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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 6

Episode 6. Hermit BS (1)

The Schultz family is one of the 500 families, and resided in Sky Island. It was a family with strong bones in every corner of society.

It’s an adult’s world.

Dante did not know this in detail.

Dante looked at Ray and talked.

“But you were like that at the time. There is someone at Echo Base who can help.”

“Oh, that? I have a friend your age named Alicia. A pretty and smart kid. Is your nickname the Rose of Versailles?”

Ray dared to add the modifier ‘pretty’. It’s because I’m at the age where I’m interested in the opposite s*x.

Now, Dante needed positive power to overcome negative emotions. Like ‘expectations’.

“Are you an academy student?”

“that’s right. It’s vacation season soon, so I’ll be back.”

If Dante had any fantasies about Echo Base, there was only one.

black haired beauty.

Well, it’s not that I particularly like black-haired beauties. I was brainwashed because I spent a lot of time with Hamel. Because he likes black-haired beauties.

So I wanted to see it with my own two eyes and talk about it. Is there really a lot of black-haired beauties like he said?

‘If I told you that I had been to the Eco Base, I would be very envious, right?’

It should be said that there is no black-haired beauty.

to envy

Should I say that I got a number from ten people?

to envy

Hamel wasn’t trustworthy right away, but thinking about the expression on his stomach hurting for some reason made me feel happy.

Anyway, Echo Base was a country with no expectations other than that.

“What do you think, Mr. Dog?”

Dante was constantly talking on the plane.

Originally, I wasn’t such a talkative kid.

‘He must have wanted to forget it like this.’

Ray’s guess is correct.

Dante was diligently teasing his mouth whenever something upset and his mood sank.

I was rather fortunate.

If you suffer and die alone, it becomes a disease of the mind.

So Ray kindly answered all my questions. It’s not that difficult.

“If it’s a dog, you mean Prince? I have severe allergies, so I always take medicine and visit BS’ house.”


Uncle Ray is normal.

Dante himself is normal.

And BS is abnormal.

Why do you bring a dog into the house?

But you have to see it again.

I’m on my way to BS’s house now.

Dante put his mask on tightly and stepped on the ground.

The deserted city without people was bleak.

The floor was filthy.

Realize again.

Taxes must be paid honestly. Isn’t that money used to maintain cleanliness and security?

In front of the BS bunker.

Just like last time, there was a creaking sound and the door opened.

‘The smell of perfume.’

Was my grandfather a cool guy?

Spray all the perfume.

“Come on.”

“How have you been?”

Dante stepped inside, but Ray did not.

“I have a lot of work to do, so I think I need to go and see it right away.”

“Then go well.”


A cool smell vibrates from the back of BS who resolutely closes the door and turns around.

‘Two minutes. It seems that we are in a very close relationship… … .’

The moment you enter the living room without thinking.

This time, the savage albino welcomed Dante wagging his tail.

Dante, who faced the albino in a defenseless state, sighed inwardly.

‘I am so stupid!’

I remembered to keep my distance from the albino until the door. How can I forget in seconds?


The albino waved his tail in an appropriate manner and approached Dante.

‘Don’t come any closer! Don’t wag your tail! Germs are dropping, you bastard!


‘Don’t open your mouth. Don’t drop your saliva!’

The corners of his mouth seemed to rise strangely as he pulled out his tongue.

‘Are you laughing? Or are you laughing at me?’

This is what the dog looks like before the monster awakens.

It’s still just unfamiliar.

Dante liked documentaries the most.

Among them, the documentary [Superman, Hero of the Battlefield] was a long-lived popular program that aired for 50 years.

It is a program closely covering the life of a superman fighting monsters, and the war with dogs was covered in episode 73.

A monster that grows up to 3m in length when awakened, lives in groups, and inflicts fatal wounds on its neck. This was the look of the ‘dog’ that Dante knew.

BS spoke to the albino in a firm voice.

“Prince. House!”

It was a consideration for Dante.

Prince, who was entering the house, looked at him with a sad expression, but Dante avoided his gaze.

My older brother is not ready to accept you yet.

“Where did you get him from?”

“this guy? I went out for a walk once, and he followed me behind my back.”

“A non-awakened entity survives. That guy is a lucky guy too.”

Just as all humans do not become superhuman, it is no different for other animals. Not all entities awakened to become monsters. There are very few objects that can be turned into monsters.

However, there is a reason why non-awakening objects are not noticed. In general, individuals who failed to awaken were weeded out and eaten first by their own kind, so they could not be noticed even if they were noticed.

“To be eaten by your own people. Isn’t it terrible?”

“Humans aren’t that different, are they?”

A word from BS had many meanings.

To fully understand, Dante was just a boy in his mid-teens with a lack of social experience.

BS asked a question to Dante, who was making an ambiguous expression.

“So are you sure you made up your mind?”

“Yes, I will try. Floating Island. aim there. of course… … I should have entered the academy first.”

Dante was still worried.

To BS, it was a useless worry.

If it was a talent that would be rejected from the beginning of the academy, I wouldn’t have recommended this path.

“I set it, but it’s a good goal anyway. That’s where it begins. Floating Island.”

“It’s not the end, it’s the beginning… … .”

It was a place that just felt far away to Dante.

I had some kind of confidence.

I feel like I can do it.

Still, it was a well-founded confidence.

You were recognized by a former wizard who looked very strong, right?

“If you set the sky island as your final goal, it will crash shortly thereafter. That’s literally just the beginning.”

