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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 5

Episode 5. Wizard reading patterns (5)

BS bunker.

Ray visited the bunker early the next morning. Dante was still asleep.

The two came down to the cellar in the basement and sat facing each other.

BS asked.

“okay. How is it going?”

“We are still investigating.”

Ray Schultz was investigating the death of C108. There was an odd part.

“From the words of the returning aerial scout team, it seems that the EMP exploded near the ground before the new monsters appeared.”


When exposed to EMP as a powerful electromagnetic wave, all electronic devices without protective functions are destroyed.

BS nodded while holding the tea in his mouth. It was an expected expression.

“That EMP might have been the catalyst for the emergence of new monsters.”

“Right, Professor.”

“okay. If new information comes in, report back.”


It’s still just a heart attack.

It would take a while to uncover the true circumstances of the incident.

“really. Jensen’s son’s name is… … .”

“It’s Hamel.”

“Yes, Hamel. Who is that guy?”

“I am still receiving counseling treatment.”

“Are you close with Dante?”

“yes. The two children’s parents died at the same time… … . Perhaps the most reliable opponents for now are each other.”

“It would be nice if the two of you could stay together.”

At BS’ words, Ray shook his head.

“I wish I could, but Hamel won’t last.”

Unlike Dante, Hamel was an emotionally unstable child.

“Even if I entered the academy, I wouldn’t last a semester.”

It was a conclusion drawn from various tests and observation records.

Ray continued.

“How far are you going to talk to Dante?”

“What can I do other than talk?”

“but… … If he finds out later, things might get bigger.”

“When was the happiest moment in your life?”


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Ray tilted his head at the sudden question.

As I was rolling my head to figure out the gist of the question, BS continued.

“I mean. The day I held the entrance ceremony holding the academy acceptance letter, wearing the school uniform that others envied, was the happiest day of my 80 years of life.”

Ray nodded, expressing sympathy.

“but… … I guess I was too. Because I was able to get out of the house. You know. our father.”

“He’s a clumsy bastard who’s less flexible than I am.”

“Are you feeling cool when you say that?”

“Anyway, let’s not deprive Dante of that happy hour, that’s all. He is a smart kid.”

“Yes, Professor.”

How long will it take before we face reality?

just one semester.

No, young BS noticed in a week.

The fact that the academy is not the paradise he thought it was.

“Whatever Dante chooses later, we must not get involved. It’s the child’s life. You know what I mean?”

“I am not very concerned. From my point of view, Dante has a similar past to Alicia.”

“Alicia? There are two guys like Alicia. It’s a big deal.”

“Yes. Ha ha ha!”

The two men laughed so loudly that the compartment reverberated.

* * *

Dante didn’t get up until about 10:00 AM.

It had been a long time since I had slept so late.

‘eww… … overslept Did you cast a spell on the bed? It looks uncomfortable, but it’s very comfortable.’

I packed my bag and went out to the living room.

Ray and BS were waiting.

“Good morning. Sorry for sleeping late. wake me up… … .”


BS smiled and brought a bottle of lemon syrup to Dante.

“Take this. You seem to like it.”

“oh! ah… … .”

In addition to Charlie, the entry and exit procedures at each base were quite difficult.

When I go out, I’m afraid that talented people will leave, and when I come in, I’m afraid that a disease will come. Unapproved food items were also banned from being brought in.

As Dante stood hesitantly, Ray quickly explained.

“If you’re worried about security screening, never mind. Even if I look like this, am I a man with a private jet?”

“Ah, yes!”

Dante smiled lightly at Ray’s sudden bravado.

“Hey, Grandpa BS. Excuse me, could you please give me another bottle of lemonade? There is someone I want to give to. that is… … . There are no lemons in Charlie’s base. If you enter the country with Mr. Ray, you can bring it in. But I don’t think it’s polite to give someone else a gift you gave me… … .”

“There’s plenty of lemon syrup, so you can take as much as you want.”

“thank you! I think two bottles will suffice.”

Dante left the bunker with two bottles of bright yellow lemon syrup in his arms, and boarded Ray’s private plane again.

Ray didn’t say anything.

It was Dante who spoke first.

