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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 71

Episode 71. Survival missions (5)

two o’clock in the afternoon.

Five hours have passed since practice began.

Only five teams have crossed the Nakdong River yet.

Faculty members, including Jia Han, watched the students while sharing warm tea.

“They’re trying to stay up all night at the starting point, though?”

There’s no such thing as an idiot who jumps into the river with military gear on. I said so, but I never thought there would be a real team.

“There is no ambition, no ambition. Would you rather just end up in last place rather than get wet?”

“Looks like that team is going to get a job at the shipyard after the training session? What a raft very just… … I don’t know in what time period they were going to make it all.”

Even Jia Han, who would be trembling if she was an old schoolboy, stuck out her tongue.

‘The kids are too self-conscious.’

In a way, it was a question of intelligence.

Now it is in practice, and the students know that the professors are watching.

You can’t just leave it to die in an emergency, can you?

In this case, the medical supplies loaded on the airship seemed useless until the end.

“First of all, do we deliver skin disease cures to the Revolution Team and the Passion Team?”

After seeing the situation, the professors planned to provide the necessary medicines with drones at that time.

A similar method is used for exoplanet missions. It’s because I can’t go out with the things I need every time I’m on a mission.

“Actually, we wanted a picture like that. Revolution Team.”

The three faced each other in a narrow cave in front of them.

“I have the most experience. I go in.”

“Am I just going?”

“no! Let me do it. I haven’t done much today.”

experience, pattern detection magic, defensive magic.

All three of them had a place to believe, so I thought that I should enter first.

“Then don’t fight and go in together. We don’t know which of the three of us can get the mana stones anyway. Should I try all three?”



After all, Dante, Phrygia, just. The three of them crawled into the cave one after another.

Freesia immediately protected her teammates with defensive magic.

Dante, who checked the shield, smiled.

‘I’m going to do this right now. I wasted my time for nothing.’

I heard Freesia’s voice through the earphones.

“What do you see in front of me?”

“Is it deeper than you thought? There is a passage leading all the way inside.”


cluck cluck cluck cluck.

It’s not even a fuss with the three taking turns.

Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since morning.

Dante ran his hand across the empty boat.

“ah… … . hungry. Didn’t you think you would come to eat?”

“I know. Since it was the first day, I didn’t even know I was hungry because I had so many things to take care of.”

“Almost there.”

After passing through the narrow aisle, there was a fairly spacious space. A mana stone was attached to the end of the cave.

Freesia and Danji, who followed, straightened their backs and patted each other with their hands.

“Oh my back. Shall I try first?”

“okay. The quantity is not very small, so be careful as much as possible. Just touch one.”


“How did our professors find this?”

“The mercenaries who were dispatched must have played hard, well.”

Freesia failure.

“Ha, annoying.”

club failure.

“This is too weak. i’m not strong They are weak!”

My body is tired, I am hungry, and the sun is setting soon.

Everyone was in a sensitive situation.

This time Dante grabbed the drill.

Wei Ying.

There is almost no noise.

Mana circulated in the drill wick as thin as an injection needle.

‘You have to put it all the way down to the root and then slowly pull it out… … Oh oh. That’s fine.’

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

After using the magic, the shape of the mana stone was clearly visible. Because it was a transparent ore, the shape of the inside of the root could be clearly seen even from the outside.



Dante pushed the drill exactly along the root plane. When the drill reached the tip of the root, a mana stone came out with a ‘tock’ feeling.


“and… … How does that work? It breaks very easily.”

“Dante is the best!”

When I put the mined mana stones in the storage box, the weight was recorded. It is 70 g.

Dante dug up another finger-sized mana stone and put it in the storage box.

“120g. Today’s mission has been filled. How many more times would you like to practice? Maybe it’s possible without a drill. There’s a very fine gap between the mana stone and the wall, right? Imagine injecting mana through them.”

The reason miners use mana drills is because they are ordinary people. If you are a superman who can control mana delicately, as Dante said, you don’t need a drill.

“uh! done.”

The club succeeded after three or four attempts.

“I was wrong. let’s hurry. Everyone will be hungry.”

Freesia shook her hands and stood up only after destroying all remaining mana stones.

