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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 72

Episode 72. Survival missions (6)

‘Don’t move. please… … .’

D.O roughly tidies up and slowly pulls up his pants. He reacted to the sound of his clothes brushing against him.

It was attached to the back of an old tree in front of me.

‘ah… … how did i not see this? Since when have you been together?’

I definitely checked when I sold the toilet.

It’s night and you can see the light, so did you fly and stick to it?

It slowly unfolded and folded its huge wings.

‘What kind of yellow air monsters are there… … yellow butterfly? moth?’

Meanwhile, the team members arrived.

They stood about 10 meters away and surveyed the situation.

[Magic pattern detection]

‘Wow. It’s huge. what?’

It was dark and obscured by other trees, making visibility difficult.

Freesia asked.

“D.I.O. Please describe what it looks like. see?”

[ Wings only. The torso is hidden by trees. The wings are yellow. so f*cking big! I’m scared, so stop talking! ]

Junmori, who was lost in thought for a moment, opened his mouth.

“It is most likely a silkworm moth or an eared moth. Those two species were the ones most recently discovered on Earth.”

Dio’s voice came through the earphones again.

[Let’s do something Hong! ]

I’m not wasting my time trying to feed D.O. Whether it was a monster or a person, it was basic to figure out the opponent before attacking.

‘The silkworm moth drops toxic powder from its wings. The eared moth is an object that even explodes with toxic powder.’

Dante had seen the toxic patterns in both of them. In the antidote laboratory sample room. The one attached to the tree now is an eared moth.

Earth is an EE-class dormant planet, and most of the monsters are of the lowest grade. It wasn’t difficult to catch.

The problem is that Dio is too close to him.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a silkworm moth. What if you have ears? An explosion could hurt Dio.”

Here’s an eared moth! I couldn’t nail it. My teammates will think it’s strange.

Junmori nodded at Dante’s words.

“I can’t help it. At the same time as the attack, Dio had no choice but to jump out. club site. can you catch it?”

“Uh, um… … Although there are many trees… … .”

The only thing that can fly magic bullets avoiding obstacles is the club complex. But this time, he just wasn’t confident.

There are six or seven old trees that can be seen between the target from the current location. I doubted if I could hit it in one shot.

“It’s easy to just hit trees and monsters with super strong magic bullets. Too many trees in front.”

“If that happens, the mana will be stronger, so he might notice it first. you know?”

Gudanji nodded at Dante’s question.

It seemed like it would be difficult.

Dante decided to use a different method.

“Hey, Dio. I guess you’ll have to drag him out and secure his sight.”

sorry my friend

[You bastard! ]

“huh. do a good run We will catch what we catch.”

[The moth chick is faster than me! ]

“So you have to run like crazy. Go for it.”

There was little chance of Dio getting hurt.

Once you drag it this way, Freesia will use defense magic, and you can lightly catch it with magic bullets.

Freesia comforted Dio into the microphone.

“Claudio. I will pray that we are silkworm moths.”

[ Shiba. I searched… … ]

Food gain.

Then, he started flapping his wings.

D.O did not even look back and ran.

The team members sighed as they watched D.O.

“No, why is that bastard running this way? The other side, you asshole!”

no use.

The water had already spilled, and if I ran in the opposite direction now, it would be like running into a monster.

Junmori, who checked the guy’s face, shouted.

“Early pattern! It’s explosive!”

D.O, who had been running hard at the word explosive, hesitated.

‘Ah, I’m going crazy, really.’

can do.

can do!

D.O decided that it was better to sacrifice alone than to get hurt together.

Besides, didn’t the drone deliver the medicine during the day?

‘I’ll send you something if you get hurt.’

Dio turned around and charged toward the moth.

Let’s go!

Freesia shouted.

“Shoot now!”

She cast a shield on Dio.

While Kudanji and Junmori hesitated, Dante fired a magic bullet at him.

hit at once

Perbung, puck!

Its body exploded, and its hard shell splattered in all directions. The team members also knelt down on the floor.

Steam rose from the greenish-brown bodily fluid.