“mister. You said your hometown is Central Agras, right? How are you there?”

“It is a place worth visiting at least once before you die. It’s a place you don’t want to leave once you step in.”

“Why did my parents leave that place and come to Base Charlie?”

“Each person has their own circumstances.”

thought Dante.

Wasn’t that the case with you?

‘By the way, I entered Floating Island… … .’

Bell Simon.

blue star.

Blue Star.

‘rain… … S? no way. That BS?’

ah, no

Couldn’t Bell Simon have turned into an old man in the back room with his abilities sealed?


Just in time, the cell phone’s antenna pops up.

It was the sound of getting closer to Charlie’s base.

Because I wasn’t roaming, I couldn’t use my phone for a full day.

‘I’ll have to search for it.’

Dante searched for ‘Bell Simon’ in the portal search bar.

It is known to the public that Bell Simon retired and went into hiding after completing a mission to wipe out the S-class planet S073 20 years ago.

‘right. Was it this face?’

Bell Simon.

With cool features, he has a handsome face even now. He was a typical handsome man. I felt sorry for confusing him with BS for a moment.

But it also seems oddly similar to BS.

Are you a brother? or distant relatives.

“Uncle Ray.”


“By any chance, you mean BS. Do you have anything to do with Bell Simon?”

Ray made an ambiguous expression.

“suddenly? Why don’t you ask me when I get back?”

don’t answer… … .

Bell Simon and BS.

It seems that there is something between the two?

Charlie’s Third Airport.

As Ray said, Lemon Cheong passed through the security checkpoint safely.

The two left the airport after a simple blood test.

“Are you going home?”


“so. Are you sure you made up your mind?”

“hmm… … Would you like a cup of lemon tea at my house?”

“It’s good! BS-style lemon syrup is always delicious.”

A villa village located on the outskirts of District 3.

Dante entered the house with Ray. It was a 15-pyeong house with two rooms and a bathroom.

This is a pretty comfortable environment. It was common for commoners to live in apartments with shared bathrooms and shared kitchens.

“Please sit down for a moment. I’ll boil some water right away.”

I poured water into the coffee pot and pressed the button.

Not only small appliances, but also heating and air conditioning. It is powered by mana stones, not gas or electricity. Thanks to this, there were few accidents of suffocation or explosion.

“I… … I guess I’ll have to give up my house. I wanted you to help me.”

“If that’s the case, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it neatly.”

“Thank you. But… … .”


“If you take out the deposit for this house and go to Agras… … How long can you last? What about tuition?”

Central Agras is much more expensive than this side in terms of house prices and prices.

200 million deposit.

The death compensation is 200 million each, so it is 400 million.

And since I have about 2 million won in my bank account… … .

At first glance, it seemed that it would not last very long. Even the tuition for one semester at Choin Academy makes the sound of ‘billion’.

Ray answered the question.

“well. First of all, the best way is to aim for a scholarship. If that is difficult, there are ways to find a sponsor.”

“A sponsor?”

“If you go to Echo Base, there is someone who can help you. You do not have to worry.”

‘ha… … .’

Ray tried to reassure Dante, but that’s easier said than done.

Leaving the place where you lived your whole life.

I go to a country where I don’t know a single person in an unfamiliar environment.

‘Can I do it well?’

Dante was a decently good kid when it came to adaptability.

Still, my heart was pounding.

Is it because of excitement or fear?

In conclusion, it was a pleasant stimulus.

evening the same day.

Dante went to the Superintendent Hospital where Hamel was hospitalized. Hamel was undergoing psychological treatment provided by the Superman Society.

Thanks to Ray’s efforts, I was able to get permission to visit.



Hamel’s voice came from inside.

Dante burst open the door and entered bravely.

“oh my. You are seriously ill!”

Hamel’s eyes were swollen.

Dante sat down on the bed and quarreled.

“What are the eyes? Who did you hit? Does it look right?”

“Looking at your face only makes my eyes rot. It would be better not to see it.”

Then Hamel laughs.

Although it was a flat smile, Dante was at least a little reassured.

“hey. this.”

“… … What?”

Hamel accepted the paper bag that Dante had handed over.

