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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 70

Episode 70. Survival missions (4)

The first to cross the river was the ‘Sky Team’, including Rosé.

All five of them prepared gas suits as personal preparations. It is an expensive product that is made of an elastic material that completely protects from the toes to the neck from toxicity.

Faculty members also gave the highest marks to SkyTeam’s preparations.

“Anyway, crossing the stream would shorten the travel time considerably.”

“That team has nothing to do with it. Cooking and eating monsters. I don’t know if I can make it. These are well-bred children.”

SkyTeam put their gear on the planks and swam across the river pushing the planks together.

And right after the notice came out on the radio.

The Revolution team also floated the raft into the river.

“Let’s get on slowly one by one.”

To be honest, calling it a raft is embarrassing. Then what? that floated on the water.

The raft, which held up to four people, sank down as soon as Dante got on it.

Dante quickly jumped out of the raft.

Gudanji stood up, leaving his military uniform inside the raft.

“I swim. Dante comes in.”

“Are you really going to be okay?”

“It’s really really okay.”

Gudanji went into the river wearing only shorts and a sleeveless tee.

“If I push, it’s faster. Let’s cross quickly.”

Early October.

The weather was quite chilly to jump into the river barefoot.

Even thinking of the club complex, we have to cross the river quickly. Fortunately, the current was calm.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

‘Oh Mr.’

I guess I just saw it.

Can the clubhouse survive in this sh*t?

Still, it was flowing water, so when I saw it with the naked eye, it looked clean. The problem is that it is highly toxic.

The smell was also a problem from the rotten soil along the riverside, but the river water didn’t smell too bad.

A bit of a fishy smell?

Gu Dan-ji pushed the raft while hitting the chambang chambang footjanggu as if he had a motor on both his feet. The team members also rowed diligently on the crappy oars made of planks.

Wouldn’t it be troublesome if even a monster suddenly jumped out of the river?

After rowing desperately, I succeeded in Doha lightly.

“Wait a minute.”

There was no time to dry up, so the club jumped into the river.

Then, at the bottom of the Nakdong River, he beat two monsters and threw them to the riverside.

“… … Crazy, really.”

“A fish monster that doesn’t attack first.”

The fish species inhabiting the Han River and the Nakdong River are similar.

Gudanji caught a variant of catfish, which seemed to be about 50cm in length.

“This is still a baby. Some are over 3 meters long. Catch all five here. There are a lot in the water.”

“… … Gudanji Fighting!”

After all, the place where the most monsters remain is in the water. Most of the land animals on Earth were extinct, and only a few small reptiles and insects remained.

D.O. put his hands together in front of his chest.

“From now on, I will have to take Gu Danji as my older brother for the rest of my life.”

Dante waited by the river with a towel in his hand.

It’s a big deal if our only God catches a cold, cancer.

D.O, who was sitting on his military uniform, opened his mouth.

“hey. But that river might not be as dirty as you think. Would you like to dip your hands in it?”

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“good idea. Advance!”

Dante gently pushed Dio on the back.

“Don’t dip it deep, just dip it really lightly.”


Mori Jun frowned at the site of the modern biological experiment, but did not stop D.O.

If the test subject wasn’t me, well.

In the meantime, the club quickly cleared the mission to kill five monsters.

Dante quickly handed over the towel he had prepared.

“Hurry up and get dressed. It’s cold.”

“very little. Do we cook with this? The grilled catfish is delicious.”

“hmm… … . You were supposed to cook when you arrived. Can’t we get another one when we get there?”

All the team members felt the same way as Dante. It was so disgusting that I didn’t even want to eat it.

To be honest, just looking at it made me feel sick. The awakened catfish is about 32,000 times ugly than before awakening.

Most monsters look disgusting. It’s very difficult to think of the cute 4X monsters that appear in anime.

“Yes, the club. Let’s catch something else and eat it!”

“How do you eat that… … .”

“I’m also against eating catfish monsters.”

The club manager gave a blow with a sullen expression.

