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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 69

Episode 69. Survival missions (3)

Each government periodically sent soldiers out of the base to patrol.

Outcasts are subject to guidance, and LNPs are subject to capture. The soldiers never attacked first.

But what if they come first?

From then on, it becomes self-defense.

Killing on the spot was the rule.

Again, the eyes of the team members focused on the club site.

“don’t worry. I’ve lived here for 16 years. If anything happens, I’ll take care of it.”

“To solve… … .”

“Kill. Then we will be safe.”

“… … .”

For a moment, the team members had similar thoughts.

‘It’s a miracle that the Zordic twins are alive… … .’

‘I’m glad I ate friends with Gudanji.’

‘What kind of life did he lead?’

In fact, it was not something to be taken very seriously.

200 mercenary teams, divided into groups of 5, were still scouring the route.

Micro drones with infrared sensors are also searching the area.

However, from the school’s point of view, it was impossible not to notice.

Anyone who has ever run a mission knows this. That no plan is 100 percent perfect.


Dante clapped his hands twice quickly.

“We’ll be leaving soon, so let’s pack things up. First of all, Dio and Freesia. Release the two commanders.”

“it’s okay. How are you? 30 kg is light, right? I also trained hard.”

Whether or not D.O.

The team members brought Dio and Phrygia’s accessories and released them.

Gudanji took half of Freesia’s belongings and put them in her backpack.

“I can lift that too.”

The club took their own saw and tools, but no one stopped them. In terms of mana alone, it is correct that the team carries the most.

The amount of mana was in the order of Dan – Dante – Jun – Phrygia – Dio. Freesia and Dio had a high probability of consuming almost all their mana just to move.

Freesia spoke without feeling sorry. There is a secret weapon called a shield. I was sure there would be a moment when it was absolutely necessary.

“thank you. When the time comes, I will definitely do my part. Trust me.”

Claudio didn’t even have a secret weapon, but he decided not to be intimidated.

“I will do all the chores. Why are you digging sh*t? If you teach me how to groom monsters, I’ll do it!”

Jun Mori moved D.O’s tent over his military uniform and tied it up, frowning.

“Don’t even think about cooking with your hands that are ditches.”

“Who said that he poops with his hands? They sell ‘barrels’ of sh*t!”

When we finished packing up, another announcement came out.

[ Our airship will land soon. Everyone please sit in your seats and fasten your seat belts. ]

The most nervous person was Jun Mori.

Jun had never been outside the base.

‘under. I’d rather go to another planet.’



The airship landed with a slight vibration.

The children wore military uniforms and gas masks.

The team also took a peek and put on a mask. Even if it is because immunity is high rather than tolerance, in the end, a vagabond cannot live long.

The average life expectancy of a tramp is around 40 years. So, shouldn’t we be managing our lifespan from now on?

‘I’m going to live a long, long time now.’

[ When the preparation is complete, open the panel to the left of the doorway to open the door manually. ]

Dante opened the panel and spoke.

“They don’t talk about equipment until the end. If it wasn’t for our team, it would have been in big trouble.”

“Jun! You did very, very well.”

The team also praised Jun Mori with a thumbs up.

Stella’s faculty analyzed the situation of each team on a real-time screen.

“There are only 8 teams looking for equipment? I’ll eat the rest.”

“Iknow, right. It won’t be easy to swim with your military gear on.”

“Please. Still, Stellande. There won’t be a fool who jumps into the water with military gear on.”


Finally, the airship door opened.

Team Revolution team leader Dante checked the GPS.

“Ahh. Can you all hear me?”

Usually, the earphones also have a built-in microphone. But when I put on the gas mask, I couldn’t hear my voice very well.

Instead, a Bluetooth microphone was connected to the gas mask and mask that were provided.

Team members gave an OK sign with their fingers.

“This is Gimhae Gubong Elementary School. It’s in the middle of downtown. Let’s stretch lightly and start.”


Looking up, I saw airships taking off and landing not far away.

The airship that had landed on the playground immediately took off.

The children warmed up for a while and looked around.