“It’s lemon curd.”

“What? Where did you get it?”

“hmm… … I am leaving here.”

“leave? Where.”

“Central Agras.”

Was it a parting gift?

Hamel passed the paper bag he was holding into Dante’s arms.

“Take it back.”

“It’s terribly delicious. Will you like it too?”

“and… … .”

Hamel stares at Dante.

Eyes full of betrayal trembled.

“… … hey. What if I go to you When he yelled at me to stop coming to my house like that, he never stopped coming to play. Why are you leaving at a time like this?”

This is an expected reaction.

Dante brought up a story he had prepared in advance.

“Take the superhuman test. And come over to Central Agras. we’ll see you there again Got it?”

“Are you really kidding me? Know what the outcome will be and go there. And I’m not superhuman! If you’re a superman, your teeth tremble. I don’t like it. I hate it so much!”

Dante and Hamel.

Both children have been able to spend only two months with their parents during the year.

Children grew up neglected. Hamel was a particularly lonely child.

Dante put his hand on Hamel’s shoulder.

“It will be.”


“I’m sure you’ll pass that test.”

Hamel was a child with much more mana flowing than the others. The first test to measure the amount of mana was easily enough to pass.

So maybe we can meet again if we do well.

Dante longed to be able to do that. This was the only way to reunite with Hamel as soon as possible.

Hamel looked at Dante with a puzzled expression.

“Huh? Nostradante was born. Very. are you a prophet Are you a prophet? I’m really clueless.”

Dante got out of bed and put the lemon juice on the refrigerator.

“Try to eat this. Is it really delicious?”

“… … .”

“Then go. Take good care of yourself!”

“You’re going like this?”

“Go then.”

“Wait a minute. You b*tch.”

Hamel rummaged through his bag and pulled out a DVD.


Tanya Tudor.

It was Dante’s favorite documentary.

Dante accepted the DVD and asked a question.

“You hate this documentary. Why did you take it?”

“I’m afraid you’ll steal from me.”

“… … crazy guy Anyway, thank you.”

“I’m borrowing it, man. Keep it Koi. I’ll go find it when I get to Central.”

“okay. Then really go.”

“okay! good! Get out of here! You bastard!”

Dante turned around and climbed the elevator as usual.

‘I’ll miss you.’

Hamel didn’t even bother to see him off.

‘Thank you so far.’

The two children said goodbye, holding only what they really wanted to say in their hearts.

They were 15-year-old boys who would rather die than say dirty words.

‘ah… … Are you really leaving?’

Since I said goodbye to Hamel, the most important thing is over. But there was a lot of work left to do.

From noble mtl dot com

Frustrated, Dante texted Ray Schultz.

[Me: Mister! How long will it take me to leave? ]

[Uncle Ray: 3 days. ]

[Me: (๑°⌓°๑) A powerful person has appeared! ]

It took 2 hours to receive the pass certificate after taking the first test at the Superman Association.

It usually took a month.

“and… … Aren’t you a very capable man?”

“Shall we go get a departure permit now?”

Personnel who have undergone the first superhuman test are registered as ‘potential superhumans’. As potential superhumans are national assets, the departure process was more difficult than ordinary people.

“But why did Charlie take the superhuman test? You only need to get it before entering the academy, right?”

“It makes it easier to get a visa.”

“A visa?”

Each country was forbidden to visit without a specific purpose. You need a visa to travel to another country. It is much more difficult to obtain a visa than the complicated departure procedure.

A cheat key to pass this visa issuance process!

I will get a pass certificate for the 1st superman test right away.

The reason was simple.

Superman is the future of the country.

It is the logic of attracting future talent in advance.

and the next day.

“Is your departure permit already issued?”

This usually takes a month.

Moreover, the rejection rate is as high as 70%.

Each country was very dissatisfied with even the visit of its own superman to another country.

By the way, Dante had the permit in his hand in one day.

It took another day to get the Central Agras, Echo Base visa.

It would have taken three months for ordinary people.

“also… … Like you said, I did well by taking the superhuman test first.”

He is a trustworthy adult.

Dante couldn’t see Rey being so trustworthy.

“Then shall we go?”


Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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