Dante was a child who had already learned the unique magic to use.

[Detect Mana Pattern]

Even without checking, it was an ability equivalent to an S-class. But before that, there was one more thing to check.

‘It’s a special ability, but… … That’s not enough. I should also have the minimum skills to protect myself.’

Among the magicians, there are very few who can even use magic. But there were countless cases to the contrary.

Since normal magicians are excellent at mana management, they were able to shoot magic bullets without difficulty.

Still, there were occasional visits.

A wizard who couldn’t use mana at all except for one magic.

Dante’s magic, [Detect Mana Pattern], is not an offensive weapon, but a utility weapon.

If the magic you have is an offensive weapon, it won’t be a problem even if you can’t shoot magic bullets, but isn’t Dante a support type wizard?

It’s better to have magic bullet skills that can save my life.

BS asked.

“Dante. Have you ever fired a gun?”

“Is it Managan? Just once.”

When I was 10, I went to a shooting range with my parents and shot.

“The magic you have right now belongs to utility magic, not offensive magic. Do you understand what I mean?”


utility magic.

Magic that helps the team in ways other than hitting the enemy directly. There are purification, detoxification, and protection magic, and it was mainly used by support mages.

BS continued.

“That’s why I want to see your magic bullet shooting skills.”

“But I mean. Usually a wizard with this kind of utility doesn’t stand in the vanguard, right? I understand that they are sent to relatively safe reconnaissance missions, or support from the rear.”

“What will you do if a monster suddenly warps while you are supporting from the rear?”

“ah… … under?”

Of course, there was no way to leave the back supporters defenseless. Assuming that the operation proceeds as planned.

But, as with everything, things didn’t always go as planned.

“Let’s see you sometime. Follow me.”


Dante’s face brightened noticeably.

From noble mtl dot com

It’s only been once, but I remember it being quite fun.

The two headed deep underground. The bunker was much larger than expected.

I must have gone down five long stairs.

I saw an entrance armed with the latest security devices.

‘It seems to be an important place.’

The door opens.

Dante followed BS to the inside.

“and… … .”

Elasticity comes out.

Is it Mildeok (Military Deokhu) that is said to be the virtue of virtue?

At first glance, it was a large space with hundreds of firearms on display.

“Do you have a lot of old-fashioned guns?”

“Your father loved him the most.”

BS took out a Lee Enfield MK4 from the display case.

“He was a guy who played an active part in World War II.”

“Can I listen to it?”

“It would be better to do something first.”

BS carefully placed the rifle on the shelf and locked the door.

‘and… … You seem to care very much.’


I live alone in a remote place.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to have at least one hobby?

“Managan is here. Pick the one you like.”

BS opened a large drawer.

Unlike the finely arranged old guns, dozens of Mana Guns were randomly mixed.

“uh? yellow.”

“Do you like him? It is used for early education of children around the age of five or six.”

“Early education?”

“You don’t have to be seventeen to be eligible to enter the superhuman academy. So, until then, I prepare by taking private lessons.”

“ah… … Incredible.”

At one time, he took children about 10 years old and gave them superhuman education, but ultimately failed.

both physically and mentally. It was difficult for young children to endure.

“Then go and give it a shot.”


On the other side of the entrance to the armory, there was a saro.

It was a long road that seemed to be about 50m long.

‘To think they had a facility like this in a bunker where they live alone. That’s great.’

Dante grabbed the Managun and stood on the corps.

BS adjusted the target distance.

“It’s our first time, so let’s start with 10m.”


Grasp the gun with both hands and slowly raise both arms.

The managun was a method in which the magic bullet was loaded when a certain amount of mana was filled, and the magic bullet was fired by borrowing the power of science.

It was mainly used by novice magicians who lacked power and control.

Dante raised mana in both hands.

Mana flows into the muzzle through the handle, and eventually the magic bullet is completed.



BS watched closely as Dante fired.

‘If I resemble my parents, control must be an art… … .’

Shush shush shush!



The magic bullet runs amok.

90 out of 100 shots missed the target and hit the wrong place.


“Is it because it’s been a while… … .”

Feeling embarrassed, Dante scratched his head for no reason.

“First of all, the mana expression ability is overwhelming. Great.”

Usually, the standard for joining a mercenary is one shot every 3 seconds.

If you create magic bullets every 3 seconds and hit the target, it means you have passed.

Dante had already surpassed that level by the time he was ten years old. The problem was that I only knew how to implement magic bullets, but I couldn’t control it at all.

It would be nice if you could give me an example.

BS is not in a position to do that now.

“You seem to be very excited. Just focus on the target with a calm mind.”


Dante raised the Managan again.

one hour, two hours.

A full day and a half passed, but there was no sign of improvement.

‘Surprisingly. I’d better leave this to Alicia.’

“Let’s get this far and go up.”

“yes! Can we practice again tomorrow?”

“Anything you want. Isn’t it hard?”

“Not at all. Are you having fun?”

「The law of a certain amount of mana」

All superhumans have a certain amount of mana in their bodies, and it takes time to recover when consumed.

However, Dante seemed fine even after firing the managun for five consecutive hours. It meant that the base mana was large.

“Don’t be upset.”

“I am not upset. It was five hours at most. If you know how to shoot magic bullets perfectly in five hours. Are dogs and cows all matansa?”

“That guy. I like it because it is positive. That’s a good attitude. Good work.”

Although his magic bullet control skills were a mess, BS couldn’t hide his satisfaction.

‘He’s a good guy with basic qualities. hahahaha.’

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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