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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 68

Episode 68. Survival missions (2)

Agras Third Airport.

Dark beige cargo pants and khaki jumper. Students wearing shiny new combat boots attached star badges to each other’s jumper lapels.

“The clothes are very comfortable.”

“But wouldn’t it be nice to wear shoes? I’m afraid I’ll get blisters on my feet… … .”

And the team-issued items that were wrapped in a veil along with the military uniform were revealed.

“Oh yeah! Cooking utensils!”

“Ah, Shiva. Are you crazy?

“Look. Did our professors go crazy? Were you good at listening to me?”

“To cook with real monsters?”

Cheers and sighs erupted at the same time.

Of the 56 teams, only 15 were prepared for cooking.

D.O also cheered and vigorously stroked the crown of the club.

“Nice job, club. Looks like a cooking mission.”

“huh! I’m good at cooking monsters. I’ve done a lot!”

Junmori tilted his head as he looked at the baseball team.

The stranger who was always intimidated laughs. It was the first time I saw it.

‘Did you know that the club manager would make a face like that?’

An inspection of belongings followed immediately.

Instructors confiscated all bottled water and energy capsules brought by the students.

The cheering children’s faces also turned pale.

“and… … . Didn’t you know you could do this?”

Dante also had a lot to worry about.

Even though he was ignored here because he was from Charlie’s base, he was a citizen who had lived in the base for the rest of his life, enjoying the benefits of civilization.

‘Finding, catching, and grooming monsters… … up to cooking. It won’t be easy.’

“hey. club site. Do you even know how to groom monsters?”

“huh! Just cut it open with a knife and take out the intestines.”

“… … .”

I love you club.

Club Forever.

Speaking of monster grooming, Dante had seen it at the Versailles slaughterhouse. It was something that could never have been done with a fair amount of indignity.

Junmori, who had been listening quietly, also praised himself.

‘good job. Jun Mori. You made the right choice.’

Among the children of the Sky Island family, Jun was stigmatized as a traitor. When I confessed that I had mysophobia, he looked like he was chewing sh*t.

After learning that he became a team with Gudanji, people pointed fingers at him, saying he was a shrewd guy.

‘Grooming the monster? Those children must suffer a lot too.’

Thinking of the monsters who would rip out the insides of monsters made me feel relieved for some reason.

The instructors in front raised their voices.

“Don’t think of cheating, take out all the stuff you brought!”

Food items such as jerky, dried fruit, and canned food, as well as energy capsules, were all confiscated.

Danji held out the belongings he had packed with nervousness.

Ramil Kvyat served as the prosecutor.

“Salt, sugar, pepper, canned butter, green tea, dried veggies. Have you thoroughly prepared? Pass.”

One of the students whose dried fruit was taken from the side protested.

“professor! Why green tea and dried vegetables but not dried fruit?”

“student. Can I just chew on dried tea leaves and dried vegetables?”

“… … Will you?”

The grocery pass criteria were simple.

Can you eat it as is or not?

Dried fruits are finished products that can be eaten as they are, but no one chews dried tea leaves and dried vegetables. That’s why the belongings of the club were passed.

Of the items brought by Revolution Team, only one was confiscated. Gasoline that was in Junmori’s belongings.

“hey. Let’s put disinfectant in the remaining seats.”

“really? Is that okay?”

Well, it’s not a necessity, but there’s nothing wrong with taking care of hygiene. If there was a disinfectant, Junmori’s heart would be a little easier.

The students boarded the small airship C-747 in teams. It is a five-seater disk-type vertical take-off and landing ship that people in the old days thought of when they thought of UFOs.

Small missions are based on a group of 5 people. The C-747 was also a model favored by incumbent supermen.

There were five seats in a circle along the wall, and a white table was placed in the center.

Junmori put down his military uniform in the corner and spoke.

“The departure city is Gimhae. I guess they all land at different spots.”

Dante’s thoughts were the same as Jun Mori’s.

“Looks like it. I thought you were going to have a strategy meeting on the way?”

A 7-inch tablet with projector function was placed on the table.

Dante turned on the tablet.