We have to go as soon as the sun rises anyway. I would never come back to this cave.

The expedition team descended from the mountain at a slower pace than they had come.

“It’s steep, so be careful.”

Fortunately, we got out of the mountain just as the sun was setting.

Freesia arrived at the camping spot and ran with a bright smile.

“oh my god. I thought it was a complete trip… … Who made it up like this?”

The campsite was comfortably furnished.

“Did you make a table? The tablecloth is also very pretty.”

A light blue floral tablecloth that Jun Mori brought.

I was told to take it off, so I took care of it. Looking at it like this, I think I did well to take care of it?

The tools that were not properly utilized for the raft were used to make the table. There was nothing bad about it.

So, now is the time to take a breather.

“OMG. I will die.”

Dante took off his combat boots and sat down on his sleeping bag.

Dio held out the ointment to Freesia.

“what’s this?”

“The drone delivered it while you guys were out. ointment for hives. Did you sink in one room after applying it?”

Dante took off his socks and changed into slippers. Cool air seeped between her toes.

“Jun. What about water?”

“I filled it up. capsules yet. It’s the first time for everyone, so I waited in the sense that we’d try it together.”

“okay. Shall we open the capsule first?”

One capsule was taken from a box of 10 purification capsules. It was the size of two fingers.

“You just open the lid and put the contents in, right?”

“that’s right. Do not throw away the capsule and take it with you. Because it can be recycled.”

The capsule is made of Neostone.

There was nothing like Neo Stone to protect the contents.

Children huddled around Dante.

“Then open it. Boon!”

At first glance, it looked like a mana stone cut into a rectangular parallelepiped.

Dante’s eyes saw a pattern imprinted in it. It was a very complex purification pattern.

It was similar to [Perfect Purify], one of the magics of BS.

‘Did you enclose magic inside the mana stone? Is this possible?’

The capsule is made by infusing magic into a specially made ore. Experts have described this process as ‘imprinting’.

However, I thought it contained magic in reality, but I was not aware of the fact that the pattern was imprinted.

Dante passed the purification stone to Phrygia and spoke.

“But it’s kind of strange. There are defense capsules and purification capsules, but why no attack capsules? You already have the technology to encapsulate magic.”

The other team members were curious as well. Everyone looked at Junmori.

The only person who knew the answer here was Jun Mori.

“Because capsules aren’t perfect yet. It’s just that it’s less stable.”

“ah… … okay?”

“Even if the purification system or defense system explodes, there is nothing to avoid. But imagine that the attack capsule exploded in an unwanted situation. It’s like a ticking time bomb, isn’t it?”

The main material of the capsule shell that stores the contents is neostone. Neo Stone reacts to strong mana with aggression.

Junmori added an explanation.

“They say they’re researching how to make attack-type magic capsules. But even if it succeeds, it won’t be very useful.”

This is exactly the reason for not using MB (Mana Bomb). Rare stone protection.

In addition, mana basically needs a controlling subject to be 100% effective. It means that if you put it in a capsule and explode it, you will lose control.

In particular, in the case of Dante’s [Detect Mana Pattern], the subject was a must-have magic.

“Then can I put the purification stones in now?”

“okay. Let’s at least wipe our feet.”

Freesia put a purification stone in the simple swimming pool. The purification stone melted as soon as it came into contact with water.

‘oh… … .’

Even Dante’s eyes could clearly see the toxic pattern disappearing.

“You know we can’t use purification capsules tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, right? Drain the drinking water first, and use the remaining water to wipe your body.”

It is a time when water is expensive.

Wash your hair with dry shampoo and shower once every three days. It was a pattern of life that was all too familiar to the common people.

D.O drooped his shoulders like a zombie.

“hey. Can we please eat rice first? I’m really not going to go hungry.”

“OK. I’ll bring you some fish.”

Dante brought five catfish that he had stored in the cool valley water. It feels like the appetite has suddenly disappeared even though the head has already been removed.

In addition, the toxic substances remaining in the catfish were no joke.

‘Will it disappear by baking? Can I eat it?’

It would have been better if I had eaten without knowing.

