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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 67

Episode 67. survival missions (1)

‘What do we do?’

Dante and the team had a lot of trouble over the last one.

Opinions were divided 2 to 2 over Jun Mori. Danzi and Phrygia were in favor, and Dante and Dio were against it.

“Why are you against Jun Mori? You have good skills and know a lot.”

“hmm… … . Me too Junmori is fine. Be smart in class.”

The female students do not yet know that Jun Mori has mysophobia. However, it is rude to expose others’ weaknesses.

That’s why Dante and Dio had kept their mouths shut.

Stella Towers Restaurant.

All freshmen and seniors were in the middle of a meeting.

Jun Mori has not decided on a team yet. He looked around the inside anxiously.

Dante and the children were gathered there.

‘I must go into that team.’

Is it because of mysophobia that I want to be on the same team as Dante?

Thousands of words.

Although they made excuses of mysophobia, their intention to approach was the same as the other children.

club site.

Unlike the seniors, the mission place for the freshmen was Earth. There was no choice but to be on the same team as the outcasts who had lived outside the base for a long time.

‘Dante Prime is a surprise. I thought they would accept it if I talked to them that way.’

When Dante asks for something, he cuts it off and refuses. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s always been that way.

But this time, it seemed that he would be rejected. So it was time to be a little more active.

Junmori approached Dante.

“hi. Are you having a meeting?”

“Uh, chum. Are you here?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Freesia vacated the seat with her buttocks pressed against the jar.

“okay? Sit over here.”

“Thank you, but I will stand.”

“… … .”

Only then did Freesia sense something suspicious. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Junmori hanging out with someone.

I thought you were the kind of person who just enjoys walking alone… … .

“As you all know, I have a disease. mysophobia. Maybe that’s what bothers you?”

“… … Tuberculosis?”

The club manager whispered to Dante.

“What is Mysophobe?”

Mysophobia in English.

It’s a word I rarely use, so I needed an explanation.

Dante explained the club site in a way that was easy to understand.

“ah… … aha? hmm… … .”

Gu Danji, who understood the meaning of mysophobia, was convinced that Jun Mori would never endure.

In the meantime, Junmori opened his mouth again.

“I will never let you get away with it. I promise you in the name of our family.”

Freesia spoke with a troubled expression.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t even sit next to me right now.”

“It’s because it’s comfortable to stand.”

Do you want me to believe that?

“… … .”

In fact, it was Dante who most strongly opposed Jun Mori’s joining. Dante knew Jun Mori’s lifestyle better than anyone else.

“hey. We could barely wash for a month and we would have to poop on the street. Are you really going to be okay?”

The Junmori Dante knew hated even the word ‘sh*t’. He is the one who wears a purification mask even when doing errands.

It was clear that being on the same team would be very tiring.

“I was considerate only in the room, but this is an evaluation. You will definitely be given a difficult mission, and you will hit your physical and mental limits.”

“I will practice defecation in my garden. So I hope you will review it positively. Then have a good meeting.”

“That, yes… … .”

The four of them silently watched as Junmori walked away.

Dante’s mind wavered slightly.

‘I think it would be okay if Jun talked like that.’

Unless it’s mysophobia, he’s definitely a great team member. Jun Mori said he received a 4.7 theoretical GPA in the first semester.

Even Dante, who said he read some books, can’t even hold out a business card to Mori. The professional knowledge was as rich as that of the faculty.

“hmm… … . I’ve changed my mind a bit. I wonder what it would be like to have Chun as the last member of the team. how is it?”

“I agree too.”

“I’m a little worried, but I agree.”

All that remains is the club site.

The club reluctantly nodded. In a situation where three people were already in favor, he was not active enough to express an opposing opinion.

Dormitory that evening.

When I entered the room, there were white pieces of toilet paper all over the place.

“… … What?”

“It’s just practicing adapting to a messy environment.”

“Will this be enough?”


Dante took off his socks and threw them on Morrie’s desk.

Jun, who was in front of the desk, narrowed his eyes and teleported to Dante’s side.

“What, what are you doing… … .”

“We are on the same team now. I will help you with adaptation training until practice. Ha ha ha!”

“That, yes. thank you friend… … .”

Dante also put rotten socks in Jun Mori’s sleeping capsule for three days.

Jun ran to the bathroom and vomited.

“Actually, those are your socks and they are hot. Do you see what the problem is now?”

“It can’t be! It must have smelled rotten!”

Junmori is a child who gets seizures just by imagining dirty things.

The illness was serious.

“You’re not going to be like this during practice, are you?”

“You know that. My mysophobia doesn’t activate in wartime. therefore… … Will practice be okay?”

Dante gave various missions to Jun Mori, and Jun did a great job.

Well, after the practice, it seems that the mysophobia will flare up again.

“Today I succeeded in wearing a shirt that has not been washed in three days.”

“Putting on stinking socks, his mission was a great success!”

“I almost ended up in an insane asylum for practicing defecation in my backyard. It’s a success anyway.”

Jun Mori, who went home over the weekend, prepared five 40kg vests on the way home.

There are preparations, but the most important thing is stamina. If you run out of stamina, it’s easy to break down mentally.

“Our coat of arms weighs 30 kg. 31 kg for personal belongings. So training in this will help.”

“oh… … . Good?”

“Then let’s do our best, Revolution!”

Aren’t they the ‘listen’ family that was ignored by children except for Jun Mori?

So we decided on the team name Revolution, Revolution.

2 weeks left until practice.

A hearty smile spread across the face of Bibiano, who was in charge of the survival science class this semester.

It has been a long time since the students listened so intently to their classes. More than a dozen questions poured in every hour.

“Come on, everyone. There is a set pace. Today’s class ends here.”

“I have a question for you!”

“me too!”