“Current time 09:13. Sunset scheduled time 17:50. Today’s destination is Ulsan, and the distance traveled is about 57 km.”

It was the first day, and considering the time to make the raft, the distance was shortened.

From noble mtl dot com

“For now, go all the way to Mt. Gakseong at once. Are you ready?”


Gakseongsan Mountain is northeast of your current location. It is a small mountain on the way from Gimhae to Yangsan.

There is also a small village around, so I was thinking of making a raft and crossing the river there.

The children ran through the abandoned city at high speed.

Buildings and cars with only skeletons remaining. And it’s just garbage.

Dio spoke.

“I thought there would be white bones all over the place. Not at all? Whoa.”

Junmori explained in a calm voice.

“You have to say that the white bones scattered on the streets have already melted. The time when most people of the old era died was 4,500 years ago.”

The first monsters appeared in 2028, and the AD era ended in 2050.

That’s how the era of AA began, about 200 years. The population of 8 billion has shrunk to 20 million. That period is called the transition period.

Instead of the central high-speed branch crossing the mountains, the children circled around the city and headed to their destination. It was based on the judgment that the entire tunnel had collapsed.

Near Gakseongsan Mountain.

The Revolution team reached their destination within the expected time.

“Let’s start by looking for wooden doors in the village. Take out everything you want to use.”

A small village with a view of the Nakdonggang River. Dante-Friesia, Jun-Dio, Kudanji. They decided to search the village by dividing them into three groups.

The mana saw was taken by ‘Jundi’ Joe. It was an item that was not very necessary for a mana-rich club.

“Don’t rush and look back slowly with the idea of taking a break.”

““Yes, Captain!””

Would you like to go around one or three houses?

Dante was half convinced.

‘It must be hard to find here.’

It seemed that all the trees were taken and used as firewood. I was not very disappointed because the club had mentioned it in advance.

“Guys. Why don’t we collect our plastic bottles? I think that would be faster.”

The voice of the club came through the walkie-talkie.

[There is a lot of PET bottle Styrofoam on the riverside. maybe. ]

“You brought our tube. If you put Styrofoam and plastic bottles on it, don’t you think it will work?”

Among the personal items Dante brought was an ultralight tube. To be precise, a simple swimming pool measuring 2m x 1m.

The training period was 30 days, but there were only 10 purification capsules. And one capsule purifies about 1 ton of water.

It was beneficial to secure as much water as possible and use the capsule.

[ okay. Is it because there is a big city nearby? You can hardly see any trees. ]

Of course, if you go deep into the mountains, there will be old trees, but bringing them out is a problem.

I had to find a solution somewhere close to the river.

“Then let’s move to the Georgego Riverside as soon as we have the plastic bottle here. Find something like a rope or string and bring it out.”

30 minutes later.

The team members gathered by attaching plastic bottles to twine and attaching them in clusters.

Just past the wide-open vinyl house complex is the riverside. An apartment complex was also visible across the river.

“oh… … . This is the vinyl house you’ve only heard about!”

Junmori replied to D.O’s words.

“Have you never seen a greenhouse? why? You know, farming experience in elementary school.”

“Anyway, you know that people in Sky Island are all educated like you, right? The school I went to didn’t have any experience. I didn’t even learn to swim.”

“You can’t even swim? How could you? now?”

Jun Mori had the exact same expression as Rosé a few months ago.

“Now I know how to swim because I learned to swim from my pretty sister.”

It was the result of receiving special training from Alicia throughout the vacation. I was even cursed at by Dante for that incident.

When he taught me, he did it roughly. Alicia taught me, so I’m risking my life and death?

It was true.

Upon reaching the riverside, the children paused for a moment.

Freesia put down her military uniform and spoke.

“Let’s make it from here. It’s dangerous to get too close.”

It is about 50 meters from the river.

Gudanji thought it was okay to approach more, but he did not say it out of his mouth.

Dante opened a small swimming pool.

It is rectangular in shape.

It was a way to hold the frame as a support rather than blowing air into it.

“Let’s attach something like Styrofoam under the floor here, and hang plastic bottles around it.”