Team members gathered around.


“Do you have a mission list?”

“uh. let’s zoom in wall? table?”


The reason why the table was white was to use it as a beam screen. However, there was a separate screen on the wall, so I decided to use it.

D.O jumped up and pulled down the rolled screen.

The eyes of the children were focused on the screen.

< Survival Mission Points >

■ Monster Kill: Total 150P

1 point per dog

Up to 5 animals per day 5P X 30 days

■ Cooking and consumption: Total 150P

Up to 1 time per day 5P X 30 days

■ Gathering Mana Stones: Total 300P

1 point per 10g

Up to 100g per day 10P X 30 days

■ All teams complete: Bonus 400P

TOTAL : 1,000P

< Survival Mission Penalty >

■ Use defense capsule

Reset Team Points to 0P

(※Mission failure handling when using the second capsule. All members return to Agras)

■ Give up

Self: 0P

Team Score: Abandons * –100P

Somehow, they said they would give expensive defense capsules… … .

Are you saying you shouldn’t use it after all?

On the next page of the point description, there was a cautionary note.

< Precautions >

■ Abandoning midway is possible without consulting a team member, and marks X with both arms in front of the micro drone.

■ Absolutely impossible to collect mana stones underwater.

■ Prohibited from entering the water at a depth of more than 5m.

‘Unable to collect mana stones underwater?’

So where are you going to dig it?

Dante questioned the club.

“Are there any mana stones besides underwater?”

“hmm… … . The most in water. But there will be some in the deep mountains.”

Jun Mori explained.

“Theoretically, it is possible. At the beginning of Monster Attack, mankind did not know how to mine mana stones. If the mana stone is not mined properly, the upper part will break off and the root will remain. There are probably quite a few mana roots thrown away that way.”

Dante and D.O remembered the Mana Stone Cave they stopped by during the last final exam.

At that time, Dio accidentally destroyed the mana stone, and a gray spot was left where the mana stone came off.

‘ah… … . Is that the root?’

To mine and transport mana stones, you must pull them out to the root. It was not something that beginners without experience could easily do.

The first few days will require some shoveling.

No one had ever mined a mana stone here.

All the members of the team looked exhausted.

“There is no easy mission.”

“And the amount of harvest per day is fixed. We have to move every day. That means you have to find and collect mana stones in different places each time.”

“Crazy, crazy… … .”

From noble mtl dot com

“Po, you can’t give up. The perfect score is 1,000 points, but 300 mana stones. We have to work hard.”

“Still, it’s only 100g a day. Wouldn’t that be possible if we worked hard?”

Dante, who had been listening, set out to sort things out.

“okay. The professors must have given me assignments because they were worth doing. But shouldn’t you have to bump into it anyway? It’s not that I’m worried about the answer. So, let’s start with our travel plan.”

The team members agreed with Dante.

Monsters and mana stones.

If you make a plan, make it according to plan! Aren’t you showing up?

So I thought it would be a good idea to first decide how much to move and where to rest in a day.

Dante changed the map type to Terrain Map. Topographical information such as plains, rivers, and mountains is displayed in detail.

Claudio was shocked.

“and… … . really. 70% of the production area. Isn’t this almost 100 percent?”

Especially to the east, there were almost no plains, and there seemed to be quite a lot of wide and narrow streams.

what is the completion

At this point, he was in a situation where he would have to go through the ordeal just to be allowed to return alive.

Central Agras was the area of Gyeonggi-do in the old days. That includes over 100 underground cities stretching like a spider’s web.

In fact, the main area where ground facilities are gathered was narrower than Seoul. It’s not normal to put a shield around the entire city. Anything wider than that would be almost impossible to maintain.

Because of this, Korean land, which used to be a very small territory, felt vast to the children.

Dante expanded the Gyeongsangnam-do region, the starting point.

“We have to move from Gimhae to Gyeongju. As you can see, there is a very big river called the Nakdong River. I have to cross over there.”

“There’s no such thing as a leg, right?”

“You should see no.”

It was an opinion that the club map would not have a bridge.

