BS expected.

“It was so much fun! It was all things I didn’t know. And this.”

Dante handed over a notebook.

“I wrote down what I was curious about while reading the book. Will you answer me?”

Charle –

BS flipped through the notebook full of handprints. A cold sweat suddenly runs down your spine. There seemed to be thousands of questions.

“I will try my best to answer.”

“thank you.”

“But what are the questions that have been crossed out here?”

“Oh, is that it? I was curious at first, but after reading all 1,000 books, I found the answer.”

After that, BS had to answer the questions written in the notebook for a full month.

“And Dante. There is something you should know.”

“What is it?”

“The books you read were recorded 20 to 30 years ago. In a word, outdated. So, don’t be fooled.”

As superhumans become stronger, monsters also evolve.

This was the biggest reason why I couldn’t finish the war against the monsters.

New monsters always appeared on the battlefield, and even the monsters I knew appeared stronger.

The lethargy you feel when a monster you’ve finished attacking at best attacks with a new skill and a strengthened body… … .

Still, humans did not give up. Somehow, he found a new strategy and finally won. It goes without saying how many sacrifices were made along the way.

“Dante. Do you eat some meat?”

“Meat? I can’t eat without it.”

“Then, since you’ve worked hard today, let’s grill some meat. How are you?”

Dante swallowed his saliva instead of answering.

It was only once or twice a month that the common people of this era consumed ‘real food’ rather than capsules.

From noble mtl dot com

It is very difficult to raise livestock on contaminated land.

Basically, quarantine facilities to prevent the awakening of monsters in livestock and non-toxic feed are needed, but it was not profitable to cultivate animal feed in the yard where food for humans was also scarce.

So people ate monster meat.

“Aren’t you that? Monster meat tastes much better than regular livestock.”

“I have never eaten a normal livestock. It’s ridiculously expensive.”

When the mercenaries went on a monster subjugation operation, a few butchers always followed. The butcher collects the corpses of the monsters on the spot, goes through a bloodletting process, and stores them in a purifying liquid.

The monster meat brought in from outer space was sold like hot cakes.

“I only ate King Frog and Bloody Rabbit meat. Because it’s cheap.”

The Giant Frog and the Red Rabbit are common monsters on any planet. It was a popular item because it had a large number of objects, was easy to hunt, and tasted good.

BS took two sealed cartons of meat from the refrigerator. The thick and bright red color makes your mouth water.

“This is the loin of a one-eyed bull. The fat is evenly distributed, making it savory and juicy.”

Olive oil, butter, salt and rosemary.

BS was accustomed to grilling steak.

It was a plate with only steaks without any garnish. Dante finished the steak with a grateful heart.

three chunks.

“and. It really melts and disappears. I don’t think I will be able to eat any other meat in the future.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed your meal.”

Five months have passed since Dante entered the bunker.

In the meantime, the seasons have changed, and the years have changed.

It was time to leave the bunker.

While waiting for Ray, the two had one last tea time.

“right. But don’t you know Grandpa?”


“Bell Simon. I know you from a similar age.”

“know. How can you not know him?”


Were you acquainted?

“You were very handsome?”

The blush on BS’s face must be because of his mood.


“Bell Simon.”

“ah… … .”

BS continued talking after spitting out exclamations for unknown reasons.

“Everywhere I went, female students lined up. He was a very annoying guy.”

“Is it popular?”

“Where would that be? Bell Simon was my rival. That bastard completely buried me.”

“I’m still envious, Grandpa. That I was active at the same time as that person.”

“He was a good fellow. nothing to be ashamed of I think you have enough talent.”

“Thank you for the compliment!”

Just in time, Ray arrived.

It was really time to leave.

Prince whimpered as if he had noticed the breakup.

Dante sat down on one knee in front of Prince. and stroked his hair

“I will come to play again. Understand?”

It’s cozy and soft.

and warm

I felt like I knew a little bit why BS carried the albino in its arms every day.

“Then go see. I will see you again soon.”

“Thank you so far. Let’s go.”

I finally wanted to get used to it, but I leave.

The destination is a black-haired beauty… … no

A criminal’s lair!

It was Echo Base.

* * *

Echo Base Area 13 Airport.

Dante boarded the high-speed train with Ray.

“This entire district is a slaughterhouse.”

Here you go, uncle.

no… … .

“A slaughterhouse? Are you going to stay in that slaughterhouse?”

In this era, a slaughterhouse was a place to process monster carcasses, not livestock such as cows or pigs.

It was not a place that made a very good impression on modern society people.

“… … I can eat meat without wanting it.”

“Will you be surprised when you go?”

I guess so.

There must be a pile of grotesque monsters that you have never seen before. I can’t help but be surprised

Get off the high-speed train and enter the base.

‘what? These luxurious houses?’

Buildings decorated with pure white marble and ornate carvings. Various flowers and vines placed on the window sill were directing a fresh atmosphere.

It felt like walking through the streets of old Italy that I only saw on TV.

Although it is said to be harmonious, it means that the wealthy will stay if such efforts are put into the aesthetics of the city.

BS continued.

“It is a place that processes 30 percent of the meat distributed worldwide.”

“It is very big.”

“That’s not all. Why do you need an antidote to fight a poisonous monster?”


“When a new monster appears, all its corpses are brought here to the Versailles slaughterhouse. It has the largest antidote laboratory in the world.”

You just said something very important.

Is it Versailles?

Why is Versailles here?

no way… … .

“Is this a district made with Chinese capital?”

“No way. It was built with French capital. You can tell just by looking at the building, right?”

I’m so glad

‘Actually, Versailles is ours too!’ I knew it was going to rain.

It’s an era where everyone speaks one language, although racism has disappeared a lot. Ethnicity did not change so easily.

“I was surprised that it was completely different from what I thought.”

“right? Everyone talks like that. I was surprised too. As a mature adult, I say this, but… … Why, do you have preconceived notions about Echo Base?”

The atmosphere in other areas is completely different.

Ray didn’t even bother talking about it.

“Then can we assume that all antidotes are made here?”

“that’s right. You can probably see all the poisons that exist in the world.”


Am I supposed to like you now?

I get it anyway

Why did you send yourself here?

Rainwater is the only toxic pattern Dante knows about.

But poison is the place where all poisons gather?

It was a great opportunity to grasp even rare toxicity patterns that even superhumans cannot easily encounter.

The two rode a manaka for two and moved to the slaughterhouse.

“The roads are very pleasant.”

“The population density is low. Do you think there will be about 20,000 residents? The area is more than twice as large as other bases.”

Maybe it’s to prepare for a poison spill accident?

Had it gone for like 10 minutes?

Eventually, at the end of the city, a huge layer of rock came into view.

I saw someone standing in front of the security door in the center of the rock face.

“That person is Karum. Carum Smith.”

Manaka stopped.

By the way, wouldn’t a man with a huge body that seemed to be 2m tall rush towards Dante?

The man quickly jumped up and lifted Dante up.

“Oh, Dante! You cute guy!”

Three question marks floated above Dante’s head.

“… … Do you know me?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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