Kudanji rinsed the fish once more in purified water. When it came into contact with the purified water, the toxicity that permeated the flesh of the fish was also removed to some extent.


dory dory.

The team members shook their heads.

“Then three, then two tomorrow.”


The skin of the catfish monster was disgusting, as if a malignant tumor had sprouted from it.

Team members sat in a circle around a campfire.

A pinch of salt.

A pinch of pepper.


Soon after, a savory smell comes up.

Gudanji was accustomed to grilling fish.

‘looks delicious… … .’

There were no forks or spoons.

Gudanji peeled off steaming catfish meat by hand.

Dante screamed in fright.

“hey! Aren’t you hot?”

“It’s okay because I’ve tried a lot. strong hands Dante eat first. because it’s the boss aaah, try it.”

From noble mtl dot com

Gudanji put the fish flesh in Dante and the team members’ mouths.

“Jundo aaa!”

“I want to eat… … .”


It seemed better to close my eyes and eat than to get my hands dirty.

“You just feed me.”


Danji smiled brightly and put the food into Aga Zun’s mouth.

Whenever I want to grill only three of them.

In the end, the remaining two also ended up on the grill.

“oh my god… … I feel like crying.”

The chewy texture and the savory taste of the fish with a little salt came up.

The children tasted fish for the first time in 17 years.

Kudanji spread fish fillets with a happy expression.

“Before awakening, the fish is empty. After waking up, the fish doesn’t fish and it tastes much better.”

Did you say that God is fair?

When awakening as a monster, it seems that instead of losing its appearance, it gains a taste.

It was a taste that even the picky Jun Mori could not help but admit.

“I’ve eaten many kinds of meat dishes before and after awakening. Certainly, monsters taste better than farm-raised livestock. This fish is also very delicious.”

Danji, who gave away the fish flesh to his friends, bit the skin.

When a fish awakens, its skin becomes thick. When fried, it was quite tasty.


“… … delicious?”

Tears fell from Dan’s eyes.

Freesia patted the back and soothed the jar.

“I thought I would cry. why are you crying?”

“Hi-Hi. no. Just thinking about family. We sat together like this every day and ate grilled fish.”

“Is everyone in the family dead?”

“… … .”

Arrows of criticism rained down on Dio, who was ravenously eating catfish bones.

“… … sorry. Gudanji fish is grilled very well. Tomorrow I will bake… … .”

“But don’t you think we should eat at least two meals a day?”

Everyone nodded at Dante’s words.

All five of them have significantly more muscle mass than their peers and are also very active. One meal a day was too much.

It is past nine o’clock at night.

It seems like 2 or 3 days have passed. I’ve only been here for twelve hours.

‘Whoa. Still, tomorrow will be better than today, right?’


As I sat in front of the warm fire, my fatigue set in.

“The sound of the water is very, very good. Listen to it after a long time.”

“The sound of a bonfire burning.”

“The sound of bugs is so good, right? It stings!”

“The grass bug is a bit like that. Even awakening is a big deal.”

Dante also quietly listened to the sounds of nature.

I dare not compare the real mood of nature with the ASMR that I enjoyed listening to while sitting in the corner of my room.

‘ha… … How did the world end up like this?’

Then, Dio jumped up and swept his stomach.

“eww. Is it because you ate something you didn’t eat? signal is coming Ugh!”

The children, who were intoxicated with romance, frowned.

“hey! Don’t talk about that, just go. Are you proud of pooping?”

“I’m a bit scared, but someone to go with.”

“crazy… … Take this and go away!”

Dante placed a flashlight in Dio’s hand.

“ah! aaa! some toilet paper Come out as soon as I bend down. hurry.”

“Oh really!”

D.O took the wet tissue that Freesia gave him and quickly disappeared.

Had it been like that for 10 minutes?

“Why is this baby so late?”

I heard D.O.’s voice through the earphones.

[ hey… … I can hear? ]

“What are you doing?”

[There’s something on me. ]

He spoke almost in a whisper, so I couldn’t hear him very well.

Dante asked.

“what? I can not hear well. Say it again.”

[ my. Head over. above. what are you doing Say yes. damn it big! Poetry, sh*t. What should I do? ]

“Don’t move, stay still.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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