“You guys, why don’t you organize the raft? i clean the fish Go ahead and organize the raft! quickly!”

Pools that have been used as rafts must be reused. However, I had been neglecting it because I was admiring the performance of the club.

Dante quickly sorted things out.

“Guys. Tonight’s dinner is catfish! Start dismantling the raft!”

Land animals are almost extinct, so meat is hard to eat. There was a high probability that he would eat only fish dishes in the future.

“I’ll help you trim the fish.”

“Good job, Claudio! Go quickly.”

Dante wasn’t the type to put off hard work for others either. But only today will you face the truth.

You’ve never done anything really hard before.

He wanted to do his best to leave the monster grooming to someone else.

Nakdong Riverside.

D.O squatted next to the ballpark and learned how to groom it.

“Did you always eat fish when you lived outside?”

“And snakes. Snakes are delicious too. If you don’t like fish, catch a snake.”

Shiba. a snake?

“no. i like fish i like it the most So let’s just eat fish from now on.”

“No, snakes are delicious. We eat snakes too.”

It’s not like eating a snake.

support it support

Dio quickly turned around.

“wow! You are very good at grooming Please explain quickly.”

“easy. Cut off the head, cut the stomach, and take out the intestines. Rinse with water and sprinkle with salt.”

D.O had a stronger taste than the rest of the team. Echo Base is said to be the dirtiest of the 6 countries. Among them, he was born in District 8, the messiest and most dangerous.

Even so, watching the gudanji take out the intestines with bare hands made me frown.

Gudanji had been wearing a mask around his neck from some point.

“Hey, you should wear a mask.”

“hmm. Just think about the past.”

People at the base often eat monster meat, but there was no place that sold fish. Even on outer planets, it was because they usually attacked land.

That’s why I can smell the fishy fishy smell now. It was a scent that evoked nostalgia for Gudanji.

“I learned to prepare fish from my mother.”

If you throw a fishing rod into the river, even young fish before awakening are often caught. Until Gudanji woke up, the three of them endured by eating such small fish.

The trimmed fish was wrapped in plastic and placed in a warm bag.

In an hour and a half from now, you will arrive at your destination. On the first day, I planned to camp near Gakseok Valley in Ulsan.

“Then shall we go?”

Dante checked the maintenance of the team members.

scratch scratch.

I see two guys scratching themselves.

D.O. was scratching the back of his hand, and Gudanji was scratching the nape of his neck.

“Hey, Dio. Reach out your hand.”

The back of D.O’s hand was covered with bumps the size of millet.

Dante strode up to Gudanji and examined her skin as well.

The club manager was perplexed and asked.

“… … why?”

“You’re not too bad, but something like a spot came up.”

“I can’t… … .”

It was 18 months ago that the club moved to Central Agras.

Aren’t humans creatures of adaptation?

During the 18 months, the body of the club has also adapted to Agras.

“It’s all city people, Gudanji. Let’s be careful in the future too. Understand?”

The club looked so depressed, so I encouraged them.

She smiled and nodded.

“huh… … . City people in the old district.”

“Then let’s move quickly and settle down. I think I should wash my body with clean water as well.”

“Okay, Go Go!”

Dante raised his voice as he looked at the micro-drone in front of him.

“Give me a mana stone hint quickly, professors!”

The children continued to move north along the Gyeongbu Expressway.

The road was packed with rusty cars.

The rust stains from the toxic rainwater were still there.

‘Will it rain once or twice?’

Wearing a 40kg military gear, he runs at the speed of a marathon runner.

The floor was a mess of sharp glass fragments, stones, and various filth.

It has been 600 years since the old plastic factories stopped producing. Even so, Styrofoam and plastic remain.

Some religions have attributed their decline to environmental degradation. It is said that the nature gods were angry and punished humans.

‘and… … . Really, who has so many rivers?’

It’s not as big as the Nakdong River.

There were many shallow streams, knee-to-waist.

Every time that happens, it is impossible to go around the circle.

It’s not like the stream stops just by walking a few more kilometers, right?

Fortunately, the width is narrow.