Dio, who had gone out to drink in the meantime, shouted.


D.O jumped up and lifted a large Styrofoam buoy.

Jun Mori took a step back to avoid Dio. Unknown filth was clinging to the buoy.

“hey. Don’t you think we can find one or six of these?”

“okay. Then let’s find it all together. Chun! You try connecting a plastic bottle here.”

“Ok, thanks.”

This has given me a lot of consideration.

Wouldn’t it be better to build a raft than rummage through garbage cans?

The closer you get to the river, the more sticky the floor becomes. Water and oil clump together and hold on to the ankle.

Just looking at it, it was an environment where taking off the mask would cause serious trouble.

D.O., who briefly lifted the mask out of curiosity, vomited and immediately put it on.

[The smell is not a joke. The real robber must have rotted the ground too. ]

[The Echo Base is also dirty. ]

[ hey! isn’t it like this? ]

* * *

Meanwhile, the airship situation room where the faculty members stay.

Excluding the instructors, there are 40 full professors of Stella. Ten of them followed the freshman practice.

They planned to stay in the sky over the Korean Peninsula for a month to watch the students.

Why is this a waste of money and energy? I’d like to, but it’s insignificant compared to traveling to and from the outer planets.

It was decided by a fair lottery to decide which of the Earth, E-class, and D-class planets to follow.

If the planetary difficulty was high, even the guidance teachers could not help but be nervous.

Professor Wang Ji-heon looked at Han Ji-ah and talked.

“Professor Han gives up his seat to Professor Bibiano.”

“Why me?”

“You are still young.”

“Then the professor didn’t give in. There’s only a seven year age difference between me, isn’t it?”

Jia Han and Bibiano competed for the last ticket on Earth, but the goddess of luck raised Jia Han’s hand.

Jia Han continued with a sullen expression.

“I don’t know why the old people are so anxious because they can’t take care of young people. If so, give me more money. The more experience you have, the more you get paid. Why are you leaving the dirty work to the children?”

This phenomenon was more pronounced in office workers than field workers.

“That’s because we came all the way here doing menial jobs when we were young.”

“I don’t understand. Field work is also Placing young children on a dangerous planet. Don’t you think you have no conscience? If you have accumulated experience, you should think about taking the lead.”

Professor Wang Ji-heon, who was listening, lightly clicked his tongue.

“Professor Han’s temper is too strong. How can you not say a word?”

Han Ji-ah, who had been suppressing and holding back, also exploded.

“Look at this. So, have you ever given up your seat to Professor Bibiano?”

“Of course it is.”

“You are so shameless.”

after lottery.

Jia Han immediately went to Vibiano Perez’s office.

” Leader. Are you okay? 」

“Why do you always come and talk about the same thing? Did you nail me for being a very backroom old man? I still can’t budge, so stop looking for me. If I’m running out of energy, I’ll ask first. 」

Jia Han and Professor Bibiano were much closer than others knew.

And Bibiano, who has a lot of twists, cursed Wang Ji-heon several times.

“He only lived with his mouth, very. Everyone came to visit me at least once, just like you. It’s the young Nome Sheki. 」

So even Han Ji-ah couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Are you forcing others to do something you never did before?

“It’s a shame that someone like you is Professor Stella. How can you lie without blinking an eye? When I return, I will make a suggestion to the dean. Let’s go and pick up the garbage.”

“hey! Did you say anything?”

“Please lower your voice. It’s not a space to be alone. consideration. Didn’t you learn? Or is it common sense?”

Eventually, several professors with him took Wang Ji-heon out of the situation room.

One of the remaining professors hit the table with the palm of his hand.

“Professor Han!”


“Bravo, Signorina (lady).”

Jia Han put on an arrogant expression and brushed her hair with the back of her hand.

“Why am I always the bad b*tch?”

“Is there a strong professor? We are powerless.”

“I understand. I’ll hit the notice soon.”

Jia Han refined her voice and grabbed the microphone.

[ Stellar new students. Hints about mana stones will be provided to the first ten teams to cross the river first. FYI, a team has just crossed the river. ]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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