D.O, who came to his senses, vomited and moved away from the corpse.

“What, what?”

“What happened?”

Jun and Danji hesitated because they didn’t know about Freesia’s abilities.

Freesia approached Dio without saying anything.

“are you okay?”

“ha. From now on, I won’t even be able to poop on my own… … f*ck.”

In fact, it wasn’t an object worth catching with so much effort.

‘I’ll just follow you.’

Dante regretted it slightly.

It would not have happened if he had taken care of the seat in advance.

Of course, that is consequential.

Where is the guy who wants to go with you on errands? Not a small one, but a big one.

The children were again seated in front of the campfire.

Except for Dio, all four of them had minor wounds.

Freesia thought as she pulled out the shrapnel stuck in her thigh.

‘It would be nice if I could use the shield more widely.’

In addition, the shield was not fully implemented. It was because mana consumption was severe all day long.

‘If the explosion had been a little stronger, Dio would have been seriously injured.’

From noble mtl dot com

He was the one who proudly shouted, ‘Shoot now!’ What if the shield couldn’t hold it?

‘Whoa… … .’

Dio, who was removing the fragments stuck in Dante’s back, said.

“But you, Freesia. Are you using defense magic?”

““… … .””

D.O is really… …

The team members responded with cold eyes.

“What’s wrong with your expression? You can ask.”

Jun Mori gave a speech that lasted for about 10 minutes. It is a style that enjoys showing off its knowledge.

Thanks to this, Dante has much less work to do.

After hearing the explanation, D.O. still had an expression of incomprehension.

“It is very strange. If it were me, I would go around spreading rumors all over the neighborhood. No, that’s right. That way, the sponsors will stick well and that won’t happen.”

““… … .””

“Doesn’t everyone except me have sponsors?”

““… … .””

“f*ck. I’m not alone. sponsor!”

dawn the next day.

Dante groaned and opened his eyes.

‘and. The body is real, wow… … .’

I used to sleep well even on hard floors.

It had been a long time since I had left my bed and sleeping capsule.

five in the morning.

It was still dark outside.

Dante unzipped the tent and poked his head out.

Gudanji was sitting in front of a campfire, grilling something.

“You woke up so early. What is it? Did you go hunting alone?”

“huh. breakfast.”

Gudanji jumped up and stood in front of Dante’s tent.

“And this.”


“A drug applied to wounds. When I woke up, there was a delivery.”

“ah… … okay?”


Were you hurt last night?

For some reason, my back hurt badly.

“Give me some medicine.”

Dante turned around and rolled up his T-shirt. The chicken meat grew in the cool morning breeze.

“eww! cold. quickly.”

“uh? uh… … .”

Danji applied the ointment to his fingertips and approached Dante’s back.

Climbing is really… …


“Bar, I will.”

“Quickly. I’m cold!”

The fingertips come trembling.

Danji carefully applied the ointment to the wound.

“Why are you shaking your hands like that? Wear some warm clothes. Then you catch a cold, man.”


The wound healed cleanly as soon as the ointment touched it. It was a product that borrowed the power of a healing wizard and was very expensive.

“Soft and soft.”


Ku Dan-ji, who had been brushing Dante’s back with his fingertips, removed his hand in amazement.

“Nothing. Haaa!”


Gudanji hurried away and sat down in front of the campfire again. And put the grill that was put down next to it back on the fire.

Dante was frightened and jabbed his ear canal with his index finger.

“Wow. Why are you blowing air in your ears?”

“why… … Why are you angry?”

“It’s not that I’m angry. You’re bored.”

“My younger brother, Dan-yeong, liked it. Whoa! I laughed and liked it… … Do you hate Dante?”

Where do you see the most expressions?

Does Alicia always look like that when she brings up Alex?

“… … Get permission ahead and blow. Got it?”

“Then it’s no fun.”

“don’t do it! then.”

“yes… … .”

Look at that snout sticking out all the way.

You taught me good things, Alicia Smith.

“Only once a month.”


“Don’t hum. Are you a bee?”