“There are so many bridges on the Han River, but they all collapsed. probably no legs And Busan is the second-class city in Korea, but Gimhae is the starting point. I wondered why, across the river! It’s a mission.”

It is a route that shows the intention of the professors to thoroughly punish the students from the beginning.

Freesia asked Danji.

“How did you cross? If you live outside, you won’t have to cross the river.”

“Swim. There are fewer monsters in the river than in the sea. If you see a monster while swimming, just kill it.”

“… … .”

This is a story that can be said because the club is the club.

Even if it wasn’t a monster, jumping into the river was tantamount to committing suicide.

It must be because of the mood that the team members’ faces look especially pale, right?

Freesia and Jun Mori showed negative reactions one after another.

“Similar to skin disease. If we accidentally drink water, it won’t be a joke as a group. Will it be okay?”

“I don’t think it will be okay at all… … .”

I was going to plan a 2,000 km trip.

stuck from the start

How did you cross the river?

D.O made a ‘pop’ sound and put his palms together.

“hey. let us pray Let that river dry up.”

Jun Mori hacked at D.O’s tiny hopes.

“I don’t know if it’s upstream. Our destination is the lower reaches of the Nakdong River. There’s a 99 percent chance it won’t dry.”

Gu Danji sat down with a sullen expression and muttered.

“I don’t have any skin diseases even if I swim. I’m fine… … .”

This time, even Dante could never agree with the club’s opinion. If you think about what you’ve experienced after taking nutritional supplements at Gudanji… … .

From the first day, you get food poisoning and enteritis as a group?

It was impossible.

“I’ll have no choice but to go and find something that can be used instead of a raft.”

“Make a raft.”


There’s no way evil professors made this kind of practice to go camping while having fun, right?

The children started planning their schedule again.

Junmori moved busily from earlier and inspected the room.

Dio spoke in an annoyed tone.

“hey. Why don’t you just come and have a meeting? Don’t go back and forth frantically.”

“sorry. I have something to look for.”

Under the table and above the seat.

Searching both sides of the doorway, Junmori finally found something.

“Guys! Look at this.”

A mana saw and various tools were stored in a cabinet next to the entrance.

I didn’t even know the cabinet was in a vat disguised as a wall. I thought I would have missed it 100 percent if I hadn’t looked closely.

“oh… … . Chun, Niith! After all, you’re going to make a raft and cross it?”

D.O also got up with an embarrassed expression and lightly slapped Jun on the back.

“Sorry. Thanks to you, I found the equipment.”

“are you okay. Because I didn’t even know it was real.”

Dante looked at his teammates and thought.

It’s a club, nothing to talk about.

The meticulous Jun Mori, the mood maker Dio, and the defense mage Freesia. And even Dante ‘Optimus’ Prime, who won the Leadership Award at the ceremony.

‘The team composition is almost perfect.’

I haven’t even started yet, but it feels good.

While the team members are in the middle of worrying about the mission.

The club had a slightly different idea.

‘What if I run into bad people or get attacked?’

The outcasts called the people living at the base ‘invaders’.

Although it is rare to attack first, it is usually because soldiers called ‘aggressors’ move in company units. It’s ignorant to attack 100 armed soldiers.

But this time, there are only five of them.

Weapons, first-aid kits, and defense capsules are included in the outfit. There were many things that tramps could covet.

‘I’d better talk to you in advance.’

“excuse me… … .”

At that time, an announcement came through the airship speakers.

[ Our airship is scheduled to land in 20 minutes. We’re also announcing a very important announcement, so everyone please stop what you’re doing and pay attention. ]

‘Whoa… … . This is the real beginning.’

To be honest, even when I was preparing, I was a little excited because it felt like going camping. When he finally shut up, even Dante’s heart was pounding with vague fear.

[We, Stellar, have dispatched 1,000 mercenaries in advance to ensure the safety of the mission area. But don’t worry.

If you encounter a tramp, do the following:

However, if you spot a bum, don’t go after it.

Two, if your opponent threatens or attacks you, don’t hesitate to kill them immediately. ]

“… … kill? Are you saying you want to kill someone?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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