“If you have any questions, please come to the office.”

Now the whole school went around wearing sandbags.

The Revolution team gathered again in the student cafeteria.

“We should discuss what to fill with 5 kg of our personal belongings.”

Dante is right.

Personal belongings are just a pun.

The key was to fill 5 kg with items that were essential to the team.

“First of all, let’s check the list we have in mind.”

Dante: ultra-light tubing, hand pump

DIO: tablet, speaker

Jun: 1 kg of disinfectant (please guys… ㅠㅠ)

Freesia: Sunscreen, lots of wet wipes

Jar: lighter, salt, pepper, dried vegetables, butter

The five people who checked the list were silent for a while. Eight eyes full of doubts gathered at Gu Danji.

“Me, I think I’m going to come out on a cooking mission. Because food is important to survival… … .”

Time for silence once again.

To be honest, the other four never thought about cooking.

‘cooking. do you need it We carry energy capsules… … .’

‘There is a point in the club. Because the purpose of this mission is to survive in a different environment than usual. They might not give you energy capsules.’

‘I’ve never cooked before. What if it turns out to be a real mission?’

The 7th item among the items paid for each team was ‘revealed on the day of practice’.

why didn’t you make it public?

Dante thought so.

‘It’s probably something you can infer what kind of mission will come out the moment you see it. Like cooking utensils?’

The club manager, who was looking at the reaction of the team members, talked about it.

“hmm… … . Be sure to bring salt. It’s good to have something other than cooking. You can brush your teeth and disinfect.”

D.O clicked his fingers saying ‘just right’.

“Then why don’t you put salt in your toiletries? Toiletries are personal items anyway.”

“all… … . But will the professors allow it?”

Junmori nodded.

“Salt instead of toothpaste… … Brushing your teeth with salt is a unique culture only the club knows about. I don’t think professors can openly ignore the culture of the club.”

Gudanji smiled lightly and clapped the seal.

“Jun Mori is smart.”

“hey. I brought up the subject, but why are you praising Zun?”

“uh… … . okay. dio is smart okay?”

“… … .”

No one knows what missions will be given.

As a result, there were many difficulties in deciding on the materials to prepare.

From noble mtl dot com

Infer the environment and mission to be given,

Think of what you need

reconciliation of disagreements.

This is all part of the test. This means that they intentionally did not provide details.

Fortunately, the situation was better for freshmen. According to Alicia, middle school students go to training as a single military leader.

“You guys aren’t practicing survival, you’re just going camping. 」

Not to mention tents and sleeping bags, they don’t even give us purification capsules for drinking water.

Dante summarized his comments.

“Then 5kg like this. And I will take care of the things that have been pushed back from the priority.”

The Revolution team decided to take 2 kg each, a total of 10 kg, as personal belongings.

It was based on the judgment that the students would not pass the items they had packed.

‘I’m definitely going to inspect my belongings.’

If there are items that do not pass the inspection, I plan to fill them with other items on the spot.

Didn’t seem to be able to say anything about it. Are you well-prepared?

morning of practice.

All the freshmen gathered in the auditorium.

Years 2 and 3 had already left for an outer planet a week ago.

Jia Han grabbed the microphone.

“Now, focus. First, we open the practice area.”

A map of the world appeared on a huge screen.

“The place we are going to is right here near Echo Base. It is the land of Korea in the old days.”

Dante and Gudanji sang joy in their hearts.

It was a fact that only Dante knew that the hometown of Gudanji was Korea.

Just because you have black hair does not necessarily mean that you live on the Asian continent.

570 years have passed since the first monster attack. After moving into the AA era, there was a transitional period of 200 years before city-states emerged. In the meantime, there was a great migration of the population and the borders disappeared.

Among the vagrants currently wandering on Korean soil, only 5 percent were of Korean ancestry.

Jia Han held a laser pointer and continued the explanation.

“Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and 70 percent of its land is mountainous. It is a very good condition to practice.”

““… … .””

It was Professor Bibiano Perez who actively recommended Korea as a practice site.

It was because the sea, mountains, and rivers were evenly distributed and the territory was small, so it was easy to manage the students.

A map of Korea was enlarged on the screen, and red dots were displayed.

“Here is the red dot as a checkpoint. Starting with Gimhae, Gyeongju – Taebaek – Gangneung – Seoul – Taean – Jeonju – Mokpo – Jinju – Busan. Total travel distance is 2,000 km. All students must move through the checkpoint.”

A marathon runner completes 42.195 km in about two hours. Special forces train to march 600 km in 10 days.

2,000 km in 30 days is an average of 70 km per day.

Considering that a special forces soldier walks an average of 60km a day, 70km is not that far for a superman.

The question is, what kind of mission are you given?

“Although this training takes place on Earth, you should think of it as a planetary exercise. Cell phones are not allowed and the team will be provided with a tablet with GPS capabilities.”

Sighs poured out from everywhere.

Same goes for Dante.

I had downloaded a lot of necessary brochures and information on my phone. But cell phones are prohibited.

‘It’s good that you read at least a little… … .’

Still, it was a more hopeful situation than other teams.

It was a great fortune to have a team map and practice in Korea.

“And the last. During practice, a micro drone will follow you and watch you. So you shouldn’t be destroying drones and escaping surveillance. It is a matter of your life.”

““… … .””

“Oh. really last! There will be no theory exams this semester and will be replaced by midterm and final practice exams. Are our Stella faculty members rational?”

I was worried that the middle training period was only a full month.

All the students cheered at the good news.


“In addition, the first to third place teams will be given tremendous privileges during the final practice. So you have to work hard, right?”


However, it was not revealed in detail what the special was.

“Then, after everyone changes into combat uniforms, we will move to Agras 3rd Airport. dissolution!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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