“huh. bees are cute honey is sweet cute and sweet… … honey pot. lol.”

Honey jar was the nickname that Ku Danji’s mother called Danji.

Since the club complex was described as a honey pot, Dante did not understand the correlation between the honey pot and the club site.

I just thought it was excessive narcissism and self-confidence.

‘The club is slowly going crazy. Alicia Gaman not Dund Jinzhi.’

I should do some morning exercise.

Dante folded a blanket by the valley and sat down on it.

He raised his clasped hands and twisted his body.


I felt like my body and mind were cleansed by the refreshing sound.

As if possessed, he put his hand into the valley water.

I put it in because I had a corner to believe in. There was still plenty of skin disease ointment left.

The water in the valley was cool enough to wake me up.

The stream of water tickled his hand and escaped through the gap.

‘It’s very transparent. Is this why bums just drink water? Because it looks clean on the outside.’

In fact, the valley water was much clearer than the river water and the toxic pattern was paler. It seemed like it was because it was close to the water source.

‘It seems like it rained a long time ago.’

The ground was dry in the warm autumn sun.

‘ocean. The sea is the problem.’

The high concentration of poison dissolved in the sea evaporates and turns into rain to wet the land again.

All Dante could do was look down at the sea from the plane.

‘What is that?’

I grabbed a blanket and approached the elongated, grotesque object.

“Oh, sir… … .”

it’s snake skin

Judging by the bloody spots, it was just before… …

‘It’s a club thing. Was it snake meat you were grilling?’

oh my god.

Dante approached the camping zone, staring at the back of the club’s head.

“Is that a snake?”

“I ate a lot. Not much to eat outside. If you don’t like it, eat me… … .”

Was it too harsh?

I just treated her comfortably the way she treated Alicia. I didn’t feel very well.

“I’ve come a long way… … .”

Danji woke up at three in the morning and went hunting. I wandered for two hours in the mountains trying to feed my teammates. After a lot of hard work, I was able to find a very large snake monster.

But when Dante openly showed his dislike, Danji was not in a good mood.

Dante stroked the top of Gudanji’s head and sat down next to him.

“good job. Thanks, I’ll have breakfast and leave. Good job. good job. A club friend.”

Actually, I wasn’t in a position to pursue this or that. After all, the only thing I’d eat was the gruesome looking monsters.

“Why is it a snake? There is a reservoir next to it.”

“I eat a lot of fish, so the snake tastes better.”

“ah… … So, isn’t it harder to catch a snake than a fish?”

“huh. Eating the same thing every day is a bit boring.”

At 6:00, the alarm went off at the same time, waking up the other team members.

“Oh oh! breakfast!”

“Guys. Snake meat this morning!”

““… … .””

Dante laughed evilly.

Rather than knowing that it was a snake and eating it alone, I felt like it would be a fun meal time if everyone knew it.

“Let’s eat only snakes every day from now on. Doesn’t it taste similar to King Frog?”

“that’s right. I have eaten King Frog too.”

Bloody rabbit and king frog meat.

It is a representative food item that commoners often seek.

In the end, Junmori couldn’t eat breakfast. It was thanks to diligently shaking the snake skin that D.O had peeled off.


* * *

no airship.

After waking up, Jia Han took turns with the professors on the night shift.

“Thanks for your efforts. How is it going?”

“Now we are halfway across. Well done!”

At that time, a professor who finished talking to someone joined the group.

“I got a call from headquarters over there. I have requested the urgent return of Roger Meyer.”

“yes? why?”

“hmm… … I don’t think it’s because of this.”

The male professor held out a tablet.

Heads gather on the table.

“Isn’t this a stock market scam?”

“you’re right.”

“Miss B, the second daughter of family A, has a rare disease… … rare disease? Miss B from here is Rose Mayer?”

“The rumor says yes.”


“But the timing is a bit like that. To ask for a return as soon as it spins around.”

Jia Han sighed deeply and sorted out the situation.

It was a formal request made at the family level. It would have been a waste of time to try to stretch out saying no.

“I can’t help it. I’ll go down and get him myself.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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