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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 4

Episode 4. Wizard reading patterns (4)

Until the age of 10, Dante often went to the office of the Dolomite Mercenary Corps to which his parents belonged.

The name ‘Dolomiti’ was given because District 3 of the Charlie District was located under the Dolomites Mountains in northern Italy in the old days.

Charlie Base has a population of 10 million.

Among them, there were 20,000 magicians and about 200 magicians.

The Dolomite mercenary corps was a large mercenary corps with 3,000 magicians and 30 wizards. My parents belonged to a mining group under the mercenary group.

Although he is a child of a miner, the superhumans of the Mercenary Corps were kind to Dante. Wizards used to show Dante magic when he went to play. Dante had the patterns in his memory.

BS asked calmly.

“Did you realize that yourself?”

“yes. Similar spells have similar colors and patterns. The stronger the magic, the more complex the pattern and the higher the saturation.”

“hmm… … .”

BS gently closed his eyes and was lost in thought.

‘It looks much more detailed and deeper than I thought.’

If you use it well, it is a magic with infinite uses. It means that you can figure out what type of monster it belongs to just by encountering it.

Of course, there is already an encyclopedia that organizes thousands and tens of thousands of monsters. The problem was that new monsters that did not appear in the encyclopedia appeared every time.

The death of Dante’s parents this time was also due to a new monster that he was not prepared for.

At least on the surface.

“But a little… … That’s strange.”

At Dante’s words, BS woke up from its thoughts.

“Is it strange? What do you mean?”

“It is stopped. Mana condensed on this surface here. The mana that circulates inside, that is, the blood and organs, seems to be fine, right? But there seems to be a problem with the expression. There is no slight movement. It’s like being held tightly to something invisible.”

Dante’s words made the old man’s heart beat faster.

‘Goodbye. Did he even see something like this?’

“wait a minute. I’ll take a closer look.”

Are there any patterns you just can’t see?

Dante has come up.

There was not a single pattern that he hadn’t figured out so far.

“You shouldn’t tell me. I will focus on it from now on.”

“Boy. that is… … .”

BS tried to criticize, saying, ‘Isn’t this a problem that can be solved by focusing a bit?’, but withdrew.

He was once a professor at a prestigious academy. What were the words he said countless times while sitting in front of the superhuman dream trees?

Close your eyes.

And stay focused.

Feel the flow of mana.

At such times, the students would ask questions with bewildered expressions.

“How do you feel the invisible flow of mana? 」

“I can’t concentrate no matter how hard I try. 」

“Professor, are you a genius? 」

As for magic, innate talent was more important than anything else. Teaching didn’t make Matansa’s lumber become a wizard. As a result, most of the classes tended to become boring theoretical classes.

‘He already knows. How to implement magic and how to increase mana.’

‘How did you do it?’ If asked, ‘I thought it just worked?’ genius department.

BS was also a wizard who once heard the sound of a genius. Maybe that’s why teaching was more difficult. It’s hard to explain just what happens.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I was a good professor.

In any case, he thought that the boy in front of him was of the same type as himself.

Maybe 30 seconds passed.

Dante’s body felt a much stronger magic power than before. A powerful energy that even ordinary people can feel a sense of heterogeneity.

“That’s Okay.”

“okay. Did you discover anything new?”

“Yes, I found it. what the problem is.”

did you really find it?

BS felt his emotions fluctuate for the first time in a very long time.

“Tell me.”

“hook. I see a hook.”

“A hook… … .”

“Do you have a notebook and a pen?”

“then! Every one.”

BS quickly put a notebook and pen in front of Dante.

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Dante grabbed the pen and drew the pattern without hesitation.

“This is my grandfather’s magic pattern. and… … .”

This time, he said ‘talk’ and took out the wick of the red ballpoint pen and started drawing on the notebook.

“Here, here, here. There is a large hook-shaped pattern hanging in 30 places. Probably thousands if you add the small ones. I think it’s like sealing magic.”

BS let out a short sigh.

It’s sealed… … .

So far, no one has come up with a clear answer. However, the boy I had never seen in my life was talking with a confident tone.

The hook pattern sealing magic is on.

In my eighty years of life, I have never seen a superhuman with abilities like Dante’s.

As a professor of the Ministry of Magic, ‘All magic has its own pattern. It is your job to complete that pattern.’

However, it was not possible to clearly tell what shape the pattern was. Magic was such an ambiguous science.

‘But you can see the pattern by visualizing it… … .’

If used well, it’s definitely a great thing.

However, it is not easy for a child from a powerless family like Dante to fully demonstrate his abilities and play an active role.

‘They can’t let go. Cancer, by the way.’

I’m sure they’ll try to steal it

The old man once again raised the mana all over his body and looked at it. However, it only ran wild inside the body and could not be realized.

At one time, I thought it might be a slump. I thought it might be a temporary symptom caused by stress.

But it’s sealed.

‘It took me 15 years to find the cause.’

This alone was a great achievement.

I don’t know of a solution yet.

“Have you ever looked at someone else’s pattern and copied it?”


If you succeed, it’s a cheat.

Can you only see other people’s magic patterns and copy them? It was said that dozens or hundreds of magic implementations would become possible.

“Didn’t you say you saw the last pattern among the main patterns I had before?”