Average 5 meters?

This was a level that could be surpassed by properly distributing mana to the legs.



The children ran desperately to avoid soaking their feet in the feces.

In the process of crossing the six rivers, Dio and Phrygia died bravely.

The Revolution team dropped off their luggage near Gakseok Valley in Ulju-gun. It was an area with a fairly deep lake called Daegok Lake to the north and Sayeon Lake to the south.

Although it was near the water, the depth of the valley was so shallow that it was an unsuitable environment for monsters to live in.

[ ■ Prohibited from entering the water at a depth of more than 5m. ]

These caveats are not for nothing.

When a small fish awakens, it grows in size and moves to deeper water.

The depth of the Nakdong River, which had just crossed over, was 4.5m.


Then, the tablet vibrated.

Dante took out the tablet and checked it.

“Hey, the mana stone hint has popped up.”

The destination is Mt. Goheon.

It is not far from where you are now.

“Because it’s half past one… … Only four hours left until sunset? Two camping groups and three exploring groups. I would love to share this.”

Freesia applied for the exploration group, and D.O. applied for the camping group.

“What about Danji?”

“uh… … . I am exploring!”

The club map that was in trouble also chose the exploration group.

“Wouldn’t it be better to stay here and prepare the dishes?”

“no no. cook quickly All you have to do is light a fire and bake.”

“okay. Then Jjuni Camping Joe. are you okay?”

“So what?”

The visiting team removed unnecessary items from their wardrobe and packed up again.

“Get the mana drill and the stash… … Shall we go then?”


The expedition team rushed out with lighter military gear on their back.

D.O immediately took off his pants.

“Ah, hard work.”

After trying to jump over the stream, he failed, tripped, and hit his butt. Fortunately, the water was not deep, so only my buttocks and ankles got wet.

D.O lowered his underwear and stuck out his butt to Jun.

“Are you serious?”

Jun took out an itching spray from the first aid kit and sprayed it on his buttock.

“Sprinkle a little.”

“no. You have to use it for a month.”

“ah… … . Ngko is too diligent. Ugh, evil!”

“If you keep scratching, it gets worse. So be patient. Don’t touch anything with your ass scratched hand.”

D.O scratched his butt with both hands and brushed his hands in front of Jun Mori’s face.

“… … .”

“Do you want to go to the bathroom, do you want water?”

“water. But I’d better get some firewood first.”

“Is that so?”

Freesia’s feet were also bruised.

It feels like hundreds of tiny bugs crawling between your toes.

‘It seems that even the shield is useless.’

The moment he fell into the water, he used defense magic, but he couldn’t stop the skin rash.

‘I need to take this opportunity to know how far the shield works.’

Depending on the type of shield, the way it works varies greatly.

One-time shield.

lasting defense.

A shield that blocks only magic attacks.

A shield that blocks physical attacks as well.

If Alicia’s defense magic was A-class, Freesia’s was only C-class.

Can’t block physical attacks. A representative example of a physical attack is ‘a bullet without mana’.

All living things have mana.

Therefore, even the fists wielded by ordinary people were loaded with mana and were able to block them.

The number one thing Freesia should be wary of was general firearms without mana.

‘I’d rather meet a monster… … .’

“Dante. How long do we have left?”

“I think we need to go another 30 minutes.”

The three of them paused for a moment to catch their breath.

Gudanji pulled down the mask and hung it around his neck, perhaps feeling stuffy.

“This makes me more out of breath. I just won’t.”

Dante also lowered his mask for a moment.

Although it was deep in the mountains, there was no phytoncide or fresh air.

Everything green in the world is dead.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

‘ha… … .’

How strong is the vitality of the cubs of monsters living in this barren land?

Movement can be seen both on the ground and in the air. Judging by the size, it seemed to be a species like an ant or a fly before awakening.

‘The existence of living things must mean that there are monsters somewhere.’

“let’s go!”

30 minutes like that.

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There was a very small and low cave where the GPS pointed.

“I’ll go in first.”

Dante held the Mana Drill in his hand.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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