“Remember this. Watch and watch again and learn it until it wears out.”

“Um, that… … Have you already memorized everything?”

It wasn’t just mana patterns.

Whether it was a book or a person’s face, Dante never forgot it once he saw it.

Dante put down his pen and asked.

“But how do you know my parents?”

“He was a teacher.”

“teacher… … What?”

“okay. The Agras superman academy.”

Dante felt like he had been hit in the back of the head.

The Agras Superman Academy was one of the five most prestigious academies and was considered the best. But your parents are graduates there?

“Your real parents graduated from there? Was your grandfather a professor there?”


Academy graduates, who are said to be successful just by graduating, went down to the local base and worked as miners?

Besides, lying to your son?


Dante was confused.

‘what. What is it really!’

Watching Dante panic, BS recalled the past.

During his lifetime, Dante’s parents came to BS and asked for this.

” professor. If Dante comes to visit, Professor, please guide him well. It is my honest feeling that I do not want my child to enter the path of a superman. 」

The couple must have known.

That if done wrong, the child could be in danger.

‘So it must have been more troubling. It must have been a difficult decision.’

Before confronting monsters, superhumans had to fight and survive in a brutal and fierce battlefield called ‘Academy’.

There were bloodlines of powerful people who wanted to maintain the family’s wealth and power by any means and methods.

‘I can understand the couple’s intentions, but they are a waste of talent to rot.’

After organizing his thoughts, BS asked Dante a question.

“Why do you think you hid it?”

“I have no idea. He even had his magic sealed like his grandfather because of conspiracies, conspiracies, and conspiracies… … .”

for a moment.

Come to think of it, I never had one.

In other words, he had never felt more than a certain amount of mana from his parents.

“All living things have mana. 」

Mana flows through the bodies of non-superhumans, albeit weakly. Among them, he had to possess more mana than average, and he had to manifest it in order to become a superhuman.

No matter how much mana you have, it is useless if you cannot manifest it.

Like the BS sitting in front of you right now.

However, from his parents who graduated from a prestigious academy, he only felt the level of mana of ordinary people. So I never had any doubts.

That your parents are superhuman.

“They said there was nothing special about them. The amount of mana was also not sealed at the bottom, like my grandfather. what. What happened? Please tell us.”

BS smiled heartily.

‘Your parents used to make the same face when they were in class. They were curious and wise children.’

“To answer your question, both of your parents had a natural gift for mana control. ‘I am such a strong person!’ You don’t have to advertise, do you?”

“and… … .”

Dante is at a loss for words.

‘Because I said I showed my abilities from the age of five… … .’

A childhood that I don’t even remember.

Did your parents hide their mana from then on?

on purpose?

“So your parents were also superhuman?”

BS nods.

Dante’s question followed.

“How have you been? Our parents.”

BS told a short story about my parents’ school days.

Dante seemed to have a lot on his mind.

“So my parents died while working as miners while hiding their abilities. Grandpa’s magic was sealed. Is there some kind of back story?”

It’s embarrassing.

Did your parents really die in an accident?

I started to have doubts.

perhaps… … .

‘Isn’t it possible that he suffered a change while confronting a huge power? Parents and BS too.’

In the meantime, BS opened its mouth again.

“Don’t speak directly. Your parents didn’t want you to be superhuman. Instead, the choice is entirely up to you. So don’t ask How do you want to live in the future?”

“Let’s try it. After graduating from that academy, I want to go up to the Wizard’s Tower.”

“The reason is?”

“I want to understand. There was something my parents wanted to achieve while putting their only son behind them and even lying to them. I need to know if that was more important than my real child.”

“Is that all?”

“hmm… … no? I want to buy that private jet.”

Now, this is a childish answer.

After hearing the answer, BS also felt relieved.

“Okay, I will do my best to help. Your parents asked for it.”


“There are conditions instead.”


“Floating Island.”

At BS’ words, Dante laughed out loud for the first time.

“Are you kidding?”

“… … .”

BS’ expression was serious.

“So you want me to enter the Floating Island?”

“okay. Go up there with your own strength.”

Floating Island.

Also called Sky Island, this is a ‘floating island’ nestled in the sky above the capital, Central Agras. It was a dream space where only the top 500 families recognized by the state could enter.

One sky island is given to each family, and is used as a means of defending the city in case of emergency.

The owner of this floating island changes every year. The government scores points according to national contributions and selects 500 families with high scores.

“There are at most 50 seats left out of 500.”

“so. Any problems?”

nearly 100 years.

The owners of 450 of the 500 Sky Islands have hardly changed. The top ranks were literally their own league.

100 million people fiercely competed for the remaining 50 seats.

Dante’s voice rose.

“There has been only one person who entered Sky Island by himself, not by family power! It was only Bell Simon. You know?”

Bell Simon, the father of modern magic.

He was a wizard of the century who played an active role with the nickname Blue Star, aka Blue Star.

BS spoke with a relaxed expression.

“It won’t be easy. It is not an impossible goal either.”

“no! and… … .”

There is probably only one person who can say that the entry into the sky island project is not an impossible goal.

Bell Simon!

“I am not Bell Simon. Aren’t you setting too high a goal from the start?”

“So are you going to give up?”

After thinking for a while, Dante answered.

“You can’t give up without even starting.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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